Hot Day, Inside and Out


It was hot outside, and I’d been running errands all day. I was glad to come home, relax, and be in the cool air-conditioning. I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up before dinner.

I went into the bathroom, and watched myself in the mirror as I undressed. “Not bad” I thought to myself. I brushed my hair and took another look at my naked reflection while waiting for the water to warm up. “Mmmmm” a little moan escaped as I daydreamed about the night before, when you brushed my hair for me.

I turned the radio on, loud enough to hear over the shower, took one last look at myself in the mirror, and hopped in the shower.

The water was perfect, steamy hot, just the way I like it. I stood under the water, letting it cascade down my shoulders, across my chest. My nipples hardened from the heat of the water drizzling down. As I wet my hair, I closed my eyes and thought about the night before, making love to you. I thought about the way your skin feels, the way your kiss tastes, the way you look at me.

I started to Beylikdüzü escort bayan lather up my hair, and suds were slowly wandering down my body. As I stood there with soap dripping down my back, I began to smear the soapy water across my body. It felt almost as good as your hands do, when they slowly caress me. I slid my hands across my breasts, down my torso, then moved my hands around to my backside, smearing suds all over. The steam from the shower felt great on my skin, electrifying it to the touch.

I removed the shower massager from the holder, and began to rinse my hair. Closing my eyes I thought of kissing you, and running my hands over your bear chest. I thought of kissing your chest, and your tummy, and other things.

After my hair was rinsed, I began to move the water massager over my shoulders, across my chest, down to my thighs. All I could think of was making love to you, over and over again. I thought to myself “I should wait till he gets home, save this for him…”. The Escort Beyoğlu water felt so warm and wonderful. I couldn’t resist. I lightly sprayed the water between my thighs. It felt so nice and warm, like your mouth on me the night before.

I closed my eyes, and continued to let the water hit me just right, pulsating on me. I kept having flashbacks of the night before, us making love. I thought about kissing you, taking your shirt off. Rubbing your tummy… God you have a sexy tummy! I could almost feel you entering me again, pushing against the resistance you found. I was so wet, it wasn’t long before you were filling me deep inside. I smiled as I remembered you teasing me, pushing, then stopping, and repeating this until it was driving me insane.

The water pulsing on me felt wonderful. My mind was racing with thoughts of our lovemaking; I was not going to be able to fight off this orgasm building inside me much longer. I leaned against the shower wall, spreading my legs a bit more.

The shower Bomonti escort wall felt cool, but the water was steamy hot, the contrast was striking. I tilted my head back, closing my eyes, imagining kissing you passionately, just as the night before. I let the water overcome me, just as I had let you take me last night. I could hear my own breathing grow labored. I thought of you pushing hard inside me, and feeling you coming inside me, the thoughts of you coming were more than I could take. I began to shake as pleasure took over, sending me into a spinning world where nothing mattered. My thighs felt week as I climaxed hard against the massaging water spray. Just like the night before, I came for what seemed like forever, waves of pleasure rolling over me, one after the other.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, and slowly brought the sprayer up to my chest, enjoying the twitching sensation below, combined with the hot water roaming my body.

I let out an unnoticed sigh of pleasure and desire, still preferring your touch. I reached out for a towel and began to dry off, still flushed. I wrapped the towel around me, and tiptoed thru the house to go get dressed, but to my surprise you were home! I let my towel drop just a little in the back, looked at you, and made sure you were following me into the bedroom…..


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