Hot Buttered Buns


The summer after I graduated high school I got a job washing dishes in a restaurant. It was a boring, dead end job but the food was good and the chef was really cool.

He was in his late twenties and really well built, like a quarterback. He had a wicked sense of humour and often had me in stitches. To be honest, he paid a lot of attention to me and I was becoming quite addicted to it. It really made me feel special. So when he started flirting with me I just played along even though I had a girlfriend.

The flirting got more and more outrageous, to the point where he was telling what a hot blowjob he would give me if only I would drop trou for him. I have to admit I was tempted because my girlfriend was really shit at giving blowjobs. As the days went by I started looking at Carl in a different way. He was blonde and seemed to have very little in the way of beard growth. His face was ever so slightly chubby and pretty good looking, with full, sexy lips and sparkling blue eyes. He had a nice smile, one that lit up his whole face.

One day Carl told me that he simply had to have me. He said I could fuck his mouth, fuck his ass, whatever I wanted. I blushed crimson red. Suddenly the idea of fucking that firm mound of man meat seemed like a damned good idea. I swallowed hard and nodded my agreement.

‘Meet me in the store room in half an hour.’ he told me.

I guess he was giving me a cooling off period so I could change my mind if I wanted to. However, it was too late for that. My dick was on full alert and I just couldn’t get it to go down. Fortunately I had some work to do so the thirty minutes went by pretty quickly.

After half an hour Carl called me and I followed him to the store room cage. I noticed that he locked the door and my cock lurched in my pants. I was going to get laid! The fact that I had never fucked a guy before only made it more exciting. He led me into a blind corner and pulled me into his strong arms. Almost immediately his lips closed over mine and his tongue snaked into my mouth. I hadn’t thought about kissing him but damn! was he good! My head was in a spin as he tenderly kissed my breath away. I could feel his thick cock club pressing against me, while my own dick leaked a stream of love lube into my underpants.

Carl broke off the kiss and went down on his knees and undid my fly button. He lowered my pants and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of my underpants and yanked Esenyurt Escort them down. He gasped as my eight inch boner sprang up and just about took his eye out. And then he went into a feeding frenzy. His soft, warm hand closed around my cock as he guided it into his mouth and down the back of his throat. It was my turn to gasp as I watched my cock disappear all the way down to my pubes. Annie had never been able to do that before.

I felt like I was moment away from orgasm. The sight of that big boned, blonde head bobbing up and down on my stiff fuck pole was just out of this world. He clearly loved sucking cock, and I loved have him suck it. He was ten times better than Annie and I realized right then that I was never going back. His hand slid up my thigh and gently stroked in a way that seemed designed to make me cum. I grabbed hold of his hand and held it away, It was too soon and I didn’t want to cum.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked, as he came off my cock.

‘I’m too close.’ I replied.

‘You’re young, and full of cum.’ he said.

Well, he had a point. I often came two or three times on the trot when I wanked off. So I let him stroke my thigh and butt. It was too much for my senses; when he started fondling my balls they went into overdrive. I stuffed my fist in my mouth as the first violent shudder of orgasm coursed through me. I saw stars as my balls pumped out a huge load of fresh jizz onto his tongue.

He came off me, licking his lips and pulled me into a kiss. I was shocked to discover that I liked the hint of my own fuck sauce on his tongue. I greedily probed his mouth and suddenly got a tasty goop of cream that he hadn’t yet swallowed. My cock started to throb and grow hard again. He reached for it and gave it a quick squeeze before breaking off our kiss and starting to strip.

Carl was totally hairless, save for tiny thatch of blonde hair around the base of his cock. He had tiny pink nipples, and his skin looked really soft and smooth. When he turned around I saw how full, and firm, his creamy white butt was. When he turned back to me I ran a hand over his belly, that was just starting to bulge away from being flat. His skin was as smooth as it looked. I stroked his chest and soon his little soldiers were standing to attention. I brought my mouth down his chest and nuzzled his right nipple.

I could feel his hand on my shoulder, gently pushing me down. I wasn’t Esenyurt Escort Bayan sure if I wanted to do this but I dropped to my knees. I was face to face with his thick, short club. I wrapped my fist around it and found that I couldn’t get them to meet. Just his fat mushroom cap protruded past my last finger. It was the first time I had seen another guy’s cock hard, in the flesh, and the first time I had seen anything so thick. A drop of precum glistened in the piss slit and I spread it around his red, mushroom cap. He sighed as I blew on the cooling gel. I was debating what to do next, but Carl’s cock knew what it wanted. Before I had any more time to think about it my lips were stretched wide as that fat hog entered my mouth.

I tried to do it right, but I had no real idea what I was supposed to be doing. Carl gripped my face in his hands and was basically face fucking me. I slid my hand up his smooth, strong thighs and onto that firm, round butt of his. I had no idea that I could get so turned on by a guy’s butt. I loved the way it felt in my hands. And when I pressed my hand into his crack the heat sent a signal to my cock. It had to get in there, and soon.

Fortunately Carl got the message. He pulled out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet. we shared a brief kiss before he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. Did I ever! He produced a packet of softened butter that he must have put there earlier and handed it to me. He told me to get him well lubed. But before doing that there was something else I had to do. I went down on my knees and parted his hefty cheeks. I found myself gazing a the prettiest little pink slit I have ever seen. It just looked so rude, and so inviting.

The sight of his hot fuck hole brought out the animal in me. Before I knew what I was doing my face was pressed into his crack and I was licking his little fuck truffle. The delicate texture under my tongue was like nothing I had experienced before. It was my turn to go into a feeding frenzy. Happy little sounds gurgled in my throat as I greedily ate his big, beefy, blonde man’s butt. A scent that was a mixture of soap and something slightly musky and animal filled my nostrils. Carl spread his cheeks apart, allowing me greater access as I fisted my horny cock.

And then it was time to fuck. I took a knob of butter and pressed it into Carl’s’ tight crack. Very gently I pushed it against his pickled walnut and Escort Esenyurt massaged the butter in. I broke off another knob of butter and then worked that in too. This time my finger slid past the sentry of his assring. I just about shot my bolt as I felt the heat and tightness of a man’s ass for the first time. I pressed gently back and forth until my finger was buried as far it would go. Carl was whispering words of encouragement.

I withdrew my finger and pressed a small knob of butter right into his now relaxing hole. Then I applied some to the sensitive knob end of my straining cock. I stepped up to bat and pressed my cockhead against his slick opening. It slid in without any difficulty and a loud groan escaped my lips. Shit! I had never known anything like this before. It was just so good that I could not control myself and rammed my dick all the way home.

‘Careful, stud!’ Carl cried out.

I felt bad so I just stood there with my dick buried deep within him. I stroked his back, trying to apologize. After a minute he started moving back and forth on my dick and my cock nerves just about tripped. It was the tightest, warmest, slickest love chute you could ever want. I looked down at that broad, smooth back and that big, creamy butt cracked open just for me and I knew that this was what I wanted every day of the week.

I grabbed hold of his hips and started gently stroking into him. My instincts told me to fuck like crazy, but my head said to take it slow. I fought the urge to fuck my brains out and was rewarded with prolonged pleasure. Each stroke into his slick assguts seemed to be better than the last. Carl was sighing and seemed to be lost in a world of his own. I reached under him and cradled his big, fat, smooth nuts in my hand. I guess that was the trigger he needed because he suddenly begged me to fuck him hard.

I changed gear, as he took his cock in his own hand, and gave him what he wanted. But the harder I fucked the harder he wanted it. Soon I was pulling my slick dick all the way out before ramming it back in. Each time my dick went back in it felt like it would explode. And then suddenly it did. The lights went out in my world as my cock swelled to its maximum proportions and then started to spurt. The force of my jizz blasting out my cock tube actually caused it to hurt.

I was vaguely aware that Carl’s breathing had changed. As I steadied myself on his back I felt his ass spasm around my cock. He grunted and shuddered and cursed. And then all was still.

We lay together in the afterglow of a good fuck, not bothered by the discomfort of the sacks of potatoes underneath us. And then it was time to dress and get back to work.

Copyright 2003 Daniel Blue

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