Home from the Road 2


Danny decided she was ready to clean the RV. She donned her bikini top and a modest pair of shorts, or so I thought anyway. We gathered the supplies, ladder, water hose and vacuum she would need for her task. My wife announced she was going shopping and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. I told her if Danny was going to be using the tall ladder to wash the RV one of us should be around to make sure she was OK. My wife agreed and left alone. My wife’s car was barely out of sight when Danny peeled of the shorts she was wearing. There, in all her glory, was this angel of a vision in her brand new thong bikini. Her freckled ass jiggled with each step or movement. Danny climbed the ladder putting her assets directly in my face. She started hosing the RV down with the water hose as I shoved my face in her ass cheeks. “Hi neighbor,” Jeff my neighbor greeted us. “Looks like a great place for your face dude,” he laughed. “Hey Jeff, this is Danny. She will be staying with us for a few weeks. She is earning a few spending bucks cleaning the RV for me,” I explained. “Is that what you call that?” Jeff laughed again. “The missus has gone shopping and if Danny and I are going to get any play time, we have to get this bus clean,” I said a bit more brusquely then I meant too. “I can help too,” Jeff offered. “There is a price you know,” he added. Tunalı escort “Fine with me,” Danny said wiggling her ass for emphasis. You have never seen a motor home get cleaned faster in your life. The three of us had the RV shining inside and out in under an hour. “My wife works until 4:00 p.m. today,” Jeff said. “How about going over to my house and getting a bit more familiar?” Danny and I quickly agreed and off we traipsed to Jeff’s house. We were not even inside when Jeff grabbed Danny’s tits and squeezed playfully. “Nice rack girl. How big are they?” Jeff asked. “38C cup,” Danny boasted as she pulled the string untying her top. “Nice!” Jeff exclaimed. We clamored inside before I reached out and grabbed the tie for her thong pulling it as I did. Danny was quickly nude between two horny middle aged retirees. Jeff and I snatched our clothes off and were soon pawing and kissing every inch of Danny’s marvelous body. I was connecting the dots her freckles made across both of her impressive breasts with my tongue. Jeff sat in front of Danny and buried his tongue in her hot wet pussy. Danny started moaning softly. I claimed one of her nipples between my lips and sucked gently. I reached up and hefted her other breast in both of my hands. I decided that breast might taste better and moved my quivering ulus escort bayan lips to that breast. I sucked as much of her huge mammary into my mouth as I could. Jeff was licking up and down Danny’s pussy with an expression of pure glee on his face. Danny leaned her head back and closed her eyes savoring two men’s attention. I moved up and sucked the nape of her neck then bit her lightly. Danny started shaking. I fondled both breasts as I kissed her neck and shoulders then pinched both nipples at the same time. Danny started cumming filling Jeff’s mouth with her sweet nectar. When she stopped shaking, Jeff fell back and pulled Danny and me down into a pile with him on the floor. “My turn yet?” Jeff asked. “It sure is, Danny said as she quickly climbed between Jeff’s legs, grabbing his swollen cock. Danny started licking his dick like a lollipop. Jeff leaned back and closed his eyes. He was savoring the feeling of Danny’s velvety smooth lips. I crawled up behind Danny and slid my stiff dick into her doggy style. I started pumping slowly holding her hips for added leverage. Danny swallowed Jeff’s cock whole. I could see his dick in her throat each time she bobbed her head up and down. Jeff started pumping his hips up and down throat fucking this sweet young thing. Danny’s red hair was obscuring my Escort yenimahalle view. I rectified that by grabbing her hair and holding it in one hand as Jeff and I continued fucking Danny in earnest. The veins in Jeff’s neck started bulging telling me he would soon fill Danny with his cum. Jeff reached up and grabbed Danny’s head and started shoving her head up and down his shaft. “Swallow my dick whole girl. My cum will soon fill your pretty little mouth, Jeff bragged. He started spewing cum in her mouth and Danny swallowed as much as she could. What escaped her mouth she corralled with two fingers and licked them clean. “Damn girl, that was freaking HOT,” I exclaimed. “Thanks. I love swallowing a man’s seed. Makes me H.O.R.N.Y.,” Danny admitted. “How do you want to fix that girl?” I asked as I playfully spanked her bubble butt. “I do have any idea if you old fuckers are up for it,” Danny teased. “What do you have in mind?” I asked. “It is a surprise, I need to borrow a cell phone for a minute,” Danny said grabbing my cell and dashing off. Jeff and I waited looking at each other questioningly. Danny bounced back in to the room with a huge grin on her face. “The surprise will be here in ten minutes,” Danny said. “Come sit on my dick while we wait kiddo,” I said rubbing my erection for effect. “Sure thing daddy,” Danny said in a childlike voice. “Daddy?” Jeff questioned. “Pretend daddy Jeff,” I replied not sure if he believed me or not. The doorbell rang and I quickly said; “Saved by the bell, thank god.” “Close your eyes and wait here,” Danny instructed. We did as told and soon I felt hands caressing my chest.

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