Home Alone?


Oh and this is my first story, so tell me how it is 🙂 Torri just couldnt wait to rip off her shorts and work her magic.It was a cold winter day in the middle of December. Torri, a 16 year old girl, was just wondering around her neighborhood. Walking on her way home from school, she found out that her parents were going to be gone for the weekend. This brought a smile on her face, she knew exactly what to do this weekend. Torri’s boyfriend, Jeff, is 18 and Ankara Escort Torri wants to take things to the next level. As soon as Torri found out that she is going to be alone she calls Jeff. Jeff was so happy to find this out and was in her drive way in no time. Torri was a horny little girl, she always tried to be Jeff’s little slut. She would always where the shortest shorts and the skimpiest Balgat Escort shirts when going to visit him. While Torri was waiting for Jeff she went upstairs and put on her sexy hot pink laced black corset, and matching bra and panties. She had a nice full sized rack, about a 38c, and very curvy hips. She was so sexy with her lushious blonde hair flowing to the side of her boobs. She was in her Çankaya Escort room tieing the corset, when she stopped and relized something. She stood there staring at herself in the mirror, she was beautful and everybody knew that, but she never got a good look at herself. Damn she was getting herself wet just looking at the sexy woman in the mirror. She started to play around with herself. Lightly runbing her breasts, she was getting hot, her nipples poked right through the silkly fabric.Her panties where so moist, from thinking about what her boyfriend would do to her this weekend, that sent her over the top. She started to stript-tease herself, oh this turned her on! She then untied the pink lace and let the black corset fall. She was now standing in her matching hot pink lace bra and panties.

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