Holly and Ray – Cuckold life Ch. 03


Ray was lost in thought as he reflected on how much his and Holly’s life had changed in such a short time. Holly had embraced the Hotwife lifestyle with enthusiasm. Ray felt even more loved by her, and loved her on a deeper level as well. He sat naked, on a padded stool towards the end of their bed and felt the cool metal of his chastity cage against his tiny dick. In Ray’s mind, they both had won; Holly enjoyed sex again with men that were better equipped than Ray’s paltry 3.5″ dick; he enjoyed shows of Holly getting fucked. Not to mention Holly had became an expert at small penis humiliation, something Ray had longed for for over ten years. He smiled at all these thoughts that flooded his brain.

Movement on the bed awakened Ray from his reverie. Holly had just crawled off of her latest conquest’s cock. His name was Brett and he was a guy who Holly had befriended at the gym. Brett was more of a dad bod kind of guy, 5’9″ and about 220 pounds. Light brown hair and clean facial features. As a matter of fact, he had just started at the gym to try and lose that dad bod. What stood out about him was the super huge bulge Holly had spotted. It’s what had gotten him invited over and, much as Holly expected, led to them to discover Brett had a 9″ monster white cock.

Holly positioned herself doggy style with her head at the end of the bed where Ray was, her eyes locked onto his. Brett slid into position and pushed his cock back inside Holly’s hungry pussy. When he bottomed out, Holly’s eyes rolled and her scream of “Fuck!” echoed in the room. Ray’s dick tightened against the chastity cage as it tried to stiffen up, but failed. Brett continued his vigorous pace that he had fucked her with previously. Holly was covered with sweat; this session had already gone on for an hour and Ray had lost count of how many times Holly had orgasmed.

“My fucking God Ray,” Holly moaned at him. “His cock is so huge! I can’t believe it took us is long to realize I needed much bigger cocks than you can give me. You knew though, didn’t you?” Ray moaned with lust and nodded. “Stand up and show me that cage dear. Show your Hotwife how tiny your dick is while Brett stuffs my pussy full.” Ray stood and exposed his cage for her viewing pleasure. Ray watched, excited, as Holly’s gorgeous 36DD tits were rocked back and forth each time Brett slammed his cock deep inside Holly. The chain she wore on her neck also swung; the chain that held the key to Ray’s cage. “Jack off baby. Jack that tiny cage.” Just then Holly’s phone rang and Ray had to forego jacking for now to answer the phone.

“Hello,” Ray answered. “Oh hi Meg. No, you called the right phone. Holly is kind of in the middle of something so she had me answer.”

“Oh fuck I’m cumming again! Christ!” Holly screamed out.

Meg on the other end of the line said, “Well can I talk to her a sec? I wanted to tell her I’m almost at your place. I really need to talk to her.”

Ray covered the mouthpiece and mouthed the words, “She’s coming over.”

Holly shook her head no. “Uhhh, Holly said to give her an hour. She really can’t stop what she’s doing.”

The doorbell rang and there was a knock after. “Too late. I’m already here Ray. I’ll just wait for her,” came the response through the phone.

Ray scrambled and threw some shorts on after he hung up. “Don’t worry baby. I’ll keep her company, you just finish and enjoy yourself.” He closed the bedroom door behind him and headed for the front door.

“Hey Meg,” Ray greeted her and let her in. “Have a seat. Holly will be out in a bit but I’ll get you some coffee.”

“Thanks. Been a rough morning. I just really need a friend.” Meg moved to the sofa and sat. She heard noises behind the decorative sliding barn door that led to the bedroom and an “Oh fuck!”. She looked at Ray who had stopped in his tracks. “Is she ok in there?”

“I’m sure she’s fine. Probably hit her toe on the bed or something.”

Then from behind the door again, a horrifically loud, “Oh FUCK yes unload in me!”

Meg, scared, hopped up and ran for the door, whipped it open and stopped in her tracks. Ray reached her, but too late. Meg’s jaw dropped open as she saw her best friend in the world, face down and ass up, naked on the bed and a man she had never seen before in her life pulled out his cock from Holly’s pussy. Even from here she could see it glistened with a mixture of pussy juice and cum. “Holly!? What the fuck?” Meg half asked, half screamed.

“Hey Meg,” Holly managed as she scrambled off the bed to her closet for her robe. Once covered, Holly kissed Brett quickly and said, “Thanks babe. I’ll show you out once you’re dressed. I obviously have some explaining to do.”

Ray guided a still stunned Meg back into the living room. Holly followed and sat in the recliner and stared at Meg and waited for her to come around to talking. Ray fetched the coffee for all three then plopped into the recliner next to his wife. Meg’s mouth opened a few times, but closed again quickly. Brett emerged from the bedroom, dressed, and Holly walked him to the door. She planted a long kiss on rus escort his lips, rubbed her hand across the front of his pants and said, “Thanks baby. Fuck that was wonderful,” then closed the door behind him and returned to the recliner.

Meg finally spoke, “Jesus, I came over to talk to the one woman I knew had a wonderful marriage because mine is falling apart and I find her fucking someone other than her husband.” She said this more to the room than to any person.

Holly responded, “We do have a wonderful marriage.”

“If it’s so wonderful, why are you fucking another man with Ray in the next room?”

“In all fairness, before Ray had to let you in he was in the SAME room watching me fuck another man.”

“You know what I mean!”

“Well, we do have a reason. And it’s done nothing but strengthen our marriage.”

“Oh really? And what possible reason is that?” Meg asked rather sarcastically.

Holly sighed and removed the necklace with Ray’s cage key from around her neck and handed it to Ray. “Honey, go in the other room and take it off. Then back to us, shorts on mind you.” Ray grabbed the key and disappeared into the bedroom. To Meg she now said, “Remember that you asked. So don’t freak out. And then listen to my explanation.”

Ray returned and handed the key back to Holly. “Ok honey,” she said. “Show Meg our number one reason for this.” Ray dropped his shorts and revealed to Meg a shriveled looking penis, surely no bigger than an acorn. Meg’s eyes went wide and she involuntarily giggled before she covered her mouth with a hand.

“Oh fuck I’m sorry Ray. I didn’t mean to laugh,” Meg said.

“It’s ok,” Holly answered for him. “Ray likes that. You see, he realized that his dick can offer no real pleasure to a woman. And he loves me and cares about my sexual pleasure enough that he’s asked to be caged up and vows to allow me to find release with more well equipped men while he remains loyal to me. Isn’t that right honey?” Ray nodded.

“So what? You’re some mean controlling woman who bullied her husband into letting you fuck other guys?” Meg scoffed.

For the first time, Ray answered. “I’m the one who asked Holly to do it. I wanted to ten years ago and now I wished I had back then.”

Holly said, “Ok dear. She’s seen enough. Lock that pathetic dick back up.” Meg could only stare slack jawed while Ray pulled his shorts up.

Holly leaned back in the recliner and her robe uncovred a bit. She thought their friendship had just changed. Possibly, no probably, for the better. Meg hadn’t screamed, ran from the house. Holly felt Meg was hooked. She eyed Meg direct, but spoke to Ray. “Honey? Meg here so rudely interrupted you earlier and it cost you a chance at the prize you always want after I fuck a stud.” She tugged at the sash and the robe slipped open. Holly then moved one leg and draped it over the arm of the recliner. “Come get your prize baby.” Ray immediately got on his knees in front of Holly’s now spread pussy.

“Ray,” Meg half whispered. “Another man’s cock was just inside that.”

“I know,” Ray smiled then dove in. His tongue pressed immediately into Holly’s pussy as deep as he could possibly go. Holly gasped at the pleasure and gripped the back of Ray’s head. Ray ate eagerly; pulled out and licked all around Holly’s lips and onto her clit. He flicked his tongue onto it back and forth before he sucked it into his mouth. He then released, moaned and drove his tongue deep inside her pussy again.

Holly kept her eyes locked with Meg. “Fuck Meg, he eats so much better after I’ve been with someone. He loves his pussy sloppy. We could make this happen for you too. Your husband wants this too, even if he doesn’t know it yet.” As turned on as Holly was, it didn’t take long for the wave of an orgasm to hit her. She screamed and bucked against Ray’s face. Holly grinned even wider as she noticed Meg lay back and push a hand into her leggings.

Holly, sated, pushed Ray’s head away and stood. “I’m going to shower. Honey, take care of our guest. And this is only because I’m letting you. This is not an open invitation. Understood?” Ray nodded. “Good.” As Holly reached the bedroom door, she stopped and turned. “Oh Meg, dear?”

“Yes?” Meg replied, breatless now, her hand unable to stop the constant rubbing of her pussy.

“If you want the eating of a lifetime, two things. One….make fun of his tiny dick often. He loves it. And two, make him jack off inside the cage and cum on your pussy. He eats way better when it’s sloppy pussy.” With that Holly disappeared.

“Is that right Ray?” Meg asked. “You really do get off on women making fun of that puny thing?” Meg contined to rub her pussy underneath her leggings. Ray nodded. He mentally took note of her. He’d always found her cute. She had short red hair, but beautifully done. Meg was about 5’6″ or 5’7″ and was pretty medium in the body, he guessed about 140ish. Her boobs weren’t big at all. Ray always guessed horribly, but maybe 32 and no more than a B cup. What Meg lacked in breast size though was yenimahalle escort made up for in ass! Gorgeous curves that led to her plumpness. She was the embodiment of a PAWG.

Meg lifted her rump and pulled down her leggings half way down and Ray stepped in to help them the rest of the way off. He laid on his tummy on the couch between her legs and dove in. As soon as his tongue parted Meg’s pussy lips, she moaned loudly. “Fuck it’s been a year since anyone has done that.” She grabbed for his head and ran her fingers through his balding hair. “Show me what you got Tiny.” Urged on, Ray licked and sucked expertly. He found that Meg preferred his tongue to start at the lowest part of her tunnel and run upwards then end in a full force press of his tongue against her clit, then a suck and a nibble before he moved low again. Meg started to move her hips upward and downward to match his tongue’s movement. “Shit you’re good. I guess you gotta be with a dick that small.” Ray moaned into her pussy.

Meg bucked a little too wildly and Ray fell over onto the floor on his back. She seized the opportunity and stood, feet on either side of Ray’s head, her front facing his feet and his chastity cage in full view. “How about ass Ray? Do you eat ass?” Ray’s only answer was a groan but it wouldn’t have mattered. She had already spread her ass cheeks and flopped down onto his face and ground up and down until she felt his tongue hit her sweet spot. Meg steadied herself with one hand on the edge of the couch, then rode Ray’s face hard. She felt his tongue and his nose pressed against her asshole with each move up and down. Her body shook and she started to grunt as she spoke. “Fuck yeah eat that ass! You look funny in that cage but I’ll applaud your oral skills. Eat me!”

“Well well, are you enjoying yourself Meg?,” Holly asked as she stood and watched from the entrance to the living room.

Meg looked up, but her pace on Ray’s face never slowed. “Fuck he’s good Holly. Too bad his dick is too tiny to fuck. I should let up though. I’m a squrter when I ride this hard.”

Holly spoke down to Ray, “Would you be ok with Meg drowning you in juice dear?” A thumbs up from Ray as he continued to moan and groan into Meg’s ass. “Well Meg, no excuses now.”

That triggered the final wave through Meg and it seemed she screamed forever as she came all over Ray’s face. “Oooooohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiitttttt!” She felt a slight pang of regret for maybe a ruined floor. As Meg’s body returned to normal, she finally stopped her grind. Her hands clenched and unclenched next to her body. “Oh fuck Holly!”

“I know,” she said and grinned.

“Bill is cheating on me,” Meg blurted out.

“Is that why you just let Ray take care of you?” Holly asked. Then to Ray, “Honey get things cleaned up. And yourself. We’ll leave in a minute.”

“Yes. No. Fuck I don’t know,” Meg replied.

Holly moved in and hugged Meg tight. “It’ll be ok. Come shopping with us. We’ll talk. And if you need anything or a place to stay, I’m here for you.”

Everyone got cleaned up and an hour later were in the mall and headed towards Victoria’s Secret. Holly had Ray browse ahead of them on his own. She watched and relished in his obvious discomfort. Ray found a 7 piece thong set in multiple colors, lacey at the waistband. Holly thought they looked cute. “What do you think Meg?” Holly asked.

“I like them. I think you’d look cute in them.”

“Ray,” Holly said and pointed to the sales woman when Ray looked at her. “Ask her for some help with size.”

Ray approached the youngish sales woman. “Excuse me,” he started. “But I was wondering…”

The sales woman cut him off and retorted, “I know. Your wife is my size and you want to see me in those panties to make sure. I hear it all the time. No I’m not gonna model underwear for you.”

“No,” Ray pressed on. “Not that. I was wondering if you could help me with what size you think I need for myself.”

She eyed Ray up and down, obviously shocked. She went to a trial bin and pulled out a pair of thongs that matched the ones in the package he had. “Here. XL. Fitting room is in the back but they’re gonna fit you.”

Meg turned to Holly with her mouth gaped open and she mouthed, “For him?” Holly smirked and nodded. Meg said, “I wonder if the chastity cage will show through.”

“Let’s find out,” Holly said evily. They approached Ray and Holly grabbed him by the elbow. “Come dear, let’s go try these on.” Ray thanked the sales woman and the three of them headed to the fitting rooms. It was tight, but they all piled inside. Ray took his slacks off and Holly saw the amazed look on Meg’s face. “Yeah. They’re mine,” Holly chuckled. “But they’re too tight for him.” Ray took the panties off and put on the XL ones. The extra tightness was gone and they fit much better.

“Look,” Meg pointed. “You can still tell he’s wearing a dick cage!” They both laughed hysterically. Ray dressed again and they all entered the show room again.

Holly tossed the package to the sales woman and said, “These are fine. But he’ll need a package of crotchless ones too for when we’re wearing strap ons and he’s going to get fucked in the ass.”

The once again shocked sales woman went to go find the crotchless panties. “We?” Meg asked and raised hr eyebrows.

“Why not?” Holly said. “Be my partner in this. I’m sure Ray and his tiny dick won’t mind. Move in with us and dump that horrible husband of yours. Then I’ll also be able to show you other benefits of being a Hotwife. Men….with cocks this big!” Holly held both hands wide apart to show how big, but over embellished it for dramatic effect.

Ray’s head spun out of control. Two beautiful sexy women to be his Hotwives?

Meg said, “Surely not THAT big.”

“Maybe not. But not far from the truth.” Holly pulled out her phone and showed Meg the picture of her with Kyle’s cock stufed in her mouth. She smiled when she saw the look of awe and lust on Meg’s face. “Come on. Let’s go. We’ll stop at the toy store and pick up another strap on and go home.”

“Another one?” Meg asked, shocked.

On the drive home the two women made small comments back and forth about tiny dick men and their true role. Holly also fille Meg in on what the cuckold/Hotwife dynamic was. Ray’s dick twitched against his cage the entire way. When they walked in the house, Holly ordered Ray to go get his own panties on. When he hesitated, she said, “Yes dear. The crothless ones.” Ray hurried to obey.

The girls entered the bedroom and Holly removed her shirt, her bra was a nice purple and held up her 36DD’s well. Meg started to remove her own but froze shyly. “Meg,” Holly said. “I watched you ride my husband’s face earlier, I think that means we’re close enough now where we can see each other naked.” She grinned, “Besides, I was thinking we give him a show by being in bra and panties and wear the strap ons over the panties.”

“Of course. You’re right. I was just nervous.” Meg quickly shed her own shirt and the leggings. She wore just a simple white cotton bra and a black thong. “I…You know, didn’t think I needed to look sexy today.” Holly could appreciate Meg’s body. She was stunning actually, a lot like herself, but with less boobs and more ass. Just the same, sexy.

Holly retrieved the slim strap on from the nightstand while Meg opened the new one. It was just a simple solid black 7″ with black strappings. Holly slid into hers and cinched up the straps. Meg understood and did the same. Holly jumped onto the king sized bed and sat up against the headboard; patted the space next to her. Meg joined her and they both giggled. “By the way Meg, your ass is stunning.” Holly fanned herself in mock heat.

“Thanks babe,” Meg said. “And your tits are gorgeous.” Both women looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

Ray entered the bedroom and the laughter stopped. He had chosen some red crotchless panties. There wasn’t much to them to call them panties really, a red lace waistband and two thinish strips on each side of his crotch attatched around his thighs. That left an open view of the crotch, where his chastity cage was prominently featured. Before Holly could say anything Meg started. “Fuck Ray! That dick looks even smaller when you’re wearing panties!” Holly turned to Meg and beamed. Meg had caught on just fine!

Ray asked, “Can we have sex?”

Holly smiled because Ray had rembered that asking for sex meant he was about to get fucked by a strap on. She quickly explained to Meg, who then grinned wide. “Honey,” Holly said. “You have two women here who are sporting major girl cock wood and both of them are WAY bigger than that thing between your legs. How are you going to handle that?”

Ray climbed onto the bed and wiggled between them on his belly. He covered his mouth over Holly’s strap on and sucked like it was a real cock. He reached over to Meg’s strap on and started to jack it up and down. Both women cooed and were impressed at his enthusiasm. After a few minutes he alternated and sucked Meg’s girl cock while he jacked Holly’s. Holly grabbed the crop off the nightstand and smacked Ray’s ass hard. “My,” then she looked at Meg, “Our little cuckold.” Meg smiled wide at that.

“Do you guys really want me being a third wheel?” Meg asked.

Ray nodded but continued to give the strap on head. Holly turned onto her side, her hand went to the top of Ray’s head and guided him in his cock worship. “You’re my best friend. And after today, we’re as close as ever I think. If you don’t want to, we’d understand. But I say yes!”

Holly said to Ray, “Ground rules honey. Meg isn’t really married to you so we’re going to make sure you don’t gross her out or anything. When she’s home, you won’t walk around naked. You will knock on a door so as not to walk in on her….” Holly trailed off when she saw Meg shook her head no. Holly couldn’t help it but she felt a pang of disappointment.

Meg explained, “No Holly. If we lived together to be Hotwives to Ray, we’re not going to live in the same house in shame or anything. We’d act as any other married people would. I’m surely going to be naked and not hide behind a door. I wouldn’t care if he sees me. It’s not like I’m going to let him fuck me with that tiny dick anyways. If you’re ok with it that is. We’d just be normal. As normal as a cuckold couple I guess.” Holly beamed bright.

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