His Daydream Ch. 01


He laid there in bed, his body relaxed except for one part. He had been in some state of erection for over an hour, after chatting with a lady on-line, but she had gotten cut-off before the end. So here he was, left to handle things on his own.

He reached down and began to stroke himself. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander. He envisioned the woman standing in the doorway, wearing only a smile. She was a beautiful woman, with long black hair, an ample bosum, and well-rounded hips. She was certainly no skinny-minny.

She walked over to the bed and pulled down the sheets. She then gave him a smile as she laid down between his legs. Her tongue flicked out to catch the pre-cum on the tip. Then she started in giving him a wonderous blowjob. His mind reeled from all the sensations as her mouth and tongue worked up-and-down his hardening shaft and swelling balls. She stroked the sensitive spot behind is balls. Every once in awhile she would swallow him whole, as her tongue tickled the underside of his raging shaft. Oh, Beylikdüzü escort she was good! She kept bringing him to the brink and backing off…driving him crazy. This went on for several minutes, creating an urgency in him. But he did not want to release yet. He wanted to have a treat, and he wanted it now.

He reached down to still her administrations and smiled at her. He then took her hands and pulled her up his body……but not to do what she was expecting. Instead he kept pulling her up until her wide thighs were straddling his head. He stuck his tongue out and began to softly lick her, tasting the juices that had begun to flow. Mmmmmmm, the taste was so wonderful. She was both sweet and tangy. She began to moan and her hips were moving. He wrapped his arms around her ample thighs and pulled her down onto his tongue. He began to plunge his tongue in and out of her, loving the flow of her juices and the increase of her moans. Her hips started to grind, and he could tell she was close. His Beyoğlu escort bayan administrations increased in tempo and she began to buck and cum. Her juices flowed freely, getting all over his lips and tongue. Oh he was in heaven. But he wasn’t done. He let her calm down some, then started in again. She begged him to stop, but he just held on tight to her and kept going. She exclaimed and moaned, wiggling around, trying to escape, and yet get more contact. Oh how he loved it! Then, her body began to shudder and she came again, flowing more tasty juices into his mouth. He lapped and lapped at her, catching each tasty drop. Then, he had an idea.

He released her and ordered her, in a stern voice, to get on her hands and knees! He then got behind her and took his raging cock in hand. He rubbed the tip up and down her wet slit, loving the way it opened to him, as if begging for him. He placed himself at her entrance and easily slid in. He buried himself to the hilt and just stayed there, loving Escort Bomonti the feel of her body engulfing him. Then, he began to move. He loved it because as he moved, her breasts were swaying under her. That was always a turn-on for him. So he reached forward and fondled her, cupping her to feel the heaviness of her breasts, and then gently twisting her nipples. She moaned loudly, for that always turned her on. Her moan vibrated through her whole body and reached around his cock. That was all it took. He grabbed her hips and began to slam into her with a fierce passion. He couldn’t stop and didn’t want to. He thrust with such might, burying himself deeper every time.

Suddenly her body clamped down on him as she had a massive orgasm. OH, it was soooo tight! He gave a couple more thrusts then yelled out her name as he emptied his seed deep inside her. The explosion was amazing and he thought he would pass out from the intensity. He kept moving, causing her to come again, and her body kept milking him, drawing out every last ounce from him. Finally, he had nothing more to give. He pulled out of her and they both collapsed to the bed, breathing heavily.

Suddenly, the man became aware of his surroundings and realized he had drifted off into a daydream. Needless to say, it had worked and he was now relaxed enough to go to sleep.

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