His Daughter’s BFF Ch. 02


Martin and Nicole were weighed down in clothes that were drenched by a downpour when they walked into the house. Water dripped onto the muddied tile followed by raindrops that led a trail to the sofa where their emotions caused them to collapse. Martin sat on the end of the couch closest to the door while Nicole soaked the carpet on her way to the arm on the opposite end.

The once whites of Martin’s eyes were the color of blood and they moistened with the disappointment of the loss of his daughter, Lauren, tearing through him. She wasn’t throwing confetti when she caught him and her best friend, Nicole, doing the dirty deed in the car a half hour prior. Martin hadn’t summoned the strength and will to talk to women since his divorce several months ago. The first woman that opened and warmed his heart after his split was Nicole, a beautiful, young college girl that happened to be his daughter’s best friend and half his age. That didn’t matter to him. Lauren, on the other hand, thought any man that slept with someone young enough to be his daughter was revolting. The lunch she lost when she thought about such a thing was less disgusting.

Martin said Lauren had two choices: accept it or get over it. He deserved some female companionship. She chose a third option: leave them both and they could jump in a lake and drown for all she gave a damn. Martin took the hard stance but he couldn’t prepare for the sorrow of never having a relationship with his only offspring. He wouldn’t see her smile again. Wouldn’t hear her ear-rattling karaoke. Never play tennis with her.

He looked at the other side of the sofa. Nicole had turned away from him and was staring into the abyss. He could only imagine what was floating around in her mind. She just lost her bestie since middle school. After quieting the chatter between his ears, her sobs became louder. How could he let her go? She heated the chilled bones of a lonely middle aged man. He was her age inside. He could have hit a somersault or a backflip with a twist. She cared whether he was having a sunny day or if it was a shitstorm. Made his little heart want to flutter away. Oh, and least of all, she was fucking hot. What more could any guy want?

Martin cupped his face in his hands. His eyes grew hotter and he wept because of the choice he decided upon. Lauren may be gone for a while, and the notion ripped at him, but she may get over it one day. She may curse him never to be seen again. It was a chance he was going to take.

That all depended on how Nicole felt about it…

A touch like silk landed on his shoulder in the midst of his despair and he slowly angled towards the owner of that hand. Those hands gripped Martin’s and pulled them away revealing his tortured emotions. Nicole used her fingers to dry his tears. He held her hands and the pain dissipated.

“Her car is still in the driveway,” Martin commented, “we’re going to see her again sooner than later.”

Nicole sniffed but her cries were subsiding. “What are we going to do?”

Martin focused his attention on his lover. “Listen to me. Lauren is mad. She has a right to how she feels. In some ways, I get it. Maybe we should have told her about us. Maybe I shouldn’t have ruined my marriage with her mother. If I could rewind time and fix it all, I would but I’m dealing with reality today. That means you. I want you, Nicole. I still love my daughter. Nothing can change that but you make me happy and she doesn’t get the right to take that from me. She may come around and accept it one day but if not, it will be my penance for the mistakes I made.”

A smile flashed but Nicole appeared conflicted. “I want to be with you but she’s going to look at me like I’m a she-devil the rest of my life. She was my friend.”

Martin pulled her close and spoke into her ear. “I know you’re feeling a loss but if we broke up, do you think she would let everything go back to normal like the last few hours never happened?”

Nicole drew in a sharp inhale and released it. “I don’t know but I’ve never had a friend like her. She knows my college subjects better than me. She always wins trivia night. It’s a party everywhere we go. What am I supposed to do?”

Nicole was getting riled up and the tears flowed again.

Martin said, “I can help you with your subjects. Ask me anything.”

“How long has it been since you were in school?”

“Try me.”

“Okay…” Nicole said as she tried to come up with a brain stumper. “What does two plus two equal?”

“Psst, oh, come on! Give me a challenge! Everyone knows that’s five!”

Nicole snickered and shook her head. “Um hum. Sure. Maybe in an alternate universe. Okay, what’s an example of an odd number?”


“Twelve is not odd.”

“It was to me. I was born in the twelfth month but I really hate the cold!” Nicole couldn’t contain her laughter. He couldn’t tell if it was with him or at him but at least she had a smile across her face. “Okay, okay. Maybe Ankara travesti we should try English instead of math.”

Nicole put her hands in front of her as if to signal him to stop. “I don’t want you to embarrass yourself anymore, okay, sweetie? We’ll stop while you’re ahead.”

Martin playful bashed the air with his fist. “Ah, shucks. I was really about to impress you!”

The rumblings of an engine in front of the house crumbled their moment. It shook their nerves and they clutched each other as they whipped their heads towards the noise.

Martin created a lump in his throat and shivered with his young lover.

“Is…that her?” Nicole said as her voice was cracking.

“I’ll check.” Martin crept to the curtains blanketing the window behind them and slid it aside enough to push a cocoa iris into the opening. Never had Lauren conjured such feelings of fear. Not that he was scared of her but fear of their relationship being destroyed beyond repair. It was definitely her on the opposite of the window. Her friend was dropping her off. “It is Lauren. I don’t have any words. Will anything I say make a difference?”

Nicole joined Martin at the window and hugged him from the side. “I don’t know but I’m here for you, honey.”

“Thanks. Well, let the fun begin…” Before Martin could finish, there was a bang at the door like it was going to make it fly off the hinges.

“Open this goddamn door!” Lauren’s voice boomed. It was barely muffled given the rage that came forth. “I need my car keys and my shit then I’m gone!”

Martin maneuvered in front of Nicole and met her at the eyes. “You don’t have to be here. You can stay in my room until she leaves…”

Nicole cut him off by kissing him and letting every touch of her lips to last. Martin saw his breaths flee and his heart speed up like he was on something. After Martin recovered, he reciprocated the gesture and enjoyed the warmth flooding his body. Only Lauren’s persistent knocking separated them.

Nicole said, “I’m staying by your side and I need to talk to her, too.”

Martin imagined a woman being next to him during thick and thin. It was pretty thick without a doubt. He mouthed the words “okay” and smiled before closing his eyes to settle his nerves. He unlocked the door and let the fireworks begin.

Martin never had to look far to find where her fire and determination came from. Martin couldn’t help but marvel at her beauty and love her for their mutual attitudes. Lauren represented one of the few things he got right in his life.

Without a word, she burst into the house and knocked him aside to do so. He marched after her but she spoke first.

Lauren aimed a finger at him while keeping her feet in motion. “Don’t say a fucking word to me! I’ll be out in a minute!”

Martin blocked her path to the hallway and lifted a finger of his own. “I’m your father! You don’t talk to me like that! I don’t care how mad you think you are at me! Respect isn’t optional!”

Lauren huffed and tossed her hands into the air. “Okay, whatever. Just get out of my way so I can get my stuff out of my room!”

Nicole joined Martin and folded her arms. “He’s right. You shouldn’t talk to your father like that. You should apologize.”

Lauren glowered at her former friend. “You don’t get to talk to me at all! Sleeping with my dad. That’s beyond gross. Something has to be seriously wrong with you. Some kind of mental disease? Yuck.”

Nicole slid her arm around Martin. “I’m a grown woman and I care about him. He may not be perfect like you but he’s been good to me and he’s trying to patch up with you. Can you see past your bitchiness for one second?! Please!”

Martin had a fuzzy sensation when Nicole defended him and he held onto her like nothing in the universe could pry her away.

Lauren was breathing into her hands as though she was attempting to calm herself or was she actually regretful for her rage? Maybe they were breaking through.

Lauren shifted her eyes to Martin and lowered her voice but raised the sarcasm. “Dad, can you please allow me to get my things from my room?”

Martin granted her request and stood aside. She blew past him so fast she left a breeze in her contrails. Martin and Nicole had their arms wrapped around each other and she laid her head into his chest. They were relying on their connection to get them through their trauma and torment.

Moments later, Lauren stormed by them again. Over her arm were some folded clothes and toiletries stacked on top. She halted her stamping to the door to scoff and roll her eyes white at the couple. She retraced her steps until she was near Nicole.

She said, “Did you stop to think that he’s five years from fifty? When he’s sixty, you’ll be thirty-eight. Do you really want to be a young woman taking care of an old decrepit man?”

Nicole said, “I bet he’ll be a sexy sixty.” She ran her fingers through his salt and pepper hair. Konya travesti “Won’t you my smookums?”

Lauren made gagging sounds. “‘Cough, ‘cough.’ Smookums? That’s it. I’m done!”

She sped to the door and flipped around at the threshold. “Dad, I…never mind…”

Martin had faded away in his love for Nicole and they were floating. Lauren broke from rage mode but their attention was on their little world.

Martin swept his fingers through Nicole’s light brown tresses and held his gaze on her matching irises. He met Nicole’s lips and they lost themselves in a kiss that sizzled them and lasted for many minutes although they lost track of the concept of time. Their hearts thumped against the other’s and they stayed melded as one.

Martin spoke just over a whisper. “Thanks for standing with me. I probably would have gone berserk if you hadn’t been there. Holding you calmed me.”

Nicole touched his cheeks using feathery brushes. “You shouldn’t have to go at it alone. I’m in this, too.”

Martin laughed. “Haha, you really stuck your neck out talking about Lauren being bitchy. She nearly snapped my head off when I said that. Poking a tigress was pretty brave of you.”

“I thought she might remember who we are and what we mean to her. We’re not splitting up so she just has to accept it…” Nicole said as she showered him in more kisses. Martin was living a dream. One he hoped to never awaken from. “I have to go. I need to slip into some drier clothes and study for my classes tomorrow.”

Martin lingered on her dark brown gazers. “I’m cooking dinner tomorrow at 5pm. Will you be here, my love?”

Nicole’s hand slipped beneath Martin’s waist and took a handful of cock. “You know I wouldn’t miss it. We will be alone?”

“Mmm, don’t do that. You’re going to start something we can’t finish.”

Nicole squeezed him harder and Martin’s manhood was pressing against his pants. “If we’re alone tomorrow, we can finish it then. Now, you have something to look forward to.”

Martin tightened in his lower half and was aching to get inside the young woman that awakened his manly desires. He spoke from the deepest reaches of his chest. “You will be mine for teasing me like this.”

She winked. “Take me if you can, baby.”

The next afternoon, Martin was over his stove stirring Alfredo sauce in a pan. He had chicken breasts searing in the skillet and fettucine boiling in a pot. The aromas of fresh parsley and herbs mixed with the chicken and had his mouth watering. Once everything was finished, he pulled the curtains and lit candles on the dining room table, the coffee table, and the kitchen countertops. Their flames tangoing off the surfaces were the only light. There was one thing missing and she had his cock pulsating. Martin paced the house from the kitchen to his room and back to the living room. He pressed his eye to the peephole and peeked around the curtains but minutes passed without an appearance from Nicole. Like he was weighed by disappointment, he fell to the love seat and slumped. He had that grinding feeling when something wasn’t quite right. She should have been there. Martin even wore his best dress shirt, a black button-up and black dress pants. He sighed, folded his arms on the couch’s arm, and laid his head on them.

Sometime later, the insistent dinging of the doorbell awakened Martin from his nap. His loins soon followed. He banged his temples to knock out the sleep and dashed to see who wanted his attention. Martin froze and dropped his jaws.

Nicole’s skin had a brownish orange complexion that naturally matched her curled sugar brown hair. Her strands dangled and brushed over her shoulders. She was in a teal blue dress with thin shoulder straps. On her feet were matching pumps. Her ears were adored in diamond earrings. A whisk of the wind brought the smell of an orchid flowing into Martin’s nose. What snared his eye most of all was the full toothed smile aimed at him.

“Wow, you’re beautiful…” Martin had never caught a sight that carried such a stunning beauty. Rarer yet was a woman like her that was craving him.

Nicole tilted her head and laid her ear against her shoulder. “Aww, you’re the greatest. I wouldn’t wear these pumps for anyone except you.” She held the fabric of his shirt between her fingers. “That’s a pretty sweet shirt you have there. It really matches your hair.” She scratched his head and Martin quivered when she did that.

“Come in.” Martin took her by her hand and escorted her onto the carpet. He secured the door. He was out of his daze long enough to realize she was carrying something that had four sides and covered in brown paper. “What did you bring?”

Nicole lifted it. “This is why I was late. I’m really sorry. I wanted you to have this.”

“Oh, thanks…” Martin took the gift and tore the paper from the mystery object. He held it to the light. He marveled at the painting and its lifelike appearance. It was of him and İzmir travesti Nicole when they went to the carnival a few months prior. Lauren was absent unlike the photo the artwork was based off. “It looks better than the picture that clown took of us.”

Nicole nibbled her pinkie’s nail. “Do you like? I wanted to finish it before I came.”

Martin snatched her by the waist. He spoke within a breath’s distance of her lips. “It’s the best painting I’ve ever seen. There’s a spot for it in my room. Thank you.”

Nicole placed her hands behind Martin’s neck and they kissed. They were delicate and gentle, one after another for a few minutes, but turned hotter as Nicole darted her tongue into Martin’s open mouth and he shot his to meet hers. Martin tangled their tongues together and used his to explore the deepest reaches of the inside of her mouth and teeth. He soon came back to her tongue where they danced in unison but they wound up pressing lips again.

Martin was racing but recovered when the herby scent hit. “Are you hungry?”

Nicole leaned back but with a hold of his neck. “Mmm, for what?”

Martin walked her to the stove. “For some actual grub!”

He lifted the top off a pot and the steam flowed into the air. Nicole picked piece of chicken from the fettucine. She kept it in her front teeth and through her grit, she said, “Try it!”

Martin bit the meat and Nicole chewed what was left. They watched each other eat like it was the sexiest thing in the world. The lumps in their throats formed at the same time and they giggled.

Nicole wiped some sauce from her lips and smacked them. “This is really delish but…” She cupped his cock hard. “I am really starved for something else.”

“Oh, I see. We have to finish what we started yesterday, don’t we?” Martin took two handfuls of her ass in return and jerked her forward. “You were teasing me, weren’t you?”

Nicole dragged her nails over his back. “Mmhmm. What are you going to do about it, baby?”

“This!” Martin scooped Nicole off her feet and hoisted her on the counter. He yanked the straps from her shoulders and lowered them until her teal bra was visible. Nicole braced herself on her hands as if she was giving herself to him and awaited his attention. He kissed along her collarbone from one shoulder to the other while he was rolling one her breasts in his palm. The natural taste her skin was sweet and he couldn’t wait to get more of it.

“Feels good…” Nicole mumbled as she tossed her hair.

He flicked the side of her neck to the ear and she giggled from the tickle and leaned away. He caught her neck in his lips and suckled it in a few random places up to her chin. Nicole went after his lips but he grinned and took them out of range. Martin enjoyed being in control and she nodded as if she received that message. He kissed her chin, her cheeks, and her ear and behind it. Nicole hugged her lover and her contact sent throbs into his manhood. He tried focusing on her pleasure but she was making it damn near impossible. Her alluring scent wasn’t helping matters either.

Martin smooched the top of her breasts and slid a tongue along the length of the fabric. She did the scratching on his head again and he became more aggressive with the kissing on her sizzling flesh. Not able to wait anymore, he reached behind her to unhook her bra and she helped pull it off and toss it to the tile. She smiled and wiggled when her breasts fell free. Martin gave them and their hardening nipples more than a cursory glance. She did the same to him and had a wanting for him. A come hither and ravish me kind of look. He pulled her close and sucked one of her light brown colored nipples. He softly sucked on it and tugged at it with his teeth. He returned to rapid sucking until quiet pleasure cues leaked from her mouth. She was never a loud moaner or a fake one like a porn star but rather she silently enjoyed the experience.

Martin held her breast and flicked his tongue at her nipple. He whipped her tongue around her brown areola a few times. She shook her little booty on the counter and pulled on his neck to encourage more focus on her little tits. He took her nipple in his lips and lashed at it. He licked across to her other breast and fed it to himself. Nicole kicked her heels against the cabinet beneath her. He nibbled on her nipple and gnawed her flesh. He damn near lost everything when Nicole tickled the rear of his neck and its hairs. He rose and grinned against her smile. She held his face, a hand on each cheek, and kissed him. Martin was trying to devour her in kisses as he shoved her dress past her hips. His fingers caressed along the satin just inside the lining and Nicole twitched at the light touches. While still smothering her with his lips, he massaged her pussy through her panties. The fabric was damp and it bumped his ego that he could still cause that reaction in a woman. He responded by moving his fingers faster over her sweet hole and that had her softly releasing sounds of elation into his mouth. As he kept up his rubbing, she couldn’t tie tongues with him as she moaned…softly.

Anxious to taste Nicole’s juices, Martin pinched her undies at the sides and pulled. She lifted her ass so he could sweep them away.

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