His Braced Legs


His breathing came quicker. I felt his leg braces on my legs and just thinking about his legs aroused me tremendously. Shane’s hands were busy exploring under my shirt now. I felt his hands on my tits as he kneaded them gently and kissed my neck, breathing quickly. His hands travelled down to my waist and he pushed my skirt up some and was able to reach my thighs. His fingers ran along the inside of my thighs and even though it tickled some he drove me crazy. I let my head hang back some and just took in Shane’s touching. He reached my panties and I felt him stroke his fingers along my pussy with the panties being the only barrier. His mouth was latched on to my neck and I felt him suckle and nibble on my ear. I let my hands touch his legs some and felt the brace cuffs strapped around his thighs.

I hushed, “Shane, you are driving me crazy.”

Shane’s lips unlocked from my neck for a moment and he looked around the park nervously. There was no one close by and the darkness was setting in, crickets were chirping around us and the boats in the harbor were blowing their horns.

Shane focused back on me and pulled me to him again, saying lowly, “I missed you so much. Let me make love to you Anna. I want to taste you again.”

Looking around once more I stood up and let my panties slide down. Shane helped me step out of them and I was surprised when he actually put them to his face and sniffed them.

I laughed lowly, “Baby…really?”

He looked up at me with a smile, “Smells wonderful.”

His basmane escort hands then travelled up and down my legs and Shane just gazed up at me. He then leaned forward some and I stepped closer so he could kiss my legs. His tongue flicked over my thighs and to the inside of them. I felt a shiver go over my legs. Shane’s hands were on my ass holding on and pulling me to him.

I heard him take a deep breath and he pulled me even closer and he mumbled, “Let me get some of your sweetness.”

I put my hands to the tree trunk and held myself steady, my legs spread over Shane and his mouth closed in on my pussy. He shifted some and I felt his hands on my naked ass under my skirt. Before he could get all the way up to my pussy I stepped back some and it surprised him.

He looked up at me as his hands lost their grip to my ass, “Where you going?”

I smiled, “Nowhere, just stepping back so I can get a good look at you.”

His one hand dropped onto his belly and with the other he held himself steady. I lifted my naked foot and softly pushed my toes into his naked chest, letting them dribble around his pecs and down to his belly.

Shane softly stroked my leg watching how I touched my foot to his body. I let my foot slide down to his jeans waistband and with a quick slide by in his crotch where everything was soft and still I let my foot run over his leg braces. I felt around the cuffs with my toes, pushed my toes under some and then brought bayındır escort them back out. Shane just sat there watching me play around with my feet on his braces.

When I met his eyes, he smiled, “What are you doing?”

“Getting soaking wet.”

He laughed and demanded softly, “I want some of that wetness.”

I laughed and instead of moving my pussy back up to his face, I squatted down and took his left leg in between my legs, sliding my feet under it and basically sitting right with my pussy on his braced leg. Shane now had his hands on either side of his hips in the grass just holding himself there and watching me as I touched my pussy to his braced leg and the moment the leather touched my swollen pussy lips I had to take quick breaths at the sudden arousal. I was rubbing my pussy on his leg and when I looked at him he had his head leaning back on the tree and I saw his chest rise up and down quickly.

I hushed, “Your brace is going to smell like my pussy.”

Shane laughed softly and shook his head slightly, “Damn Anna…”

I did this for a few moments and I could feel my arousal increase by the second, I could have made myself come on his braced leg but I didn’t want to leave him hanging and Shane eventually said, “Get up here and let me get some pussy. I’m hungry.”

I laughed and unlocked my feet from his leg again. I stood back up and stepped back up to him. His hands were on my ass right away and this time he didn’t mess around. bayraklı escort He went right for my soaked pussy. I braced my stance again with my hands on the tree and Shane started working my pussy with his mouth and fingers. He licked and suckled on my swollen lips and he pulled me closer some more. and I could feel his tongue right around my wet opening. I even heard the moisture as Shane suckled some of it and I heard his breathing quick and audible. His hands had a strong grip on my ass, no chance of me getting away again.

He mumbled in between working my pussy, “You thought you can just fuck my braced leg and come without letting me have some pussy…”

The words made me get close to my climax and I moaned over Shane. He pushed his tongue in again and his finger played around my clit. My hands pushed harder against the tree trunk as I felt his tongue slide in and out of my pussy and I flexed the muscles of my opening around his quick tongue.

I pressed my lips together trying to draw out the moments for a bit longer but Shane just kept working it and when he said, “You let me get pussy first before you get to drip all over my braced legs.”

That did me in and a few more tongue thrusts sent a storm of nerves racing through my body. I had to make sure my knees didn’t buckle as I felt a sudden onset of total weakness with my orgasm radiating through me. Shane at the same time was latched on to my lower regions and he moaned into my skin while working it. I let out a small cry and I heard him groan and moan down there and his fingers dug so hard into my ass cheeks that it hurt.

“Oh….my….gosh Shane…”

Shane was breathing heavy and I eventually felt his grip loosen on my ass and I wanted to sit down, my legs were shaking now, my knees were weak. I could have used some braces myself.

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