Hilton Head Massage


This is a true story that happened while I was on vacation a couple of years ago. I enjoy sex, but most people would call me conservative when it comes to the situations and time it takes before I would go to bed with someone. It would never happen on a first date, maybe not until quite a while or never depending on whether I got comfortable or not. One night stands are definitely not my style. I had thought that my sexual impulses were under control, at least until a couple of years ago. I enjoy professional massages very much, and the details of a particular massage from an older black man are still very vivid in my mind. Hopefully, you will enjoy my description of what happened.

My boyfriend and I were vacationing on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We had been going out for about 3 years, sometimes very steady and sometimes we had also seen different people. I am not sure what the future will ultimately hold, but we have been going good for a while now.

We were staying at a nice first class hotel. Both of us have good jobs, so spending a little money on vacation is never a problem. We were having a nice time playing golf, lounging by the pool, going to the beach, and enjoying nice dinners and the town’s night life. I was wearing skimpier bikinis than what I would normally wear at home. There were families at the hotel, so at the pool I would wear small bikinis but definitely not thongs. However, some portions of the beach were secluded and I would wear some very revealing suits. My boyfriend seemed to enjoy the stares that I was getting.

I am pretty with blond hair and green eyes and in good shape from running. I have a lean 115 pound build on my 5’7″ frame. My athletic 34C -22-34 build tends to emphasize my natural breasts and my suits this trip allowed a pretty good view by all. Not too typical for me, but when I don’t know anyone away from home does tend to loosen me up a little. I am 32 years old, a scientist by education and profession, but these days I also get involved in business activities. People claim they look young for their age so often it becomes unbelievable, but most people guess I am about 25. Most of the time, I play and look the prim and proper conservative executive, so it is quite the pleasure to be able on vacation to go casual once in a while and relax.

My boyfriend scheduled golf for the afternoon with three other men. I love to play golf and I am pretty good at it, but I declined to be the fifth player and instead decided it would be a good time to indulge myself at the hotel spa. I had not been there before, but from the hotel brochures it looked great; manicures, saunas, swimming pools, a very professional first class place, and part of the spa service highlighted massages. My boyfriend would be gone the rest of the day, so I booked a late afternoon massage which would give me a chance to run and then enjoy the facilities.

The spa was busy and I had an hour to have a run, sauna, etc. I had been running along the beach in either or the mornings or evenings when it was little cooler, but in the middle of the afternoon I opted for the indoor treadmill at the spa. I put in about 3 miles in about 23 minutes – a nice workout. I had a shower and a Jacuzzi, just perfect, so even before the massage even took place I was feeling very relaxed.

When the time for my 5:00 pm massage came up, I went to the desk and a young girl named Jeanie took me back to the room and recommended I shower first to remove the chlorine from the pool.

She said, “You can lie on the massage table whenever you are ready.”

She showed me a stack of thick, soft towels. There were no instructions on what to wear, but I have been to Europe many times and the only way to enjoy an authentic massage is in the nude. I imagined at this spa they leave it to the individual and must have all manner of clothing preferences from nude, to swim suits, to whatever. I had brought a bikini, but I knew the massage would be better nude, and since Jeanie would be doing it, I just decided to go for it and start out nude.

After I climbed up on the table and covered myself with a couple of the large towels, I had a feeling of bliss to lie there and relax after running and the spa. They knew their stuff – nice lighting, soft music, and elegant surroundings. Really, I could have probably just had a nap and been happy.

I was waiting about 5 minutes when there was a knock on the door and my ‘masseuse’ came in the room. It is not really a big deal that it was a man, but somehow I had the impression that Jeanie would be doing the massage and had I known differently I would have worn a bathing suit to at least start the massage. Most places ask a preference, but whether I preferred a male or female to do the massage never came up. No matter, since I tend to prefer a man’s massage anyway.

I started to sit up for introductions, but before I could lift up more than my head he told me to relax and placed his hand on my back to indicate I should lie back down. Ataşehir Sınırsız Escort

“Hi, I’m Alan. I will be doing your massage. Have you been here before?”

“Hello, I’m Beth, nice to meet you. No, this is my first trip to Hilton Head. We are here for the week.”

“What kind of massage do you like? Any problem areas that I should concentrate on or avoid?”

I wanted a normal massage and I did not want the massage to be too hard. I know that some people like a very deep massage bordering on painful but that is not for me.

He laughed, “I will take it easy on you. But you are right; many customers request ‘the harder the better’. Please tell me if at any time the massage is too rough or if you are uncomfortable in any way.”

The second surprise was that Alan was black, but other than for the observation was no big deal. I had not gotten a very good look at Alan, just what I could see when I lifted my head to the side. He had the standard white uniform, T-shirt and pants. I would guess he was in his 50’s, and maybe about 6 feet with medium brown skin and closely cut hair. Not by any means the body builder sort of build, but not skinny either.

He started rubbing my shoulders with the towels still in place. Just about perfect for me in terms of how hard. I think he was very experienced at making sure the massage was personalized appropriately. He had a very calming voice as he asked how I liked Hilton Head, where I was staying, small talk subjects such as which golf courses I had played, etc. While we were talking he casually lowered the towel on my back to my waist, dribbled strawberry scented oil onto my back, and started a deep massage using the palms of his hands.

He asked, “Am I rubbing too hard?”

I said, “It feels great, just right.”

I had been resting my head on my arms but he pulled my arms back to my sides and fit my face into the hole in the table. He continued to work on my back. Whatever oil he was using was great and he was skilled, using a variety of different styles such as his palms, finger pressure, and even his whole forearm. I was really enjoying his various techniques – it was obvious he was very well trained.

As he was massaging my lower back and sides I could feel his fingers go a small way under the towel covering my butt. His fingers touched the sides of my breasts, but it seemed incidental and brief.

After a few minutes, he folded the towel back up to cover me. He moved to the foot of the table and lifted the towel to expose my left leg to about mid-thigh. He was very respectful and provided a good degree of modesty with the towels. Sometimes with a massage, the rule seems to be once some part is exposed, it stays exposed. But the most formal places will cover each area and only expose where they intend to massage next. This “towel formality” gave me a pretty good idea of the overall style of massage I would be getting and was comforting after my original faux pas on the assumption my massage would be done by a woman.

Alan applied oil to my calf and thigh and continued his good technique, alternating different pressures and styles. When he was finished with my left leg, he did not recover it, but lifted the towel to massage my right leg. He then applied oil to both legs, starting at the ankle slowly moving up each leg simultaneously. His big hands easily wrapped around my calves and thighs.

Whereas on my back he barely went farther than where the towel ended, now he went considerably higher under the towel on my legs. With his thumbs on the inside of each leg and his fingers on the outside, he massaged deeply and went up far enough that his fingers went up to the outside of my hips. I think he had enough common sense to be looking for any adverse reaction. I felt the towel move up my legs during this part of the massage.

We had not been talking for some time now and Alan asked, “Are you alright Beth?”

“Great, you should take up massage professionally,” which made him laugh.

We chatted for a while when I asked how long he had been doing this. I was expecting to hear some long time and was surprised when he said he had only been doing massages for a couple of years. He was from New Jersey and had worked 30 years at one of the automotive companies. He and his wife had been married for a long time and were now empty nesters with both kids were in college. We talked about the schools and courses they were taking when he heard I was a scientist.

Alan was looking for something to do after retiring and had always enjoyed giving and getting massages and did not need the money too badly. After getting the formal training and license so he could work at top spas, he really enjoyed his second profession.

I said, “Whoever taught you would be proud, everything has been fantastic.”

“Please believe me when I say it is my pleasure.”

Alan moved the towels again, this time recovering my right leg and then exposing my entire left Ataşehir Suriyeli Escort side. It is common in Europe for the expert towel placements, and I could feel him move my legs apart a little wider, but I could feel the folded towel provided full coverage to continue the previous style of modesty. It was a nice feeling as he dripped more oil onto my body, then quickly and lightly rubbing it in before starting the deeper massage.

Alan started up more conversation as he resumed the massage. He asked where I was from, etc. From our earlier conversation, he knew I was traveling with my boyfriend and after he had described his family situation, it was natural to describe my relationship. He had very intelligent comments and the casual conversation made me totally comfortable and relaxed.

“I would like to compliment you. I see you have tan lines but you came in the nude. Most people are too shy for that, but the massage is so much better this way.”

I described some of the different massage styles I had experienced in Europe and Asia. We talked about various places each had traveled. He continued the massage all the while we were chatting and this really did contribute to an overall feeling of comfort.

His arms were long enough he had one hand on my ankle and one on my shoulder as he did a variety of really great massage techniques. His hand on my back was laid flat and pressing while his hand on my leg was working his fingers and thumbs in deeply. He moved both hands together but he would stop at my upper thigh and lower back during the deep massage. He did my back with both hands and pressed down harder than before, sliding his hands far under the towel to my other side several times.

Alan moved to stand at the lower part of the table and began using both hands on my leg. He worked on my calf and slowly moved up my leg. The towel was still covering me but as he got higher on my leg, it is just a fact that his fingers were very high up on my thigh. He did not linger and began to massage my butt with both hands, pressing down deeply and expertly with his palms, followed by deep massage with his strong fingers.

We had been talking for a while, but once again he interrupted the conversation to ask, “Still doing OK Beth?”

“Yes, great.”

As with my thighs, he did not spend too much time massaging my butt. I freely admit almost every time I get a massage near intimate areas, it is a great fantasy to imagine something more erotic. There was a feeling of disappointment but also a sense of relief when he covered me back up and repeated the same procedure on my other side. I had a feeling of pure relaxation, but I also recognized the reality that it was nothing more than a great professional massage. We talked a little more, but I think he also had the good sense to let me enjoy some peace and serenity.

“You are in really good shape, good muscle tone.”

“Thank you, I run to stay in shape.”

“I can tell. Your leg and hip muscles are really firm.”

“I just ran a few miles on the treadmill before coming in.”

“I saw you running. One of the staff pointed you out as the 5:00 pm appointment and I volunteered. I hope it does not sound unprofessional, but it is a pleasure to give a massage to a nice looking young woman with a good body. A lot of my customers have less than perfect figures.” We both laughed.

“I sympathize. I am glad you are also enjoying the massage. Does this mean I get a discount?”

Alan laughed and said, “Sorry about that Beth. Once that front desk gets your money, it will take an army to pry their fingers loose. However, maybe we can throw in some extra time.”

It was a little unnerving to learn the selection of who would do the massage was not random and that he might even have checked me out while I was running, but overall I was enjoying the massage. That part of the conversation was occurring as he finished my right side, again giving a thorough massage while still preserving my modesty.

Alan said, “For the rest of the backside massage, I usually remove all the towels but we can skip that if you prefer.”

“No, go ahead. Thanks for asking though.”

He removed the towels and applied more oil, dripping it virtually everywhere all at once. He smoothed the oil on my legs, back and butt. He began standing at the head of the table using both hands on my shoulders and sliding them palm down using the heel of his hand to apply pressure slowly to my lower back and butt. As he would move back up he would use more intensive finger pressure to deeply manipulate each muscle.

When he was leaning over the farthest, I could feel his hands reach all the way to my lower thighs. Alan certainly knew what he was doing, from how he would use his thumbs on my spine and lower back region to the way he would knead and cup my buttocks.

Alan repeated the massage up and down from my shoulders to my thighs several times and he would pause at my buttocks Ataşehir İranlı Escort where he squeezed and kneaded them. After a few minutes, he moved to the end of the table near my feet. I am no prude, but I wondered what kind of a view I was providing and realized Alan was getting a pretty good look at my pussy. Alan applied more oil to my legs and moved his hands up very quickly to rub my buttocks and then all the way to my lower back. He rubbed quickly at first and repeated more slowly.

As he began moving up my calves, he asked, “Still doing OK Beth?” I imagine it is a difficult thing for a masseur to determine the comfort level of each client, but his questions indicated he knew what he was doing.

I replied truthfully, “I am doing great.”

I thought to myself this was a great experience; the temperature was perfect, the music was subtle, the smells from the oil were pleasant, and Alan had been very charming. From the perspective of the massage, he had been doing everything right. He continued slowly up my legs where he was now massaging the inside of my thighs with his thumbs and outside of my thighs with his fingers. When he reached my ass, I could feel him just barely touch the outside of my pussy for a split second and what seemed inadvertently. I flinched a little at that.

When he leaned over the farthest, he reached around under my waist and came back down the sides so that his fingers were touching my stomach. He lifted my hips and thighs slightly, just enough that he was touching my front hip area and thighs as he went back down. At the end of this technique my legs had moved slightly apart. When he repeated this part of the massage, I knew he had a clear view of my pussy.

He again asked, “How are you doing?”

I had to admire that he was very clever by asking and checking respectfully, and then perceptive in deciding how much to push things.

I replied truthfully, “This is a wonderful massage.”

I thought to myself that people who are shy about how much the masseur can see should really keep their swim-suit on.

Alan kept up the massage and when he got to my inner thighs and butt, I felt his thumbs slightly glance against my pussy but again he did not linger. The anticipation as he moved his hands up my thighs and then the split second glance against my pussy was electric.

Alan held up a large towel and asked me turn over. Part of me was relieved the erotic part of the massage had concluded. After lying in that position for a while, even though the massage was fantastic, it did feel good to change position. He held up the towel high enough so even his head was not visible and again I thought very professional expertise regarding modesty. He laid a small pillow over the hole in the table for my head and he covered my entire body with towels.

This was the first time I got a good look at him. I thought he had a distinguished look and a pleasant face. Since we had been talking quite a bit, I realized that he was simply a very nice man. This was also the first time he had seen my face and I recognized the irony I was really just meeting the man who for the last 30 minutes or so had his hands all over my body.

“Are you enjoying the massage Beth?”

“Very much.”

“I have been enjoying our conversation too. Some of my clients never say a word during the entire massage.”

“I have had massages like that before too. You are very easy to talk to.”

“Thank you, you too.”

Alan said he was going to use lighter oil on my face and I should relax. I closed my eyes as he rubbed my forehead and temples and then moved to my chin and cheeks, lightly rubbing the oil with his fingers.

I smiled as he was doing this, and he said “I guess I don’t have to ask how your doing,” making us both laugh again.

When he was finished, Alan placed a damp cloth over my eyes and folded the towel on my chest to expose my shoulders and just the very top of my breasts, less than what you would see had I been wearing a swimsuit. He used more oil and began to rub my shoulders and outer arms. He avoided getting too near my breasts and this part was finished rather quickly. I admit this was a wonderful massage and while I am giving these descriptions as much detail as I can recall, I will say massages done by others were just as thorough and just as professional and the sequence Alan was using was not unusual.

Alan moved down the table to massage my feet and then moved the towel up to expose both legs to mid-thigh. As before, he started at my ankles and moved slowly up both legs. A little different than when he rubbed my legs while I was lying on my stomach, this time he went under the towel quite far as he moved up my thighs. His thumbs were again on the inside of my thighs and as he moved higher his fingers and palms went up the outside of my hips to my lower stomach where he would spread his fingers and dig in slightly.

He avoided touching my pussy with his thumbs this time but when his hands were on my stomach and he spread out his hands, I could feel his thumbs touch my pubic area. My shaving style varies depending on mood, but at this time I was shaved so that nothing would show under my bikini. When I could feel his thumbs touching me there I was a little surprised but I tried to remain relaxed.

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