Highway Encounters Ch. 01


The length of the trip isn’t a surprise. The sheer boredom of the trip isn’t really a surprise either. I’d taken this trip at least thirty times, back and forth.

I leave from Kenosha, WI at about 7pm, drive all night and find myself in Rapid City, SD at a bit before 8am their time. The trip on I-90 isn’t just boring. It’s mind-numbingly boring.

My family lived back there, and if it had just been mom and dad, which would have been fine, but way into her 40’s, my kid brother had come up as a ‘surprise’. It was kind of strange to have a kid brother almost 22 years younger than me, but it was a lot of fun…well, besides the road trip. Oh, believe me, if I could have flown, I would have been all over that.

Christmas, 1999. My kid brother, Jonah, had turned 5 earlier in the year, and I was driving out to see the family with a big box of Hot Wheels that I’d been collecting here and there for almost a year. I figured I’d be able to sit on the kitchen floor with him for hours, playing like I was much younger than I was.

Things back home were shit anyway. My wife had been having an affair for the last 6 months. If I’d known how to end it, I totally would have, but to be honest, I still liked her, even if she did lie to my face almost daily. We hadn’t had sex in over a year and it wasn’t looking too promising for the near future.

Is it cool to say I think that I’d given up? That I’d thought I was just not going to have sex ever again?

The snow started coming down in earnest by the time I hit Rochester, MN. When I finally saw the sign that said, “Albert Lea 33”, I could barely see the road.

I spied some truck tail lights and followed them the 25 miles to a Truck Stop by the Interstate in Albert Lea. Although my AWD Subaru Legacy handled itself just fine, visibility was terrible. When we finally stopped, I went to the truck driver, a younger guy, and thanked him. He smiled and implied that he’d help if he could.

The weather continued to get worse as I sat in a corner of the truck stop, sipping a cup of machine-dispensed cappuccino. It was terrible. The 7 hours I’d already driven began to take its toll and I briefly put my head down on the table.

My eyes snapped open and I popped my head up. I had arrived a bit after 2 AM, put my head down at 2:30. It was now a touch after 3. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually fallen asleep. The coffee was cold and my bladder needed some relief.

A short hallway led down to a large bathroom. I went in and aligned myself at a urinal, undoing the drawstring of my comfortable pants (best to wear comfy clothes on long trips). As the door’s hydraulic pistons finally shut the hallway’s noises out, I heard something quietly behind me, near the stalls. I finished up what I was doing, but based familiarity of the noises, I opted to forgo washing my hands out of curiosity.

Going around the short wall behind me, I found the doorways to four stalls. All of them were open. The furthest from where I stood had a pair of shoes, cowboy boots, coming out of them facing down. I walked forward cautiously…as though I were going to tread on something important as I peered around the wall into the stall.

The young trucker I’d followed to the rest stop was seated on toilet, pants down. Another younger guy was furiously Bahçeşehir Escort sucking the young man’s ample cock. The man on his knees was pumping away at his own prick, hidden underneath his body. I’d quickly peeked and just as fast pulled my head back. The vision was etched into my head in any case.

I’d never really considered gay sex. I mean, in college I’d spent a little time hanging out with some gay people, but it never showed as anything more than a curiosity.

Now, here I was with a glaring example. I don’t know if it was my dry spell, my apathy or it might’ve just been some sort of reset in my system. Before I’d realized what I was thinking, my own cock had sprung to life. I glanced down at the bulge in my pants like it was some stranger. It was then that I heard, “You know, you could join in” from inside the stall.

I peeked around again to see the kneeling man jacking both of them off, and the seated man gesturing towards me. My cock led the way as I tried to figure out how I was going to ‘join in’. I didn’t really need to consider it, as the man on the floor turned quickly and grabbed the top of my pants. He deftly undid my drawstring and pulled my pants down to my knees. My steel-hard six inches of flesh sprang out to almost smack him in the face. His right hand came up and surrounded the base. Before I could utter a word, he engulfed my prick all the way to the base.

The pleasure was insane. Over a year of nobody even considering to touch me, here was an attractive young man sucking me like he was trying to win something. I put a hand up on the stall to steady myself. I could already feel my balls drawing up to my body, ready to explode, but the thinking part of my brain wanted to stave off my orgasm in order to enjoy it as long as I could.

I glanced back down to see the first young trucker reaching down behind the man on the floor, pulling his pants down. I concentrated on his actions, desperately trying not to think about the blowjob. He pulled the kneeling man’s pants down to the ground and squirmed down behind him. Reaching up to his mouth, he pulled a copious amount of saliva into his palm, slathering his cockhead liberally. That done, he applied some to the kneeling man’s backside.

Which is as far as I saw. My eyes shut as the first wave of my orgasm flew out of my cock. The man on the floor brought his tongue up and began milking the shots out of me as they came. Over and over. I lost track of everything…time, the number of cumshots that actually came up, where I was. Everything.

The mouth at my groin paused briefly, which brought me out of my pleasured coma. I glanced down to see the man who’d been seated inserting his hefty prick into the kneeling man’s ass.

I couldn’t exactly see it from my angle, but I knew what was taking place. The man on the floor’s eyes were shut in either pain or ecstasy, I wasn’t sure. The long moan that followed seconds later answered the question.

My prick, now forgotten fell from his mouth and I stepped back. I watched as the few beginning strokes began to pick up speed. My usual existence, where I would cum and immediately forget about sex was gone. I was fascinated by the spectacle.

I reached down to grab my still attentive cock when I heard a voice Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan to my right, “looks like you got yours, friend. How about helping another traveler out?”

A somewhat overweight man just to my right was standing, holding a long, fat erection. His pants were flung over his shoulder and swung lightly as he pumped his prick back and forth. I only briefly looked at his face, my eyes were drawn to the hypnotic pumping as his fist came up to the crown and back down to his balls.

“This could do with a nice sucking, friend.” A million things ran through my mind. None of them stopped my body from lowering myself to my knees.

He hurried to me. I hadn’t turned from the stall, so he maneuvered between my kneeled form and the open door, where the sound of hips slapping ass became raucous. I was looking down to the floor, at first, trying to make sure I didn’t kneel in anything. When I glanced back up, the thick manhood stared me in the face. I looked up at the man’s face then, seeing for the first time that he was handsome, probably in his late 50’s. “I….I’ve never done this before…”

He smiled. It was a grandfather’s smile. A comfortable, friendly smile. “Well, you’ve gotten blowjobs before, my friend. Just try to emulate it.”

I looked back down. The swollen head had the smallest amount of moisture at the slit. I reached up to gently take him in hand, and the man withdrew his as mine drew near. When my hand finally connected with his shaft I was surprised at the heat, the interior hardness. My first experience with another man’s equipment was overwhelming. Partially because it was so unknown, and partly because it was so familiar. He was much larger than me, and it was weird in comparison.

He slightly pumped his hips forward a bit. I took this as a sign and opened my mouth. I reached slowly forward. I didn’t do the classic ‘tongue-first’ maneuver, but instead pushed my lips over the tip. His swollen glans were hot on my lips as I pushed my tongue towards him. My lips were dry and I used my tongue to wet them around his thickness. He grunted a bit and pushed even further. I generated a bit of saliva and began to move forward.

The feeling of him in my mouth wasn’t as alien as I might’ve thought days before. I worked slowly down the length, noting that the shaft would dry up if I didn’t constantly wet my lips, an action that apparently had a good reaction.

“Mmmmm….That’s nice…” He said in a low voice. The rumble of the words extended down and I felt them on my lips. I went from a curiosity to the beginning stages of enjoyment. His pulse wasn’t as evident as I would have thought, the slight scar tissue where his circumcision many years ago had been performed was like a billboard on the road that was his cock.

I lost myself in it, honestly. I began just working as best I could. Pretending that the actions of my lips, tongue and teeth were working on my own gravity-defying prick as it bobbed near the floor.

The actions made me want to test my limits. He hadn’t thrust forward, he just let me work on him as I could, so I began to pump my head down further, closer to his groin. The first time I hit my gag reflex, my whole body lurched slightly as I withdrew.

“It’s your first time, my friend. Escort Bahçeşehir Don’t try to do anything crazy. You’ll have me finishing soon enough,” Looking up at him, I saw a large gold cross on his chest, shuddering as it kept time with his breathing. His engorged manhood swelled in front of me as I once again grabbed him by the base and delivered him to my slathering mouth.

I closed my eyes to concentrate on what I was doing, until I again lost myself in the rhythmic actions I performed. Back down until the ridge of his head was just inside my lips, then towards him until it hit my palate, my tongue running laps on the geography of his member. Back and forth, up and down, change my tempo just slightly, slowing down. Speeding back up.

My other hand came up and found his heavy balls. The sack had begun to creep up towards his body, and my primitive understanding of male physiology knew what was coming. I slowed myself again, enjoying this feeling, this taste, and this sensation too much to want to let it end.

The slowing, however, was my undoing. As soon as my pace dropped, his balls did the opposite. I felt them rush up to his groin and the first strain of his cock hardening even further. A split second later the hot, sticky rush of his first cumshot smacked my palate. I licked and swallowed, tasting that first seed and realizing it was something I could learn to enjoy. The second shot hit my tongue. Third followed, Fourth, Fifth…I began to rush it together as I drank him down as fast as it issued from him.

After a few minutes, the hardness of him began to dissipate. Slowly, the heat and swelling started to withdraw. I kept him in my mouth until he reached down, pushing my head lightly back from him, saying, “Nice job, new friend. Nice job.”

As he pulled out completely, I small line of creamy white appeared in the slit. I quickly licked outward, pulling it onto my tongue. He chuckled as he grabbed himself and pulled the pants off his shoulder. “Brother, this old pecker’s had it for tonight, I’m sure there’s all sorts of men in the world you can get some practice on. Look forward to meeting you on the Highway again sometime” He pulled one leg into his pants, then the other as I watched his low-swinging equipment dangle loosely between his legs. Clear until he brought the pants to his waist. “Go with God, my friend” he said as he walked by the sinks.

I looked ahead of me again. The two truckers were engaged in some serious fucking. The young man from earlier pounded the man on all fours relentlessly. I leaned backwards on my knees, feeling the cool tile wall behind me. My hand found my achingly throbbing dick and began to stroke.

The door opened. I jerked to my feet, pulling my pants up with me. The young trucker didn’t even slow his pace as a new face came around the corner.

Wearing the truck stop’s signature green vest, a fresh-faced young man gazed over to where the two men on the floor were going at it. My sweatpants bulged as I hadn’t had time to adjust myself to a more suitable angle.

He walked forward then, looking into the stall. “Holy shit, Eric. You should let up on the guy a bit…he looks like his knees are going to scab over.”

The young trucker (or Eric?) said, “Danny, he can take it…trust me…”

“OK then” Danny replied. His hands went to his jeans and undid them. He turned towards me then, showing me a decent-sized, hardening prick, “You want this or my ass? I’m going to cum either way, but I want one of the two…”

“Hmmm” was all I thought as my hands went to my pants, pushing them down again.

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