Her First Lesbian Experience Ch. 02


The room was mostly quiet, except for the occasional moan, sucking sounds and soft music playing on the stereo. Shannon and Tracy were nude on the couch in the ’69’ position, giving each other a serious tongue fucking while my assistant and I watched.

A month after her first photo session with us, Shannon called to tell us that she had sent “selected” images from the shoot on a CD to her boyfriend serving in Iraq. He wasn’t angry, as she had feared he might be. He liked them so much that he asked for more. She sent the more graphic ones to him and received a call from him the day he received the CD. He told her that he was so turned on by them that he had a boner all day, and asked for still more.

She wanted another appointment and asked if she could bring a friend. She said that she’d shown the pictures to her best friend at work and that she wanted to watch the next photo session. My assistant, Rebecca, reserved another Friday afternoon session for her.

True to her word, Shannon showed up for her second photo shoot with her friend, Tracy. Shannon is a petite blue-eyed blonde with small breasts. Tracy turned out to be a tall (6′) large breasted young woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Shannon showed up in a flower print summer halter-top dress and Tracy wore a tank top with shorts that showed off her legs.

Rebecca had Shannon sign a release in the office before escorting the women into the studio. Tracy asked, “just in case I decide to have a couple of pictures of myself today, should I sign a form too?”

“That would be a good idea,” Rebecca said as she handed her a release form and a pen.

Once in the studio, where I was setting up for the shoot, Shannon walked over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I’m glad you had an opening!”

“We’ll always be able to find time to photograph you, Shannon, “I said, “the camera loves you.”

“Thanks!” she replied, “everyone who’s seen the pictures, especially my boyfriend, liked them. By the way, Justin, this is Tracy, she’s my best friend.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tracy,” I said as I smiled held my hand out to her.

“I’m glad to meet the photographer who made those really sexy pictures of Shannon,” she told me as we shook hands.

“Perhaps we can photograph you too, some day,” I said, “I hope you’ll be comfortable with the type of photos we will be making of Shannon this afternoon.”

She responded, “I don’t have a problem with nudity, if that’s what you mean. After I saw Shannon’s pictures I nearly raped my boyfriend that night!”

I laughed and said, “Can we quote you in an ad for our services? That would get us some more business for sure!”

“You can if you don’t use my name,” Tracy said.

I looked over at Rebecca and told her, “Make a note of that for our next ad campaign.”

Rebecca nodded and said to the girls, “We might as well get started. Shannon, what do you have in mind? You didn’t bring a suitcase of outfits this time.”

“I didn’t think I’d need anything at all for most of the pictures,” she said, “is that OK?”

“Of course,” Rebecca replied, “come on over here. Justin’s ready and time’s a-wasting’ girl!”

“There’s wine on the table over there,” I injected, “help yourself if you want.”

All three women took me up on my offer as I started some smooth jazz playing softly on the stereo. Rebecca took charge, positioning Shannon to the side of the couch in front of a powder-blue paper backdrop.

“Why don’t we start with your right shoulder toward the camera,” she instructed, “You can start shooting any time you like what you see, Justin.”

“Like this?” Shannon asked as she followed Rebecca’s instructions and placed her hands on her hips.

“Good,” Rebecca went on, “look at the camera. Chin down, sultry look, chest out, nice! Got that Justin?”

“Got it all…looks great. Check the monitor,” I said.

I have a large monitor on a stand that shows each frame after it’s downloaded to the computer. Tracy moved so she could watch it and the set at the same time. Shannon checked the last shot and happily told me, “It makes me look like a pinup girl…I like it!”

After some more shots as Rebecca directed Shannon, Tracy asked if we could get some shots of them both. Rebecca grinned at me, then turned to Tracy and told her, “sure, come on over.”

When Tracy joined Shannon on the set, Rebecca got a beach ball that we keep around as a prop and tossed it to them, shouting, “CATCH!” I’d seen her do that before and was ready to press the shutter button when they reached for it at the same time. The image on the monitor confirmed that I’d gotten the shot at just the right moment. The ball was frozen at the top of the frame as they reached toward it with smiling faces. Tracy’s breasts were threatening to burst through her tank top, or at least that’s how they looked in the photo.

After a few more poses I suggested we take a break. Rebecca poured more wine for the girls while I scanned Eryaman Rus Escort through the shots that we’d gotten so far. Both Shannon and Tracy were enthusiastic about what they saw on the large monitor. “I wasn’t sure that I wanted to have my picture taken today,” said Tracy, “but those are really nice.”

“I hope you will allow me to photograph you more,” I flattered her, “you’re very pretty and look really nice in pictures.”

She smiled at me and answered sweetly, “thanks, you make it easy.”

After a few more minutes Rebecca escorted Shannon back onto the set, this time positioning her in front of the couch. “Give Justin a smile,” she instructed and Shannon looked at me, smiled and folded her arms beneath her breasts, pushing them up to create all of the cleavage that she could with small breasts. I snapped a couple of frames and smiled back at her. Tracy was standing where she could watch both Shannon’s posing and the monitor.

Rebecca suggested that Shannon run a hand under the halter top of her dress, over a breast, then untie the top and drop one side, leaving the breast covered by her hand.

“You’re just full of good ideas today, aren’t you?” Shannon responded.

Rebecca said with a wink, “Just doing my job, girl. Remember, you can try any ideas you have too.”

I just kept quiet, knowing that Rebecca had done a great job of directing Shannon during her last photo session. I kept pressing the shutter button as Shannon slipped her right hand under the fabric, pulled the tie loose behind her neck with her other hand and let the left side of her top fall forward. She first looked down as if to verify that she was properly covered, then, gave the camera a sexy look that could have melted a glacier.

As I captured images she twisted slowly to one side, revealing the soft curve of her left breast. Then, she separated her fingers allowing the nipple to peek between them. She closed her eyes and softly stroked her breast, pinching the stiffening nipple once or twice.

I glanced over at Tracy who appeared to be mesmerized by Shannon’s sexy activity. Her nipples confirmed my suspicion that she hadn’t worn a bra under her tank top.

“Hey, girlfriend! Why don’t you get in the picture with me?” Shannon asked Tracy, who ‘woke up’ and agreed, moving onto the set and stood beside Shannon.

“OK then, “said Rebecca, “Shannon, stay as you are and Tracy, get behind her, up fairly close. Tie your top back up, Shannon.”

Shannon did as requested and Tracy stationed herself behind her. Both women stood facing the rear of the studio with their left sides to the camera. It was quite a contrast with petite Shannon in front of Tracy who was almost 10 inches taller.

Rebecca continued her direction, “Tracy, when I tell you to, I want you to untie Shannon’s top slowly drop both sides while following with your hands, using them to hide her boobs from the camera, OK?”

Tracy asked, “You want me to touch them?”

“You’ll have to if you are going to shield them from the camera’s view,” Rebecca answered, “Is that OK with you, Shannon?”

“You know it is!” was Shannon’s reply.

Rebecca moved out of the frame and nodded to Tracy. I captured images as Tracy reached tentatively to untie the strings holding Shannon’s top up. As she released the sides of the top she followed them over Shannon’s shoulders with her hands, ending up with her hands over her friend’s breasts. “Oh, your nipples are hard as pebbles!” she exclaimed, as they pressed into her palms.

“Gee, I wonder why?” Shannon said, sarcastically. They both laughed and Tracy kept her hands on Shannon’s breasts as I moved to different positions, capturing images. Tracy became bolder and bent kiss the back of Shannon’s neck while squeezing Shannon’s boobs and, occasionally, tweaking her nipples. Eventually, her inhibitions gone, she moved around to the other side and kissed Shannon’s nipples eliciting a moan. Shannon responded by placing her hands on Tracy’s big breasts, massaging them through the fabric of her tank top.

“Kiss her,” Rebecca softly said, not directing her direction at a specific woman.

Tracy reacted to that by releasing Shannon’s nipple, which she had been sucking on, and standing up straight, eyes on her friend’s, attempting to detect approval. Shannon, being a bit more experienced at kissing another girl, took the initiative and stood on her toes to reach Tracy’s lips. They closed their eyes and kissed, not removing their hands from their friend’s breasts.

They both must have liked it because they removed hands from tits and embraced for another, more passionate kiss. When they finally parted they both looked over at Rebecca, totally ignoring me, and grinned.

“That wasn’t what I expected,” Tracy said, “I thought it would be gross, but it was actually very nice.”

“As Rebecca told me last time I was here, girls know what girls like!” Shannon said.

“We sure do,” Rebecca agreed, “so, are you ladies ready Sincan Rus Escort for the next step?”

“I am!” Shannon said enthusiastically.

“I guess I am too,” Tracy answered, somewhat more reserved.

Shannon said to her friend, “Come on…don’t get cold feet now. We talked about it and you said you thought it would be fun.”

“It’s just that this is different that just talking about doing it. I’ve never touched a girl the way we did just now, it’s strange.”

“You’ll get used to it quickly, I did,” said Shannon, “besides, Rebecca is good at helping a lady get comfortable with another girl for the first time.” Looking over at “Rebecca,” she asked, “Will you get us started like you did with me? That really helped me the first time.”

“Of course,” she replied, “OK by you, Tracy?”

Tracy thought about it for a second, and then she replied, “I guess…I really don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Well then, let’s get started!”

She walked over to Tracy, gave her a quick peck on the lips and reached to the hemline of her top, pulling it over her head. Tracy’s magnificent boobs were displayed for the first time to my delight.

“You’re turn…” she said, “Take my top off, then my bra.”

Tracy unbuttoned Rebecca’s shirt and helped her get it off. Then she reached around to unhook the bra, saying, “This is awkward. I’m used to unhooking my own bra but not someone else’s.”

“You’ll get used to it,” her friend replied as she dropped her sundress to the floor and stepped out of her panties to reveal her bikini-trimmed pubic patch. She didn’t have much more than a thin strip of pubic hair that ran from the top of her labia up her mound a couple of inches.

Rebecca finished undressing herself, kicking her slacks and panties aside. She reached over to help Tracy out of her shorts but Tracy stopped her. “I haven’t ever shaved down there. You girls are trimmed or shaved but I’m really hairy.”

“What do you do when you wear a swimsuit?” Shannon asked.

“I usually don’t wear one, just short shorts and a bikini top,” Tracy replied.

“I think you need a shave! Do you guys have a razor here?” Shannon asked Rebecca.

“Of course, we keep that kind of stuff for girls who need a touch-up before their swimsuit photos,” Rebecca answered and went to get the shaving kit.

The girls seemed to have pretty much forgotten that I was watching because, when Rebecca returned, Tracy quickly removed her shorts and panties leaving all three women naked. She displayed a full dark brown bush. At Shannon’s direction she sat on a towel that Rebecca had spread on the couch and spread her legs. I quietly documented the operation with my camera.

Shannon knelt between her legs and took the tube of shaving cream and a wet washrag from Rebecca. She wet the curly hair with the washrag, then spread the cream over her bush and down between her legs as Rebecca (and I) watched.

Rebecca took over and replaced Shannon between Tracy’s legs. She expertly removed every hair from Tracy’s mons, inner thighs and pussy, occasionally massaging the shaving cream into the bush and, I noticed, running her finger through Tracy’s slit once or twice as she watched the operation.

“It’s cold,” Tracy complained.

“You’ll get used to it soon,” Rebecca told her, “and you’ll love it. You’ll never let it grow out again, I promise.” She used a finger to remove the last vestiges of the shaving cream and squirted some after-shave lotion onto one palm.

“This is a warming and soothing lotion,” she told Tracy, “It will make the cool feeling fade and keep you from itching.” She spread it over both hands and applied it to the now-hairless crotch in front of her. She paid special attention to Tracy’s pussy, including a few more swipes of a finger through her pussy slit.

When that happened, Tracy closed her eyes and trembled a bit.

Rebecca took that as an invitation to continue, which she did with gusto, rubbing the woman’s pussy vigorously, making sure she contacted her clitoris from time to time. Her efforts bore fruit in the form of increasingly fast breathing and more trembles.

Shannon sat beside Tracy on the couch. She took Tracy’s hand and placed it on her neatly trimmed mound, pushing Tracy’s finger against her clit. Tracy opened her eyes and looked at Shannon’s face, then took over by massaging her pussy and running a finger between her labia.

“You know,” Tracy quietly said, “I’ve never done anything like this. You’ll have to let me know if I hurt you or what feels good, OK?”

“Just do whatever Rebecca does and don’t worry about hurting me. You’ll know when you are doing it right (she took a quick breath and moaned)…THAT was doing it right!” Shannon told her.

I had zoomed in for a close-up of Shannon’s pussy and got a shot when Tracy had inserted the tip of a finger into Shannon’s vagina. She lost all vestiges of any inhibitions she had come with. Shannon reacted predictably when she felt Etlik Rus Escort the invasion, pressing herself against Tracy’s hand and making happy sounds.

While Tracy was administering to Shannon’s needs, Rebecca was still positioned between Tracy’s legs. She bent forward and lightly kissed her pussy, then ran her tongue up the slit, pausing for a clitty tickle. Tracy paused to contemplate the new sensation and then resumed her pussy play. Rebecca placed both hands on Tracy’s inner thighs and used her thumbs to spread the outer lips, giving her unrestricted access to the rosebud within. She used her tongue to stimulate the clitoris while probing the woman’s vagina with two fingers. It wasn’t long until both Tracy and Shannon were racing each other down parallel paths to orgasm.

Shannon was writhing in ecstasy on the couch but had enough presence of mind to twist toward Tracy and put a lip-lock on a nipple. This brought her friend to a fever pitch. Tracy shouted, “OoH! Yesss! Lick it…suck it! That feels so good!”

She had Rebecca administering therapy between her legs and Shannon playing with her tit and had lost her focus on Shannon’s pussy.

Feeling neglected, Shannon pulled her mouth from the nipple that she had been sucking and said, “This isn’t working for me! My poor little pussy is being left out of the fun.”

Opening her eyes, Tracy looked over at Shannon and told her, “I’m sorry. I was so wrapped up in my feelings that I forgot yours. How can I make it up to you?”

“I have an idea,” Shannon answered, “Lay down on your back.”

Rebecca had stopped her tongue fucking of Tracy and sat back on her heels to see what Shannon had in mind. Tracy smiled at Shannon and did as requested. Shannon got up and motioned for Rebecca to move from her position, then knelt on the floor near Tracy’s head. She bent forward and kissed her friend who enthusiastically returned the kiss. Shannon pressed her tongue between Tracy’s lips and Tracy returned the favor.

After a few moments, Shannon moved her head down Tracy’s body, kissing her chin, her upper chest and then one of her erect nipples, pausing to suck it and gently nibble before continuing on to her stomach.

Tracy’s breathing had become ragged as she anticipated what her friend had in mind. Shannon looked up at her face and asked, “Are you OK with this?”

“Yes, yes, please keep going,” Tracy softly answered.

Shannon stood up and got onto the couch, placing her knees on opposite sides of Tracy’s chest and facing her feet. She lowered her pussy to Tracy’s face while positioning her own face between her friend’s legs. “Follow my lead,” she playfully told Tracy as she kissed her pussy, then inserted her tongue between the folds of her pussy.

Tracy responded in kind, first kissing then licking Shannon’s well-lubricated pussy. The room was mostly quiet, except for the occasional moan, sucking sounds and soft music playing on the stereo. Shannon and Tracy were nude on the couch in the ’69’ position, giving each other a serious tongue fucking while my assistant and I watched. I, of course, continued to document the activity with my camera.

Rebecca had donned a robe and moved to my side. “There’s that old familiar fat bulge in the front of your pants again, I see, “she whispered.

“Occupational hazard,” I quipped.

She reached over and gave my cock a playful squeeze, which made me loose my concentration for a moment. I managed to regain my composure and continue shooting pictures as she deftly unzipped my pants and disconnected my belt. She pulled my pants and briefs down around my ankles and my erection sprang out.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I whispered to her.

“Just making you more comfortable,” Rebecca softly answered as she wrapped a hand around the base of my rod and gave it a few pumps.

“That is highly unprofessional young woman,” I quietly but sternly told her, “and above and beyond the call of duty.”

She simply said, “I know,” and continued the hand job. Occasionally she would pause and spit on my dick for additional lubrication. Her robe had fallen open and I could see her breasts dancing with the motion of her arm which helped drive me to my climax in record time.

“I’m going to cum,” I whispered between labored breaths.

Rebecca’s response to my warning was to encircle the head of my rod with her lips and tickle me with her tongue while gently squeezing my nut-sac with her other hand. That was all it took for me to hit my climax, shooting a hot load down her throat as she pumped and sucked me dry.

“Thanks, you’re the best assistant I’ve ever had,” I whispered, trying not to call attention to our activity by the girls on the couch.

“I’m the only assistant you’ve ever had,” she corrected me, wiping her mouth on the sleeve of the robe and then re-tying the sash.

I managed to get my briefs and pants back up and secured while watching our clients’ activity on the couch. There wasn’t much to photograph at that point. One was on top of the other with heads between each other’s legs, licking and sucking. It gave me a chance to fully recover from Rebecca’s mercy handjob.

Then the volcano erupted (figuratively speaking) when Tracy screamed and bucked her hips, practically throwing Shannon off of her. To her credit, Shannon held on and maintained contact with Tracy’s pussy through most of her orgasm.

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