Helpful Roommate


Author’s Note: This is my second submission. I am still trying to develop my writing skills further. I would love to hear feedbacks on how to improve my stories and if there were specific parts that you really liked or didn’t like. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the story.


At the age of 18, Mike was very excited to go to college after graduating high school a year earlier than expected. He had always been a straight-A student and always had his nose in books. At his high school, he was always the recipient of the highest awards which made him a target of some of his jealous classmates. His parents and teachers were very impressed by his intelligence, so they agreed to bump him up to grade 12 after grade 10. And a year later, he was ready to go off to college. Mike rarely had any friends. He did have people pretending to be his friend so that they could get him to help on their homework, and being the nice guy that he was, he helped them every time even though he knew what they were up to. He wasn’t very popular among the girls either. He was around 5″10′ and 170lbs. He had short black curly hair and wore glasses. He mostly wore plain t-shirts and black or blue jeans. He didn’t have a 6-pack or bulging biceps but he wasn’t obese either. He was at content with his body image.

Mike didn’t live in a dorm room mostly because he didn’t like the idea of sharing a room with a complete stranger, using the communal bathroom, and not being able to cook his own meals. So in the summer, he looked for apartments. He would have preferred a place completely of his own but his parents didn’t have enough money for that, so he had to settle on having a roommate. They spent weeks trying to find a reasonable place but Mike didn’t like any of them because he knew he wouldn’t be able to get along with the person already living there. I guess you could say that Mike was a bit picky that way. He wanted a tidy and studious roommate, not one who’d be throwing parties all the time and/or living like a slob.

After 3 weeks of searching Mike finally agreed to a place, but his parents were not sure about it. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with a shared living room and a shared kitchen. The rent was reasonable as well. What made his parents unsure was that the other person living there was a 24 year old girl named Julie. She was senior at the university studying to become a chiropractor. She was around 5″5′ and 130lbs. She also wore glasses and had short brown hair. Julie was incredibly sweet and courteous. Mike knew that she’d be the type of person he would get along with. They could tell that she liked to keep the place tidy and she didn’t look like a party girl. Mike pleaded with his parents to let him live in that apartment because it was the only reasonable place he saw. And after careful consideration, they agreed.

Mike moved to his new apartment 2 weeks before classes were going to start. He wanted to check out the area and get settled in so he wouldn’t have to do that when classes had started. The room was already furnished so Mike arrived with only a suitcase and his laptop. He knocked at the door but there was no reply, and after a minute he used the key and got in. His mother took the suitcase in the room and started to unpack it while his father told him a few things about being on his own; it was nothing he didn’t already know. When his mother was done unpacking, his parents left and Mike was all alone in the apartment. He was incredibly nervous about being there, and didn’t know what to do. He thought of watching TV or setting his laptop up with to the internet connection but then decided that it would be best if he confirmed it with Julie first. So he waited nervously and anxiously for her.

Mike was in his room when he heard the door open. He stopped the task of arranging his books on the shelf to go see Julie.

“Hey. You’re here,” she said smiling when he walked in to the living room.

Mike was nearly dumbfounded when he saw her this time. Julie was wearing a cotton pink tank top, which showed her bellybutton, and white shorts. She had sexy smooth legs and breasts that seemed to be bursting out of her top. And to top it all off, she had the cutest smile he had ever seen. Mike stood in one place and replied, “Hi. Yes, I got here a couple hours ago. I didn’t know what else to do so I started setting up my room. I hope that’s okay.”

She finished taking off her shoes and went to the couch. She sat, and tapped the seat beside her, telling Mike to come sit next to her. Hesitantly and slowly, Mike went and sat next to her. She sat Indian style on the big couch and faced Mike. “Sure that was fine. Are you finding every okay?”

Mike sat stiff on the couch and just nodded his head.

Julie lightly slapped Mike on the back, “Relax. This is your place too now and I don’t bite,” she teased him.

With a lot of effort, he finally relaxed and sat comfortably on the couch. “Sorry, I guess I’m just nervous and getting used to this,” he chuckled.

“Well if there’s anything you want to too hot to handle latino izle know, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be more than happy to help you,” she smiled at him once again. “What say you we get to know each other over pizza?”

“Sounds great.”

After Julie ordered the pizza, they started to get to know each other. Julie was surprised about him getting into college a year earlier, and asked how he convinced his parents to let him live with a girl. Within 20 minutes their food arrived. Julie paid for everything and said, “This one is on me, next one is on you.”

They ate at a small dinner table by the kitchen. It was barely big enough to hold the plates for 2 people. And after a couple slices each, Mike brought up the topic of house rules. He wanted to know if Julie was as anal as him. She certainly seemed so when they first met.

“So what are the house rules?” he asked.

Julie laughed and almost choked on the pizza. “I’m not your mom,” she replied when she stopped laughing.

Mike went red with embarrassment, “No… I mean things like, do we share the fridge completely or do we have our sections? Do we share food or stick to what we buy? Things like that.”

She thought about it for a second then placed her palm on Mike thigh. “Well, I do like to keep the place clean. That means, clean up after yourself and no dirty dishes in the sink. And as for the food and fridge, we’re both adults here. I don’t care about keeping it private. Just don’t go mooching off of me.”

“Great. You won’t have any problems from me,” he smiled.

“Oh and one last thing. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie…”

“… and wipe the seatie,” he finished off her sentenced and they both burst out laughing.

The rest of the night, they spent getting to know each other more. Mike told Julie about his interests and field of study and vice-versa. Mike was very surprised about how well he got along with her. He had never been so comfortable around anyone.

The next morning Mike woke up and headed to the bathroom. But when he opened the door of the bedroom, he was greeted by the sight of Julie completely naked save for the towel in her hand. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed and shut the door. He started thinking that he would have to move out and how Julie would be so mad. But a few seconds later there was a knock on his bedroom door. And he quickly jumped to answer it, not wanting to upset Julie further.

Julie stood in front of him with the towel wrapped around her chest to just a little below the waist. “Listen, I’m sorry about that. I’ve just been living alone for a long while, and I guess I just forgot that I couldn’t walk around naked anymore,” she apologized.

“So you’re not mad?” Mike asked with his eyes to the floor.

“Mad? No sweetie, I’m the one who’s sorry.” And with that, she hugged him. Mike pulled his hips back a bit because he didn’t want her to notice that the device in his pants was poking out. Her soft towel on his skin didn’t help the situation either. She finally let him go and went to get dressed.

“Well I have to go to work right now, how about I show you the area when I get back?” she called out from her room.

“Sounds great,” Mike replied.

Again, he waited for her anxiously and nervously. The naked image of her from the morning kept popping in his head no matter how hard he tried to not think about it. Secretly he had hoped that he would get to see her naked again, but he wasn’t going to confess that to Julie. When she got back, the two headed out. She showed him good places to eat and where to buy groceries.

The rest of the week was a similar routine, except for Mike getting to see Julie naked again. She showed him around the campus and other points of interests around town. She also told him which busses to take depending on where he wanted to go.

Mike and Julie got along great, and formed a strong friendship. She introduced him to her friends, but being as shy as he was, he stuck beside Julie most of the time.

The following Monday Julie came home later than usual.

“You’re home late,” Mike said when he saw her enter the apartment.

“Yeah, I have an evening class on Monday.”

“Class? I thought classes didn’t start till next week?” he asked while walking up to her.

“Maybe not for you little boy, but us grownups are back in school,” she teased him while messing up his hair.

Normally, Mike would have found that very annoying but he didn’t mind Julie doing that. So he just smiled back at her. “I was just about to make dinner. What can I make for you? I can bring it to your room if you’re busy studying.”

She lightly squeezed his cheeks, “Aren’t you sweet? But I’m not that busy, so I’ll help.”

The two worked in the kitchen and prepared their dinner. Mike made a simple dish of chicken breast and Julie prepared the salad and mashed potatoes. They set the table and enjoyed the meal. Julie really enjoyed Mike’s treason izle well-made chicken instead of her regular microwave cooking.

“Is it true that you start getting assignments from the first day?” he asked.

“Not always, depends on the class. The class I had today, we’re just reviewing stuff,” she replied. “This is great. Where did you learn how to make this?”

He smiled at her compliment, “Thanks, I came up with it myself a couple years ago. So is there anything I can help with? If you’re doing any computer programming courses, I think I’d be good with that.”

Julie almost laughed at his eagerness to help, “It’s okay, I can handle it.”

The two finished their meal and cleaned up. Then Mike when to his room to read and Julie went to her room to work on the assignment. About half an hour later, there was a knock on his bedroom and Julie popped her head in, “Hey, does that offer to help me with my assignment still hold?”

Mike closed the novel he was reading, using this thumb as a bookmark. He replied, “Sure, what I can do for you?” while looking up at her from his bed.

“Well I need to review some massage techniques and I need a guinea pig.”

“Okay, I guess I can do that for you,” he replied after folding the top corner of the page and getting off the bed.

“Sweet. Meet me in my room.”

Mike put the book back on the shelf and followed Julie to her room. She had a massage table set up in there and it was covered by white cotton sheets. Julie was dressed in green scrubs and standing beside the table. She looked like a nurse waiting for her patient.

“Why don’t you get comfortable and I’ll join you in a minute,” she said walking out of the room and closed the door behind her.

John had no idea what he was supposed to do, so he just went and sat on the table.

“Is it okay for me to come in?” came Julie’s voice through the door.

“Sure, come on in.”

Julie looked at Mike with a questioning look for a couple seconds and then asked, “You’ve never had a massage before, have you?”

Mike shook his head, “No.”

“Well you can’t be in those jeans for his, go put on a pair of shorts.”

Mike went to his room and came back wearing a pair of brown cargo shorts.

“Mike, that’s not what I meant.”

“You said shorts…”

“Yeah, but…”

“Well, this is the only pair I have.”

Julie walked over to him, “Are you wearing boxers underneath?”

“Yeah…” he replied.

Julie knelt down and without any warning yanked his shorts down. His member suddenly sprang to life and pushed hard against the soft cloth. Julie noticed it poking out but didn’t say anything. His boxers were soft cotton, with a shade of green and blue stripes.

Mike went completely red from head to toe, “What are you doing?”

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing. Now step out of those shorts and lose the shirt.

Nervously and hesitantly, Mike undressed and walked over to the table. Julie told him to get on the table, and he did. Julie liked what she saw.

“Okay, so I’m going to try to do a few things. Don’t be afraid to tell me to stop if you’re not comfortable,” she explained to him.

Mike replied, “I’m a bit uncomfortable being almost naked here.”

“Please Mike, I really need to practice. And besides… you saw me naked the day after you moved in.”

“Okay okay… I guess we’re both grownups and I can be mature about this.”

“Great,” she slapped his butt lightly.

Mike lay down on his chest and Julie stood behind him. She lightly placed her fingers on his bare shoulders and then increased the pressure a bit. She held her fingers in place and kneaded his shoulders with her wrists.

“How’s the pressure?”

“It’s great,” he moaned.

She continued working on his shoulder but tried different things. She tried going clockwise instead of up and down and using her fingers and a few other techniques. And Mike commented on what he liked and what he felt was too uncomfortable.

After her shoulders she moved down to his upper back and they followed the same thing. Julie tried different amounts of pressure and techniques and Mike gave her feedback.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good,” he moaned.

Julie smiled and continued working on his upper back, “Oh and we’ve just started sweetie. Okay, now turn over and I’m gonna do your front.”

“Umm… can we do this without me having to turn over,” he hesitated. Mike knew that if were to turn over, Julie would see his erect organ reaching for the ceiling.

“Please Mike… you’ve been great so far. Your feedback is really helping me.”

“Well I would… but umm…. I don’t think I should turn over,” he tried to explain.

“Why not… oh,” she realized what Mike was trying to get at, “Don’t worry about that, it’s totally normal. And trust me, I’m a professional.”

“Okay… okay… give me a second.” Mike took a deep breath and flipped over to his back. He tried tucking true detective izle himself between his legs, but the attempt failed and his phallus sprang back up again.

Julie took a quick glance at it. “Oh wow,” she giggled. “Don’t worry, this is an expected reaction. Your body is relaxed and the blood is flowing nicely which causes…” she pointed at a tent in his boxers, “… that to happen.”

Mike went completely red. When he woke up that morning, he didn’t expect to be talking about his penis with Julie.

Julie tried massaging his chest and arms, but she kept getting distracted by Mike’s poking device. The harder she tried not to look, the more her eyes kept shifting towards it. After a couple minutes she gave up, “Okay, why don’t you turn back over. I can’t seem to remember the techniques for the front.”

Before she had finished the sentence, Mike had already started turning over. “Sorry, I couldn’t really help that,” he apologized when he was on his chest again.

“Don’t worry about that sweetie, I guess I would just have to get used to that. Okay, Now I’m going to do your lower back.” She was reaching her forward and was about to touch him again when suddenly she remembered she forgot something. “Oh damn! I forgot the hot oils. I’ll be right back.” Julie rushed out of the room and came back carrying 2 bottles. “Do you honey or coconut?”


“I have 2 types of oils, coconut and honey flavored. Which one do you like?”

Mike thought for a second, but he knew that he had no idea what either of them would be like. “Surprise me,” he replied.

Julie smiled at him again, “Honey has always been my favorite.” She walked over to her study table and left the coconut massage oil there, and then she walked back over to Mike with the honey flavored oil. She opened the top and poured the golden warm liquid down his back. Mike let out a moan of pleasure as soon as it touched his skin. He loved the feeling of the oil. He could feel it being absorbed into his skin. She poured enough to cover his back completely and there was a small amount pooled over in the arch. She ran her index finger on his oily back and then put it in her mouth, “Mmm, I love this oil. It even tastes great.” She ran her finger down his back again and this time she offered it to Mike, “Wanna taste it?”

Mike kissed her finger, “Yea… that does taste good,” he agreed.

She started to work on his lower back. They could both feel the difference the hot oil made. For Mike, it intensified the pleasure, and Julie felt her fingers run more smoothly on his skin. By now Mike’s feedback was just moans instead of words. He was in bliss, and Julie was happy because she knew she was the reason for it.

Mike moaned through all of Julie’s techniques. She even tried making up a few new techniques, and he loved them all.

Julie poured some more oil on her hands, “Okay, now I’m gonna work on your legs.” Then she dug her fingers in the back of his right thigh and after a few seconds she moved her hands a bit higher.

Mike was getting more and more aware of his enlarged member, and now he could also feel a tingly feeling in his testicles. He knew that he should ask Julie to stop before something embarrassing happened, but the pleasure of her touch was so great that he didn’t want her to stop.

Julie worked half the way up his thigh, and then she switched to the other leg and did the same thing.

With each passing second Mike could feel the pressure increase in his balls and it took every ounce of his will power to keep him from ruining the moment.

When she got up half through his left thigh, she removed her hands from him and moved back a few steps back. Mike thought that the massage was finished. He was relieved and disappointed at the same time.

Julie walked up to where he could see her. “Are we done?” he asked.

“Almost sweetie,” she replied. She hesitated for a few seconds then continued, “Sweetie, I need a big favor from you now.”

“Oh Julie, after this I’m ready to do anything for you.”

“Umm… I’m gonna need you to remove your boxers.”

Mike’s eyes opened wide, “What?”

“Sweetie we’re almost done. I just need to finish up on your inner and upper parts of your thighs.”

“But… but…. but I’m going back to naked,” he looked into Julie’s eyes and knew that he could not refuse her.

“I know… You know what, if it too much then you don’t have to. But I’d really appreciate it if you would,” she continued to smile at him.

Mike thought for a while, “How much do we have left?” He knew that he would love Julie’s touch, but the thought of being completely naked in front of her made him nervous.

“Couple minutes… tops.”

“Okay, just as long as it doesn’t get too weird.”

Mike was about to sit up when Julie stopped him, “You don’t have to get, I can do it for you. Just lift up your butt a little.” Mike did as she said. Then Julie tucked her fingers in the boxers and peeled them off slowly, “Oh, I think I got them oily all over. I’ll wash them for you.”

“No, don’t worry about it.” When he felt that Julie had removed his last piece of clothing, he closed his legs tightly.

Julie tried her hardest to not look, but she knew she had to. She placed her hands on his thigh and looked at the newly exposed area. “Oh wow,” she let out under her breath.

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