Helpful Plumber


Sam worked for D he had just promised Sil that he would take her to visit her mother. Of course, no one calls a plumber on the weekend unless it’s an emergency and this call was no exception. Some bar in the valley, had a broken toilet with water running all over the place.

He didn’t have the time to argue with his wife and when he left, she was screaming at him. While he drove to the location he thought about the trouble he’d be in when he got home, maybe he could buy her something nice with the extra money he would make today. He was trying to convince himself why he put up with all of Silvia’s crap as he pulled up behind the place. Sam just couldn’t understand why women had to bring so much baggage into a relationship. Men weren’t like that; if Silvia had to work, Sam didn’t get all upset.

Sam got out of his truck and walked through the back door of ‘The Money Tree Bar and Grill,’ as the sign said. He went through the kitchen into the bar and saw no one. “Plumber,” he yelled and heard someone say they’d be right there. He sat at the bar, thinking how nice the place looked, it was nothing like the bar he went to with his buddies. He thought it strange that there were all these pictures of movie stars on the walls and yet there were all men. Just then, the owner came out, thanking him for being prompt. He said he Halkalı Escort got the water turned off but he needed the toilet replaced before they opened at four. As the owner led the way to the bathroom, Sam told him he would finish as soon as he could.

While he worked, Sam let his mind wander; he was thinking about how odd that a place would only have pictures of male movie stars on the walls. As he turned his head to allow for better leverage to take off a rusted bolt, he noticed a hole in the partition between one toilet and the other. ‘Duh,’ this is a gay bar, he finally realized and he felt stupid for not noticing it before. He thought, ‘I bet two men don’t have to put up with so much shit just to get laid.’ Sam kept thinking about gays and gay sex but he kept coming up with, ‘I just couldn’t kiss another man and there’d be no way I’d let a guy stick his dick in my butt.’ He’d have no problem letting a guy suck him off, and as he thought about it, he was sure he could suck a dick. He had watched Silvia suck him many times and she looked as if she enjoyed it. He looked at what he knew was called a ‘Glory Hole,’ and thought, ‘You couldn’t get any easier than that, some guy stuck his dick through the hole and you put your mouth on it. There was no baggage, no kissing, in fact you wouldn’t even know what Halkalı Escort Bayan the guy looked like.

Sam had a bit of a problem finding a replacement fixture for the broken one. By the time he returned to the bar, it was already opened for business. He apologized to the owner and said he would hurry. There really wasn’t that much to do and he got the toilet seated and installed in no time. Sam was down on his knees reaching around behind the toilet to turn the water on when he heard someone come in the bathroom. Not thinking anything about it, he continued to work, but when he looked up, he saw a cock sticking through the glory hole. He was shocked at first but then fascinated as he stared at it. Then on impulse, he leaned over and put the dick in his mouth.

OK, he had made his move but now what should he do next; he didn’t know anything about cock sucking. He tried to think what his wife always did when she sucked him but now, he was drawing a blank. Well hell, he had a cock, what would he like done to him. He took the man’s dick out of his mouth and could see the long strings of saliva stretched between him and the man. That one sight turned him on for some reason and he could feel his own cock hardening in his pants. He blew on the end still covered in spit as he rubbed him with his Escort Halkalı hand. He then kissed the tip before putting him back in his mouth. Luckily, the man was not huge so Sam was easily able to hold all of him. He licked the underside of his dick as he sucked on him. He kept producing more and more saliva all of which he transferred to the dick with his tongue.

When the man came, Sam had no warning and maybe that was a good thing for he might have backed out if he knew it was coming. Sam swallowed the man’s cum so fast he had no idea of the taste. The cum was thick and it coated his throat as it slid down but still that wasn’t so bad. Sam had been so occupied with the man’s climax he hadn’t noticed he had cum as well, filling his underwear. He took his pants down to clean himself off only to see the man’s finger waving him over. Just the thought of what he was about to do made him instantly hard again. Sam stuck his erection through the hole and immediately felt a mouth on his cock. This was so unreal, as this unknown person was doing wonderful things to his dick; Sam kept thinking this could be anybody. After he came for the second time, the stranger released Sam’s dick and he tucked himself away and pulled up his pants.

He heard the door close as the man left and Sam finished his job and cleaned up his workplace. He gave the owner the bill and was paid in cash. It was only after he was on the road that he realized he had just been paid golden time for giving his first blow-job. He already knew he’d be back to the Money Tree and maybe he could do some work for free to pay back the owner.

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