Helen’s New Role


Helen is my wife, she is a very womanly woman, she was a brunette with thick dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was sallow and tanned easily. Her figure was not slim but satisfyingly ample as a woman should be with shapely generous breasts and wide hips.

The day I found out about her infidelity I really was hopping mad. Afterwards we rowed for about 24 hours. We separated for a week and agreed to see each other again after that time. We rowed and met again, we discussed fully and we had to get each other out of our systems. As I’m sure most couples in this position do the same as we did, gravitated to bed and made love with an abandon we hadn’t known since we were married. Once, in the nude and having thoroughly aroused me, she suddenly decided that she wanted to leave. We had a physical struggle and I ended up tying her hands together behind her back with a scarf and tethering her with a dressing gown cord to the bedhead.

There was a surprising and instant change in her, she became surprisingly passionate and seemed to revel in her helplessness. The bondage emphasis became a regular feature and overlay all our periodic “discussions.”

I bought straps and silk scarves and these became an integral and necessary part of our lovemaking. If I tried to dispense with them she insisted that they were used on her. She was always eager to try undergoing more uncomfortable forms of bondage before I fucked her, she was inventive in her ideas of her humiliation and was soon insistent that her bondage continue afterwards into what amounted to incarceration. She asked me if I would bind her and take her out at night and fuck her on the common. Very soon she abandoned all pretence and admitted to me that she liked this new experience so much that its prolongation had become more necessary to her sexual satisfaction.

This first gave me the idea of a more permanent arrangement.

Events marched on from there and I was able to meet David informally, the affair was embarrassing for him and he was not yet ready to abandon his new woman. The idea of Helen’s virtual enslavement gradually began to appeal to him, it would currently solve a large number of problems he had and still leave him free to use her body at his own convenience. Time worked on his resolve and he eventually agreed to the arrangement.

In the end he made a complete turnaround and he himself had arranged for Helen’s current visit so I could bring her up to date with the full details of what we had in mind for her.

As I answered the door there seemed to be an awkwardness and a new reticence about her.

After she had kissed me and settled in an armchair, she was ready to talk.

-Have you discussed this fully with David?

-Yes I have, – she took a deep breath.

-And he’s given you some idea of the arrangement we discussed.

-He left me in no doubt as to his own sentiments in the matter.

-How does he feel about the idea?

-Now he knows what you propose, he’s very much in favour of it. I have come back to find out in detail for myself, exactly what you both have planned for me.

I then explained how my viewpoint had undergone a huge change in the way I felt about her now I had discovered a this new side to her personality that maybe she had only fantasised over before, but never admitted to me. I then fully explained the details of her proposed future status.

I took her into the garage and showed her the slave rack I had lovingly fashioned for her. Her eyes grew large and round and her mouth fell open. I explained how it would be fitted, showed her the waist belt and shoulder straps, how her arms would be strapped at wrist and elbow to the wooden sides and how other straps would hold her thighs widely apart so that her vagina and anus would be accessible to any person wishing to use them. She stretched out a hand and touched the wooden frame to feel the smoothness of the wood. Growing bolder she used both hands to see how the straps joined to the frame. She handled the straps at first gingerly and then with more confidence. She buckled and unbuckled them, she tried the lowest ones to see if they would fit her wrists. She tested their strength by pulling outwards on them, I could see, that her imagination was working fully and she was becoming aroused at the thought of how it would feel to be tightly strapped down to the frame, completely helpless and sexually available.

As I waited for her I could sense that she was reluctant to tear her attention away. I also showed her the blindfold and the gag I had made to her own particular measurements.

The punishment manacles and fetters I had forged for her came next, these provoked an indrawing of breath as she slowly stroked the inside surfaces that were intended to make the most intimate contact with her skin. Lastly I showed her the slave collar she would constantly wear and the various dildoes I had contrived. The book of designs and unfinished projects, I left until last. After closely examining each piece of equipment and putting it carefully back görükle escort on the bench as if it was made of precious metals, she took up the book and leafed through it.

I waited until she had reached the last cover. She moistened her lips and looked up at me,

-I think I’d like a drink now please, she said.

-Sure, let’s go back to the house.

She took the book with her. Once she had sat down she slowly read it and looked carefully at each illustration, all the while sipping her drink, only when she had read the last page fully did she put it down. She said,

-Let’s get this straight, Mark, I am to be your slave for a month and David is to come here to possess me as a slave belonging to you. He can have me any time or as often as he wants but every time he uses me, it condemns me to a further week in slavery to you. While I am a slave I shall have no rights over my body which becomes your property completely to do with as you choose. If I work out my agreement to you I am free to go after that.

-That’s about it, I said.

-Do you still love me?, she asked.

-I have always loved you, but this time in a slightly different way, as a master and an owner.

-I could leave right now, and never come back.

-Yes, you could do that.

-How much time do I have to think about your proposition?

(A glow of satisfaction spread through me, I knew even if she did not, that she had already decided in favour).

-You can have two days but if I don’t get a yes I don’t want to see you again. Understood?


Soon after, she finished her drink and left. At the door she kissed me tenderly for quite a long time before going.

Late the following evening she rang me.

-The answer’s “yes”, she said.

-A month?

-Yes, David likes the idea as well. He’s very keen on it in fact.

-How do you feel about it? It’s important I know.

-I’m terrified if you must know, I haven’t slept properly for three nights. It attracts me so much my body yearns for it I am so drawn I don’t want to miss the oportunity and yet at the same time the prospect frightens me so dreadfully, I don’t know how I will be able to bear it.

-I think you are stronger than you think.

-David questioned me closely and made me describe in every detail all the things you had prepared for my enslavement. I could see that this got him very excitied, I actually revelled in the humiliation, knowing how aroused it had made him.

He ripped off my knickers and fucked me thoroughly and selfishly there on the living room floor shortly after I had finished speaking. As he did so he enlarged on how much he was looking forward to humiliating me further during the time of my enslavement. I cannot deny that it was delightful to be used in this way.

I know that you and David want this for me so badly and I feel I need it, I am irresistibly drawn to it. I can’t pretend I’m a shy virgin any longer and you and David know me now, in every sense of the word.

I think that, providing you stay with me, I can probably last out for a month.

-That must do then, I replied -When do you want to start?

-Will tomorrow afternoon about four be all right?

-Fine we’ll have tea first.

-And David says he’d like to come round about eight o’clock after dinner, that same night if that’s all right. He will talk to you again about it before that.

-He’s free to come any time he wishes, I answered.

David rang me at midday and was very enthusiastic about the project, he was keen for me to do a proper job on our woman. He felt that a new subservient Helen was exactly what we both needed and could hardly wait to experience her new status.

-You’ll fix her up in full bondage for fucking won’t you? This frame she described sounds like just the job.

-It certainly is David you will find her fully helpless open and available to you.

-Wonderful, see you later then, I won’t get much work done today.

-Don’t get too excited save all your energy for ravishing Helen’s wonderful body.


On the dot of four Helen arrived, there was an air of tense expectancy about her but we had tea in a civilised sort of way. She drained her cup of tea, took a deep breath and said,

-How do you want me to start?

-Go upstairs, use the loo then go into the main bedroom, get undressed and wait for me.

I heard the chain pull and I gave her five minutes before going upstairs. She was sitting on the bed, nude but for her knickers, her dull olive skin glowing in the firelight.

-Knickers off please, I said.

She quickly removed them with an economical gesture.

I made her sit on the floor beside the built-in wardrobe and reached inside on the floor for the waiting manacles.

These consisted of a short bar with a hinged loop in the middle for each ankle. At each end were loops for her wrists. In the centre a longer bar was welded at right angles to this and at its other end was welded a lockable görükle escort bayan metal collar that hinged open.

Bending her knees slightly apart, I held each arm by the wrist and pulled it down so her torso came forward and her thigh on that side rested on the back of her upper arm. I then took each forearm and elbow round behind the knee and in front of the shin and locked her wrist in the metal cuff fixed to the bar. Now each wrist was locked in the loops at the centre of the bar. As I held each wrist I could feel her arms trembling. I locked her ankles into the loops behind the bar. Her upper arms now held her thighs apart and her forearms passed around her shins and locked in front of her ankles. I placed a leather blindfold around her eyes and buckled it tightly behind her head.

Bending her neck forward I enclosed her long neck in the metal collar

As she felt the collar clasp her neck she trembled again and I felt a glow of satisfaction as I realised that she was starting to feel her complete subjugation. Her neck, wrists and ankles were now locked together with implacable steel. I lifted her into the wardrobe and with a chain and padlock chained her collar to a stout eye that was bolted to the side wall. This strained her chin forward and upwards as the collar pulled against the back of her neck.

-How do you like my punishment irons, Helen?

-They really are very uncomfortable, how long am I to be chained up like this?

-Only an hour at first, longer when you have got used to them.


-You didn’t think it was going to be easy did you? You have seen them before.

-They really are fiendishly uncomfortable, I feel like a trussed chicken.

-You’ll have plenty of time to get used to them, I’ll make sure of that.

– Are you enjoying this?

– Yes my darling I certainly am and so will you I promise you. Now one last touch, I want to see your delightful mouth stretched open and those fine teeth around one of my wooden stoppers. Nod when you have reached the biggest you can take.

I brought over my case of wooden stoppers ranged in order of size. She opened her mouth widely for me so I could try each of them, going larger and larger in size, each stretched her jaws farther apart and distended her cheeks until she eventually indicated that she had reached the limit of what she could stand. I was surprised that she was able to manage to get her mouth around the one I finished with, I would have settled for one two sizes smaller but by nodding her head vigorously, she insisted that the last one was fine. It filled her mouth completely and her soft lips were stretched tightly around it.

I stood back and surveyed my new acquisition. Her superb body, now so implacably imprisoned in steel had become a wonderful symbol of my domination over her. Indeed it gladdened my heart to see her restrained in such close and definitive bondage. As her wonderfully formed body was subjected to so much deliberate discomfort I though long of our four year marriage when I had suffered her wilfulness. This new situation convinced me that I, and now she had made the right final decision. I should have bent her to my will much earlier than this. Her new role as a slave would humble her and the thought of it delighted me greatly.

An hour of this would tire her out beautifully, I think that she expected me to rape her straight after I had tied her up. I kissed her neck and gently fondled her nipples and she shuddered softly, I closed the wardrobe door and left her in her discomfort to consider her new status.

I put in some useful carpentry in my workshop for the next hour for I was making a pillory for Helen’s future use. At the end of that hour I went up to free my new recruit to slavery. I found her slumped in her shackles. I removed the stopper from between her teeth and she softly moaned, worked her jaw and licked her dry lips. I freed her from her irons and blindfold, massaged her limbs, which were so cramped they could scarcely support her and I carried her to the bed. I locked her neck in her new slave collar chaining this in turn to an eye set in the wall above the bed. Her wrists I bound together behind her back with a silk scarf.

She looked at me sidelong under her eyelashes as I bent over her.

-Did you know that my weight would press directly on my clitoris?

-No I said.

-I had two orgasms while I was shackled there, you are a cruel bastard at heart, I always suspected it.

She smiled a tired smile and nestled sensuously into the pillow.

-Gorgeous discomfort – Love the slave collar – master, she softly murmured

Kissing her tenderly I left her to sleep.


At seven o’clock I woke her.

-Your client is due at eight you’d better get up and have a bath and make yourself presentable.

She snuggled into the covers and said coyly.

-Don’t you want to use your slave first?

-Do as you’re told woman or it will be the worse for you.

She struggled quickly bursa escort to her knees on the bed. I freed her wrists and she stood up.

-What about the collar? she asked.

-Slave collars don’t come off, just make sure you dry it properly, just a little rust will take the skin off you.

She bowed her head and went quietly into the bathroom.

-Put on your dressing gown when you have finished and come downstairs.

-Yes, Mark.

At 7.45 she came down looking radiant, ill-treatment seemed to agree with her. I gave her to a double brandy which she sipped gratefully. As she drank she couldn’t stop her free hand straying to her steel collar as if to reassure herself of its implacability. There were red marks on her wrists and ankles.

-Are you hungry yet?

-No thank you.

-I hope you did plenty of thinking in the wardrobe.

-I did, I felt very strange, not at all how I thought it would be. I felt abused and racked with discomfort yet I bore the aches gladly, the feeling of being controlled overcame this and made the pain something I cherished.

-Did that surprise you?

-Very much, I was almost . . . well proud of myself.

-But you enjoyed the orgasms, didn’t you?

-At first I felt as guilty as I do when I masturbate, but somehow being shackled and helpless at the time completely excused me. I abandoned myself to behaving just like an animal.

-Drink up then I want you upstairs and ready in five minutes, we mustn’t keep your first customer waiting.

At 7.55 I surveyed Helen’s supine figure in the middle of the bedroom carpet.

She lay pinioned to the slave frame, straps buckled tightly around her waist and shoulders held her upper torso securely. Above the elbows and at her wrists straps fixed her arms firmly to the sides. The steel of the slave collar locked around her delicate neck glinted in the light of the fire. She stretched her neck, the better to feel its grip upon her. Her eyes were sealed behind a black leather blindfold. She licked her full lips, the leather creaked as she tested her implacable bonds, her engorged, erect nipples stood proudly taut, betraying her excitement.

Straps encircled her legs above the knees, attached to these were chains hooked to a horizontal bar fixed to the frame just below shoulder height. Her thighs were thus held fully apart and sideways implacably holding open her vulva to full view her gaping engorged vagina freely offered for use.

Her skin almost glowed as she was so vulnerably displayed.

-I’ll ask David if he wants you gagged. Have you sucked his prick for him before?


-Maybe he’ll leave you ungagged for that then, of course the more submissive you are and the lewder you can talk to him the better he’ll like it.

David having gone up to his whore, I took an earphone from the cabinet by my side. I didn’t want to miss any of this conversation.

-David, is that you?

-Yes my darling, how wonderful you look, with your cunt open and ready for me.

-Do you really like me strapped down to a frame like this?

-Every man dreams of taking a woman in this way, like a slave.

-It makes me feel so open, like a prostitute.

-No my darling, prostitutes are paid money and they have a certain amount of choice, you have no choice and your openings are free to anyone. You’d better do a little more to attract my interest in you or I’ll have to gag you.

-Oh! Yes Darling . . . Fuck me darling, please fuck me!

-Not yet you little bitch, I want stick a dildo into you first.

-Yes please David, please stick a dildo into me.

-Where do you want it?

-In my cunt please David, Please fuck my cunt with it.

-I think instead I’d prefer it up your arse.

(Sound of indrawn breath)

-Lovely David, yes do that to me.

-Here it is then.

(A pause, and then heavier breathing)

-Uh, . . . uh . . . aaah!

-Get ready to suck my prick for me, whore!

-Yes darling I want to taste it, please slip it into my mouth.

(Sounds of slurping and sucking)

-Is that good David?

-Yes it is, now for your cunt.

-It’s so wonderful to feel your big prick sliding up inside me, I love it when my body is so open to you, please keep fucking me for as long as you can. I want to give and give to you always I love this rack because it opens me widely to you as nothing else can do. I am your slave, use me, use me . . . oh where have you gone?

-I don’t want you having an orgasm, now you can lick my penis dry of all your juices and I will put a dildo into your cunt.

-Oh yes David please do it to me, do it all to me.

-Here it is you randy cow!

-Oooh that feels good darling.

-Now suck my prick, whore!

-Oh yes, fuck my mouth darling!

(Sounds of sucking again.)

-You’re a salacious bitch after all, it only takes a bit of rough treatment and you can be really coarse.

-Oh darling you’re so wonderfully gentle when you smooth my breasts like that, it would almost bring me to an orgasm on its own.

-Shut up and suck my prick.

-Do you like my new collar?, David.

-It suits you very well, you are a natural slave.

-Yes, I am, aren’t I?

-I much prefer you as a slave, it makes you twice as desirable.

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