Held Fast Ch. 01


Held Fast

The ropes held her tight. Her naked ass exposed and for his delight. Her wrists held firm, spread eagled on her own bed. Her own bed, a place that she called her safe place.

She wasn’t safe anymore.

She had given her safe place away to him.

And she loved it.

The first three strikes were playful, he used his hands to spank her large white wobbly buttocks.

He had always loved her arse.

With her legs also secure, your other treasures were exposed to him.

For his pleasure.

For him to touch, and spank and finger and finally, if she gave him enough pleasure- to fuck.

“You will say thank you after every spank or whipping- do you understand Tracey?” His voice was strangely impassive, with no emotion except the tiniest hint of victory.

“I understand…Sir.” She replied. She was excited and fearful of the situation she had put herself in.

She had allowed him as she had sold herself to him.

“Good.” The reply was short and to the point. Tracey’s life was no longer hers. He possessed it now. To punctuate the evident point, he slapped both her cheeks hard. The contact brought a pleasing sound and a raising pink hue on her buttocks.

“Tell me why you are here, Tracey.” He wanted to make her humiliation complete.

“You own me Sir. You bought me and now I’m your plaything. Whenever you want.” Tracey replied. Sadness mixed with resignation couldn’t hide a growing sexual thrill. She had resisted accepting her submissive nature but now she had to accept the clear fact that she was going to be used for his pleasure.

“Who owns you?” His voice questioned. A smile on his lips. Tracey was indeed, owned. Lock Stock and Barrel.

“John owns me.” She replied, smarting at another two hard spanks on her buttocks and an even more disturbing wetness in her cunt.

“And if you displease me?” John pushed the point home as he slid a finger into her damp pussy, probing her labia and encouraging even more juice from her sex.

“I will forfeit.” Tracey’s arse fidgeted, trying to stay focussed on the question, as John’s fingers found her swollen clitoris and had begun to make neat, firm circles on it.

“And you will lose everything, you’ve worked so hard for?” John wanted his full measure of submission and ensure that Tracey knew the depths of the Tekirdağ Escort hole she was in. “But you won’t displease me, will you?”

“No Sir. I will please you.” Her submission was complete.

“Good. I will let you cum. Eventually.” John replied.

His finger became two as she started insistently rubbing her vaginal walls. Tracey reacted as she always did, getting wetter, more excited, and quickly ascending towards her orgasm. She had never found it hard to get wet with men but with John, she found new ways to debauch herself.

A year ago, she and John were dating, not seriously but the sex was very serious. Tracey knew, he was not ‘Mr Right’ but as she often remarked to her best friend Jill, he was Mr Right now. But sentiment had crept in and thoughts of affection had that had caused difficulties.

Then without warning, he had gone. No real explanations but life was dull again.

A year later, and he returned.

But not the same man that Tracey knew.

He looked toned, groomed and possessing impressive resources and money. He was a wealthy man.

A cold Autumnal morning brought the usual emails from her business partner, but with one unusual addition. A request for face-to-face for a new client that insisted on her assent for the firm to deal with his investments. In a hired conference room in South Mimms, she met him again. After an hours, informal talks, the business proceeded and he was a new client. The sums to invest were impressive, over £45 million and Tracey’s partner, Michael was thrilled.

This has come at the perfect time, he confided. His portfolio of rented house and a second mortgage would be cleared with the fees he would be levying for the work. Indeed, Tracey’s financial situation would be very healthy.

By the Firm’s New Year’s party, the investments were settled. Tracey didn’t always go to the party, but Michael had insisted, and Michael had invited John.

Before her full-length mirror, she looked at herself, naked. She had shaved very carefully; her pubis was smooth and other areas clean too. Her breasts, full and shapely, were firm and dark nipples still upturned invitingly. Her belly was a little bigger than she liked it. Her pussy was along, pink slit, with neat little labia. A finger slid into her herself and found a surprising Tekirdağ Escort Bayan wetness there. Old feelings had been stirred, despite denying herself masturbation, she knew it was John’s doing. Her arse was bigger than she remembered by the skin was smooth and round. She slipped the wet finger from her pussy into her anus and it gave way politely. She enjoyed her anus played with and even once John had got worked up enough to fuck her arse. The orgasms had been so powerful that, she completely lost control, her cunt had sprayed the bed with her ejaculate and she begged him to fuck in her cunt to keep her climax going.

Her recollections were interrupted by a startling slap on her left buttock.

“Ah thank you Sir.” Tracey managed to remember his proper title as he rained another spanks on her buttocks, that were quivering with the shock of his stern hand. Then, to prove to her that she was getting excited by this treatment, he slipped two fingers into her sopping pussy and fingered her walls vigorously and of course he edged her to a near climax.

“Oh Sir. Sir please.” The words tumbled form her lips. John, of course, was not inclined to allow her to cum. Well, not yet.

“Be a good girl and I’ll see.” John was enjoying himself immensely. Tracey had completely given herself over to him. Every opportunity to tighten his hold on her, gave him even greater thrills.

“Yes Sir.” Tracey moaned as John stretched her sex even more with a third finger into her.

“I will untie your hands. Spread your beautiful arse cheeks.” John smiled.

John had never forgotten Tracey. He burned with a desire for her and when he was forced to move away, he wanted even more.

Then, his life changed. Fickle fortune smiled on him with a life changing amount of money and with help from financial advice, discovered that once one has money, one can make money far easier than he thought. Within nine months, his portfolio had expanded, and he was set for a life than millions dreamed of.

But he dreamed of Tracey. He resolved to have Tracey, no matter what the cost.

But he wanted her on his terms.

So, he set about finding her, snaring her and possessing her.

With the legal profession as a convenient distance, his solicitor engaged Tracey’s little investment and financial advice Escort Tekirdağ firm to manage a sizeable fund. It wasn’t until the cost-of-living crisis bit and John’s investments were then one largest that Tracey’s firm handled, when other clients started to pull out of the market- John stayed firm. He crystalized his losses but trusted that the markets would recover. Which they always did. Once he had convinced Michael to retire- Tracey was ripe for the taking.

As he looked down, as Tracey’s delicate French-polished nails digging into her own buttocks as she prised open her arse for her butt-plug. The faint scent of her excitement caught his attention. With a generous gloop of lubricant, he pushed first one, finger then two into her tight anus. Tracey moaned but quietly, lest it offend him. Then a medium sized be-jewelled butt plug was slowly and carefully inserted into her.

“We will leave the large one for Thursday night.” The bulb of silver popped through the muscled sphincter and slid into position, “You haven’t forgotten Thursday, have you?”

“Ahhh” the plug filled up her delicate passage and found its resting place in her rectum. “It’s so big!” Her moaning continued. It was bigger than she expected, and she remembered how the smaller one had felt, when John began fucking her a few days ago.

“Have you?” He asked again.

“No Sir. Holly will be here. She wants to please you like I do. Ahh, please Sir.” Tracey’s pussy quivered and deep within her the orgasm was building feverishly. Her own body betrayed her. Her pussy leaked with John’s fingers fucking her. The butt-plug, stretching the thin wall between her holes now being strained made every finger’s movement accentuated the friction in her rectum and somehow John was pulling at the plug, pulling it out to stretch her sphincter and then allowing it to fall back in.

“Does she know what is expected of her?” John changed position and aligned his cock with her pussy. Her pussy gave off a sweet. musky scent and it was intoxicating.

“I arranged all her finances to come under your control. Sir. Oh, Please Sir!” Tracey couldn’t stop the crashing of the tsunami of her orgasm. She knew John would punish her for not wating for his permission but the plug and now his cock, pushed her over the edge.

“You have done well. I will overlook the fact you have cum without permission. But you shouldn’t displease me again.” John rammed his swollen cock deep into her cunt and thrust powerfully.

“Oh Sir. Thankyou Oh. Thank you!” Tracey was lost in the throes of his cock fucking her hard and without mercy.

End of Part 1

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