Hawaiian Hitcher


This is my very first story anywhere. Though the story is true, the names are changed. All comments welcome. Thanks to Louise who edited and encouraged me to submit.


There are three ways to get around the island of Kauai. If you live there, you can drive you own car. But otherwise you depend on a bus system that runs when it wants to, and not all the way around the island. Or the much more reliable, true and tested thumb method. This story starts with the later being used.

I had just taken a new job on the island of Kauai, The Garden Island. On my drive to and from work, I kept seeing young women hitchhiking on the side road, almost every day. I ask my new workmates about this and was told that it was a very popular mode of transportation around the island for students on a small budget. Having just moved from San Diego, I would never even have thought about picking up a “hitcher”. My new friends just laughed and said I should start thinking like an islander.

Now just a little about me. I’m no spring chicken, but now quite over the hill either. I had just turned 44, shortly after arriving. No body builder, but not a fatty either. Slightly over 6’1″ tall 230 pounds, short brown and what I have been told are deep blue bedroom eyes.

A couple of days later, I spotted a “hitcher” with thumb out. I had just finished my weekly shopping trip to the large town of Lihue, and was on my way home. It was one of those rare bays on Kauai where it had been raining all day. She was standing there with her backpack by her feet as I pulled to the shoulder. She opened the door and I told her to hop in. putting her pack in the back seat, she ask if I was heading to the Westend. I told her I was and ask her where on the Westend? She said she was camping on Polihali Beach. I said it was just past my house. She said her name was Kelly and that she was from Alabama and was taking a break from college. I took a few quick glimpses at her, she was wearing a loose t-shirt that was plastered to her small chest. A bikini clearly visible through the wet material, short wet red hair, and perfect smooth legs.

We chatted as I drove, told her how I had just moved to the island a month ago, and was learning all the ins and outs. She told me she had come here about the same time with a girlfriend, but she had left the day before to Ankara travesti fly home. Kelly said she was felling a little low, as her 22nd birthday was in a couple of weeks, and now her friend was not going to be here to celebrate with her.

The last 2 miles to her tent was a washed out mud road. She kept thanking me for the ride as we came on the campsite. Hidden in some bushes, completely blown down and as soaked as she was. Her face showed her complete dejection. I got out to help gather her things, and I saw her plop down and start to cry. I went over to her and instinctively put my arms around her to comfort her. She cried on my shoulder. I let her cry herself out, and told her to pack her things and come home with me. She offered little resistance as we packed up her camp.

As we rode back to my house I told her I had three bedrooms, washer/dryer and hot water. This got a small giggle, and she told me she was sorry, but all the rain and her friend leaving, she just didn’t want to sleep out in the bushes that night.

We arrived at the house, and spread her camping gear out in the carport to dry, and carried all her wet clothes to the laundry room. She peeled off her t-shirt and wet shorts and threw them in the wash with all the others. This was the first look I had gotten of her petite little body. A maybe small B cup breasts, tight stomach and great legs. My cock twitched involuntarily, as she asks if she could try that hot shower. Sure, follow me I said. As we walked into the house, she realized she had no clothes to wear except her wet bikini. I told her no problem, I would loan her a shirt, but I had no shorts to fit her. She said no problem. I grabbed an old clean t-shirt and grabbed a towel and showed her the shower. I ask if she was hungry, and she said she was famished. I said I would start dinner while she showered.

Still in the shower after her wash finished, I transferred the clothes to the dryer as I cooked swordfish and steamed rice and a fresh tossed salad.

Finally the shower shut off, and a few minutes later Kelly came into the kitchen. She put her arms around me and pulled me close. Looked into my eyes she told me how good that felt and she was glad it was me who rescued her. I was a knight in shining armor. She stood on tip toes and kissed me quickly on the lips. She Konya travesti broke the embrace slowly, and said the food smelled great, what could she do to help. Just sit down and let me serve you. I opened a bottle of wine and poured her a glass. We ate our meal making small talk, as I became aware of her pert nipples pressing against the thin material of my t-shirt. My long neglected cock began to stir. We emptied the wine and I got up to fetch another bottle, not thinking about the tent I was making in my shorts. As I turned back to the table, I caught Kelly looking at my crotch, and her eyes got big, but said nothing.

Kelly insisted and helping with the dishes as, like most on the island, I had no dishwasher. I noticed she kept brushing up against my hand with her hip, and I realized she was wearing just the t-shirt with nothing at all on underneath. After the dishes were done she playful flicked water on me, so I returned the favor and then it got silly leaving us both soaked. My eyes looked at my old wet t-shirt and saw her beautiful body clearly outlined. My tent returned. She glanced down and smiled, then ran her hand over the outline of my rapidly hardening cock and said it looked like I was enjoying the view. I could only stare. She put her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her lips, and kissed me. She opened her lips inviting my tongue inside. As our tongues danced I placed my arms around her pulling her tight to me. Her nipples pressed into my chest, as my cock hardened against her stomach. Our kiss became more passionate as my hands slid to her tight ass. She began pulling my shirt over my head as we broke our kiss. I removed the t-shirt from her pixie body as she started removing my shorts. When we were totally naked before each other, we both paused to look at each other’s bodies. I reached around her and lifted her off the floor. She smiled and wrapped her legs around my waist, hugging me tightly.

I walked to the bedroom with Kelly holding on tightly. I lowered her gently to the bed. I pushed her light back and started kissing my way up her legs. Her hands found my hair, and she pulled my head to her smooth wet pussy. My tongue danced around her clit. Kelly’s moans grew louder as I gently sucked her clit between my teeth, and flicked it with my tongue. Her body started to buck as I slid İzmir travesti my tongue deep inside her hot box. Fucking her with my tongue sent her over the edge, her sweet juices flowed into my open mouth.

I kept sliding my tongue lightly over her swollen clit, as she continued to orgasm time after time. As she caught her breath, she looked at me and said, I need you cock NOW! I got onto the bed, and she pushed me onto my back. She kneeled between my legs, and lowered her lips to my engorged cock. Now I’m no monster, but at 9″ long and almost 3″ around, I had nothing to be ashamed of. She slid my rock hard cock between her lips, swirling her tongue around the head. This girl knew how to suck an old cock. Taking as much into her mouth as she could, and rubbing the remainder with her hands, I felt like all the blood from my body was in my cock.

I pulled her off, because I wanted to push into that tight little pussy. As she threw her leg over my body, Kelly leaned down to kiss me. Tasting herself on my lips, she slid the tip of my cock inside the folds of her hot wet pussy. As she slowly lowered herself onto my swollen cock, she sat up and gasp as another orgasm racked her tiny body. I placed my hands on her hips and slowly raised and lowered her as she recovered. She began to pick up the pace, and my hands moved to her perfect tits. She started moaning as I rolled her eraser hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I leaned up and pulled her right nipple to my lips. My tongue flicked over the tip, sending shivers through her body. I sucked the nipple between my teeth, and gently nibbled.

OH GOD, don’t stop she screamed, still riding me like a wild woman. My hips rising to meet her. Our bodies slapping as our flesh met on each thrust. I knew I was about to cum, and told her, she said, hold on, and placed her hand on her clit rubbing it as we pounded faster and faster.

She screamed as I started to spray my cum deep inside her, splashing her cervix with my seed. Her cunt muscles milked every drop of cum from my cock, as she shook with her forth and biggest orgasm.

Kelley collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath, smothering me with kisses. That was the most incredible sex I have ever had. No one ever made me cum as many times or as hard as you. I’m so glad you picked me up. She snuggled close to me, my cock still inside her, our juices leaking down my balls.

I’m glad you had your thumb out in the pouring rain. But I was talking to air, Kelly had falling asleep in my arms.

She moved in, and stayed for months. But that this tales for another story.

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