Have Mercy


For just a guy with rope…Lost in delusionsI once assumed A certainty of selfThis is where I beginThis is where I endThis is where I standWho I amNow with My feet tucked beneath meRelieved of the weightOf my own beingOn my knees before youHands folded FreeYour finger under my chinI look up into the depth That is the calmness of your eyesI watch The curve of your lipsAs you speakYour soundsFilling the crevicesOf my opened soul As my heart pausesYour breath lingersUpon the surface of my skinI amDesperate Awaiting Your touchPleadingHave mercyYour words are poetry A fine Elvankent Escort mist SubtleSoothing my bodyLike rare oilsMaking me shimmer goldIn the light of a red moonYour hands glide over meFeeling every stretch and turnPausing at all my sacred spotsInciting small ripples of pleasureYour touch knows me Like no otherWhere to edge and where to dipYour tongue strokes me just soI close my eyes Lost In what it feels like to be tastedThankful for the flavor of me on your lipsTo be a GoddessWorshippedBut we are Beşevler Escort better than a poemI look down your body Where it meets mineWhere it entersAnd there is no endWords Are shadows of meaningA hint of what is in the heartAn echo of what vibrates withinI speak to you with all that is meWith moans and sighs and criesEven my silences speak to you And you answer With softness and strength I hold nothing backEmptying myselfTo be filled with youPleaseHave mercy SoI find myself hereHaving abandoned reasonFinally Cebeci Escort free From what is proper and appropriateWhat binds me now Only you provideWith what mildnessAnd respect my soul cravesIn the pain and ecstasyMy spirit demandsYou are the featherYou are the strapI am found Whole In the palm of your handYou inject me With powerIt seeps into meIt is my skin Willing to receive no other’s touchMy hairAnd the way the wind caresses itThe way it curls Around the smoothness of my shouldersWhen it stretches across your pillowYou are on my tongueSo when I speakAll is influenced By this new knowledge Of myselfWhat I see with my eyesIs tinted by this new beautyThat is now meWith you My body is fedMy mind enticedAnd my heartWhispersYesGive me more and moreI am both quenchedAnd thirstyI once was a questionAnd you are the answerAlthough on my kneesI feel tallI wasIn controlUntil I was notHave MercyOn mePlease  

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