Hard Day’s Night


I had been working with my friend Jake again. He lived with his mom and step-dad in a turn-of-the-century house so he was always helping out, fixing things up. I was often invited over, and ended up getting Tom Sawyered into working. I didn’t mind though; it meant I got to be around Jake’s mom.

Isabel was stunning. She and Jake’s dad had had Jake while they were still in college, making her the youngest of any of my friend’s moms by far. She stood about 5’6”, with long straight brown hair and a face that instantly lit up any room she walked into. She was always running, and kept herself in great shape, with perky breasts and a tight high-riding ass.

After dinner, Jake and I had gotten our showers and then just hung out in his attic room. We played PlayStation for a while, then finally got around to going to sleep around midnight. I tossed and turned on the futon mattress I was on for a while, then got up to go to the bathroom. I crept down the stairs from Jake’s room, but they still creaked. Finally on the floor, I hustled to the bathroom, and went about doing my business.

A minute or two later, I sensed the presence of someone else in the room. I opened my eyes and looked over. There was Isabel, standing backlit by the moon in a short nightgown. I froze for a second, Ankara Escort then remobilized and turned away, trying to hide my “personal area.” But the sight of this beautiful woman had instantly turned me on, and she had seen my erection before I could turn away.

She walked toward me, a grin beginning to spread across her face. She slipped her arms around me, and kissed me lovingly on the lips. I was totally lost in her power. She turned me back around, and lowered the waistband of my shorts, springing my cock free. It stood proudly at attention, nearly slapping her in the face. She smirked, and then put it in her mouth.

The feeling was unbelievable. It was the first time there had been anything on my cock other than my hand. Her expert tongue slid up and town my smooth length, and then encircled the head of my cock. It was all too much, and I burst into her mouth after only a few seconds. She gulped all of me down, never breaking eye contact.

I grinned sheepishly, ashamed at not having been able to last longer. She rose up and kissed me again, and I could taste the salinity on her lips. I figured it was time I repaid the favor she had just done me, so I slid my hand under the hem of her nightgown. Raising it up over Balgat Escort her head, I tossed it to one side, leaving her wondrously naked in front of me. I savored this sight for a moment, and then brazenly went to work.

I had seen enough porn in my nineteen years to know roughly what to do. I began to kiss her breasts, my mouth on one with one arm wrapped around her athletic frame and teasing the other. My offhand slid down her front, and through her well-groomed hairs onto her moist mound. I heard a gentle gasp as my large hand hit its target. She kissed the top of my head, and I turned and sat her on the toilet seat.

I kissed her one more time, and then worked my way down, kissing each now-hardened nipple and dragging my lips lightly across her navel. I reached her pussy, gleaming in the moonlight with her juices on her brown hairs. The smell was wonderful, rich and so utterly genuinely sexual. My quivering tongue tentatively reached into her wet folds, and she grasped a handful of my hair. I broke into a grin with my head buried between her legs, and went in search of her clit. I knew I had found it when her firm thighs grasped my head in a death lock, and she began to breathe more heavily. I worked on the bud for Çankaya Escort a minute or two, bringing her very close to the brink. I broke away, wanting to finish the job in a different manner.

I grinned at her, and we switched places: me on the toilet, her standing above. She sauntered toward me, and swung her legs on either side. She aimed her crotch at my engorged member, and slowly slid herself onto it.

The feeling of her mouth didn’t hold a candle to this. Tight yet soft, warm and gooey, an indescribable and unbelievable sensation. She kissed me hard, and began to gyrate. My long muscular arms slipped around her, holding her on and helping to ram her home. She began to breathe in very short hard bursts, and I could feel my own orgasm brewing as well. I felt the come swelling in my cock, and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I leaned forward and kissed her nipples once more, and she went rigid.

We came together. I must have pumped a gallon of love juice into her before it was all said and done. Each time I thought I was empty, her pussy walls would twitch once more, milking more out of my softening rod. We sat in that position for a while, sweat glistening on our bodies. I suddenly realized we hadn’t used protection, and my eyes grew wide in fear. She sensed it and leaned forward.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered in a deep husky voice. “I had my tubes tied. We can do this as often as we’d like.”

She kissed me once more, and then slipped her nightgown back on. I sat there for a while, trying to realize what had happened. I finally pulled my shorts back on, went back upstairs, and slept like a baby.

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