HARD at work_(0)

Big Balls

So I work in the backroom of a big retail store unloading trucks. The work is difficult and exhausting. I hate my co-workers, it’s safe to say this is only a temporary job. All I do is unload big heavy boxes of furniture and stock them in the right shelves. Most shifts are long, sweaty, and tedious; but this one took quite a pleasurable turn.

It was a Thursday night and I had the closing shift. I knew I was missing the party of the year because I was stuck at my shitty job. I took one look at the inside of the truck and thought “oh fuck me…” there were countless pallets of boxes awaiting my arrival. However, there was a bright side to this nightshift; Sierra was working.

This big boobed dirty blonde with full lips and a nice round ass (that she secretly loves to show off). She flirts with me all the time when we see each other, subtle little smiles and cute laughs; she touches my arms and always teases me about my bulging muscles. She once did the classic “accidentally dropped something” trick right in front of me, I remember she bent over to reveal a pink lace thong, she caught me staring bluntly and just shot me a smile. The sexual tension between us grew to a new level.
Sierra works on the opposite end of the store with the clothes. She straightens and folds and offers help to customers just like a normal teammate, but who knew she had a dirty little mind with uncontrollable urges. şişli escort Until we crossed paths on the job…

Sierra walked in the backroom with a large plastic bag full of hangers she had to put away in a large plastic tote. The problem was that she could hardly manage to hold this heavy bag. She lit up when she noticed me doing some heavy lifting. So she casually walked over with a smile while biting on her lower lip, holding her hands behind her back that pushed her full breasts up against her tight polo that fit so small on her. I could see her cleavage easily because she didn’t bother buttoning her polo. She got within inches of my and smiled, she grabbed my arm and said “Hey muscles wanna give me a hand?” I casually agreed and moved her bag for her.

When I was finished I turned around to see her ogling at me with an open mouth. She thanked me and said “Hey thanks cutie, wanna do me another big fave?” I asked what and she just took my hand and led me upstairs to an uninhabited part of the backroom. She took me into a dimly lit corner where all of the torn pillows, towels, comforters and mattresses were tossed about. She sat me down and put a hand on my theigh. She said “I just need to get away from fucking work, I need a release you know?” I was getting a little nervous at first, but I flirted right back at her and said “Work is always better when I see your gorgeous face.” She blushed and said “Thanks a lot but ive caught you looking at much more than my blue eyes there boy.” I laughed and jokingly said I didn’t know what she was talking about. That’s when it happened.

She gave me a wink and said “You know what I mean, THESE things!” (she slowly took my hand and placed it on her breast. She left it there a moment and then took off her top) she started to grind on my lap, I started to get hard and she was pushing her big round ass up against my throbbing hard cock. I was in awe until she started kissing me, putting her tongue in my mouth and taking my shirt off while sneaking her hand lightly brushing over my cock. She stopped kissing me and quickly got naked. She said how long shed been waiting to do this to me. She stopped in front of me, standing over me letting me take a good look at her shaved pussy, perfect round nipples on big perky boobs, and big wet lips that were ready for some dick. She straddled me and slowly started going down my chest with her tongue. She pulled down my shorts and out came my 6 inch dick.

I wasn’t sure if she thought it was big enough until she commented on how big it looked to her. She hadn’t ever gone past “second base” with a guy before and she admitted she was a little nervous as she took a hold of my erect penis. She gave me one last wet kiss before she licked her lips and wrapped them around the head of my cock. She licked the head and started stroking the shaft. She licked on my balls and then put them in her mouth and sucked gently yet firmly on them. It felt so good and I felt my pulse pumping through my cock with Sierras tiny little hand wrapped around it. She then took her hand down to the base and put as much of my cock into her mouth as she could fit. She sucked hard on it and pushed it up against both cheeks and then shoved it to the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down on my dick while mixing in some strokes. She started to ask me if I was going to cum. I said “almost”, I could barely talk through the intense pleasure this beautiful girl was giving me.

She was sucking on her hands and knees as I laid back on the pile of pillows. I started to squeeze on them and she felt me tensing up, she said “cumming baby? Cum in my mouth, Please, I want it.” She stroked faster and faster and then deep throated my dick one more time. Upon release she squeezed my cock again and out shot a load of warm cum on her face and towards the back of her throat.
She closed her mouth and swallowed. She wiped off the cum and licked it clean. She wiped off and sat in my lap naked, we layed there for a while with my cock between her ass cheeks and hands on her tits. All we did was cuddle for a while before we decided we had to clock out. She said she wanted to do more again next time with a wink.

I cant wait for my next shift…

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