Happy Valentine’s Day


Part I:When Bethany agreed to be my date for Valentine’s Day, I was super surprised and overwhelmed with excitement.  I had only asked her jokingly, figuring she already had plans with one of her other bad boy friends.  But she said yes to me, and when I picked her up, she looked amazing! She had on a black body contouring dress with laces all up one side from her armpit down to her thigh.  Her legs were wrapped in sheer black stockings, and I could tell, she wasn’t wearing any panties.  I worshipped her entire statuesque figure from head to toe as she strutted down her driveway to my car in her towering black stiletto heels.  Her long dark brown hair was straight and enticing.  “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said and handed her a rose as she got into my car.  She smiled, kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you!  You are too sweet!”  She smelled amazing and I let her perfume invade my senses completely as I drove away to the restaurant.  We ate our meal and enjoyed a pleasant conversation.  We talked about our friendship, work, plans for spring and so forth and once dinner was over, we went to the club for the dancing.  Bethany loved to dance and show off the body she spent so many hours a week on in the gym.  All those hours surely paid off, because almost every guy in the place wanted to dance with her.  I wasn’t much of a dancer, but I loved to watch her move and it gave me a thrill to see Demetevler Escort men after men hit on the woman who was my date.  I knew she suspected I was a bit of a voyeur, but I didn’t know if she knew just how deep my fetish and fantasy went.  She did know about my infatuation with stockings and high heels, and she certainly delivered on that fetish.  “Are you ready for the rest of your Valentine’s Day present?”  Bethany whispered in my ear as we enjoyed a slow dance together.  Her body was pressed against me, and I knew she could feel how hard I was for her.  I expressed how ready I was, and she suggested I get the car as she went to go use the lady’s room.  I waited for her out front and soon enough, she joined me in the car and greeted me with a hot, wet kiss.  We got to her house and were making out in the bedroom standing next to the bed.  My hands were all up and down her tight dress feeling every curve I could, and I was now purposefully pressing myself against her.  I was so ready to fuck her brains out.  That was when she told me to get naked, to get on my knees, and close my eyes.  Things were about to take a kinky twist.  I heard her open a drawer then walk behind me.  With a soft, silk stocking, she tied my hand behind my back.  She then walked back around to the front of me, and I could hear her sitting Otele Gelen Escort on the edge of the bed.  “Open your eyes,” she said.  When I did, my heart skipped a beat.  Bethany was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but her stocking and heels.  She had already slipped out of her dress and over her eyes was a simple little mask made of black velvet with a red embroidered heart on each temple beside her eyes.  She was holding a long whipping crop with a heart leather hard at the end and simply glared down at me with a very sadistic smile.  “You’ve been a very bad boy, Jazzy!”  Bethany said and she slapped the business end of her crop against the palm of her hand.  “You need to be punished, severely,” she continued, “but, if you are willing to take your punishment like a man… if you can be called a man… then, I have two very special rewards for you.  In fact, one will be here in about thirty minutes.” I looked up at her and then at the crop and then her legs and back and she just smiled down at me.  I could the wicked and deviant look in her eyes, even behind her sexy mask and started to throb even harder with both fear and erotic curiosity.  Did she invite one of her girlfriends, was I about to get the voyeuristic experience of my life?  I could feel myself dripping with pre-excitement.  “Are you willing to Balgat Escort take your punishment, Jazzy?”  Bethany asked.  I nodded eagerly as I responded, “Yes, Mistress.”  “Good boy,” she said standing up.  “Now, stand up and bend over the edge of my bed.”  My legs were trembling, as was the rest of my body, from sheer anticipation.  I was surprised I was even able to make it over to the bed.  As I laid there, face down, Bethany spread my legs apart with her little spanker then rubbed the end of it softly against my bare ass and balls.  I closed my eyes, and just let myself enjoy the pleasant sensuality of it all as Bethany continued to speak.  “Now, I am going to whip you,”  she said. “And as I do, I want you to count each strike and thank me for it.  Thank your Mistress for the pain you are feeling, do you understand?”  With a shaking voice, I replied, “Yes, Mistress.”  I couldn’t believe what was about to happen, and I was sure I was truly prepared.  Always fantasized about being whipped, but it had never happened before.  Before I was mentally ready, the first blow fell across my right butt cheek, and I yelped out loud for how much it really stung.  “One!  Thank you, Mistress!”  I yelled and without delay the next blow hit.  Each blow fell across my ass harder and harder, every time the sting burned deeper and longer.  I was crying and screaming and squirming all over the edge of the bed, each time counting and thanking Bethany for the agony she was putting me through.  I knew she could hear the suffering in my screams but didn’t seem to give any mercy.  I couldn’t see her face, but I was certain she enjoyed torturing me so sadistically.  Finally, we reached twenty and she gave me an offer I was so frightened to accept or refuse. 

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