Happy Birthday


“Get in the car” He said firmly as she walked in the door from her walk.

“Where are we..” She started to ask as he cut her off.. “GET. In. The. Car…” he repeated, his tone left no doubt that there would be no questioning his order and if she didn’t want to upset her daddy, she’d best do as she was told, Although, she was tempted just for the spankies she would surely get.

She dropped her bag and headed for the car as she heard his voice call after her “Oh, and lose the panties, you won’t be needed them.”

Blushing, she slid them down and dropped them to the ground,being cheeky as she stepped out of them and continued walking, her ass chilled slightly in the cool air as she hopped in the car, spreading her legs on the dash and giggling as Daddy hopped in the car, tossing her undies in the back.

“You’re not allowed to cum,” he said shortly, as he pulled her vibe from his pocket, dropping it in her hands “But I want you nice and wet when we get there.” She moaned softly and giggled “Yes Daddy, where are we going?” Letting out a purr of pleasure as the rigid plastic buzzed against her clit.

“You’ll see kitten, Or rather, you’ll feel.” He chucked softly as he fastened a blindfold over her eyes and buckled her in. “No peeking now, my naughty little slut.” She shivered at that and bucked against the vibe, sliding it slowly inside her.

The ride seemed to take forever and she got more than one smack on her tender clit for asking if they were there yet. Her pussy aching for release, she knew better than to cum or she’d be forbidden for the next month! She wouldn’t make that mistake twice, but god she needed it so bad…

When the car finally came to a stop after an eternity on a bumpy dirt road (that didn’t help things for sure!) She let him unbuckle her as he stroked her sopping wet cunt, making her lick his fingers clean as he guided her out of the car. She could smell grass, trees and could hear birds. This definitely wasn’t the city. She loved the sound. “Crack!” She shrieked in surprise as Daddy’s powerful hand came across her ass, making her jump and moan at the same time.

Staying silent but biting her lip, grinding her hips together trying to get a bit of friction on her dripping clit as he rubbed her ass gently, pulling off her skirt, kissing her as he ripped her top. She was glad she wasn’t overly attached to that one, but god, the power in his hands…she Kartal Escort ached to feel him. His hand on her throat as he kissed her deeply, stroking her clit, making her shiver and moan.

After another sharp smack on her tender bottom he lead her to their destination, which, as far as she could tell was the middle of nowhere. Definitely no building that she could tell. She was bent over a table, and tied to it firmly, her ass and pussy exposed to the world…she was glad it was a sunny day at least. The sun felt nice on her back..

“Hehe can we play with her now??” She heard after a giggle… “Not yet Sweetheart, Her Daddy has to say when” Oh my GOD there are people here!! She didn’t expect that. A hot blush running down her body, she opened her mouth to ask what was going on, and immediately the familiar taste of her Daddys cock filled her mouth. Gripping her hair and sliding deep into her throat.

“Her pussy is mine, but you can have anything else you’d like” She heard him say, with a hint of pleasure in his voice, she instinctively sucked and swirled her tongue over his shaft, moaning as a strange tongue started licking her clit. “Mmmm she tastes gooooood!” she heard the female say, blushing brighter, unable to stop herself pushing back against the tongue, feeling a hard cock gently probing her ass.

“Here Kitten, get me nice and wet so I can fuck her, you get to suck her clit while I do, okay?” Yey!! Yes Daddy!” She could hear the familiar sounds of cock being slid deep into someone’s throat.

“Wait,” she thought as she moaned on the cock probing her throat, “Daddy said my pussy was…oh…” Her clit tingled, knowing she was going to have her ass stretched very shortly, she redoubled her efforts on her Daddies’ cock, feeling a tongue on her clit again. God that girl was good…oh god! Feeling a cock starting to stretch her ass while her clit was skillfully sucked by this vixen was more than she could take,she starts to whimper, pushing herself against the assaulting member and sweet wet tongue.

“You like that, sweet one? I bet you wanna cum now, don’t you?” Nodding enthusiastically, making sure not to stop sucking. “Well, since you were so good on the way over, I think we can let you cum. And until I say otherwise, you can cum without permission”

Moaning in appreciation, she clenched her pussy right as her clit got sucked hard Tuzla Escort into the girls mouth. The thick cock stretching her ass causing her to cum.. And hard! “How’s she taste? Are you glad I invited you over?” She heard daddy ask. “Oh yes sir! She’s so yummy!!” With a set of chuckles from everyone there, balls hitting her chin and her pussy forcing her to cum again. She wasn’t used to being taken this way.

“Well, maybe in a bit we can see if her skills are as good as yours.” followed by a hearty giggle, thick fingers being slid deep into her, surprising her as she cums again, a hand reaching up to tease her nipple, pinching and twisting sharply. She could hear her daddy and the stranger moaning louder, feeling them throb on both ends, knowing they were going to cum soon. She was having so much trouble focusing with this womans’ tongue playing her cunt like a well trained fiddler, but she needed to try, she had to taste her daddy at very least.

Harder they fucked her, pounding her hard and making her bounce onto her daddys cock in her mouth, they force another 2 orgasms from her before the flood her. God it tastes so good, feeling the hot, thick cum soothing her throat, searing inside her ass…feeling them slowly pull out as she gasps for air, her clit still being tortured by this succubus’ tongue, the guys laugh at her as she cums again, unable to help herself.

She can hear them cleaning themselves up, a slight breeze tickling her nipples, so close to another orgasm. mercifully, the tongue stops making love with her pussy, finally able to catch her breath, panting as she’s untied. Well…mostly…Daddy left her wrists tied for some reason, but at least its over. She is lain back against…oh god, against a person!

A well lubed cock slowly pushing into her ass, unable to stop herself as she can’t touch the ground, she relaxes as best she can. Her legs forced wide across the hips of the man under her. She feels a familiar cock pressing insistently at her pussy, stretching her wide. Her mouth open in a silent protest as she’s stretched tighter than she ever has been. still blindfolded, unable to do anything but shudder in pleasure.

She finally manages to let out a gasp of air as her daddy bottoms out in her pussy,falling back against the new playmate at her back. She hears a bit of scurrying and feels someone over her. “Time to repay the favor Anadolu Yakası Escort sweetheart, show her what you can do” as a very bald and very wet pussy is thrust against her tongue, she can taste cum dripping from her, guessing that she’d been fucked a few minutes before.

It took a few warning smacks to her inner thighs from her daddy before the command sunk in, a hot stinging causing her pussy to cream, blushing and wishing to hell he didn’t know how to turn her on so well, he spanked her pussy as he fucked her, bouncing her on the cock in her ass. she lapped the cum filled pussy of the girl she was sure had just sent her over the moon and back. She was determined to make her scream in pleasure…

The air filled with the scent of cum, the fresh taste of pussy, the moans of sex as she was fucked mercilessly for god knows how long. Her daddy had filled her with so much cum…when…oh god, when was her last period..oh FUCK he was cumming inside!!! And she was so fertile….ohgodohGodOHFUCK!….she couldnt help but cum again as a brief panic set in, pulling his seed deeper, she’d be pregnant for sure!

The cock in her ass erupted again, filling her to overflowing, a sharp cry from the girl, drenching her face with cum, her daddy pounding her tight pussy, spanking her clit and forcing her into a haze, she passed out after the biggest orgasm in her life.

She wakes up as a soft blanket is wrapped around her. The light is blinding, her body aches in the most divine way as she whimpers. “Drink.” She felt a cup pressed to her lips, her mind still spinning, she sips from the straw her Daddy put in her mouth, absolutely sure it’s the most amazing drink she’s ever had as her mind argues it’s just ice water.

She feels a few bodies cuddled up to her and looks to see her two best friends cuddling close, blushing brightly as she realized who was so recently fucking her senseless, knowing nothing would ever be the same, but too tired to move to hide as she desperately wanted to. Feeling them purr contently and holding them, realizing how much they loved her, remembering how she told them she’d wanted to experience this exact thing only a few months before. Realizing how much she loved them for being willing to give her this fantasy…

She feels her daddy kiss her forehead softly before snuggling up with her too. “Happy Birthday, My Love. I hope you liked your present. You should get the second half in about 9 months..” With that happy thought, she fell asleep in his arms, the autumn air caressing her hair, the soft cries of a bird in the distance, surrounded by the people she couldn’t ever dream of living without…

Happy Birthday indeed…

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