Hanson House Ch. 12


The roommates had been excited at the news. At first they were sure this was something special and the invitation was some kind of reward or special treat for them. The four knew that the staff sometimes took advantage of the students. All of them wondered if this was to be another “special class”.

All of them except Amanda, who knew what was coming to them. The others didn’t notice that she was strangely quiet as they walked through the corridors. Amanda had already accepted that a spanking was not so bad. In fact, like many of the students, she had discovered that it felt rather nice to have her butt cheeks tingling in the aftermath of a good beating. Still, she felt a little afraid – afraid she might fail and afraid that one day she would be forced to receive something as horrible as the cane.

Outside the door of Pamela’s office the group suddenly lost their bravado. It was the unknown, they felt, that was the worst part of the summons. Even Grace felt a tiny tremble of nerves as they knocked on the door.

Inside the office they were confronted by Mistress Rose, Mistress Pamela and Master Stephen. The pupils were shocked to realise that they would be used by all three of the staff. What was worse, they all knew well that Pamela and Stephen had reputations for brutal treatment of students they singled out.

In the middle of the room were four of those same comfortable chairs. They were arranged in a tight circle, facing outwards. Rose signalled them across the room.

“Skirts up ladies,” she said firmly. “I am pleased to have you here in a group. A little gang of friends, isn’t that right?” She paused briefly. “We know how you enjoy one another’s company. We know how close you all have become. None of you have gotten up to any real mischief yet. Except perhaps for the extra masturbation you all like to perform in front of one another.”

Rose waved her hand at the shocked faces of the students. “Come come. No need to deny it. We don’t spy on you of course, but all of us are experienced enough to know what goes on between you. You have to remember,’ said Rose a little more softly, ‘that we all were students here once as well.”

She smiled at them. “We approve very much of your friendship. Its important to your personal development. Also to your development into fully submissive women.” She paused again. “You support each other and that is good. I am sure Jasminda very much valued that support when she was undertaking her instruction in ‘anal’ this week.”

Jas nodded her agreement. It was true. She’d feared anal and the thought that her small size would make it painful, if not impossible, to accept being penetrated in that place. Hearing the experiences and the positive encouragement of her roommates had helped her to relax. Once she’d managed that, Jas had discovered that she did, after all, enjoy anal play.

Jas had loved the experience of getting and giving rimjobs. Like most of the students, she found a simple joy in the knowledge that she could give sexual pleasure to someone else. Taking her turn with male and female instructors, Jas had found that she could forget all about the ‘dirty’ nature of the act so long as she could cause them to moan with delight at her oral skills.

Naturally the little Filipina had been thrilled to receive the tongues of her classmates on her own dark rosebud. But, having found a way to relax, Jas had been surprised to discover how easily she could be penetrated in her arsehole. Fingers and dildos had slipped into her backdoor without the usual resistance of an anxious novice. Her instructors had made sure to sample her hole and found she was agreeably tight. But it was also obvious that Jasminda could let herself be penetrated and stretched by fingers and even a good-sized butt plug.

In fact, Jas had been so relieved at the ease of her first anal experience that she’d rapidly developed the capacities of her tight orifice. She had excelled in using a butt plug throughout the week. In the final classes she had reacted excitedly to the strap-ons wielded by the female instructors. Her moans of pleasure had been duly noted. The staff agreed it would not be too long before they tested her arsehole with a real, hard cock.

“However, its important you don’t lose focus,” Mistress Rose was saying. “We don’t want you to forget that your loyalty lies in your obedience to Hanson House. And your preparation for your future roles.” The pupils mumbled to show they all understood the point.

“We have discussed the matter. We have decided that a little remedial discipline will assist you in your cause.”

The students all looked stunned, glancing around at one another. Here, in this office, they were all sure the beating would be much more forceful than they’d received in the main hall.

The four were ordered onto the chairs, only this time they were to kneel backwards. In this position they would be facing one another, able to observe the reactions of the friends as each was beaten by the instructors. The young women each took up the correct position without görükle escort another word being said. Lis, the most comfortable with corporal discipline, raised her skirt up high and the others all followed her lead. Being naked, or even partially displayed, to staff was an everyday occurrence by now.

It seemed the staff were waiting for something when Master Stuart bustled through the office door. With a large grin he surveyed the scene in front of him. The pupils all realised that the beating was to be not so much for their benefit as for the enjoyment of the staff.

Rose opened a small cupboard. It held a collection of implements and there was no doubting their purpose. There were canes, crops and floggers as well as a few other items that were unrecognised by the students but looked positively evil.

The staff equipped themselves with heavy leather paddles. Each one took up position behind one of the students.

“This is going to hurt,” promised Rose. “I trust you won’t mind too much. You are welcome to cry out if necessary. I do hope, however, that you’ll do your best to endure in silence.” She made it sound like a warning.

Each of the young women promised themselves they’d take the beating in silence. None of them had ever been beaten as children but they’d already experienced a firm spanking since arriving at Hanson House. Amanda had rather enjoyed the humiliation of it and she was sure that Lisbeth felt the same.

As they waited, Jas was trembling, a little afraid that she would be hurt beyond her limits. Lisbeth, on the other hand, was greedily awaiting a sound thrashing. She had long dreamed of Hanson House and the prospect of a severe beating. Her eyes were afire and she was trying hard to suppress a big grin.

Rose nodded silently and, with that, the beating began. The staff used their hands at first. The pupils were grateful that those first blows were somewhat mild, a warm-up of sorts. They were still firm, however, and the room was filled with the sounds of bare hands slapping against bare bottoms. The students stayed mute, gripping the chairs so as to brace themselves against the force of the blows.

The staff moved around the small circle, each one taking a turn to deliver a half-dozen firm smacks to the arse cheeks of the young women. There was no rhythm, no ritual. The instructors pleased themselves as they rained down blow after blow on the hapless pupils. No sooner had one finished a turn than they moved round to the next student and began the beating anew. The students were grateful for the gentle start. Even so, they got no respite and no warning as they held position and accepted the repeated slaps against their delicate skin.

After a few minutes each lost count of how many blows they’d received. But there was no mistaking the gradual increase in the force being applied by their instructors. Amanda watched each of the staff as they stood behind Lis, each time drawing their arm back further to give extra force to their smacks. The weird thing for Amanda was that she was being beaten at the same time but the whacks on her poor, young arse were out of time with what she could see behind her roommate.

“Yes, that’s going nicely I think,” commented Rose. She seemed to be the ringleader. “Get them nice and red first so we can give them a good turn with the paddle.”

Amanda was sure her backside was glowing by that point. Yet she noticed that Lis seemed to get some extra treatment. Her own spanking felt some different depending on which of the staff were smacking her bottom. She could see clearly, however, that both Rose and Pamela applied extra force when they took their turns with Lis. It was clear that the staff realised Lis had a higher threshold for pain than the others.

“OK, next,” commanded Rose and this time the staff all took up their paddles. These were large, black leather implements. They looked heavy and the students all braced themselves for the power of the next series of blows.

As she waited, Pamela let her fingers stroke gently through Jas’ little brown arse crack. She’d not yet had the chance to enjoy the young Filipina but was encouraged by the soft moan she received in response. Pamela knew a little cunt stroking would help the little novice to last the distance.

At another silent signal the beatings resumed. This time the pupils got a small shock. The heavy paddles bit much harder than bare hands. It had not occurred to them that the staff were experienced in the use of paddles and each knew precisely the technique required to get the maximum impact and the best sounds.

The warm-up was done now. With each blow the staff gradually increased their power. The students tried to remain as mute as they had started but the shock of each fearsome blow was too much for them. Their little grunts could be heard despite the sounds of the leather slapping against their naked arse cheeks.

Grace, with her full bottom so perfect for spanking, got a little extra power now. Still it was Lisbeth who was gifted the harshest görükle escort bayan blows of all. Her eyes merely flashed with excitement as she gave her body over to the wonderful, terrible sensations.

Amanda knew that her arse felt as if it was on fire. She tried to console herself with the thought that she was truly serving as a submissive should. The pain was so very real but she knew the staff were excited by her suffering. That helped to motivate Amanda to endure whatever they gave her. She dared not cry out despite the agony of her tortured flesh. The trouble was that much more of this abuse would send tears streaming down her face.

Jas got treated best, by far. Pamela took a special delight in gently fingering the young, tight cunt even as she rained down the paddle. Poor little Jasminda didn’t know whether she should be moaning in pain or in appreciation for the unexpected treat. Pamela was delighted to have the chance go sample the Filipina. More importantly, she knew that the extra stimulation would assist Jas to last out the entire beating.

“Five more,” called out Rose. “Make them count,” she ordered.

The students all braced themselves, mentally more than physically, to receive the final blows of the session. Each instructor chose one student to beat. Stuart took Amanda. Those five blows were delivered carefully and with a terrible force. Amanda feared she would not last. Her arse was burning and surely she’d be bruised. But she was delighted that Stuart had chosen her and she made sure to stick her bottom out for him. Amanda did not want to be beaten so harshly but she was determined to show the instructor that she was a model pupil.

When those last, awful blows were done, Stephen was standing behind Lis. In his hand now was a riding crop. Amanda could see straight away that Lis was going to receive an extra beating. Judging from the smile on her face, Lis knew it too.

As the other students watched, somewhat horrified, Stephen raised the slim, black crop above Lis’ white buttocks.

The slight whistle through the air led almost instantly to the sharp crack of the tip of the crop against Lis’ bruised arse cheeks. This time Lis was caught by surprise and she could do nothing to catch the tiny cry that leapt from her throat.

Her reaction had no effect on Master Stephen other than to bring a gentle grin over his face. The students knew he had a reputation for cruelty and her friends feared for Lis.

Stephen lashed the young buttocks once more, this time leaving an obvious red streak across Lis’ flesh. There was no complaint from her, however. Lis was too excited to care about something as simple as pain. So many times she had tried to imagine this sensation. She’d wished for the day when she finally would know how it felt to be properly punished. Lis was acutely aware that her cunt had start leaking.

Next to her Pamela was still slowly fingering Jas’s cunt. Amanda wished dearly that someone might do the same for her so as to distract her from the throbbing ache in her bum. There would be bruises for sure, yet nothing so horrid as what her roommate was receiving.

“This is something special just for your Lisbeth,” Stephen was saying. “We know you have some real talent in this area. I hope we can make further use of that talent in the future.”

“Yes, Master Stephen,” Lis whispered in reply. She truly hoped so, too, wondering if he’d noticed the glistening of her cunt lips.

Three more times Stephen lashed the young Dane. They were carefully spaced so that Lis had time to fully absorb the fierce pain before the next stroke was delivered. Jas was frightened even to watch the instructor use a crop in that way. The fingering of her cunt was the only thing that stopped her from protesting.

Lis felt the searing pain burning into her buttock and into her mind. With each blow she gave a silent thanks to her instructors. She, too, was sure the beating would leave marks. But she’d never in her young life had she felt so aroused.

It was only once those five strokes of the crop were done that the students were allowed to stand and rearrange their clothes. Each of them were tentative in lowering their skirts for fear the material would irritate their wounds. Amanda was anxious to check her butt in a mirror. She could see plainly the harsh red stripes across Lis’ buttcheeks. The young Dane had confided her desire to be hurt like that but, even so, Amanda was astonished that her friend could endure such a beating.

“Well done everyone,” remarked Mistress Rose. “That was rather a mild beating as it happens. You all did very well regardless. In time, of course, you’ll learn to take more punishment than that.” She looked at Lis. “That goes especially for you Lisbeth. I am sure you are nowhere near your limits yet.” She smiled a wicked smile.

Lis could only grin in response. Though her grin hid a little embarrassment. She’d confessed to Amanda her need to feel pain. Of course the staff knew, they all recognised the signs. Still, to have bursa escort been singled out, to have been thrashed with a riding crop in front of her friends, gave her a little surge of shame. Plus there was the fact that she knew well her cunt was dripping wet from having experienced her first proper beating.

The students returned to their room to attend to their studies. Everyone was silent for a time. Each of them reacted differently to the spanking. Grace was happy to be selected and to show off her talents. Jas was more interested in the fact Mistress Pamela had fingered her tight little cunt. Everyone understood that being spanked, or worse, was likely to be part of their future. It was a kind of a test, so they thought, to have been punished like that by the staff.

That night, Amanda was still thinking of her beating and the pleasant tingling in her arse that had lasted so long afterwards. It was then that she was ordered to return to Rose’s office. Amanda assumed it was to be given a positive comment or some kind of acknowledgement for having led her roommates so ably. After all, she had been a prefect in high school so she was accustomed to talking directly to her superiors.

She thought nothing of it when she entered and saw Rose and Stuart. What shocked Amanda was when she saw that Rose was casually stroking Stuart’s cock. The instructor was obviously fully erect. He was a rather handsome man and Amanda had, by now, seen enough cocks to know that his was rather beautiful. It was long and thick and, with its big fat head and dark veins, so wonderfully proportioned.

Amanda realised instantly what was to happen. She was going to receive her first cock. She was going to be used sexually in a way she’d never been used, not by any boyfriend or high school wannabe. It was Master Stuart who was going to use her. That knowledge brought a strange feeling over Amanda. She’d already exposed her anus to him in class. Plus she had seen him give an anal rogering to Mistress Candace. Stuart was a handsome, experienced man. To realise his cock would be the first ever inside her young body was making Amanda feel giddy.

Rose ordered the student into the room and had her strip off completely. The instructors took a moment to inspect Amanda, her shaven cunt lips and her heaving C-cup tits. Hanson House did not recruit only beautiful young women but physical attributes were critical. Amanda had more than measured up at selection time.

“Come my dear,” said Rose softly, gesturing to Amanda that she should step closer. “You are a smart girl so you know why you’re here. You’ve excelled at every challenge so far. Its time to give you a little additional instruction. Do you understand?”

Amanda nodded. Her mouth was too dry to allow her to speak.

“Also, its important that we keep our male instructors happy. Do you understand what I mean?”

Again Amanda nodded. Her eyes were darting nervously but she felt her body react to the idea she was to give sexual service to the older man.

Her body reacted even more when Rose started to rub her large, pink nipples while Stuart gently rubbed her arse cheeks. Despite the shock of being fondled by her instructors, Amanda knew she was safe. On the other hand, the inexperienced young woman was finding it hard to handle the lust being shown by the two older two.

“I trust you have been keeping yourself properly clean,” said Rose.

“Yes Mistress,” Amanda replied unsteadily. “But my douche…”

“Oh, there’s no need for that poppet,” said the instructor airily. “Of course we teach you girls about that. Its not always necessary. If you have too much shit in your bowels Master Stuart will just have to jam into your harder.” Amanda could only nod in reply.

“Just do as you’re told,” Rose was murmuring to her. “You are here for a reason. If you behave and you obey then this will be a wonderful experience for you. Do you get me?”

“Yes Mistress,” was all Amanda could get out of her mouth.

“Hold your tits for me. Put your hands under them and give them a little lift. Yes, that’s wonderful. Outstanding tits and I know Master Stuart agrees.”

“Fuck yes,” he answered. “Young Amanda has made my cock even harder than you did.”

“A lucky young woman,” breathed Rose. “Your tits will make sure you’re in demand come graduation.”

Rose grinned and pinched Amanda’s nipples a little. As she did that Stuart slid his hand down underneath her buttocks. Amanda, inexperienced even at sexual play, somehow knew she should part her legs for the male instructor.

“Yes, that’s good Amanda,” he muttered. “You belong to us now. Just give yourself to us totally.”

The young woman had little choice as Rose moved in closer and started to flick her tongue over her nipples. Amanda had known her teats were rather sensitive and the sensation of the older woman’s mouth quickly had her breathing still deeper and faster.

Lower down, Stuart was stroking the edge of her cunt lips. Amanda was ashamed to realise how strongly her body was reacting to their combined touch. After all, she was still a virgin and not yet accustomed to being exposed in this way. Yet she knew this reaction was what the instructors wanted. More to the point, she knew there was nothing she could do, or would do, to resist their taking advantage of her.

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