Hallway Hero

A note from the author:

Hello fellow Literotica fans, as this is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have. I truly hope you enjoy my story and hope to hear from you. Kind regards. TKBabylon

Some of Caitlyn’s friends had expressed to her how they had thought moving to the complete opposite end of London was a bit of a drastic move.

‘Just because you guys broke up, doesn’t mean you need to get away from your friends too.’ They had told her on numerous occasions.

But this was no ordinary break up. To Caitlyn, this was more of an escape. Not only did she feel the need to get away from Jason, but she also strongly felt as though she needed to get away from everything, if not just for a short time while she got her mind back together.

The relationship she had had with Jason was by no means a healthy one.

At first their time together had been much like any other. Nice boy meets nice girl, hit it off and eventually fall in love. However over the years Caitlyn had noticed something changing in Jason. He started drinking more and more. It got to a stage where it was practically every night. When Jason drank, he became hostile. He had always been strong willed, and always spoke his mind, but when he drank he was also extremely aggressive and stubborn. No matter how much Caitlyn had pleaded with him and tried to make him see what he was doing, Jason would simply not have a bar of it. He would often verbally abuse Caitlyn and on some occasions even threaten to strike her. Then on one November’s night, after coming home late from the pub, Caitlyn mustered all the courage she had and explained to Jason that it was the drink – or her. The fight escalated and on this occasion, Jason did in fact backhand Caitlyn across the face. That was the last straw. Jason had not only broken her nose, but also her heart. Caitlyn stormed out the door, and that was the end of their long relationship.

Now three months on, this new apartment was a breath of fresh air for Caitlyn. A way of dealing with the past, and moving on.

The first time Caitlyn had returned to her new apartment from the grocery store, she ran into the first of her new neighbours.

Caitlyn was fumbling around in her handbag trying to find her keys while still holding all of her groceries when she heard a strange voice from behind her.

“Can I help you with that?”

Clearly a woman’s voice, but strangely exotic. An accent she had not heard before. She turned around and was almost stunned at the sight of this woman. She had dark chocolate brown hair which was dead straight and pulled back in a high pony tail. Her skin seemed to both fair and tanned at the same time. Her cheek and jaw bones were very pronounced, much more than her own school-girl-like facial features which were still slightly hidden under the last of her adolescent puppy fat.

The woman wore a completely pink tracksuit with white trimming, and had her headphones dangling out from under her sweater over her chest. Caitlyn could tell at first glance that this woman was in great shape, athletic yet beautifully curved sporting fantastic hips and breasts. However the most powerful feature of this woman was her eyes; emerald green with a slash of amber, surrounded by subtle eye makeup which seemed to just draw you in so much further.

“So? Would you like my help?” the woman repeated with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, umm, yes! Sorry, yes, thanks” Caitlyn replied.

“Here, I can take those” the stranger said while taking Caitlyn’s groceries from her.

“Cheers, thanks… Ummm, I know they’re in here somewhere, ummm…” Caitlyn passed and looked up. “I’m sorry, how rude of me. I’m Caitlyn.” Caitlyn stuck out her hand to shake the woman’s.

The woman simply smiled, unable to extend her own having now taken all of Caitlyn’s groceries.

“Oh yeah, right, sorry.”

“No need for that. Did anybody tell you that you say sorry a lot?”

“Umm… Ha, actually, yes” Caitlyn now had an embarrassed smile over her face.

“Don’t be. With a smile like that you could get away with anything.” She had lowered one of Caitlyn’s grocery bags to the ground, and placed her hand into Caitlyn’s handbag. “You never need to be sorry, darling.” Without even looking down or breaking her gaze from Caitlyn’s, she had removed her keys and unlocked the door behind her.

At that moment Caitlyn realised she had been holding her breath. She exhaled fully as she nervously swung around to open the door. When she turned back, the woman was already putting her headphones into her ears.

“Umm… Thank you.”

“You are most welcome.” The stranger replied with a beautiful smile.

“Umm… would you like to come in for a coffee or…” Caitlyn offered.

“Or… what?” The woman said in quite a suggestive manner.

“Oh, ahhh, nothing. Just coffee.” Caitlyn said with a nervous giggle.

“It sounds very good. But I am late for my class… My time management skills are no good. Something I got from my Latvian father. So maybe next time.”

“So you bursa escort bayan are from Latvia?” Caitlyn replied curiously.

“No! Certainly not. I was born in Slovakia, and raised by my mother. I am sure Latvia is nice, but I want nothing to do with that rotten man of a father, including the country in which he lives.”

Caitlyn was a little taken back by the honesty and frankness of this woman, but at the same time strangely comforted. She instantly felt like this woman was someone that she could confide in, like she felt a connection with her.

“I am sure I will see you again soon as I am just next door.” And with that the woman started to make her way down the hall.

Caitlyn called out after her, “Wait, what is your name, neighbour?”

The no longer stranger called back as she rounded the bend in the hall headed for the elevator, “Vera.”

A few weeks later, Caitlyn was returning home to her new apartment after seeing a film at the cinema. Having watched a thriller she was already a little jumpy, which did not help what was to come next. After exiting the elevator, she made her way down the L-shaped hallway towards her apartment. She reached into her handbag to pull out her keys, turned the corner of the hallway, and after pulling her keys out and looking up ahead of her she was stopped dead in her tracks. There was Jason, obviously drunk from the way he was drifting his balance from one leg to the other, leaning against her apartment door and muttering something to himself she could not make out. Before she even had a chance to turn and retreat he had noticed her. ‘Oh, shit! The keys rattling must’ve caught his attention!’ She thought to herself, as Jason started calling out to her.

“Caitlyn! Caitie! My swe-*hic*-sweet Caitie. Sweetie, come over here. I gotta tal*hic*talk to ya!”

Caitlyn was obviously in no mood to talk with him. Having only recently gotten away from the mental prison she felt he had placed her in for so long. But she also knew his persistence when he was like this. While other men may have given up, or actually had some sense talked into them by their partners, Jason was not one of these men.

Caitlyn knew that the only way Jason was going to leave was if he got to say what he had come to say. She took a deep breath and walked towards him.

Once she was within a few metres of him, Jason opened his arms as if beckoning Caitlyn to embrace him. Caitlyn immediately stopped her movement.

“What do you want, Jason?”

“Babes… Don’t you have a hug f*hic*for your boo?”

“Jason, you’re not my ‘boo’ anymore. And I’m not your ‘babes’. It’s over, remember?”

“Babes, I knows, I knows. But…”

“I’m sorry, Jason, but there’s no buts about it. I’ve made up my mind. I’ve moved here to start afresh. I can’t have you here. You need to leave.”

Caitlyn had made her way around Jason to her door and was nervously trying to insert her key, which for the life of her was not going in due to her shaking hands.

“Aww cumon’ babes. I gots me da tube all da ways ova ‘ere and n*hic*now yous aint gonna talk to me?”

“You’re drunk, Jason. Y-you need to go home. Go sleep it off and we can talk tomorrow on the phone. I need you to leave.” Her voice now hinting at how anxious she was.

Caitlyn’s key was finally in the lock. She unlocked the door and started to pull it open when ‘SLAM’! Jason’s fist was now imprinted into the door, his arm not six inches away from the side of Caitlyn’s face. Caitlyn was frozen looking at Jason’s fist, her back to him, petrified, unable to even breathe. She could feel his heavy breath on the back of her shoulder. Each of them sending a new chill down her spine.

A few moments passed, both of them basically frozen except for Jason’s slight swaying and heavy breathing.

“You’re not gonna talk to me, Caitie? N*hic*not even look at me? Do I frighten you? Do I… DISGUST you?” Jason’s tone was notably deeper now, and harsher. Caitlyn didn’t answer, remembering the last time they had spoken, or rather fought, before the move. In the heat of the moment Caitlyn may have said some things she didn’t truly mean, one of which being “When you’re like that you disgust me!” Referring to Jason’s drunken episodes – much like the state he was in right now. Caitlyn remained silent, she didn’t even move. Too terrified to do anything, she just shut eyes tightly and dreaded what was coming.

She felt a sudden sharp grip on her shoulder which dug deep into her muscle almost pinching her bones. She was flung around and then slammed into the door. Jason now with hands gripping both of her shoulders he yelled straight into her face; “YOU’LL AT LEAST FUCKEN LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!!!!!”

Caitlyn kept her eyes shut tight. Now uncontrollably sobbing, she was still frozen solid. She felt his right hand release her left shoulder, and a gust of air sweep across her face as he coiled his arm across her, ready to backhand her across her face. Reactively, and without opening her eyes, she let out an absolutely petrified squeal as she sunk her chin into her chest görükle escort and turned her head to the left waiting for the inevitable strike of fury… It didn’t come.

Caitlyn then heard a new voice say quite slowly and softly, yet incredibly sternly, four powerful words. “Don’t – you – fucking – dare!”

Caitlyn opened her eyes and could not believe what she saw. Jason, still with one hand gripped tightly into her shoulder and his other coiled ready to strike, now had Vera standing behind him with one of her hands gripped to his striking arm refusing to let it budge and the other with a vice-like clutch on his throat.

Jason struggled slightly in his speech but still managed to clearly define his words; “Fuck off bitch, you aint part a dis!” With that sentence, Jason released his other hand from Caitlyn and sent a left elbow rocketing back into Vera’s cheek-bone. Vera’s head was sent swinging backwards. Caitlyn knew how strong Jason was and when she saw him strike her new friend Vera with such ferocity she could not help but scream “NO!”, and lurch forward to try and stop his arm. But Jason was too fast, and quickly replaced his hand where it had been and shoved Caitlyn back against her door which now was making cracking noises under the force she was being man-handled against it. “Don’t you fucking go anywhere!” Jason snarled.

To Caitlyn’s astonishment she noticed that while Vera’s head had been met with the full force of Jason’s elbow, her feet remained planted to the hallway floor as if stabilised by decade old tree roots and her hands were holding their grips like vices. Vera tightened her grip of Jason’s throat, which was evident when Jason started to make slight gargling noises while trying to breathe, and slowly brought her head back to where it had been before. Blood was now noticeably escaping the newly formed gash on Vera’s cheek when she spoke in a tone Caitlyn had never heard come from a woman before. It was dark and full of fury yet calm at the same time, almost as if a demon was speaking through the lips of this beautiful woman. She said “This is the only one you get, you pig. Now leave while you still have the ability to bear children.” The latter words were spoken so sinisterly they were almost guttural grunts you would expect to here on a death metal song.

Jason coughed at first then turned his head towards Vera making as much eye contact as he could before retorting “I thought I told you to FUCK OFF!” Caitlyn felt Jason’s hand release her shoulder once again as he sent another elbow hurtling back towards Vera. But this time with almost cat-like reflexes, Vera had avoided the blow and spun her body around the Brut. She was now barricading herself between Caitlyn and Jason.

In what seemed like milliseconds to Caitlyn, Vera had sent the base of her palm directly up into Jason’s nose, she had dropped into a crouch and had sent a thunderous punch directly into Jason’s manhood. Caitlyn screamed. She could not help it. Even though neither of the two fighters in front of her had even glanced at her, she still felt the terror and surge of adrenaline pump through her blood as if she was part of the action. As it unfolded before her she sank to her knees, turned to her side and brought her hands over her face.

After a moment, she slowly widened her fingers to peer through the gaps. Vera, now upright once again, was standing over Jason, who was now rocking slightly back and forth on his side on the hallway floor, one hand between his legs and the other clutched over his nose now visibly streaming with blood.

The next emotion Caitlyn felt surprised her. In that moment, at the sight of Vera standing tall over the now beaten body of the man who had abused her physically and mentally over such a long time, Caitlyn’s fear dissipated and she was suddenly engulfed with awe and, somewhat even more surprising, attraction to this goddess-like woman.

Vera bent over and grabbed Jason by the scruff of his jacket and pulled him to his feet. His hands still clutched to his nose and crotch, he struggled to stand and fell back against the wall. Vera took a step towards him and he noticeably recoiled. She spoke again in that sinister tone, “I believe, this woman told you to leave.” Now slightly more upright Jason’s gaze shot between the two women in the hallway for a moment as a scarred little boy would. He started to stumble down the hall towards the elevator meanwhile whimpering, “Fuck dis shite! You bitches aint fucken werf it!” And with that he disappeared around the corner leaving no sign he had even been there beside a slight trail of his blood which had dripped from his nose, and a rather nasty wound on Vera’s cheek bone.

Vera turned sharply back towards Caitlyn, who was now staring uncontrollably at Vera, her mouth open and eyes glazed over. Caitlyn tried to speak, but no words emanated from her slightly moving lips. Vera hurried over and knelt next to her and placed her hands softly on each of Caitlyn’s shoulders.

“Are you OK? Did he hurt you? I’m so sorry. I’m sorry you had to see this. I, I did not wish for you to see this. I am bursa escort bayan sorry. Are you OK? Are you hurt?”

“I… I…” Caitlyn still struggled in her speech. Even to simply say the words ‘I’m OK.’ “I… I… … Your cheek!” Is all Caitlyn could manage having somehow drawn her gaze away from Vera’s eyes and down to the cut on her cheek and the blood now dripping down her face and onto her pink sports sweater.

Without even acknowledging her injury, Vera spoke soothingly as if to a child who had lost its parents, “Come, let’s get you inside.” She placed her arms under Caitlyn’s, and started to lift her off her knees, with a surprising amount of ease.

Caitlyn’s eyes were now back on Vera’s. This feeling inside her was not subsiding, if anything it was growing. Once Caitlyn was on her feet, she leapt into Vera, wrapped her arms around her and embraced her harder than she had embraced anyone before.

Vera, a little surprised at the sudden movement, quickly softened and returned the embrace, placing one hand between Caitlyn’s shoulder blades and the other on the back of her head which started to softly stroke her hair.

“Hey, it’s OK, darling. It’s OK. Come. Let’s leave the hallway.” With that, Vera opened the door to Caitlyn’s apartment and without breaking the hug (not that Caitlyn was in anyway going to let her), edged them both through the door and closed it behind.

The embrace lasted for another minute or two. Minutes of absolute bliss to Caitlyn, who, while breathing in the smell of Vera’s hair and gripping her sides, was letting out a slight stream of joyous tears. She did not want it to end. However, she’d had a small moment of clarity through the balloon of awe and attraction and realised it was time to detach. She showed Vera in, removed her coat then followed.

Vera led Caitlyn over to her sofa and sat her down. She knelt in front of her and looked deep into her eyes with her own. Full of kindness and warmth that filled Caitlyn.

“Are you sure you are OK, Caitlyn?”

This time Caitlyn managed to respond, “Y, Yes, I’m fine. Thank you, Vera. Thank you so very much.” And with that she embraced her again, this time for a somewhat shorter period. “I think I know what your classes are for now.” Caitlyn said with a slight grin in one corner of her mouth.

Vera giggled, “Yes. They do help with bad men.”

Vera stood back up now seeing the blood on her own sweater from her cheek. “I will return very quickly OK? I’ll just go to clean this up.”

“No! Don’t go!” Caitlyn pleaded, sitting forward extending her arm and taking Vera’s hand in hers. “Please stay. I need you…I, I mean, I’ll help you.”

She pulled on Vera’s hand, and directed her down onto the sofa next to her. Vera obliged, noticing the eagerness in Caitlyn’s tone. “Please. Here, let me help you.”

Caitlyn left the sofa and hurried over to the kitchen where took a clean cloth from the drawer and wet it. She returned to the sofa with the cloth, disinfectant, a large Band-Aid and a bowl of ice. She found Vera where she had left her lightly touching her cheek investigating the damage for herself. Vera noticed the cloth and extended out her hand with a “Thank you, Caitlyn.”

Caitlyn refused to give Vera the cloth saying, “Please, Vera, it’s the very least I could do to thank you.”

She sat next to her and very gently cleaned Vera’s face. Caitlyn did it with such carefulness that Vera barely felt anything; until the cloth passed over the actual split in her cheek where she felt a sharp sting. Vera hardly winced, just simply closed her eyes with a slight force. However, it was enough for Caitlyn to notice, “Oh, I’m sorry. ” Almost instinctively, without even a moment of contemplation, Caitlyn leaned over and placed her lips on Vera’s cheek, as a mother would their child. Caitlyn kissed Vera’s cut with such softness that it sent a shiver down Vera’s spine. Vera shuddered and let out a deep breath. Caitlyn kept her lips on Vera’s cheek and lightly kissed the cut a few more times, each more tender then the last, before another moment of clarity crept into her mind. As she realised what she was doing, she sprung back a little on the sofa and looked at Vera with a combination of shock and embarrassment.

“I, I’m sorry… I’m not entirely sure why I did that.” But Caitlyn knew exactly why she had.

Her attraction to Vera was obviously out of her control now, and she was starting to act on instinct. This was a totally foreign area for her. Not only had she never lost this much control of her actions before, she also had never felt an attraction like this to anyone before, let alone a woman; an incredibly sexy, brave, intoxicating goddess of a woman. Who she’d do anything to make love to right there and then in a frenzy of passion and… “Oh god woman! Get a bloody grip on yourself!” Caitlyn sternly told herself in her mind. But it was of little use. Wild scenes of erotic pleasure with Vera were now playing out through Caitlyn’s mind. She found herself drifting her gaze down Vera’s neck to her torso, admiring her perfectly shaped breasts. Even through her blood stained sweater she could make out the lace outlines of Vera’s bra. The sight of this amazing woman who had just battled for her protection and the thoughts running through her head together made Caitlyn’s breath stagger and sent a wave of wetness into her vagina which was now starting to pulsate quite strongly.

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