Hair Apparent Ch. 1


I had worked for 20 years as a secretary to my boss and though I strictly wasn’t the best at shorthand and typing, I could see my boss for his pleasure used my hands and mouth very often. Very early when I started working for him I was seduced by him and he had told me that he wanted me to stay hairy as he had a fetish for hirsute woman. Till then I used to shave my armpits thrice a week, as I was very hairy and also trim my bushy pussy. Soon my pussy had an abundance of jet-black hair and my armpits grew profusely till coarse black bushy hair grew into my armpit lawns. Now that it was time to retire my job was to find two women to replace me who would be my “hair apparent”.

I put out several ads for interviews and while there were many applicants most of them failed to pass the medical test. The sole purpose of the medical test was to check whether the women were hairy enough and I found that almost all the women had shaved their underarms and had trimmed pubic hair, which I was sure, the boss would reject.

On Saturday I went to report my failure to him and as he settled into his chair, I as usual removed my dress as he gazed at my bushy armpits. Though he had seen them almost everyday for the past two decades he kept staring at the coarse black profuse hair in my bushy underarms. As I got down to my knees and between his legs I unzipped his trousers and took his erect phallus into my mouth. I sucked slowly as I jerked it with my hand capping his hairy balls the way he liked it. I then licked his balls with my right arm raised displaying my hirsute underarms. As usual he never said word nor even touched the bushy growth of hair in my unshaven armpits. In fact he hadn’t even touched except the first few times when I had stopped shaving to remark how hairy my armpits had become.

He the said that he had three guests who had come from Europe who I should arrange to be taken care of. There was no point in informing boss about my lack of success in finding a “hair apparent” as he came in spurts in my hand. I got up to clean myself and he got back to his work attending to routine files as if this was all in a day’s work.

I got ready early balçova escort in the evening for the long drive to the Sheraton where the guests were staying. I had arranged a small strip tease by a Turkish belly dancer. Samira came into the room dressed only in feathers as she did her number the men were looking bored. I walked up to the youngest and put my arm around him and he immediately perked up and put his hands on my crotch. The others Tim and Chris looked on as Mark kissed me and began to rub his fingers up and down my legs. I hadn’t shaved my legs and he gave me a curious look. Tim then walked over and began to massage my shoulders and soon Chris moved his hands up to my heaving boobs. He grabbed my dress and removed it as he stared at the thick black pelt of coarse black hair in my unsheared armpits. Chris ran his fingers through the bristling hair and remarked “What bushy underarms” He added “why don’t I shave it for you”. I laughed and said, “You would lose your contract even if you snip a tiny piece of hair from my unshaven armpits”. He said I was only joking, “I love hairy underarm. Is your pussy as hairy too? He lowered my panties and saw the thick jungle spread out over my pubic mound.

Tim then lowered his head and started to spiral his tongue around my nipples gazing at the hair in my unshaven underarms as Mark put his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately. I could feel his raging monster against me. Chris had begun to kiss his way up my hairy legs when his mouth reached my hairy pussy he saw a moist spot and he licked his lips and pressed his face between my bushy legs at the junction of my thighs shoving his tongue deep inside me as I reached down and pulled his head closer to my wet pussy. I then reached for Mark and undid his jeans and slid them to the floor then reached into his boxers and feel his throbbing hard cock and pulled it deep into my hungry mouth and started deep throating Mark. Mark lets out a cry in pleasure as I give him a long blowjob as he stuffs his massive 10incher dong into my hungry mouth. Chris meanwhile strips completely showing me his hard hairy body and slides his bayındır escort throbbing boner deep inside my wet hairy pussy. I shout out” Oh Chris your dick is so huge it feels so good” as he pressed his dong against me and his balls grazed the thick carpet of hair on my pubic mound.

Meanwhile I take Tim’s erect penis into my hand and start wanking him as he bends down and buries his head deep into my sweaty armpits inhaling the musky aroma emanating from my hairy underarms. Chris fucks me harder and faster thrusting deep into my pussy. I feel a deep orgasm welling inside me as I suck harder on Mark’s cock. My hips begin to thrust back at Chris as his dong slides in and out of me and I realize I am ready to cum as I take out Mark’s prick from my mouth and begin to stroke it with my other hand. Both Mark and Tim are bent over either side of me heir tongues kissing the hair in my bushy armpits. I aaaammmmmmmmm cuuuummmmiiiiiinnnnnnnn I scream in pleasure and agony as Chris shoves his might sword deep into me. He pulls out and starts jerking himself cuming all over me as do Mark and Tim as they cum in torrents all over my bushy underarms as Chris deposits his cum in my bushy cunt.

Samira the Turkish belly dancer in the meanwhile has been watching the show, which she was to have done, and she then catches the three of them. She wants to suck their limp dicks. She is completely naked and her proud breasts jut out what seems a mile. She is surprisingly hairy too. She has black pubic hair growing all the junction of her thighs. Chris is soon fisting his massive cock and grows hard in his hand. It was the biggest prick she had ever seen, at least two hands long and massively thick. Mesmerized, she stares at the swollen, dark purple head as it twitched in front of her face. Turkish men are small in comparison with these tall muscular Europeans. “How come you took these massive dicks in your mouth so easily” she said

“Do you like it?” he asked her as pushed his penis nearer her face. She nods

looks at the massive prick inches from her face, sticking straight up the bulbous head swaying in front of her bayraklı escort shocked, bulging eyes. Were they all freaks? She wondered. She remembered her boyfriend who was hardly the size of her hand and here she was staring at a prick, which was the size for her forearm. Tim came next to her on the other side his cock was even bigger and thicker than Chris! Could that be possible?

Moaning in pleasure, almost in pain, she rubbed her face along the huge, meaty shaft of Chris’s cock smelling the musky aroma of his body. Her mouth salivated as one hand cupped his heavy, hanging balls. He shoved the fat knob into her mouth. She felt the massive, slug-like cock stretch her lips wide her teeth scraping the skin as it buried itself deep in her wet mouth. She gagged when the hard head hit the opening of her throat. I moved alongside her and put my lips to her moist and swollen slit. I parted her crinkly pubes and pulled at he long hair, which covered her juicy opening as I slid my tongue deep into her pink gash. She, in the meanwhile was running her tongue over the heavy, bulging veins tasting his special flavor and tanginess, washing the length of his majestic shaft. Her head began to bob and his hands entwined in her hair, guiding her hungry mouth as she sucked on his

Her lips encircled the rock-hard knob and her tongue flicked over it, back and forth. Tim was feeling left out and was wanting to shove his swollen tool into her mouth too. She took into her mouth releasing Chris’s till hard dong. It was even bigger and longer than Chris as it slid into her mouth. She alternated between the monsters as her hungry mouth went from one to the other. Mark was wanking away as he came and put his cock in my raised hairy ass. He plunged deep into my anal orifice as I felt a surging pain. Mark thrust into my ass as I buckled under the pressure releasing my mouth from Samira’s wet hairy pussy. Samira had her mouth on Chris and Mark’s dong simultaneously hardly even getting their head into her stretched mouth.

Soon they came in a thundering climax as Mark shoved his jism into my hairy ass. It was a night to remember. I asked Samira if she knew anyone who was as hairy as her and could suck cock like her who could take my place as my boss as his secretary. She said she knew a couple of girls but I told her they must have never shaved their underarms, as that was the first prerequisite to get the job. My boss wanted girls with hairy underarms to be my “Hair Apparent”.

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