Hailey 20 – No More Secrets


“Ooops!” Hailey said as she retreated into the hall, “I thought you were still in bed.”Brian was seated at the kitchen table with his back to the hallway door. At the sound of Hailey’s voice, he turned. “Still in bed,” he asked, “At 8:30… why would you think that?”Hailey was mostly hidden behind the door frame. “Well uh… your bedroom door was closed, so I just assumed -“”Bad assumption,” he said, “And why are you hiding in the hall? Come and have some pancakes. I made enough for both of us.”Hailey, at seventeen, was nearly four years younger than Brian, and although they were not actually related, he was sort of like family. Recently Hailey had been quite daring with her dress around Brian, particularly so when his friend, Justin, was there too. Still, she had concerns, especially when it was just she and Brian, alone in the house, as they were now. “Uh, yeah, well, I’m only wearing panties and a bra, and if it’s just going to be us, I probably ought to put something more on.””Right, like you weren’t practically naked last night?” Brian snapped, “For Chrissake, Hailey, just get in here!”Brian is right about last night, skimpy panties and thread-bare T-shirt, and rolling a wet beer bottle over my tits, Jesus, what was I thinking? Still, Justin was here and Brian and I were not alone! “I think I ought to put on something a little less revealing,” pleaded Hailey.”Ought to? Who says,” Brian asked, “Daddy’s not here!””Right,” replied Hailey, “But I still think it’s a good idea to be careful when it’s just you and me.””Hey, you wanted me to pretend being a protective big brother to you as a younger sexy sister. We talked about that, and I not only agreed to play the game, I even promised I would never let anything happen to you, and I meant it.””You still promise then?””Of course, now come have some breakfast.””If you’re sure.””I’m Ankara bayan escort sure. Come sit down.”Hailey walked slowly back into the kitchen and sat down across from Brian who looked her over carefully while letting out a long, low whistle.”Hey, you promised,” Hailey snapped.”I promised nothing would happen to you. I didn’t promise I wouldn’t enjoy looking. I mean, Jesus, that has got to be the skimpiest bra and panties set I’ve ever seen.””You mean, it’s even better’n last night?””Uh, well… I figured that was pretty much for Justin, who I’m quite sure you have the hots for.” Hailey tried to interrupt but Brian hastily continued. “But today, I’m the only one seeing that gorgeous body, and to think, I let you talk me into that stupid promise -“”Yeah, well if you hadn’t made that ‘stupid’ promise, there is no way I would be sitting here like this.””Oh, I’m sure you’d find some excuse. You know you like it as much as me.””Well, whatever,” smiled Hailey, quietly accepting Brian’s judgment. “I guess if I’m going to eat I better get a plate and silver.” Hailey got up to retrieve the necessary items from the dishwasher. Brian’s eyes zeroed in on her panties, a very skimpy bikini style in white cotton. While not see-through, they were tight enough to showcase a nice outline of what some might refer to as her ‘camel-toe’.When she turned her back to him he saw just how skimpy the panties really were. There was a small strip of cloth covering the crack in her butt, however her ass-cheeks were almost entirely bare. Brian adjusted the growing appendage in his shorts.As Hailey sat down at the table, she saw with considerable satisfaction, that she had Brian’s full attention. Over the last few weeks she had learned that it excited her to expose her supposed-to-be-covered parts to Brian and Escort bayan Ankara his friends, especially Justin. “You know, I’m sorta interested in your friend Justin.””I knew you were,” interjected Brian.Hailey blushed. “Uh well… Do you think he’s interested in me?””How could he not be?” Brian looked across the table at his near-naked friend. The bra Hailey wore, in spite of being nearly transparent, still covered only a small part of her breasts. The breasts themselves were exquisitely shaped and looked fairly substantial, but considering Hailey’s petite size, were likely only a ‘B’, certainly no more than a ‘C’. “I mean, why do you think he came over last night? Sure wasn’t to see me,” Brian quipped.”Really? You think he likes me, then?””Oh for sure, you’re all he talks about.””And what does he say?””Uhm… I’m not sure I can repeat it… but it’s all good!””You know, I really would like to go out with him,” Hailey looked up at the ceiling. “…and I’m sure if we did go out, he’d probably expect that we’d at least do some pretty heavy making out.”Brian was surprised that Hailey would even mention such things, but managed to respond, “Well, yeah, I’m sure he’d want that.””And would you also?””Huh,” Brian replied, not sure he had heard correctly.”Do you, want to make out with me, too,” Hailey patiently and clearly asked.Brian wasn’t sure how to answer. “Look,” he said, “we’ve been friends since I was nine, when our fathers first went into business together,” He paused. “And now I’m even pretending to be your big brother.” Brian stammered, “I’m not supposed to want to make out with you… at least I don’t think so.””But would you anyway,” Hailey asked again.Brian wasn’t sure how he was expected to answer. He evaded with, “But, what about Justin?”Hailey dealt with the evasion patiently, Bayan escort Ankara “He’s twenty-one, I think you said, and I expect he’s had a good bit of experience at making out. I’m just seventeen and not at all experienced. Besides, he hasn’t even asked me out yet.””Oh, I’m sure he will.””Well, I do hope he does, but if and when he does, I’d like to be all practiced up.””Practiced up?” Brian asked with a tone of obvious disbelief, “You mean -“”Right, I’ve only had a few dates and always with guys my own age. They weren’t any more experienced than I was and all we did was some necking and maybe a little kissing. Nothing very serious. I know there’s a lot more to it and I want you to teach me?”Brian was still not believing what he was hearing. “Teach you? You want me to teach you how to not just kiss, but seriously make out too?””Yeah,” Hailey said, drawing the word out as if it had at least two syllables, maybe even three, “That is. if you can forget about that ‘big brother / little sister’ stuff.””But I know I can’t,” Brian protested. “I told you I would keep the promise even if you said I didn’t have to.””Right, but that was to keep me being a virgin. I never said we couldn’t kiss and fool around a little.”It was finally registering with Brian that Hailey really did want him to play kissy-face and probably a lot more with her, but he didn’t want to sound as anxious as he really was. He responded as if it was a chore, “Oh… well, if you’re sure.””I wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t sure. Does that mean your answer is yes?”The bulge in Brian’s pants grew as he imagined a hot ‘make-out’ session with Hailey. Brian was definitely willing, but he answered cautiously, “Uh, yeah… sure, uh, when did you want to do this?””After breakfast?”That would work for Brian. He would have time to masturbate privately before starting, (necessary to keep from shooting off in his pants), spend some time practicing, and still get to class on time. Trying to hide his anxiousness and anxiety, Brian carefully replied, “Yes, I think that’s doable. I’ll get ready for class while you finish your breakfast.” He got up from the table and headed down the hall.

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