Gym Dad Shower Fist


“For D”

Spring time in Texas… I was looking at the blue bonnets in bloom and feeling proud of myself as I was headed to the gym. Three and a half months into the year and I was sticking to my New Year’s resolution! I had lost 20 pounds so far and I was actually starting to see some definition in my chest and arms. The sun was shining and I wanted to just stay outside. But if I did, I knew I would not exercise. It would be beer and a cigar on the patio overlooking the lake. I had to get to the gym first! Discipline!!

As I walked in, I literally bumped into the salt and pepper Daddy I had been eyeballing the last few weeks. Then it struck me. He has been walking in the same exact time as me the past several days. Hmmmm. Lucky coincidence for me! “Pardon me, after you,” I said and gave him a warm smile. It was the first time we had spoken.

He returned my smile and said, “Oh no son, after you!” Son? I thought to myself. He cannot be much older than me. I’m 50 and look a little younger than my age, but I was betting the same of him. And he was definitely fitter than me. His gym bag was slung over his shoulders and as he came through the door after me, I thought I could see him rubbing his hands together like a cartoon mastermind villain. Odd… I must not have saw that right… he was mostly behind me anyway.

“How are you today? Name’s Antoni. Looks like our schedules have synced up a little… we’re getting here about the same time lately.” I attempted to engage him. He was very attractive and instead of being creepy, I lean into being social to disguise my attraction.

“Are we?” He replied, seemingly clueless as to who I was or what I was talking about. I was again a little surprised. We had made eye contact… a lot, over the past few weeks. How could he not recognize me? “I’m Ivan. Nice to meet you.” He said warmly enough. But that was it. Well, maybe he was shy.

We walked to the locker room together in awkward silence. However, he grabbed a locker in the same bay as me, just a couple down. He did not say anything, but I did catch him looking at me as I was changing out of my work clothes, especially as I peeled off my briefs and tugged on my jock. I looked him right in the eyes as I was pulling it up to catch his reaction to my cock cage.

His eyebrows raised in look that said “interesting.” I kept watching him as he changed as well. But he turned his back when he changed his shorts. I don’t know if he was trying to hide something from me (like an erection), or if he was embarrassed, or what. No worries, he had a great ass and that was worth the peak too. It was very fuzzy and obviously firm. Squared with muscle and it flexed so sexy with every shift his body made. He shifted his way around the bench to stand behind me and I bent over to pull on my own shorts. I noticed, he just stopped and stared at my crack. I flexed my pucker at him and I heard him sigh. Nice. I had his attention. I really had not thought he was gay. I was just being provocative, and maybe a bit outrageous. And a lot of straight gym guys like to look at and appreciate the male form… all of the male form.

Well, that probably wasn’t nice. He was such a quiet guy. I am sure he was great person and he just wanted to come get his work out. He was very dedicated to the gym and his fitness… I could tell. So with that, I figured I had had my fun and it was time to get to my workout. I finished dressing and went out to the floor. I found a stair stepping machine at the end of a row and put in my earbuds. I like listening to alternative music like Artic Monkeys and Spoon so I opened my playlist and got stepping.

30 minutes and a bucket of sweat later, the machine beeped and slowed to a stop. I climbed off slowly. I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to it, exercise, especially cardio. As I got ready to walk a couple laps around the gym before doing a few free weights, I noticed my new “daddy friend” had grabbed the machine behind me. I felt a little self conscious now, knowing he had watched me struggling on that thing for the last 30 minutes. He’s so fit, I am sure I must have looked like an awkward duck trying to swim for the first time.

I spent another 30 minutes or so with some arm and chest exercises… I will do legs and back tomorrow. I had noticed the “daddy” in the gym before and he would catch my eye, but today, I could not help but look for him, no matter where I was. And it seemed every time I looked at him, he would catch me. At first I thought, damn, he is going to think I am a creeper… but, he was always looking at me too… so… It probably was not my best workout. I was too distracted now. I decided enough was enough. I don’t want to make an ass of myself.

I wiped down the last bench I was using and headed to the locker room. I liked a soak in the hot tub after my workouts, so I stripped and took a quick cool rinse in the shower before stepping over to the hot tub. It was only around the corner from the bay of shower stalls, in the locker room and most guys went into Kağıthane Escort it in the buff, but with my cage on, I did not want to freak out all the conservative straights that use this gym. So I left my jock on and got in.

It was only a minute and I saw a pair of hairy legs stepping down into the tub beside me. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as the feet stepped in and then the strong legs… I saw his bare hip and buttock, followed by his squared, solid, hairy torso. This one was not shy and had come in fully naked. I turned a little and noticed, it was my “daddy.” Well not MY daddy. That was maybe wishful thinking. But DAMN! What was going on? I know I keep seeing him more and more, but now, today! Wow! And not only was I seeing him more… I was seeing more of him, like naked. I loved the fur.

He was dark complected and that beautiful salt and pepper hair covered his body so nicely, and topped off with a military style cut on top. Even with the fur, you could tell he was solid. A little thicker than the average guy, but solid. Just my type! I love ’em beefy! After he got in, he scooted around to the other side of the tub so that he was facing me. It was quiet at the gym today. Friday’s usually are. So we had the tub to ourselves.

Now, I think HE was trying to be provocative. After sitting across from me for a few minutes, with a smile that was slowly turning into a smirk, he stood up and stretched. When he did, I could see his V Line leading to his groin… but his height was such that all I could see was the top edge of his short cut pubes. He raised his arms above his head and stretched. Leaning from side to side. His pits were nice and hairy as well. His smirk grew as he caught me practically drooling over his show. Then he turned around and continued to stretch.

The top quarter of his glutes rising above the bubbling steamy water. His crack was calling to me. I want to dive into it and slide down it to find the treasures hidden beneath the waters. Then I knew he was teasing me when he flexed those globes. First one, then the other, and back again. Its a good thing precum is clear, because I would have colored the hot tub in mine, I was leaking so much. Finally, the show was over and he sat back down deep in the water, with just his head was bobbing above the bubbling frothing waters.

I was too mesmerized to move or say anything. I just sat daydreaming about touching him, licking him, and even submitting to him. My mind was racing with the endless sexual possibilities. Then he stirred and stood back up. “Don’t stay in too long,” he cautioned me. Or was it… an invitation? As he climbed out, I finally caught a glimpse of his cock. Let’s just say, he had nothing to hide. He had a generous piece of meat, even with only a semi. He grabbed his towel and toiletry bag and walked around to the showers. I just gaped open mouth as his butt bounced in rhythm with his stride. After he disappeared around the corner, I suddenly felt the heat of the tub and I glanced at the clock. I had been in the tub for nearly 40 minutes. A little overkill. I was relaxed and excited at the same time as I climbed out. I needed a long cool shower now. I grabbed my towel and bag and headed to the showers myself.

I heard a shower start before I turned the corner. When I did, I saw “daddy” standing half out of the last stall. He did not say anything. He did not nod or motion. He just stood there looking at me smiling, expectantly. He just held the curtain open, in front of him, again hiding his thick cock. I looked back to the locker room… it was empty. It was just the two of us in here. I slowly walked forward, and he still did not move. I walked down the aisle between the shower stalls, passing each one and waiting for him to do something… anything. But he remained completely motionless. Only his eyes moved, following me as I approached, beckoning me forward.

I got to his shower stall and stepped in. Hanging my towel and setting down my bag before moving under the cool spray. Only then did the daddy move. He stepped in and closed the curtain behind him. He reached down to his bag and pulled out a couple of bottles of what I assumed was shampoo and body wash. Then he stepped into the shower with me. It was not a small shower, but with two grown men, it was still close quarters. Especially if one of those men was a thick solid daddy.

I felt his prick brush against me. It was nearly fully erect now at 7″, maybe a little more, and thick. Perfect, I thought. He remained quiet though his expression was warm, with a mischievous and playful twinkle in his eyes. I could see hunger growing in his deep blue eyes and thrilled at their intensity. He turned me to face the shower spray. He grabbed both my arms and placed them on the wall to either side of the shower nozzle. He sidled up behind me and with his feet, nudged mine apart a little so he could stand between them. I looked down and could see his knees bend a little and I felt it. His cock head right up against my hole.

He Kağıthane Escort Bayan was getting right to business. No kissing, no head, no ass licking… Daddy wanted to fuck. OK, I thought, I am down with it too. This is hot. Anonymous gym shower sex. Mysterious and even a bit dangerous, its the stuff fantasies are made of. He pushed his hips forward slowly, testing the resistance of my ass. He must have put a little lube on his cock, because when it popped through my hungry sphincter, it slid in easy… all the way to his short cropped pubes. We both gasped in surprise and ecstasy. I let out the slightest squeak and he raised a hand to cover my mouth.

He leaned against me with his cock buried deep inside me and held there. When he was sure I was quiet, he placed his hands on the wall on either side of my own. I could feel his wet fury chest against my back. I was sweating from the overlong soak in the hot tub, and the cool water from the shower felt great. But this hot man impaling me and pressing his muscled body against my own sent me over the top. He slowly started grinding his hips into me. Gentle thrusts at first, but slowly and steadily, he picked up the pace, the force, the length of the stroke. It was impersonal but hot. I felt like I was just a hot hole for him to plow. But even with all the quiet non affection, there was more. There was an attraction. An animalistic magnetic pull between us.

This Daddy needed something and he needed from me. It was like he had been stalking me, waiting, and passively grooming me. I was more than happy to give it to him. He was so good looking, he could get what he wanted from anyone. But he wasn’t looking for just anyone. He was looking for something specific. A man willing to give it up to him. A man to bend over, open up, silently communicate, and submit! He was fucking with abandon now. I knew if anyone was out there in the locker room, they’d surely hear his hips slapping against my butt cheeks and his balls smacking into mine. POP smack, POP smack, Pop smack… but I was so lost in the rut myself I could not care less. Though it would probably mean I’d lose my gym membership. Fuck it, it would be worth it, but no one came to inquire about the noise.

He did not shoot right away, but it was not a marathon session either. You could tell, he needed to nut. He was on a mission and after about 10 minutes of steady ass fucking, he tensed and shot inside me. He gripped my hips and bucked into me with violent spasms. Even with the cool water, he was still sweating from this shower workout. He slowed his pumping and held himself inside me for another minute as he regained his breath… and consciousness.

I was still standing spread eagle against the shower wall when his cock slipped out of me. I thought that was it and I began to stand up straight. He placed both hands on me firmly and said, “No, don’t move. We’re not done!” I resumed my position and looked over at him with eyebrows arched. He dropped one hand to my ass and dove a couple fingers in as if he were trying to find the load he had just left in there. “Yes son, that is a nice juicy pussy. I am going to stretch it out a little more now.”

It wasn’t a question. He was not waiting for permission. He was informing me… I had already submitted to him, the rest was a given. He grabbed one of the bottles he had brought into the shower with him and moved beside me, with his fingers still imbedded in my hole. I hung my head and let the shower spray hit my back and run down, into my crack and flowing over his protruding hand. He kicked my legs a little further apart and adjusted the spray so it hit the wall instead. He pulled his fingers out and poured some thick clear gel out of one of the bottles onto his hand. Then he moved it back to my hole.

“Now lets see how much your cunt can take boy.” He said to me assertively. His fingers re-entered me. Three fingers this time. But I could take it without any real struggle, and the lube helped. But I had to wonder, what kind of man brings lube to a gym? It’s like he planned this. Back and forth he glided his fingers in and out of me. Then added a fourth. In just a few minutes he was sliding his hand inside me up to his thumb. I started to moan and he clapped his free hand over my mouth again. “None of that son. We have barely started. You cannot be moaning like a bitch in heat yet. I don’t wanna get tossed out, at least before I have had a chance to thoroughly use and wreck your pussy.

With that he yanked his hand out of my hole and he leaned over to take a look at the gape he had left. “Very good. I knew your cunt was hungry for my paw.” He grabbed the bottle and reapplied the lube to his hand. This time when he pushed back inside me, he included his thumb. I jumped and wanted to shout, but I wanted his fist more. More than I had even known. I bit my lip and breathed deep to control my outburst and accommodate the intrusion.

Ok, I have taken a fist before. But it had not been a goal of mine. I used Escort Kağıthane to have a little fuck bud that loved to play in my hole. He had small hands and when he started to get his little mitt completely inside me it was a lot of fun. But that had been a few years ago. I played with some big toys occasionally now and then, but nothing that would prepare me for his big hand inside me. Still, even without poppers or any real long term play, my “pussy,” as he called it, was opening right up. It really was hungry for him. I needed his hand inside me, and had not even known it.

He slowly bounced his hand in and out… the knuckles not quite making it inside me… yet. His free hand caressed my chest. Slowly making its way down to my jock. Oh yeah, I was still wearing it. I had not even had a chance to shuck it before he owned my ass. Then, as if he were only just remembering the cage, he pulled down the jock and tucked it under my balls, exposing my cage. “Nice clit,” I heard him purr. “Who locked you up boy?” Are you spoken for?” He asked, while still trying to work his fist completely inside me.

“No, I just thought it looked hot and I wanted to look it up so I can try and achieve an anal orgasm.” I confessed to him. He pulled his hand off my “clit” and slapped my ass, hard. I tried to jump, but his hand inside me anchored me in place.

“You can call me Sir or Daddy when we are ‘playing'” he informed me.

“Y-Yes… S-Sir.” I stammered. Surprised and even more turned on. I have done the sub thing before. But I am a 50 year old man living in rural Texas. Being a boy does not seem intuitive, at least on the surface… but that is exactly what I am. And he is most certainly a Daddy! And this Daddy has apparently been studying, reading, and assessing me. He has seen beneath the surface to the core of my submissiveness. Now he was literally trying to reach in and pull it out of me.

His free hand started roaming again, finding my nipples. He would push his fist into my ass, then tweak a nipple. Then he would push in again, switch to the other nipple and tweak harder. Push and tweak harder, over and over. My body was in sensory overload… and with it, my pussy submitted. His fist popped in, I slid into sub space and he slid into me. He immediately withdrew a fraction so that his knuckles were right at my sphincter. Holding my ring open as wide as his fist. And then he slowly opened his hand a little. He stretched my hole as far as it would go without ripping. I was on my toes… inhaling deeply.

He held me close against him and eased his hand completely back in my ass. This time he held it there for a couple of minutes as he caressed my body. Then he pulled himself tight against me again and let my body eject his hand. He grabbed the lube and applied more wasting no time pushing back inside me. Now he was slowly pumping it all the way in and back out. I reached down with one hand and grabbed his arm. He stopped moving and looked at me questioningly.

“I… I am going to piss if you keep doing that… Sir! You’re playing my prostate like its a piano and you’re Ray Charles.” I whined. He laughed and resumed his piston action… increasing the speed. I had my answer, and my piss sprayed out of my cock cage. Coating both of our legs in the pale yellow flow. He continued to laugh.

“Yeah boy. Just relax and give into me.” He encouraged. He knelt down behind me pushing me closer to the wall so my chest was pressed against it. He reached between my legs and grabbed my cage, pulling my ass to him, while keeping my chest against the wall. “Good Boy! Now reach around here and hold those cheeks open for me.”

He applied more lube to his hands and my hole and slowly started working first one hand in my hole, then when he’d pull it out, he’d immediate replace it with the other. In and out, first one, then the other. I was really being fisted… in the shower at the gym by an anonymous daddy! And I loved it. He slowed down and used two fingers from each hand to hook inside my hole and pull it open. I could hear him growling his approval and almost a little echo. Was that from the shower room or my ass? Then he spit into it and shoved a fist back inside me.

All of the sudden we both heard a noise and we turned together to see an older man’s head floating through the shower curtain grinning like the Cheshire cat at us. There I was, pressed against the shower wall with a big muscular Daddy kneeling behind me shoving his fist up my ass. Cheshire just nodded his approval. Then he let the curtain go and we hear him start the shower in the next stall. We both let out a muffled laugh and the fist popped back out of me again.

He leaned in and tongued my gaping hole… “Push” he whispered to me. “Let me see that rosebud.” I pushed and could feel a slight prolapse. He licked it. Kissed it. Tongue fucked it. “Fuck yeah boy. That is a pretty little bud. I think I need to plant a little more seed to help it grow though.” And before I could pull it back inside me, he was on his feet pushing his rock hard cock into it. “Push out boy. Kiss my cock with that rose bud.” I bore down and pushed. He thrust like he was in a Greek epic, and when his argonaut had purchase, he started to fuck my cyclops. It gave in and receded. He pursued it with his fuck stick. Pounding my stretched out ass.

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