Groomed by My Girlfriend to be a Cuckold for Blacks


The quote from the Forrest Gump movie, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,’ was certainly true in my case. I was born and raised in the San Francisco suburbs and had a pretty normal childhood. My parents have a stable marriage, and I had every reason to believe that I would find the perfect wife and live happily ever after with the girl of my dreams. This story documents my path to finding a happy life, but in a much different way than I could have dreamed of.My name is Daniel, but most people call me Danny. My childhood was very happy, and I had a small circle of friends in high school who were good students like me. I was always mild-mannered and a little shy around girls, and kind of bookish to be honest. I’m five feet and ten inches tall and thinly built at around one hundred and sixty-five pounds. I dated a few girls but never had a close relationship or sex with any of them.After high school, I went to college in Sacramento and earned a bachelor’s degree in business. At the beginning of my junior year there, I met a girl, named Sarah, who is my age. She was working on her degree in psychology. I was immediately attracted to that beautiful girl, who just happens to look a little like the actress Scarlett Johansson. And for some inexplicable and happy reason, she was attracted to me as well.Sarah is five feet and eight inches tall and slimly built, with perfectly shaped and firm D-cup breasts. Her hair is dirty blonde and long, and her eyes are a sparkling jade green. As pretty as she is in every way, including her luscious lips, her ass is one of her best features. It is a perfect inverted heart shape, with big and firm protruding cheeks that jiggle so tantalizingly when she moves. She also has an outgoing and effervescent personality, with a strong sense of self and confidence that makes her even more appealing.We started dating and I have to admit that she was always the one to take control in our relationship. Since I am so quiet and conservative anyway, I liked the way she organized our social activities, even if she was a little bossy. She also took control of our sexual life, and she fucked me for the first time only a week after we met. Having sex was all new for me, and she taught me how to be a good and generous lover. She was also crude sometimes when describing sexual situations, and I found that to be charming. I never asked her how she became so experienced at having sex. I just assumed that she had numerous lovers before me, and I liked her so much that it didn’t bother me.I knew from seeing other boys in the shower in high school that I’m not that well-endowed, having only a thin, five-and-a-half-inch long dick. She overlooked my shortcomings and taught me to suck her pussy. We fucked from time to time, but her favorite thing was to be on top of me in the sixty-nine position, sucking my dick while she pushed her hairy, fat-lipped pussy in my face. I didn’t like doing that at first but then came to love the taste and aroma of her very juicy pussy. Her wetness sometimes tasted a little different and had different consistencies, and she always explained it as being because of her varied diet and the time of the month in her menstrual cycle.We dated for two years, right up to the time of graduation, and by then she had given me the nickname of Danny Boy. She never explained why she called me that, even though it seemed like a put down to me. I had gotten a very good job back in San Francisco with a good starting salary, and Sarah was trying to decide where to go to study for her master’s degree in psychology. She finally decided to move to San Francisco and live with me while she went to school there. Although we said that we loved one another, and at least I thought we might get married some day, there was no commitment or talk of marriage. I was happy to be able to help the love of my life by providing her a place to live and planned to take things one day at a time.It was very challenging for us at first, with Karşıyaka escort me getting accustomed to working full time, and Sarah attending classes and studying hard on her demanding coursework. To help us relieve the stress, we joined a health club together, just a couple of blocks from our apartment in the city. I was never very athletic and seldom went to the gym, but Sarah started working out one or two days a week, depending on her class load. We always had great sex after her visits to the gym.I was usually home from work when Sarah arrived home from the club. She always seemed to be sexually aroused and ready for sex after her workouts, and she wanted to have sex before even taking her shower.I asked her what had her so turned on, and she said, “I usually ride the stationary bike just before I come home, and that seat pushing into my pussy for twenty minutes really gets my juices flowing. I just love it when you eat me out after having the tip of that seat working into my fuck hole.”Her crude talk always turns me on, and I gladly laid back on the bed as she removed her Lycra outfit. She then came up and straddled my face with her muscular, sweaty thighs, and I was almost overwhelmed with the pleasant, yet strong aroma of her hairy and sweaty crotch. Just as happened in Sacramento, she sometimes tasted differently, and her juices were periodically a little thicker. I had learned to love tasting and swallowing her fluids and was always anxious to suck on her hairy snatch.Over the next two months, she started going to the club four and sometimes five nights a week, as well as on the weekends. I was getting a steady diet of what I thought was her slimy girl-goo. She was also getting ever more aggressive at riding my face and even starting to slide back and forth, fucking my face between her beautiful ass cheeks. She often has an orgasm while I’m tonguing and sucking her pussy. Sarah sometimes laid down on me after her orgasms and sucked my dick to completion, although I was more focused on giving her pleasure than worrying about having my own ejaculation.After another month, she seemed to be taking almost sadist pleasure in sitting hard on my face, making me struggle to breathe. She also began pressing her asshole right on my mouth, until I began sucking her there. It sometimes seemed like there was some type of tasty fluid coming out of her asshole, and she explained that it was just a type of anal mucus that secretes when she’s sexually aroused. I know all of that might seem disgusting to some people, but the nastier she is the more I like it, especially if it involves her fantastic ass.Not long after she had begun riding my face really hard and feeding me her asshole, Sarah was writing a research paper for her sexual maladies class and had chosen the general topic of paraphilia from the suggested list. I learned that paraphilia is just another way of saying sexual perversion or sexual deviation, and it covers a wide range of deviant behaviors. Within that topic, she chose cuckoldry, because she said there were historical records regarding it, going back over one thousand years, and there was plenty of research material.I had honestly never heard the term before, but soon learned all about it.One night Sarah explained, “Well, Danny Boy, the simple definition of a cuckold is a man with an adulterous wife. However, since the 1990s or so, the term is also used to describe fetishist behaviors where a husband encourages his wife to have sex with others, for his own arousal as well as her pleasure. And I think that it can also apply to committed couples who are not yet married.”Her choice of topics seemed strange to me, so I asked, “I guess that sounds interesting, but of all the topics to choose from, why did you pick that one?”Sarah smiled and said, “I know that it sounds a little kinky, but I chose cuckoldry because of the powerful emotions that are involved as men and women travel down the path to try something like that. bornova escort bayan They are dealing with the most basic of evolutionary, instinctual human behaviors, and I find it very interesting. And there is a lot more to it than the basic definition. For example, the cuckold men can become very submissive to the women and their lovers, and they get off on being dominated that way.”After immersing herself in the research for a few days, Sarah began telling me about various aspects of cuckolding and tried to get my opinion on them. It almost seemed like she was teasing and testing me to see if I had any interest in being cuckolded.She would say things like, “It’s really amazing how those submissive, cuckold husbands, usually with smaller dicks, can so willingly surrender their wives to other men to fuck. Tell me the truth, Danny Boy. If we were married and the opportunity presented itself, would it turn you on to watch me being fucked by one or more big-cocked men?”I tried my best to avoid answering her. When she insisted, though, I would say something non-committal like, “I don’t know, honey. That seems to be asking a lot for a man who is in love with a woman to watch her being fucked that way, without at least trying to intervene.”The way she described the cuckold encounters, I have to admit that some of it was arousing to me, and I might have let that show a little.My answers were evasive and not a definite ‘no’, so that probably emboldened her to say other things like, “Many of cuckold men do everything they are told to do by their wives and the lovers, including having the husband suck the studs’ cocks. Have you ever sucked a cock, and if not, do you think you would ever do that?”Another week passed, with me continuing to eat her out most nights, and then she came home from the gym with a surprise. She had purchased one of those life-like dildos made from material that feels like real skin. It’s a dark mocha color, nine inches long and almost six inches in circumference. I had never seen a hard cock other than my own, and I was impressed with the size, detail of the veins, and crown of the head. It also feels life-like, is meaty and heavy, and it has a set of big balls attached.I asked, “Wow, Sarah, why did you buy something like this, and why a black one?”She smiled mischievously and responded, “I’ve been getting turned on studying all of this cuckold material, and I thought it would be fun if we used this dildo to fantasize about me fucking other men. I got the black dildo because many of the cuckold stories have an interracial theme, and it seems that a lot of white wives like fucking hung black men. Fantasizing that way might give me a deeper understanding of the material and help in my research.”The thought of using the dildo on Sarah seemed very kinky and erotic to me, but I tried not to seem so excited about it.She led us into our bedroom and said, “Okay, Danny Boy, here’s what I want to do. You lay on your back on the bed, and I’ll get over you in the sixty-nine position. Then I want you to carefully slide the head of the dildo up and down in my pussy lips to get it wet, and then fuck me with it. That way you can see up-close what it looks like having a big, black cock fucking me, and I’ll get to feel it stretching my pussy. I’m going to call my fantasy lover Jared, to make it more interesting, and don’t get upset at the things I’ll probably say when I’m in lust in my character as a slut wife. By the way, Jared is one of the black trainers at the club and I thought it would be fun to visualize him fucking me.”Her labia were already wet with her juices that seemed thicker and an almost opaque, white color, much more than normal. I slowly moved the dildo up and down her fuck crack until it was covered with the fluids. Then I pressed it into her pussy, and she was squirming with pleasure as she felt that thick phallus stretching her vagina. The smell of her sweaty and juicy cunt was musky and strong, and I Escort üçyol couldn’t wait to eat her out after her orgasm. I started out with slow, deep strokes, and gradually increased the speed until I was fucking her rapidly with the huge, black dildo. She pushed down my pants and took my hard dick into her mouth, which inspired me even more.The depth of her vagina had never been an issue for me, with my smaller dick, but I was surprised that she could take that nine-inch dildo to the balls with no problem.I continued fucking her with it, and she soon got into the fantasy of it when she stopped sucking me for a moment and screamed out, “Oh yessss, Jared, fuck me with your big cock and fill my pussy with your thick fuck meat. Danny Boy’s little dick has never gone that deep inside me, and I love feeling you bottom-out on my cervix.”Sarah’s enthusiasm at being fantasy-fucked that way was rubbing off on me, and I was having all kinds of new and erotic feelings at seeing her pleasured that way by the fake cock. For some reason, I even liked being humiliated at having my dick called little, especially the way she was so aggressively sucking it for me. I wish I could adequately describe the smells and visual stimulation I got from seeing that thick, black dildo stretching and pummeling her hairy, white pussy, all framed by her beautiful ass.After just a few more minutes, Sarah was pushing back on the dildo against the pressure of my hand, even harder than before. She soon screamed out, “Oh fuck, Jared, I’m cumming on your thick cock. Fuck me harder and fill me with your big load of semen and seed for Danny Boy to eat from me. He’s going to love tasting and swallowing your fuck slime, and he’d better get it all, so I don’t get pregnant with your black baby.”She sucked my dick into her mouth again, and I had one of my biggest ejaculations ever. Then I waited about a minute for her orgasm to subside and pulled out the dildo. She sat back on my face, and her tasty fluids poured into my mouth. She must have had a huge orgasm from being fucked by that dildo. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to hold her in place as I continued sucking and licking her oozing pussy.She finally pulled off me and said, “Damn, honey, you were really hungry for Jared’s fuck cream. What I want you to do now is clean his cock for him. Do it for me, sweetie.”I was surprised that she asked me to suck the dildo clean, but I guessed that was all part of her fantasy. She moved off me, sat on the bed, and took the dildo into her hand. I stayed in position on my back, and she pushed the black dildo into my mouth.I was only half-heartedly sucking and licking the dildo, and Sarah moved down close to watch me and said, “Don’t just lick it, Danny Boy, suck that cock and show Jared that you appreciate the great fucking he just gave me. Suck his balls clean too.”After that encounter with the dildo, we talked for hours about the strong emotional feelings we both experienced in the fantasy. She said that it helped her understand what real cuckold couples must go through, and she wanted us to make use of the dildo a regular part of our lovemaking. She also made a big deal out of how much she enjoyed watching me suck the black dildo.Then Sarah asked, “Now that we’ve had that fantasy cuckold experience, do you feel any differently about whether you’d like to be a cuckold for me one day? And do you think you could ever suck a cock?”I responded in a non-committed way again saying, “I’ll admit that it was fun exploring that fantasy with you, and I like the depth of emotions that we both felt. I’m just not sure that we would ever be ready to do that for real.”Following that first experience with the dildo, Sarah was constantly asking me if I would consider being involved in a real cuckold relationship with her. She was especially forceful about insisting that I try sucking a cock. It was becoming ever clearer to me that she might be serious about wanting to turn me into her cuckold. Given her persistence, I started surfing the internet to find out more about cuckolds. I finally stumbled onto a porn story site that has thousands of cuckold stories, as well as thousands of stories in other categories. The site seemed to be well-moderated, and the stories are of high quality. I started reading as many of them as I could.

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