Great Meeting Ch. 07


I wake up in the morning and can’t believe how happy I am. After months of fantasizing about Rob, I’m wide awake in his bed and feeling absolutely wonderful. We greet each other with a kiss and immediately my cock is at attention, as is his. It appears that we are hopelessly aroused by each other and our lust is evident.

I look in his eyes and they appear to be gleaming as I say, “Sweetie. I am so happy and I hope I can wake up beside you every morning forever.”

He smiles and replies, “Be careful what you wish for, cause I may never let you out of my bed.”

“That would be fine with me and you know it.”

Again our lips meet and soon our tongues are playing tag. Rob breaks the moment and says, “OK sweetie that’s it, up and at em, we need to get to work.”

He suggests that I shower first. When done and dressed I walked to the kitchen. Rob had prepared breakfast, put a coffee in front of me and we ate. He gives me a quick peck and disappears. While he is gone I do all the dishes and clean up.

When he returns he says, “Thanks sweetie, you didn’t need to do that.”

I smiled and replied, “Well, you didn’t have to make breakfast.”

We laughed, finished our coffees, brushed and were on our way. As we drove to work we discussed what we should do and agreed to each tell our boss as soon as possible. Traffic was a total mess and it was one of the few times I had ever arrived late. All eyes were upon us as we entered together, we both said our good=byes, Rob went to his desk and I went to mine.

As I passed the office of my boss, I asked if we could talk when he had a minute. He told me he had a meeting in 30 minutes; but, he could see me now if it wouldn’t take long.

I said, “It won’t take long”, and closed his door as I entered.

“What’s up doc?”, he said in Topkapı Escort his Bugs Bunny voice.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that last night my wife and I split up and I moved in with Rob.”

“I noticed you leaving with Rob a few times this week, but I had no idea you were gay.”, he added.

“I’ve always known I was gay but was afraid to admit it to myself. It’s time for me to quit pretending, I’m gay and done hiding it.”

Still in shock, he said, “I don’t understand it; but, I agree that life is too short not to live the way you want. I will need some time to comprehend this; but, as long as you do your job what you do on your own time is obviously none of my business. Let’s get together again after my meeting and we’ll discuss it with Rob, his boss and the human resources department. Please ask Rob to talk to his boss and set up a meeting in one of the board rooms for 10 a.m., I’ll contact the HR department and ask someone to attend.”

I said, “Thank you” and went straight to Rob’s desk.” He was in his boss’s office as I passed, they waved and I stopped, knocked on the door and was told to enter.

I could tell Rob had already told his boss so I informed them of the 10 o’clock meeting with HR, they confirmed their attendance and I went to my desk.

The next two hours dragged on and it felt like six hours. Finally it is 10 o’clock and we all arrive at the board room and take a seat.

The HR rep started by saying, “Ray and Rob I understand that you have moved in together, Is this just a temporary arrangement?”

Rob said, “I’ll let Ray speak for himself; but, I think this is going to be a long term commitment. Even though we have only recently spent time together I’m sure we are serious about each other.”

I added, “Rob is totally correct, Topkapı Escort Bayan I too, feel this is what we both want and need.”

There was silence for a few minutes, yet you could tell their minds were spinning.

Each boss took a moment to say that they were both content with our work habits and dedication to our jobs. Then the HR rep said, “I’ve looked at both of your performance appraisals from the past two years. Each of you has got rave reviews from your bosses, co-workers and outside contacts you have worked with.”

He then added, “Company policy assures no discrimination in the workplace, we treat everyone equally and our Dignity and Respect Committee was developed to deal with any employees who show prejudice in any way shape or form.”

“The only policy we have regarding couples working for us, is that both parties can not work for the same department and manager, that is common in most workplaces. Although both of you will be working in the same building under the umbrella of the same Vice-President, your jobs and duties do not overlap or interface, so I see no problem.”

Rob and I gratefully nodded, smiled and the HR rep said, “I just have one thing to add. You must understand that you are protected from co-workers openly harassing each of you, although we have no control over what they think or say among themselves. To enable your bosses to prevent harassing I strongly suggest that you keep your feelings for each other private and out of the office, don’t carry on in front of anyone.”

My boss then suggested, that Rob and I should take the rest of the day off, That would give them a chance to meet with all our co-workers, advise them of our relationship and explain to them that any harassment directed to either of us in or out of the office Escort Topkapı could result in their dismissal. The HR rep agreed and said he would gladly be there to explain corporate policy.

With that the meeting ended, we all shook hands, said our good-byes and went our separate ways. Within minutes I said Thank You to my boss, as did Rob and we met at the door. Again all eyes were on us and I was proud that we had passed that hurdle.

We drove off holding hands and soon we were parked in front of ‘our’ apartment building. As we entered Rob said we should stop at the Super’s office to let him know I was living there and arrange for an indoor parking spot. He was a pleasant guy and quickly had all the paperwork done. We moved the car to ‘our’ new parking spot and caught the elevator.

Once inside the apartment door, as always, our lips were locked, our tongues were wandering and hard-ons were begging to be touched, kissed and sucked. It’s not even lunch time and I’m hungry, hungry for Rob’s lovely cock. I broke the kiss long enough to whisper in his ear, “Sweetie, from this day forward I am going to make sure everyone I know or meet knows that I have no intention of ever letting you go. I will do anything and everything you want or need to ensure you will never have a need to look elsewhere.”

He looked directly at me and said “Sweetie, you are all I will ever want or need and I too intend to do anything and everything you want or need.”

We were both stripping as we headed to the bedroom and by 12 noon I was lunching on his cock and he was lunching on mine. In a few minutes we were both swallowing cum and it was sure to become a meal we would enjoy often.

FYI – This is my first story, a fantasy. Rob really was a co-worker of mine and I never ever got to even kiss him. He truly was a guy that I would have jumped at in a minute if he ever left his boyfriend. Unfortunately, they moved far away, I assume they are still together.

In a few days I am going to start a story about my ‘real life, non-fiction’ experiences, I intend to call it “Master Knows Best”.

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