Grandpa, Dad, and I


I just graduated from high school. Turned 18 a week before graduation. I’m 5’5″ tall, around 190, blonde hair. I live with my father as I really can’t afford to rent a place of my own yet. I got a part time job before graduating. My boss said he would give me more hours after I finished school. My mom no longer lives with us. She left my dad a couple years ago. He hasn’t dated anyone sense.

My dad stands 5’9″ tall, around 210. Stocky. 40 years old and good looking. Sometimes I have thoughts about taking care of his sexual needs now that mom is gone. I assume the reason why he hasn’t started dating is because there really isn’t a lot of privacy here. Shortly after my mom left my grandpa came to live with us. Grandma had passed unexpected from some incurable disease. Doctors still don’t know what caused it but it hit grandpa hard. Dad insisted he come live with us.

Grandpa was 5’11” tall. Around 175. Slim but still well built for a man of 63. Pretty sure he worked out a lot when grandma was alive. But he seemed to just not be interested in much anymore. Dad thought it might help being around us. It seemed to be helping as he talked more and showed interest in what I was into.

One day I came home early from work. It was slow so they said a few of us could leave early if we wanted to. It was a beautiful day out and I decided to take advantage of the offer. I didn’t live far from work and walked on the nice days. It took me about 15 minutes to get home. I reached the front door and turned the knob. Locked. Strange I thought. I unlocked the door and went inside and didn’t say anything. I heard voices coming from my dad’s bedroom. I figured maybe grandpa had gone somewhere for the day and dad was getting some finally.

I walked up the hallway to just shy of his bedroom door which was partially opened. I knew I shouldn’t but couldn’t help it. What I heard next shocked the shit out of me.

“Oh son. You have the most beautiful cock. I love sucking it so much.” It was my grandpa’s voice.

And I than heard my dad’s voice. “You don’t know how much I love you sucking my cock dad.” “When you first suggested it, I was shocked.” “But it proved to be a way to enjoy sex again without doing the dating scene.” “I glad I asked you to move in with us.”

I found myself rubbing my cock through my jeans. I took a chance and peeked in the slit of the partially opened door. There was my grandpa sitting on the edge of the bed. My dad’s cock buried in his mouth and both were moaning like two little cheap sluts. Grandpa was working my dad’s cock for all it was worth.

“Yes dad. That feels so good. Love when you take my full 8 inches in your mouth and throat.” “I getting close.” “Let me suck you for a bit.”

My grandpa stood up and my dad sat on the edge of the bed. My grandpa had a beautiful cut at least 9 inch cock. And rock hard. I couldn’t just stand there and watch anymore just rubbing my cock. I slowly pulled down my zipper so as to not make any sound. I took my erect cock out and started stroking it. I am about 7 inches fully erect and cut.

“Mmmmm son. Your mouth feels so good wrapped around my cock,” my grandpa told my dad. “Here. Take the whole 9 inches.” Grandpa pushed forward until he had his cock buried to the hilt in my dad’s throat. Dad never even once gagged. He just took it and moaned loudly. I could tell he loved having my grandpa’s cock in his mouth.

Grandpa started fucking my dad’s mouth and a few minutes later he said he was close.

“Okay dad. Let’s 69. So we can enjoy ofise gelen gaziantep escort each other together.”

They lay on the bed side by side in opposite directions. I watched as they took each other’s cocks in their mouths. My grandpa and dad in a 69. Needless to say, it was something I had never thought I would see.

They started sucking each other fast and moaning as they did. I could tell both was working for the end result. I wasn’t sure if they would go all the way but found out a few minutes later. They both started fucking each other’s mouths fast and hard. I was stroking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Then they both stiffened and I could hear both of then swallowing. They were cumming in each other’s mouth and swallowing every drop. That put me over the edge. I started cumming in a hankie I had in my back pocket. I came like I’ve never cum before. I let out a moan as the last of my cum dribbled onto the hanky.

Shit, I thought to myself. What if they heard me. I immediately headed for the bathroom. I waited a few minutes and no one came to the door. I decided to take a shower while in there. Look like I had just gotten home and was cleaning up after work.

I finished my shower and headed to the kitchen. Dad was working on dinner and grandpa was sitting at the table. Neither one showed any signs of what had taken place or that they knew I had seen them.

“How was work.” My dad asked.

“It was slow. We spent the last part of the day cleaning.” I replied.

“So how was the day for the two of you.” I asked looking at both of them.

“It was a very good day,” replied grandpa.

“Yes, A very good day.” chimed my dad. Both of them showing a little smirk. They had no idea I knew.

The week passed and everything was going well. Work was good. Dad and Grandpa were happier than they had been in some time. I spent the evenings in my room watching male incest porn and jacking off each night. Each time cumming like it was my first time. I loved what I saw and now wanted to be a part of it.

A couple weeks had passed since that incidence. Work was slowing down again and the boss asked a few of us if we would like to leave early again. I jumped at the chance hoping to catch dad and grandpa sucking each other again. Boy was I surprised.

I got home and sure enough the door was locked. I quietly unlocked the door and went inside. I crept to within inches of my dad’s bedroom door which was partially open once again. And I could hear moans coming from inside. I peeked through the partial opening and got another shock. Instead anyone sucking each other, there was my dad bent over the edge of the bed. My grandpa had his cock buried in my dad’s ass.

“God son, your ass is so hot and tight. Tighter than any pussy I ever had.” “You love daddy’s cock up your ass son.” my grandpa said.

“Yes dad. I love when you bury the full 9 inches in me. And when you fuck me slow. Taking your time for both of us to get full enjoyment. I’m glad you love my ass and fucking me.” replied my dad.

Grandpa was pounding my dad, his son, hard and fast. With each stroke he would bury his cock all the way in my dad’s ass. And with each stroke he would let out a little moan.

“Fuck me daddy,” my dad said to my grandpa. “Fill me with your hot cum. I want it all. Empty every drop you have in my ass.” said my dad.

“Soon my son.” replied grandpa. I could tell grandpa was getting close. He pounded gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort my dad’s ass like his life depended on it. In about 10 minutes my grandpa shoved his hard cock all the way in my dad’s ass.

“Arghhhhhh.” “Here it comes son.” Grandpa shot stream after stream of his cum up my dad’s ass. My dad was pushing back against him to help milk out every drop.

“Of fuck dad, that feels wonderful. I love when you pound me and shove your cock up my ass and unload.” said my dad.

Grandpa kept pumping my dad’s ass until he had emptied his ball sack in my dad’s ass.

“Your turn son,” said my grandpa. Grandpa pulled his cock out of my dad’s ass and lay on the bed. “Fuck me missionary son. I want to see your face when you fill me full of cum.”

Dad got between grandpa’s legs and put his cock against his asshole. A few seconds later he was buried to the hilt in grandpa’s ass.

“Oh dad, your ass is hot and tight. I have to admit it feels better than my ex-wife’s pussy ever felt.”

I had by this time taken my cock out and was stroking it fast and hard. Watching my dad and grandpa fuck each other was so much hotter than when they sucked each other’s cocks. As soon as my dad blew his load in my grandpa’s ass, I blew my load in the trusty hanky. I came so hard and without being able to hold back a loud moan. I hurried to the bathroom once again.

Several weeks had passed and they showed no signs that they thought I had seen them. We talked about everyday things. Weather, how my dad’s work was going, how mine was. And about grandpa and how he was happier now that he had been with us for a while now. That always made him and my dad smile a little and I knew why.

It had been several months since then and the opportunity came to leave early once again. I walked faster this time anticipating what was to come. I thought I was surprised the last two times. This topped it all.

I unlocked the door and went inside. I crept up to my dad’s bedroom door. It was wide open.

“Come on in son.” my dad said.

I didn’t know whether to run or go in. I decided to go in. Both my dad and grandpa were sitting next to each other totally naked on the bed.

“We know you saw us last time.” “And we know you jacked off watching us.” “Is that correct.” said my grandpa.

“Yes,” I replied. Hanging my head in embarrassment.

“No need to be embarrassed,” my dad said to me. And he stood up and took me in his arms. He held me for a moment and then he kissed me. Full on the lips. I melted in his arms and kissed him back. A strong passionate kiss. We worked our tongues in each other’s mouths. My cock was begging to be let loose.

My dad knew it and pulled my shirt over my head and off. He than went to his knees and undid my belt and pants. He pulled them down along with my underwear. My cock stuck straight out. My dad took a hold of my cock and started stroking it. Grandpa knelt next to my dad and licked the precum from the tip of my cock.

“Mmmmm. His precum tastes heavenly.” said my grandpa to my dad.

I was about to blow my load right then and there. But I fought the feeling as much as I could because I didn’t want this to end.

“Let me have a taste,” said my dad and he took the head of my cock in his mouth. He swirled his tongue all around the head getting every drop of precum he could get.

“Mmmmm. You were right,” said my dad to my grandpa. “It’s delicious. I can’t wait gaziantep ofise gelen escort to taste his cum.”

My dad and grandpa took turns sucking my cock. Both deepthroating me driving me crazy. I couldn’t last any longer.

“I’m going to cummmmm.” I yelled.

My dad took the first half of my load and swallowed all that I gave him. Then grandpa took my cock in his mouth and finished draining me until there was no more to give. My legs gave out and dad caught me and put me on the bed.

“Son,” dad said. “I can tell you really enjoyed that.” “I know your grandpa and I did. “You have a beautiful cock and your cum is delicious.”

“Thank you dad,” is all I could say.

“Your grandpa and I knew you saw us and we decided it was time to bring you into the action.” “I hope you like what takes place next.” Get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

I did as my dad told me to do. My grandpa got in front of me and put his beautiful cock up to my lips. I tongue my tongue out and tasted a man’s precum for the first time. My grandpa’s precum. He let out a loud moan when I took the head of his cock in my mouth.

“Oh that feels good my dear grandson.” Suck me.”

I did as he wanted and because I wanted to. I slowly worked his cock further in until I had the head in my throat. The feeling was amazing.

“Damn boy, have you sucked cock before.” said my grandpa.

“No grandpa. But I want to completely satisfy you. I love you grandpa. And I love your cock.” I told him and took his cock back in my mouth.

I had been sucking my grandpa for a minute when I felt something cold and wet against my asshole. I soon realized it was my dad’s finger. He was working lube into my ass and now had two fingers inserted.

“Are you okay son,” said my dad.

I took my mouth off my grandpa’s cock long enough to say yes.

“Yes dad. I’m fine. I’m ready. I want you to fuck me like you did grandpa.” I went back to sucking my grandpa’s cock waiting to feel my dad’s cock in my ass.

Then it happened. I felt the head of my dad’s cock enter me. He took his time and slowly worked his cock until he was completely in me. He held still for a moment to let me adjust.

“You ready son.” dad said.

“Yes daddy. Fuck me now please.”

Dad started working his cock in and out of my tight ass. Pulling almost all the way out than shoving his whole cock deep inside me. Again and again he pounded my ass.

“Oh son. Your ass feels wonderful. Daddy is going to fill your tight little ass with his hot cum.”

I let out a loud moan around my grandpa’s cock. I was in heaven. My grandpa’s cock in my throat and my dad buried in my ass. I’m so glad I moaned that day.

“I’m going to cum,” said grandpa. “Can I cum in your mouth.”

I nodded my head yes without taking his cock out. I didn’t know what to expect but wanted to find out. And I did.

“Here it comes my boy. Grandpa’s going to cum.”

He started fucking my mouth hard and fast. A few more thrust and his body stiffened and he started filling my mouth with cum. I swallowed as fast as I could. I didn’t want to lose a drop. Grandpa’s cum tasted delicious.

“Oh fuck,” shouted my dad. He shoved his cock deep into my ass and emptied his sack in me. It was wonderful. My dad filling my ass with his cum and grandpa feeding me his.

After they had gone soft, we all lay on the bed.

“That was great.” said my dad.

“I agree,” said my grandpa.

“Do you think you would like to do it again son,” asked my dad.

“Yes,” I replied. “As many times as possible. I want to taste your cum next time dad. And have grandpa fuck me. And I want to know what it feels like to fuck both of you.”

“Don’t worry my boy,” said my grandpa. “You will.” “I want to feel that beautiful cock of yours up your grandpa’s ass.”

We have enjoyed sex together as often as possible. None of us has had any desire to meet any women. Hell. We have each other.

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