Grandma Heather


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

It was shortly after I had turned 40 that I ended up moving to a new town after the promotion I’d been working so hard for came through along with a transfer. I’d done pretty well for myself and found a nice townhouse in a good part of town and I was close enough to my hometown that I was able to recruit enough friends and family to help me unpack the small truck I’d driven, loaded with all of my earthly possessions. While my mother lamented that I was 40 and still not married, I was happy with my life and my job; I had my nieces and nephews as my surrogate kids and did pretty well with the ladies. I just hadn’t found Ms. Right yet.

Once I was settled in, I wanted to start to get to know what the town had to offer. Since my brothers and most of my friends who lived in nearby towns were married, I was pretty much on my own. It occurred to me one day while I was at the office to check Facebook and see if, since I wasn’t all that far from my hometown, any of my friends or even acquaintances from high school had settled there as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a woman I’d known since elementary school was living in town, so I sent her a friend request and let her know I’d just moved to town. It didn’t take long for Heather to accept me as a friend so I was able to read her profile and discovered that she was both single and a grandmother! Since we were the same age, I knew the math worked out that being a 40-year-old grandmother was feasible, but it still came as a shock, having never been married, that there were people my age with grandchildren.

When I got over the shock, I looked through Heather’s photos and received another minor shock as I thought to myself that she looked like no grandmother I had ever seen. Of course I may have seen plenty of grandmothers who were hotties and just never had any idea that they were grandmothers, but as I looked through Heather’s photos I was thinking that she looked much hotter than I remembered her back in high school. I also didn’t remember her tits being so big, which I did know could have been from having children, but it certainly got my attention. I was also a bit intrigued by the tattoo that was visible on her chest in one of her photos. I’m sure she took a look through my profile, though I didn’t know whether she was as impressed by me, and we exchanged a few messages before she finally suggested some face-to-face communication at a local watering hole.

I didn’t head over there thinking about banging a granny, but was definitely interested in seeing if she looked as appealing in person and whether there was any chemistry. My initial reason for wanting to hook up with her was still valid; I was new in town and wanted somebody who knew her way around to help me acclimate. Anything beyond that would be a bonus. I took it as a good sign when Heather showed up at the bar that she was looking pretty hot. She hadn’t dressed Ankara travesti like she was on the prowl, but she had definitely put some effort into looking her best and I was duly impressed. The place was a classier than a beer-and-a-shot joint so we both ended up ordering red wine and slipped easily into conversation. I managed to keep my eyes off her cleavage and the nearby tattoo that was partly visible but I was definitely feeling an attraction and wasn’t even thinking about the fact that there were a couple of little kids who regularly called her grandma.

The conversation flowed from our hometown, who we still kept in touch with and memories of growing up together to my job, both of our relationship statuses and histories and her take on the town we were both now living in. Things were really clicking so, when Heather mentioned that we shouldn’t be sitting inside on such a nice night when we could be drinking better wine with a lower markup on her balcony and enjoying some fresh air, I was game and took care of the tab so that we could split. Her apartment was walking distance from the bar, so I left my car behind as she took my arm and we headed to her place. Even at that point I wasn’t assuming that I’d be getting lucky; I was enjoying hanging out with her and not really thinking of trying to steer things elsewhere.

As I checked out the view at the railing of Heather’s balcony, with a glass of cabernet in my hand, she settled into one of two chaise lounges with a small table between them. There really wasn’t a whole lot to see, so I soon reclined on the other chair and set my glass on the table. One of the things I noticed lying there was that there wasn’t anyplace nearby that had a view onto her balcony, which actually made me think about sunbathing rather than getting laid out there. I asked her about the amount of sun she got since it appeared that she had a lot of privacy for sunbathing. She replied that her balcony was ideal for sunbathing, which was why she didn’t have any tanlines. I turned my head to look at her and she just smiled back mischievously so I called her a tease.

“I am most definitely not a tease,” she replied as she started to stand. I thought for a brief moment that I might have offended her until she started to unbutton her blouse. “I am going to show you that I don’t have a single tanline on my body and you are welcome to put in as much effort as you feel necessary to confirm that.”

My cock was getting hard as her massive cleavage and the ornate tattoo beside it both came into view. She let her blouse drop to the deck, leaving her chest covered with just an extremely sexy bra, then opened her jeans and my eyes traveled down over her stomach to watch as her panties were revealed. She didn’t appear overly tanned, but as her jeans hit her ankles and she kicked them away, I wasn’t seeing any lighter skin to do a comparison. Before she removed her bra, she turned around to show me that she was wearing a thong and that her ass looked outstanding while asking me if I’d spotted any tanlines yet. I admitted that I hadn’t but suggested that if she kept going, I would keep looking.

Facing me again, she reached back to unfasten her bra and my eyes were fixated on her cleavage as the cups started to slide down the slopes of her breasts. I wasn’t surprised or disappointed when her big breasts settled quite a bit on her chest, thinking only of getting my hands and mouth on them and, possibly, my dick between them. Her areolas were quite large and darker pink while her nipples were thick Konya travesti and hard, not unlike my cock as it threatened to burst from my jeans. I was so distracted by her tits that I almost forgot about her awesome tattoo and only got a peek at it before I saw that she was starting to slide her thong panties off. It occurred to me that she wouldn’t need to trim down her bush if she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit to tan, but it appeared as though she trimmed it down anyway. Her pussy lips were shaved smooth and she had a nice, light brown landing strip above them.

She walked around me, turning and showing me everything she had, and I still couldn’t detect a single tanline so I told her as much.

“I knew you wouldn’t,” she replied as she leaned down, her big tits swinging, and caressed the bulge in my jeans, “but I wanted to get naked for you anyway.”

She opened my jeans and worked them and my underwear down while I reached out to fondle her tits, hefting their weight in my hands and caressing her hard nipples until they were out of my reach. While she cast my jeans and underwear aside, I shed my shirt and lay there naked with my tool pointing skyward as she moved up and straddled me. My hands went right back to her tits as she took my cock and guided it to her approaching pussy, lowering herself onto it once she was lined up. Even though the neighbors couldn’t see us, if they were outside enjoying the nice night like we were, they certainly heard us both moan as her hot, wet pussy fully engulfed my throbbing tool. She started to bounce up and down on my tool while I continued to fondle her luscious titties.

Admittedly, her pussy was not the tightest I’d ever fucked, but not only was it extremely hot and incredibly wet, she also knew how to work that thing in a way that a young, inexperienced girl typically didn’t. So, while her tits were a nice distraction, there was no way I could be completely distracted from the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down my cock. She seemed to be enjoying my cock, too, judging by the sounds she was making. She gradually started to lean further forward which allowed me to get my lips and tongue on her nipples as she rocked forward and back. I was pushing up into her each time she came down, pushing my cock as deeply into her as I could. My hands eventually migrated around from her tits to her ass for leverage as I pushed up into her while I still continued to lick and suck her hard nipples.

The longer she fucked me, the harder she was riding and the louder she was getting. I stopped trying to lick her swinging tits and just dropped my head back to watch them while continuing to grip her ass. Although fucking her felt incredible, I wasn’t feeling my orgasm beginning to build yet but I could tell by the noises she was making and the way her pussy was feeling that she was well on her way. I would have been happy to have her tits in my face, my hands on her ass and her pussy sliding up and down my cock for the rest of the night, but that didn’t end up happening and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. When she slammed herself down on me hard and didn’t rise up again, I felt her body trembling as a long, low moan escaped her. I just lay there as she came, ready for whatever she wanted to do next once she was completely satisfied.

When she opened her eyes and looked down at me, she asked me if I would like to fuck her tits. I nodded enthusiastically and she laughed before dismounting me. She lay on the other chaise as I stood and moved over to straddle her, laying my İzmir travesti throbbing tool between her big, fleshy beauties. She squeezed them together and I started to slowly slide my cock between them. I wouldn’t say that fucking her tits felt better than fucking her hot, wet pussy, but it certainly was close. My cock slid against the warm flesh and I could feel the stirrings of an orgasm very soon after I started. Since she was holding her tits together for me, my hands were free so I reached back with one hand and gently stroked her clit. She let out a moan and spread her legs wider but her gaze never strayed from my cockhead appearing from and disappearing into her cleavage.

My gaze was alternating between her luscious tits, large areolas and hard nipples and her cute face and bright blue eyes. I realized that not only hadn’t I kissed her yet, but I also hadn’t tasted her pussy or slipped my cock into her mouth. As I felt my orgasm continuing to build, I wasn’t all that concerned because I had a feeling that, not only was this night just beginning, but it also wasn’t likely to be a one-time occurrence. I enjoyed the feel of sliding my cock between her tits as I contemplated spewing onto her chest or into her mouth and ultimately decided that there was still more that I wanted to do. When I was not quite on the verge of cumming, I slipped my cock from her cleavage and leaned down to kiss her. We made out passionately for a moment before I pulled away and repositioned myself so that my cock was hanging over her face and her trim bush was directly below mine.

While she wrapped her warm mouth around my tool, I lowered my head and started to lick her juicy slit. She moaned as I lapped up her juices before focusing my licking on her clit while slipping a couple of fingers into her. She was pumping my cock while sliding her lips up and down it and I knew it wouldn’t take long before I found myself on the verge of cumming. Being focused on eating her pussy allowed me to enjoy her oral skills for a bit, but I could feel the pleasure building quickly and knew she’d be swallowing my load before she came again. Her talent proved too much and I raised my head to enjoy it while continuing to finger her slippery pussy. My breathing was getting heavy as the pleasure built to higher and higher levels before I exploded into her mouth with a moan. She continued to suck me off until I was completely spent and when she lowered her head, so did I.

I went back to voraciously eating her hot pussy, sliding my fingers in and out of it while licking and sucking her clit. Without my cock in her mouth to distract her, she was able to really focus on enjoying the feelings that were emanating from her pussy and quickly got noisier as she rocked her hips toward my face. I could feel her pussy becoming more engorged around my fingers as well as even wetter than it had already been. She was getting loud again as she got closer to cumming, to the point where even her neighbors sitting inside with the windows open might be hearing her. I was pleased that she was not only obviously feeling good due to my actions but that she wasn’t afraid to let it be known in no uncertain terms.

She started to tense up right before she let out a wail of pleasure and started to shake. I continued eating her until she’d settled down and let out a long sigh. Straightening up again, I grabbed my glass of wine and sat beside her. She brought the back of her chair up and grabbed her own glass of wine as we just kind of gazed at each other for a moment.

“I’m glad you moved to town,” she said, finally.

“I’m happy to be here,” I replied as I ran my fingers through her hair.

We finished our wine and headed inside, dropping our clothes on the floor of her bedroom before jumping into her bed to continue the festivities.

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