Gotcha Ch. 07


Jen rolled over gloriously refreshed. She was over the jet lag and had had a perfect night’s sleep in Mistress Tanya’s wonderfully sumptuous bed. As quietly as she could, she slipped out from under the covers to use the en-suite carefully closing the door and keeping as silent as possible. She wasn’t exactly scared of Mistress Tanya but she had every reason to be apprehensive, as she was enjoying this brief period of relative freedom. As she sat on the toilet she mused on the previous evening’s events. A few short weeks ago she would have been horrified at the prospect of being forced to behave like a dog, of being forced to urinate in front of others and of being forced to be the sexual companion of a complete stranger, and now she was accepting it as part and parcel of her new lifestyle with Wendy. Moreover, somehow, it went beyond mere acceptance; she had been more than just obeying orders last night, there was a perverse pleasure to the games, a deep felt erotic thrill and, in bed with Mistress Tanya, she couldn’t deny that she had had the most glorious orgasm.

And then there was the bit Mistress Tanya had said at the end; how she was obviously devoted to Wendy and how Wendy was just as keen on her. What was obvious to Mistress Tanya was definitely not so obvious to Jen. Sure, she’d got used to Wendy and her idiosyncrasies, and there was no denying that, since she had become Wendy’s ‘slave’ life had been more interesting, more fulfilling, and definitely more erotic; but to describe Wendy as ‘obviously devoted’ to her defied belief. And as for the other way round, how could someone who cares about her so openly play around with that floozie, that trollop, that tart, that little bitch trixie? Damn it, it should be her sleeping next to Wendy, not that little slut. How could Wendy treat her like that? With a start Jen realised how wound up she’d become, how angry she was about the way Wendy seemed to be excluding her. If she didn’t care then why did it hurt so much? It was all too much to deal with and she washed her hands and crept back into bed.

She had barely slipped back under the covers, however, before Mistress Tanya rolled over sleepily, reached out and pulled her in, locking them together in a sensual embrace. As Mistress Tanya shrugged off the effects of sleep, her kisses became more passionate, her caresses more sensual, until she reached up for Jen’s shoulders and gently but firmly pushed her downwards. Jen didn’t need any further prompting; she had been well trained by Wendy and was expecting this. Smoothly she slid down Mistress Tanya’s body, kissing and caressing all the while, her lips fluttering gently over Mistress Tanya’s breasts, belly, hips and groin.

Putting all her skill to work she teased Mistress Tanya’s labia apart, easing her tongue into the nooks and crevices. Partially wishing to do her best for Wendy, partially wishing to show herself as better than that little trollop trixie, and partially from a simple sense of pride in a job well done, Jen used all her skills and sensitivity to tease and caress, gently easing Mistress Tanya to ever higher arousal. Mistress Tanya was more vocal than Wendy and Jen used her moans, her gasps, her little cries as a guide to Mistress Tanya’s preferences but, as ever, it was the more physical symptoms, the muscle tension and the state of her clitoris which gave the true indication. Jen was getting to be an expert in reading the signs, catching and riding the waves so as to push Mistress Tanya ever higher until, with a long drawn out cry which started at the back of her throat and built to a shout of joy, Mistress Tanya climaxed, her whole body exploding as Jen pushed her over the edge into ecstasy, keeping her there, holding her there until, unable to take any more, Mistress Tanya pushed Jen away and collapsed, her breath coming in great gasps.

“God, you’re good.” Mistress Tanya said once she had sufficiently recovered. “Maybe I will swap you for trixie after all. Now come back up here and I’ll ring for breakfast.”

As Jen regained her place and replaced the covers Mistress Tanya reached for the bedside phone, pressed zero and spoke briefly. Then she turned her attentions back to Jen, playing with her piercings, both the nipple rings and those in her labia.

“Such a shame these aren’t quite ready yet. Just think of the fun we would have had. I’m going to have to ask Mistress Wendy if I can borrow you next time you’re over here,” Mistress Tanya purred.

Jen was wondering whether Mistress Tanya was about to start another session when the door opened and the maid entered with the breakfast trolley. Bedside tables were set up and the maid set out their food before them. Having a pre-breakfast orgasm seemed to have put Mistress Tanya in an excellent mood and she and Jen were very relaxed as they ate together. The only fly in the ointment was the knowledge that, back at the hotel, trixie and Wendy were doing the same thing and, in consequence, a small spark of jealousy still burned in Jen’s breast.

When the maid returned to take away the breakfast trolley, she informed Mistress demetevler escort Tanya that Wendy would be arriving to collect Jen at eight thirty. Mistress Tanya glanced at the bedside clock and sent Jen off to the en-suite to get ready. When Jen returned, showered and refreshed, there was an outfit for the day ready and waiting for her. As Jen put on the clothes she was keenly aware that Mistress Tanya was watching her closely.

“Such a pretty little thing,” Mistress Tanya said. “It’s no wonder Mistress Wendy is so keen on you. Now run along, you don’t want to keep your Mistress waiting; she’ll be here any moment, and don’t forget your tail.”

Thus dismissed, Jen picked up the tail from where it had been dropped last night, left the bedroom and searched out the front door. As she did so she ran into the maid, who led her through the house and had her wait in the lobby. It wasn’t five minutes before the limo pulled up and trixie jumped out to open the door. As Jen got in trixie gave her a little curtsey, one so steeped in irony that it was insulting rather than polite. However, Jen was feeling so good that morning that petty insults just bounced off her. She knelt on the floor and rested her head on Wendy’s lap.

“Good morning piglet. I hope that Mistress Tanya was satisfied with you last night, that you didn’t let the side down. Now sit up here,” Wendy patted the set beside her. “I want to go through this morning’s presentation. What can you remember about AG Utilities?”

Jen sat up next to Wendy and together they poured over the paperwork. Mostly Wendy wanted to talk about Mr Donnelly, the CEO, who was, in her estimation, very sharp and not to be messed with. There would be no pulling the wool over his eyes, nor would he be easily distracted in the way in which they had played Mr Hong. Jen had seldom seen Wendy give so much respect to a business competitor before.

When they arrived at AG Utilities Jen could see that Mr Donnelly was physically imposing as well as charismatic. A powerful man in every respect, she could see how he could have made his way to the top by sheer force of personality; Jen suspected that he was more than a bit of a bully and Wendy’s respect was well earned.

The morning presentation went well. The two women were getting to know each other’s style more and more and they interacted like a well-oiled machine. Increasingly Wendy was relying on Jen to have the details at her fingertips, and Jen was coming up trumps; all her hard work was paying off and, by lunchtime, it was looking good. The two women were invited to join the board for a buffet lunch and, once the meal was over, Wendy and Jen were taken up to Mr Donnelly’s private suite. He motioned Wendy and Jen to some deep leather armchairs and, settling down behind his desk, picked up a file.

“Ok, I’ve had the sales pitch, now let’s talk turkey. I’ve got some interesting intelligence on your deal with S.A.L. here; it would seem that Hong made a bit of a fool of himself. Looks like he was thinking with his dick, not his brain; you got yourself quite a deal.” Mr Donnelly looked up. “Is this her? Is this the bait you used?”

“Err… yes.” Wendy smiled, quite unabashed by the accusation. “My assistant was very helpful in persuading Mr Hong to give me very favourable rates.”

“I’m sure she was. Did you think that I would fall for that trick?” Mr Donnelly asked.

“Of course not,” Wendy replied, laughing. “I wouldn’t dream of trying anything like that on you. Having said that, she is, of course, completely available for your use in any way you want. No strings attached, call it a ‘thank you’ for letting me give my presentation. All I’d ask is that you don’t damage her. You’ll find she’s totally compliant.”

“So it would seem,” Mr Donnelly commented, putting down the file. “And thank you, I think I will take advantage of your offer. No need for any formality, right here, over the desk will do.”

Wendy shot Jen a meaningful look and nodded her head towards Mr Donnelly’s desk. Jen had no option but to obey so she got up out of the armchair and went over to stand next to the desk. Mr Donnelly stood up, moved some papers out of the way and, as Jen approached, grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her back and pushing her roughly down across the leather topped surface. He flipped up the back of her skirt and pushed her legs apart. The word ‘compliant’ was still echoing in Jen’s ears; how much of her compliance was enforced and how much did she secretly enjoy it? When Mr Hong had pawed between her thighs her reaction had been one of revulsion; with Mr Donnelly there was a sense of anticipation. Was this a measure of the difference between the two men or a measure of a change in her?

“Very pretty.” Mr Donnelly commented. “I can see why Hong was so taken with her.”

Still holding her down Mr Donnelly rummaged in the draw of his desk with his free hand, found a condom and, with no further ceremony, unzipped his fly, fitted the condom, came up behind Jen and started to force his way otele gelen escort into her anus. Fortunately for Jen the condom was lubricated because, unlike Mr Hong, Mr Donnelly’s prick matched the rest of him and he was stretching her wide as, with a series of short hard thrusts, he pushed his way in until he was buried to the hilt.

“She’s not quite as tight as I’d expected” Mr Donnelly said conversationally as he eased himself back and forth in long firm strokes, nearly withdrawing before once again plunging into her. “I gather I’m not the first to use her this way.”

“I like to keep her accommodating and available so she’s been stretched, ready for use. I do hope her tightness isn’t an issue,” Wendy replied.

“Oh, no, she’s fine,” Mr Donnelly continued. Gradually the pace was increasing and the force of his strokes was getting stronger. Jen held on to the edge of the desk with her free hand to give her some purchase, some ability to push back. She felt her head nudge something and, when she looked up, she realised it was the framed photograph of Mr Donnelly’s family. There was something deeply disturbing about the whole episode; the way in which she had been offered, the way that Mr Donnelly hadn’t spoken a word to her, the way he was still casually chatting to Wendy whilst fucking her arse and the way she was almost forced to look at a photo of his wife and kids as he did so all made it feel surreal and deeply erotic. Increasingly Jen was finding that anal sex was as much of a turn on as ‘normal’ penetration and she was beginning to welcome it, almost prefer it. But far more than any physical aspect it was the objectification that got to her; somehow being used in this way, not as a person with rights and feelings but as a sex object, a toy, an arse on legs to be used for the satisfaction of total strangers at her Mistresses’ will, that made her want to push back, responding to the thrusts, as if urging him to push deeper, harder, encouraging him to use her.

“You were certainly right about the compliance; she’s loving this, loving every second of it,” Mr Donnelly exclaimed, panting slightly. “What a dirty little minx she is, a slut, a tart, a whore, a….”

With a deep groan Mr Donnelly climaxed, thrusting himself deep inside Jen before slumping forward resting his weight on his arms. Jen was secretly disappointed that the whole episode hadn’t lasted longer as she felt his prick begin to soften inside her and, after only a few seconds, he withdrew.

“Thank you, that was most welcome,” Mr Donnelly said to Wendy. “Please excuse me whilst I freshen up.”

Tucking his prick back into his fly he went out of the office for a few moments, presumably to an en-suite washroom. Jen, still shaking, stood up and brushed herself down before returning to her armchair. It wasn’t long before Mr Donnelly reappeared.

“That’s better, much better. Thank you so much for the use of your assistant.” As ever he addressed all his remarks to Wendy. “Now, shall we return to the boardroom?”

As the afternoon session continued Jen hoped that her session with Mr Donnelly made up for her reduced effectiveness in the boardroom. Mr Donnelly had stretched her wide and she could still feel where he had been; she was finding it difficult to concentrate on the pages of figures that made up the proposal. Fortunately much of the afternoon was given over to PowerPoint presentations and Wendy took the bulk of the questions. Moreover, at the end of the day a deal was hammered out and both sides felt as if they had won.

When Jen and Wendy got in the limo to return to the hotel Wendy was in high spirits.

“Well, well, well, little piglet, that’s another one in the bag!” She exclaimed excitedly. “Donnelly thinks he’s so much smarter than Hong but, in the end, they’re all the same. As soon as I saw his prick go up your arse I knew we’d get a good price out of him. You’re turning into one of the best sales assets I’ve ever had, do you know that? Now get up here and give me a kiss.”

Jen got up off the floor of the limo where she had been kneeling and sat down next to Wendy who leaned across and kissed her full on the mouth. The kiss was long, hard and increasingly passionate. It wasn’t just the kiss; Wendy’s hands were all over Jen, agitatedly pulling at her skirt and blouse. Suddenly she broke away.

“God, I’m horny,” Wendy gasped. “I need your head between my thighs — now!”

As Jen slid to her knees Wendy feverishly pushed down the pants of her trouser suit, hooking her panties with her thumbs to take them down at the same time. Jen, realising that this was not the time for subtlety, leant forward and set to work. Unsurprisingly Wendy was already turned on and her clitoris was swollen and hard. Jen matched Wendy’s fever with hard flicks of her tongue, skipping the usual build up. She felt Wendy’s hands on her head pulling her in, urging her on. It seemed that in no time Wendy was approaching her climax, not a long, languorous, sensuous climax that Jen normally aimed to give balgat escort her, but a simple satisfaction of animal need, and the climax, when it came, was short but powerful, all her needs met in one vast explosion of pleasure.

“Mmm… That’s better,” Wendy purred as she re-arranged her clothes once she had got her breath back. “Now, come back up here and sit next to me again.”

Jen got back up on the seat and sat next to Wendy who put an arm round her and pulled her close.

“You’re a good little piglet, do you know that?” Jen was bemused; Wendy’s good mood knew no bounds. “And we’ve got a special treat tonight. Mistress Tanya has invited us out to a rather special party at a club in town seeing as we’ll be going home soon. Lots of her friends are invited. I’m sure we’ll have a very interesting evening.”

When Jen and Wendy returned to the hotel room there were a number of packages laid out on the bed. trixie had not stayed but had left to pick up Mistress Tanya so Wendy and Jen were alone. Wendy went to take a shower and, as there were no other orders, Jen took off her clothes and knelt down in the dog basket and waited. It wasn’t long before Wendy reappeared wrapped in a dressing gown and drying her hair with a towel. She glanced over at Jen and smiled.

“What an obedient little piglet you’ve become” she commented. “It seems ages since I’ve had to smack that pretty little bottom of yours. I think this trip has done wonders for you; helped you realise where you belong, where you want to be. Isn’t that so?”

Jen bowed her head and blushed. There was something in what Wendy had said. She had, indeed, gone to her basket as an automatic reaction and, truth be told, it did feel right to be there. Behaviour and situations that previously would have been incomprehensible or abhorrent were now normal and welcomed. Her mind went back to lunchtime when she had been bent over a desk and sodomised without her consent. Not only had she not cried ‘rape’, she had actively enjoyed it. Life as Wendy’s pet, as her slave, as her plaything, might be arduous at times, but the depth and intensity of the experiences that came with it more than compensated. Her life was fuller, more exciting, and definitely more erotic than it had ever been before.

“Come along now,” Wendy chided. “It’s your turn in the shower. I want you spotless tonight and it’s about time you re-trimmed the fur on your pussy; I shouldn’t need to remind you.”

Jen went off into the en-suite as Wendy sat down at her dressing table. She spent plenty of time luxuriating under the power shower and, as Wendy had urged, trimmed her pubic hair until it was suitably short and tidy. Using one of the huge fluffy towels it wasn’t long before she was dry and, nowadays, with Wendy ordering her to keep her hair short, it only took a few moments with the hair dryer before she was finished. As she came back out into the main suite Wendy turned round to look at her and nodded with approval.

“That’s better. Now come and help me dress.” Wendy went over to the bed and unwrapped the packages, laying the contents out on the bed covers. The main item was a leather corset in midnight blue which ran all the way from the hips to the bust. A series of straps held a piece of leather across the groin acting like a pair of panties. Accompanying this were a pair of matching knee high leather boots and elbow length gloves in the softest of calf leather. Jen helped Wendy get dressed, tightening the corset, lacing up the boots and easing on the soft leather of the gloves. It all fitted perfectly, a combination of accurate measurements and skilled craftsmanship. Once she was dressed, Wendy turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

“So clichéd,” she sighed. “But it is somehow expected of one. What do you think?”

“You look… magnificent,” Jen replied, somewhat surprised to be asked.

“Magnificent… Yes, that will do. Now, let’s get you sorted.”

Jen was not surprised that she would be wearing her new tail; it would appear that Wendy was as keen on it as she was. Along with the tail there were new wrist and ankle cuffs that had come with the packages. They were maybe three inches wide, well padded, and fastened by strong strapping. These were far more than mere decoration; rather they were designed for severe restraint. Each came with a quick release catch attached so they were available for immediate use. The finishing touch was a black leather hood similar to the one Jen had worn when her piercings had been done. It completely covered the eyes and ears and thick padding within the hood meant that Jen was completely blindfolded and that her hearing was severely muffled. The finishing touch was a ball gag fitted to clips either side of her mouth.

As soon as the hood was fitted Jen found herself in a different place. With no sight and only very muffled hearing she felt detached from the outside world. The hood depersonalised her; without a recognisable face she was just an object, an object which was open, available, and ready for use by all and any. She had become used to having little or no say over what happened to her but now this was absolute. But more than that, any who did use or abuse her would also be faceless. As she would not be able to see or hear those who molested her they would cease to become people; she had moved to a void where things just happened, where faceless entities had their way with her unresisting body.

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