Got Eye Fucked by Men Twice My Age


Hey guys! Nina here with a quick little update on a little mini adventure I had on Christmas Eve. To give you a quick recap of my situation: I’m 28 years old, Canadian-Lebanese from Toronto, and I’m recently separated from my husband. My financial situation took a turn for the worst as I never had a job and relied on my husband for financial support. As this was no longer a viable option, I had to figure out another way to meet my expenses.

Thankfully, I was saved by Robert, 59, a man with whom I have a special arrangement with to provide me with regular allowances in exchange for companionship. In other words, he is my sugar daddy. In fact — Robert isn’t my only sugar daddy. I have a similar arrangement with another man, Luis, 62, who I met through an online site that helps connect people looking to begin an arrangement of this nature.

I didn’t mind being with older men. In fact, I was attracted to men older than me. They offered something different and were a bit more gentlemen-like than guys closer to my age that I’m usually involved with. Robert was no slouch in bed either. While sex with my other man, Luis, was okay at best, Robert was aggressive and assertive in bed, like a man half his age and I always enjoyed my time with him.

Our city was about to impose a lockdown following Christmas Day, and so most people had decided to meet with their families for Christmas and Christmas Eve before they were required to stay indoors. Robert decided to have a get together with a few of his friends who were all in their late 50s and early-mid 60s, and asked me to come. I had met a few of his friends before, as well as their wives.

Robert was the only one of his friends who was not married — he got divorced several years ago and loved having me around to show off to his friends. His friends were clearly envious of him having a girlfriend half his age. While his friends loved me, their wives did not. Perhaps they didn’t like the way I dressed, or maybe it was their perception that I was another bimbo who was dating an older man for his money.

The day of the Christmas Eve dinner came and I started to get dressed. Robert loved it when I dressed extra slutty in front of his friends. He liked when other people wanted me but knew they could not have what’s his. I put on a bright red sleeveless low cut top. It was nice and tight and hugged my tiny breasts, while fully exposing my naked back. The material was thin enough for my perky nipples to poke through the fabric. I paired it with a white mini skirt and a red thong. My skirt was slightly see through and my red thong was slightly Escort Bayan visible through the material. I also had to be careful with this skirt. I couldn’t bend and I had to be extra careful when sitting across from someone, as the skirt would usually ride up, exposing the space between my legs. I put on my coat and went to Robert’s house in an Uber.

I got there early to help him set up. He had catered dinner so there wasn’t much to do aside from setting the plates and glasses. One by one, all of Robert’s friends arrived. There were 4 of them, and only one of them had brought his wife. I guess the others probably didn’t want to come knowing I would be here — or maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. Who knows — I couldn’t care less. I greeted all of his friends with a tight long hug and peck on the cheek. Each one of the men returned my hug with just as much enthusiasm, as I felt their hands rest on my exposed lower back. I greeted the one other woman in the room with a hug, who returned it half heartedly. I could tell that she didn’t like me but I couldn’t care less.

The evening began as we had dinner and enjoyed delicious wine. I might have had a bit too much to drink but it was Christmas Eve. Might as well enjoy it, I thought to myself. The one other couple who had arrived had left early into the night, leaving me alone, provocatively dressed, half naked and with Robert and 3 of his friends.

The 4 men went into the den and I followed with wine and glasses. I poured all of them a glass of wine and sat on the edge of a recliner seat with a glass of my own. As I sat, I felt my skirt ride up, exposing my bright red thong to anyone sitting across from me. I didn’t bother adjusting it or crossing my legs and just sat normally, letting them enjoy the view.

I could feel eyes pierce the space between my legs. I loved the attention I was getting. I pretended to not notice as I continued to carry the conversation. I finished my glass of wine as I felt my buzz get stronger and stronger. I got up to pour myself another glass, pulling my skirt down as I did. All eyes remain fixated on me as I walked over. I stood over the centre table and bent slightly. Two men were sitting behind me. My skirt rode up slightly as I leaned down to pour a glass. Robert and his other friend who were in front of me got a good view of my breasts as I leaned down. I exaggerated my movements and took my time, letting them

enjoy the show.

I felt my thong starting to get damp and my tiny nipples harden as they started to poke through my top even more. My red thong was clearly visible Bayan Escort through the see through material of my skirt as I turned around, facing my back towards the group and walked back slowly to my seat.

Some time later, they had decided to go down to the basement to smoke cigars. I joined them down there with a glass of wine in my hand. I was clearly tipsy and being extra flirty and friendly and enjoying all the attention I was getting. I took a few puffs of Robert’s cigar but it was way too strong for me. I decided to bask in the ambience of the cigar smoke instead as I continued to enjoy my wine.

One of the men asked me, “So how does a guy like Bob land a beautiful girl like you?”

I giggled and responded, “He’s a catch himself. I’m very lucky.” I walked over to Robert and sat on his lap as I said this. My tight skirt rose up as I rested my ass on his leg. He put his hand on my leg and gently stroked it as the other men looked on enviously.

“Well if you have any friends who are also interested, send them my way!” One of the men said jokingly.

“I wonder what your wife would say about that,” I jested. Everyone let out a laugh.

Another one of the men said, “You’re dressed very festive today, all red and white like Santa. Did you bring us a gift today?”

“I’m the gift, you get to enjoy my company,” I replied smiling. I got up off of Robert’s lap and stood up to show off my outfit. “It is festive, isn’t it? Do you like my outfit?” I did a little twirl as I said this. I sat back down on Robert’s lap.

This back and forth kept going on as the men kept flirting with me. Robert kept his hands firmly on my naked thigh. He loved making his friends jealous. To them he was probably a hero for landing a girl half his age. And he enjoyed the confidence boost this gave him.

As the night went on and I started to get more drunk, I found myself getting frisky with Robert in front of the others. I put my hands in his shirt and kissed his ears and neck while he carried a conversation with his friends. Moments later, he said, “Guys, excuse us for a second, please carry on.” Robert and I got up and made our way to the adjacent room. He made it super obvious on purpose what was about to happen. He wanted everyone to know that he was about to rail me.

Robert closed the door behind him and pushed me against the wall as we locked lips, kissing hard and hungrily. I bit his lips and kissed his neck hard, making my way down his chest, and went on my knees. I unbuttoned his pants and took his cock out. I took it in my mouth and sucked Escort on it hard, bobbing my head back and forth and lubricating every inch of his cock with my mouth. I put his balls in my mouth and licked them all over before he grabbed me by my hair and lifted me up.

He pulled my skirt up and pulled my thong down and turned me around. I bent over and felt his cock against my dripping pussy lips. Then he forced his way in as I let out a loud moan, probably loud enough for the men in the adjacent room to hear. “Ohh fuck me daddy!” I screamed as Robert continued to puncture my pussy. I screamed his name and continued calling him daddy, asking for more and more of his cock. He fucked me with precision, ruthlessness and recklessness, treating my like his slut, like the whore he paid for.

He fucked me like I was his property, fucked me like I was bought and paid for. I cried in pleasure as his cock continued to pierce my tight pussy hole. “Daddy fuck me, please don’t stop! Please fuck me!” I yelled loud enough knowing every word could be heard by our guests. Robert picked up the pace, hitting each stroke harder than the last when finally I felt his hot sticky cum coat the insides of my pussy. “Fuckkkkkkkk daddyyy!” I screamed as Robert pulled out.

We quickly cleaned up and I put my thong on. I made my way out after Robert. When I walked out, all eyes were on me. The men all had a sly smile on their faces, knowing what I had just been through. Robert sat down proudly, smoking his cigar. My hair was a mess, my makeup smeared and my clothes slightly dishevelled. My original seat on the recliner was taken so I sat down in between two of the other men.

We continued our conversation when one of them put their hands on my bare leg, which I let him do. I didn’t mind other men touching me at all. In fact, I quite enjoyed it. I noticed that each of the guys kept looking towards my chest. It took me some time to realize that one of tits was exposed. It must have popped out while Robert was pounding the shit out of me. I quickly tucked it back under my top, slightly embarrassed, slightly aroused. None of the other men, not even Robert, pointed this out to me.

Not much happened the rest of the night. When his friends left, I quickly tidied up and joined Robert upstairs in his room. He fucked me again that night, this time finishing on my stomach and chest. I slept over that night and woke him up early to a sweet Christmas blow job. He ended up giving me a huge allowance on Christmas. I left in the morning as he was going to spend Christmas Day with his two kids (both of them my age).

All in all, this was a super fun experience. The attention I got from Robert’s friends turned me on like crazy. Knowing that they wanted me and would do anything to take Robert’s place was a feeling like no other. I can’t wait to do it again!

– Nina

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