Going Dutch Ch. 06


Before Britt and Lara sat back down, they reached back and grabbed their glasses. I took the opportunity to pick mine up as well, and once they both settled down on either side of me, we all had a few sips. They were both very giggly–probably the aftereffects of the orgasms they had just felt and the thrill of their exhibitionism. I was pretty damn giddy as well. My head was swimming with the erotic power of the show they had just put on, and the looming potential for my own pleasure.

Like a good Dutch woman, Lara drained her beer in a flash and brought her attention to bear on me once she set the glass down. She grinned happily and nestled her breasts against my side, holding my arm with both hands.

“So…would you like to be included now?”

I drained my beer as well, put the glass beside hers, and grinned back.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked in a pompous voice, my eyebrows raised high.

Britt giggled. Setting her glass aside, she assumed the same position as her mother, but on the opposite side.

“Well,” said Lara, “would you like to play with the two of us, or would you like the two of us to play with you?”

“Oh, God–what a decision to make!” I groaned.

Fortunately, Britt intervened on my behalf.

“Mam,” she interjected, “I think we have teased him enough for right now. He will probably explode if we don’t help him a little bit!”

“That is a very considerate point, schat. Very mature. So,” said Lara to me, “you will sit on the edge of the tub and we will help you relax, yes?”

“Oh yes!” I agreed happily. I lifted myself up onto the wide ledge, careful to avoid the glasses. It was hard to ignore the fact that my cock was at eye level for both women and their hands were resting on my thighs. In fact, the cool air and the sudden sense of being the center of their combined attention made it twitch mightily as soon as I sat down. A single drop of precum appeared at the tip.

“Hmm, yes!” said Lara softly when she saw my arousal. “Britt,” she went on in a motherly tone, “you sit beside him for a moment and keep him occupied!”

“OK, Mam!” she chirped in response. She stood up nimbly, steam rising off her slender body.

As she rose, Lara considerately collected the glasses and set them off on the corner of the tub. Then she settled back into the water, but this time she knelt on the bench between my knees. I grinned down at her, knowing what was coming. Britt, however, reached over and pulled my face around toward hers.

“Pay attention to me as well!” she insisted, leaning in to kiss me firmly. My arm went around her waist and her breasts pressed warmly against my chest, her nipples tight with arousal and the cooler night air. She caressed my chest and abs while her tongue teased mine and traced its way around my lips. I closed my eyes and settled in to enjoy her affection.

Lara, Yozgat Escort meanwhile, was running her hands up and down my thighs. After several trips, she let her thumbs glide up my inner thighs, trailed them across my scrotum, and then continued up the length of my shaft as it stood proudly against my belly. She looped one thumb over the top, gathering the slippery fluid there, and then slid it back down to the base. She repeated this with her other thumb, and then again with the fingers on each hand until my cock was a slippery, throbbing rocket ready to explode. I was almost grateful when she stopped and tugged it down to a 45 degree angle. Her elbows went out across my thighs and she lowered herself down and took half of my cock effortlessly into her mouth. It was as warm and soft as I remembered. Fortunately, she didn’t start sucking right away or I would have exploded!

I should have known that Lara knew exactly what I needed. Instead of driving me on to my own orgasm, she squeezed the base of my cock tightly for a long moment, letting the crisis point fade away. Then she stuck out her tongue and laved the underside, almost reaching my balls. Ever so slowly she lifted her head, trailing her tongue along as she went. When she reached the top, she let me spring out of her mouth to slap against my belly once more.

Britt, meanwhile, was putting her all into kissing me. Her head tilted to the side, she held me tightly, nipped my lower lip playfully, and swirled her tongue around mine. I responded eagerly and my hand slipped down to cup her perfect little butt.

Lara, for her part, was eager to overwhelm me with new sensations. She kissed her way down the thick ridge of my cock, her tongue darting out to brush the sides as she went. When she reached my balls, she gave each one a broad, slow lap and then sucked each one in turn into her mouth. Her palms rested against my cock, pressing it against my own skin. After she had inhaled each testicle a few times, she used her thumbs to lift them up out of the way. Her body dropped lower and I felt her nimble tongue dancing along the line of my perineum. That wrenched a groan from my lips. Britt broke our kiss and looked down to see what had distracted me from her kissing. When she saw what her mother was up to, she grinned and chuckled.

“It looks like she is taking good care of you!” she observed.

“Very good!” I croaked in reply.

“Well, if you can manage it, I need a little attention from you as well,” she told me, standing up.

I was about to ask what she wanted when the answer became obvious. She settled her knee on the lip of the tub and leaned forward, cradling my head. She aimed her nipple at my mouth and I happily sucked it in, bringing both hands up to lift her breasts into position. She groaned deep in her throat as I moved Yozgat Escort Bayan back and forth.

Lara, however, was not going to let Britt interrupt her progress. With one hand, she gripped my cock firmly, stroking the underside with her thumb. With the other, she held my balls up and out of her way as she turned her head for a better angle. Then I groaned again as I felt her tongue snake into my crack. The sensitive nerve endings cried out with pleasure as she lapped at both sides and even more so when the firm tip of her tongue nudged repeatedly at my back door. Oh my God did she know how to tease and please!

Finally, Lara gave me a break and addressed her daughter: “Britt geliefde, come down here with me. I think the two of us will be able to bring this man satisfaction!”

Britt giggled again. “Okay, Mam!” she chirped as she pushed my head away.

I widened my knees to make room for her and set one hand on each of their shoulders. Lara took a firm hold of my testicles with one hand and used the other to hold the base of my cock. She aimed it at a downward angle and kept her head back to make room for her daughter.

Britt knew just what I needed at that point and did not hesitate. She swiped her hand around the head of my cock to spread its lubrication, then took a tight grip on my shaft. WIth pursed lips, she took just the very tip into her mouth and began sucking voraciously. In perfect unison, her hand stroked downward and her lips parted to allow more of me into her mouth. Her tongue wriggled against the underside all the way down, and when I bumped against the back of her throat, she paused, took a breath, and let my cock slip past her tonsils into the constriction of her throat. She held me there and the spasms of her inner muscles rippled across my most sensitive spots. Ten seconds later, she pulled up with a gasp, took a few quick breaths, and started a steady up-and-down motion, thumbing the underside of my cock and sucking hard as she got to the tip.

Lara watched her daughter consume me with a proud smile on her face. She looked up and saw me watching her.

“She is very good, no?”

“Amazing!” I gasped.

“I think she has learned well what to do with a man.”

“Very well!” was all I could manage in response.

“Good. Finish him off, schat, and then we will take him inside!”

Somehow Britt nodded her agreement without stopping her relentless fellatio. Lara laid her head on my thigh and watched her daughter work for another moment, then got involved herself. Since she still had my testicles in her hand, she pulled them toward her and traced the outline of each one with the tip of her tongue. She even licked her own fingers and slid them underneath me to tickle my taint again.

That was all it took. Two gorgeous women–mother and daughter!–were Escort Yozgat doing their level best to make me explode and I was a willing victim! I moaned “Oh my God!” once to warn Britt and then began thrusting my hips up toward her as my cock swelled even further. Like a champ, she responded by pushing herself down as far as she could and holding still. My cock popped once more through the tight ring of her throat and into her esophagus. With one final thrust, I convulsed and an enormous jet of sperm leapt from my cock straight into her gullet. After that she pulled back a little bit and held me a few inches inside her mouth, milking my shaft with her hand while she sucked every drop from my straining testicles. Lara added to the overall effect by squeezing my scrotum in time with my ejaculations and pressing her knowing fingers firmly against my taint in the same rhythm. My fingers dug into their shoulders over and over–my orgasm seemed to last forever, and believe me, I never wanted it to stop!

When the pulsing deep inside me finally abated, Britt kept sucking. Lara watched her with shining eyes as she held me in her mouth and nursed more gently than before, coaxing every drop of sperm out of me. My cock softened in her mouth and she let it go, paused a moment to close her eyes and savor what was left, and then swallowed visibly. Even in competition with the last half hour, it was one of the most beautiful and erotic sights I have ever seen. She looked so completely happy to accept the tribute of my cum and so pleased with herself for causing such a massive explosion. Lara for her part looked smugly satisfied as well and her gaze shifted between the ethereal beauty of Britt’s face and my own exhausted grin.

Eventually, my grip relaxed enough to stroke the shoulders of both women as they knelt between my wide-spread knees. Each one rested her head on a thigh for a moment, and then Lara turned to face her daughter.

“You are very expert, my dear,” she said proudly. “I have not seen a woman enjoy so much what she was doing!”

Britt glowed happily at the compliment. “I learned a lot from watching you, Mam!” she replied.

“Well, I have been…how would you say? “At it” for many years longer than you.”

“For God’s sake, Lara!” I interjected, “Don’t teach her any more tricks or she’ll kill somebody!”

They both chuckled at my surrender.

“Now, I think it is time for another beer before we take this man inside,” Lara proclaimed.

I was too exhausted to take the hint and move. Britt stood up, her body steaming again in the cooler night air, and reached for the three remaining bottles. With effortless grace, she twisted the caps off and filled each glass as her mother handed them across. Her lithe young body hovered in front of me, a collection of smooth curves, firm young skin, and oddly innocent sensuality. She saw me watching and a smile tugged at the corner of her lips.

Britt settled onto the bench on my right and Lara on my left. I held my beer in front of me as they did and we touched glasses before they snuggled in comfortably, breasts and thighs nudging me under the soft bubbles.

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