Glory Hole at the Adult Bookstore


My adventures at glory holes all took place in the 80’s. That was the era of movies in Adult Bookstores – and glory holes in every store. It was before the AIDs/HIV era, and so there wasn’t the health code issues that had them closed down. There may still be ABS’s that have them but I haven’t found any in a long time. Of course, I haven’t been in one in a long time, either.

My favorite was a two floor bookstore in Toms River, New Jersey. Located in a strip mall, the upstairs was the bookstore with the magazines, the videos for sale and the paraphernalia. The movie booths were downstairs. I suppose if I worked there, I would have been a typical customer – coming in the door, giving a nod to the guy (sometimes the girl) behind the counter, then browsing through the paperbacks, then moving to the magazines and trying to give them all equal time. Trying not to be obvious that what really attracted me were the gay men’s magazines. I imagine I was pretty obvious to them in my attempt to be casually interested. Never the less, nothing was said at any time, and so I would spend 10 minutes or so on the first floor before wandering over to the listing of what was being shown.

This was the time when every booth was beginning to have multiple channels – so no longer did I have to be concerned that I would be seen going into one featuring man-on-man action. I was straight as far as everyone in my life knew, and my walks on the bi side were a closely kept secret and an occasional source of concern. It was about this time that I figured out I had better not park my car where it was easily seen – things like that.

Anyway, once I had my 10$ worth of quarters, I descended the narrow stairway. The first time I was there, the door to every booth was ajar, so I took advantage of the opportunity to see which – if any – had those holes cut in the wall. As it happened, when I first started there, they all did! So I simply went into one, put my money on the bench and got comfortable. I put in money and turned down the sound so no one could tell Sefaköy Escort what I was watching (seems rather silly now, of course) and then I put in 2$ worth of quarters and started cycling through the vids. I had just found one that instantly had me hard – 3 black dudes with huge cocks and a cute white girl on her knees – when I heard the door in the next booth open and close.

I waited to hear the right sounds – the lock being thrown and quarters dropping into the machine – before I bent over and looked through the hole. I knew some part of me would be visible, but figured it wouldn’t be enough to identify me. And I watched the dude in the booth slowly unzip his jeans and then drop them. The outline in his briefs was a hard, thick cock that was pulsing and twitching. At that point I put my hand in front of the hole and did that universal beckoning movement. It took a moment, but then turned and moved up to the hold.

What came through was about 7 inches of growing and thickening cock. He was cut, so I there was no foreskin to deal with – only a big head. I took it into my hands and started running them up and down the length of it, feeling it grow. And then I opened my mouth and drove all the way down to the bottom and let it sit there in my throat and felt him grow harder and longer. It wasn’t the biggest or the thickest cock I’d ever found, but it was big enough to be powerful, thick enough to stretch my throat, and hotter than 3 alarm chili! I slowly worked my way back up to the head, licking and swirling my tongue as I pulled off. One hand was on his big balls, kneading them, and the other had a grip at the base of that big cock. From that point on I lost track of time. My whole world was his big cock, and all I wanted to do was feel it jerking and pulsating and spitting out his cum down my throat. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

Then he surprised me – he started slowly and gently fucking my throat. It wasn’t the rough face-fuck some guys like (and which I like as well) but instead, I swore Sefaköy Escort he was making love to my mouth. He’d pull out part way and with his hips swirl and sway, and then slowly slide his meat down my throat. He would pump a few times and then pull back, then repeat the process with a little different twist to his swaying. I was mesmerized. Hypnotized. I wanted him to just continue to feed that cock to me. I could have stayed there, sucking it, forever! But of course mother nature had other things in mind, and he began to speed up his thrusts down my throat, gaining speed and depth and groaning.

“I’m gonna cum” he said, “swallow it, man”. I guess some people who had sucked him before had objected – I just pressed my face into the hole and kept playing with his balls until I felt them start to pull up, and then he was deep down my throat, squirting and cumming and twitching and draining himself for what seemed like forever! I made sure that I got it all; every drop of that cum stayed in me. His big cock was pulsing and straining and then he was finished. He slowly drew back from the hole and out of my mouth.

He bent over and whispered “that was amazing, thank you”! At that point, he zipped up and left his booth with me on my knees, my dick raging, and I had to take a deep breath.

I put another few dollars worth of quarters in the machine and found a video of man-on-man action – one guy going down on a cock even bigger than I had just swallowed while someone one else was busy screwing his ass and I was harder than ever when the door to that booth next door opened again. The noises repeated their cycle and I again bent over to see.

What was staring me in the face was a short but very fat and very hard cock. It seemed to be twice the girth of the first guy even if it was about 2/3 the length. When I saw it all I could do was reach out and grab it. Gently. Lovingly. And at that point he jammed himself into the hole.

“Suck it, bitch”, he said, evidently expecting instant obedience. Well, Escort Sefaköy who was I to deny him? I opened as wide as I could and got the head of that cock in my mouth. I started sucking and licking and wondering if my throat would stretch for him, but figured I ought to try. So I took a deep breath and filled my mouth with him until that thick monster was lodged at the back of my mouth. I still had a few inches to go, so I closed my eyes and concentrated on relaxing my esophagus, all the while using my lips to draw him deeper and my tongue to (hopefully) drive him wild.

The sounds from the other side of the wall indicated I was doing something right, and suddenly my throat expanded and I was stuffed with hot, thick cock. I let him feel my throat muscles working on him, then pulled back to breathe.

“Don’t stop, cock sucker” came the command, “get back on that dick” and with that, I took a deep breath again and drove him down my throat. From that point on I became a tool – a cocksleeve that was going to pull out every drop of his cum. I slammed down on him and bumped my head on the wall but it didn’t stop me. I kept going, as fast as I possibly could, pausing for a breath every now and then but determined. And it didn’t take long before I heard “here I cum. Swallow it all!” and he erupted with hot jets of cum down my throat. It felt like a cannon going off – but I kept my mouth fastened to him until he pulled out. I was left panting for breath as I heard him zip up and straighten up. Then, without another word, he opened his door and left.

The rest of that night was a virtual parade of cock meat. No one was as big as that first guy or as thick as the second one. I don’t remember how many I suck but by the time I was out of money for the videos (after stopping at one point to get more change) I was full, my knees were sore, and I had cum myself at least 3 times – once without even touching myself.

I kept going to that place for about 6 months. At one point I found that one of the booths had multiple holes in it – but that’s a story in and of itself. And then, at some point, I came over, expecting to have an evening of raw sex, only to find the door locked and an “out of business” sign in the windows. It was time to find another ABS – and that too is another story in and of itself.

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