Give Me Care


I had agreed to be my friend’s caregiver. She was 50, and was a stroke victim. She was a bit overweight, but could still walk. She was a blonde named Gina, and she had been emailing me for some months talking about wanting a change in her caregiver situation.

“I need someone here 24/7 to help with the little things around the house.”

She wrote me, not going too much into details. I had never met Gina before. This would be a bold move. The only problem is I would be leaving Washington to go to Texas. I will have to trust Gina. What harm could an 50 year old possibly do to my life? I hopped on the plane, and left my regrets behind.

When I arrived at Gina’s dingy flat she greeted me at the door.

“Hi, Bryan!”

She was about 200, with huge tits and nice blonde hair. Her age wasn’t really showing just quite yet. I’m not possibly attracted to who I am supposed to take care of, am I?

“Hello, Gina. Shall we get started?”

I went into a work mood to get rid of my impure thoughts of my client. Today is Sunday. She said that is her shower day. Maybe I could rub one out while she bathes. That would make me less horny. Unless she wants me? No. There is no way this disabled woman could possibly want me. Or is there?

“Yes. You’ll have to help me undress for my shower, Bryan. I hope you don’t mind.”

Oh, I would mind, but more not like in my mind but instead my cock. Thank god I had worn loose pants. escort gaziantep bayan numaraları I really don’t want her to see my boner, right? I accompanied her into her messy bathroom, and I gripped her shirt, pulling it off. She slid off her pants, and said,

“I can get the rest…”

She stood staring me in the eye, not waiting for me to leave. She removed her purple bra, letting her huge tits flop down. I tried to leave now, my erection large, but Gina asked,

“Where are you going?”

I turned back around, and she continued,

“You have to help give me a shower. Who else can help me scrub my privates?”

At this point I was fully sure that Gina was coming on to me. All of fifty, and she couldn’t want it anymore bad. I suppose that she had gone so long without loving that she now wants it. She climbed into her shower, her pussy still smelling noticeably fresh, despite her bush and all. I stepped towards the shower, and said,

“Gina, you understand we will have to shave you to fully clean your privates?”

I handed her one of her feminine razors, and she got right to work. The shower trickled on her body, and I watched with excitement, supervising her as she shaved her pussy. Her pink pussy was a sight to behold. Gina smiled, and said,

“You’ll have to come in here if you really want to clean my privates.”

Gina escort bayan gaziantep reklamları wants me to climb in the shower? Sure! I got in, and watched as Gina helped me out of my clothes. No more code talk. I grabbed out my cock, and put my swollen member deep inside of her. I bent her over right there in the shower, and gently fucked her the best I could. As I filled her up, she moaned loudly, her big tits flopping against the side of the tub. I came deep inside of Gina, and then had her sit down so I could use my tongue on her privates, to clean them out good. She looked so good shaved. Her nearly 200 lb frame only made her more curvy. I grabbed her hips, and licked her deep. I loved the taste of Gina’s pussy. It tasted so good, I swear it was like wine, getting better with age.

After our shower, we had tv dinners together, ones that had been delivered. Gina only had a couch and an army cot, so there was no chance for us to sleep together. I’ll definitely ask to bend her over, however. Maybe right here on the dinner table? God, what is wrong with me? This is my client, friend, and a 50 year old woman. Why do we want to fuck each other so bad?

As we ate Gina started to give me a hand job inside my pants. We couldn’t finish dinner before she started to blow me. She deepthroated me good, gagging on my huge member, and took to her knees like a gaziantep escort kız telefonları real pro. I came before I could even think about fucking Gina’s pussy again, deep down her throat, which she swallowed, gratefully.

“My doctor says I need lots of protein.”

Gina was always all about what her doctors said, so I’ll have to make sure she drinks lots of cum. I would fill my balls, and retire to watching television with Gina. Right before she went to bed, she pulled down her pants, and let me fuck her deep doggy, bent over the couch, just like I wanted. Her ass was so juicy, that I switched holes, and fucked her in the ass until I came deep in her butthole. She moaned loudly, and then sat on the couch, legs spread, letting me fuck her until she came. She poured with sweat, and panted, and unleashed a primal, loud, screaming orgasm. She then pushed my face into her pussy, letting me clean up her juices, tasting them, as I swallowed every bit.

Everyday me and Gina fucked. Each meal she blew me, and I banged her on the couch every night. She loved it, too.

“I have never had a caregiver as good as you.”

Gina praised me, happy that I tend to all of her physical needs.

It’s only natural to want to fuck. So many don’t understand that sex shouldn’t just stop after you have a stroke. I’m glad I came into Gina’s life. She was my favorite sexual partner just because of her huge tits. She let me fuck them every now and then, them so juicy that I couldn’t help but come all over them. This was truly a job with its perks. This couldn’t be any more of bliss then it already was. To my surprise, at the age of 55, Gina eventually asked me to marry her. On our honeymoon she let me take her to the pool and fuck her. I licked her asshole even that day, something that really excites her. Who would have thought that an old woman would love that so much?

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