Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 17


For a few minutes Jenny just stood looking down at the handcuffed and helpless April, daydreaming about how best to make use of her. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kristin returned from the bathroom in a white terrycloth robe and went to answer it.

It was Emma, dressed for tennis in a white blouse and skirt with a racket in her hand. “Is April with you guys?” she asked Kristin.

Kristin nodded and opened the door wide so Emma could see April naked on the floor and Jenny standing over her with the strap-on dangling from her pubis. “You were supposed to meet me on the court 15 minutes ago,” said Emma. “I’ve been waiting there like an idiot.”

“Sorry,” said April sheepishly. “I came to check on Jenny and things got a little out of hand.”

“I can see that,” Emma responded, both aggravated and aroused by what she saw. “Jenny, could you give me a hand?”

Together they lifted April and deposited her on the bed on her knees, with her head down and her ass up. Emma lifted one hand and smacked April hard on the left buttock, provoking a yelp. “That’ll teach you to stand me up,” she snarled. “Jenny, why don’t you give me a hand? You can work on the other cheek.”

Jenny hesitated; eryaman escort April was her friend. But then Kristin spoke up: “You can help or you can get punished along with her.” Her voice was hard and serious, signaling to Jenny that her little moment of indulgence was over; Kristin was back in charge. And it felt right – that was how things were supposed to be.

All eyes were on Jenny as she hesitated, thinking back to her recent whipping. Her sore ass was in no condition for further abuse. Tentatively she reached out and delivered a soft, almost polite, slap to April’s right buttock. “Harder,” ordered Emma, and Jenny complied. The plaintive exhalation that escaped April’s mouth sent a chill down Jenny’s spine, but not entirely in a bad way.

Emma and Jenny alternated blows for a while, with Jenny growing increasingly bold, beginning to understand the pleasure of being on the delivery side of a punishment. April’s ass squirmed in the air, sometimes seeming to want to escape, sometimes seeming to beg for more. Jenny heard her name called and turned to see Kristin holding out the riding crop. Emma and Kristin smiled wickedly at each other as Jenny accepted sincan escort the instrument.

Feeling the spanking stop, April looked over her shoulder and saw the crop in Jenny’s hand. A complicated look passed between them, and then April nodded almost imperceptibly. The crop flew through the air and smacked into April’s tender flesh.

As Jenny continued to punish her friend, Emma slipped off her panties and walked around to the head of the bed. Hiking her skirt up, she climbed on and wiggled under April, pulling the younger girl’s head down into her pussy.

Kristin, meanwhile, just stood and watched with satisfaction. Jenny’s face was lit up with some kind of confused ecstasy as the crop tattooed April’s butt and thighs, and April continued to cry out as she licked her mistress hungrily. Slipping off her robe, Kristin came up behind Jenny and unfastened the strap-on from her pelvis. Taking the crop from Jenny’s hand, she shoved the dildo, still slick with Kristin’s own juices, deep into Jenny’s mouth until she gagged. Then she pushed Jenny’s head forcefully down between April’s legs, stepped into the strap-on, and slammed into Jenny’s cunt with etlik escort all her might. For a long time there was no sound in the room except sighs and moans and the slapping of flesh against flesh.

* * *

Later, when April and Emma had left to play their belated tennis match before the sun went down, Jenny and Kristin lay together in the slanting evening sunlight. The air was still and cool, and a great sense of peace had settled over them.

Jenny stretched, sighed, and rested her head on Kristin’s shoulder. In this atmosphere, she felt comfortable voicing the one question that was on her mind.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

Kristin responded playfully. “Do you love me?”

“I asked you first.”

Kristin wrapped an arm around Jenny and nuzzled her ear. “Then yes,” she said. “Yes, I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Jenny, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She had never said this to anyone but her parents, and it was a powerful and somewhat frightening feeling. Kristin, for her part, was quietly surprised at the depth their relationship had taken on. She and Jana had been lovers, there had been love between them, but it hadn’t been like this. She wondered what it would be like after a month, or a semester. She dreaded to think of the year ending; but fortunately, that was a long way off.

As Jenny leaned back, she caught a glance of her collar still hanging on the wall. Disentangling herself from Kristin, she walked over there, fastened the collar around her neck, and went back to bed.

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