This story is an original work of mine was initially posted on the now defunct “Erotic Vox” site. It is now being reposted here for your reading pleasure. 😉 Enjoy!

The water was cool on my naked flesh. I loved swimming in the pool while the sun rose high into the cloudless sky heating the air to unbearable temperatures. I could lounge here all day, I thought to myself as I swam the length of the pool, not noticing my Master who had come to stand in the shade of the large maple that cornered the house.

I was shocked when I heard him call my name. He was supposed to be at work, but explained that he had taken a long lunch so that he could come home. His impatience was apparent as he took his dominant role straight away.

“I want you to come out of the pool and kneel on the deck, legs apart,” he commanded. “so I can see the sun shimmering on your wet pussy.”

I walked up the pool stairs and knelt obediently on the deck, making sure to put a good distance between my knees, my hands clasped behind my back and resting on my buttocks. I saw that the water was dripping off my well kept garden appearing as if I were wetting myself. I smiled a little amused by my thoughts.

“Very lovely.” He commented as he made his way over to where I knelt. “I see you still have your nipple chain on.” I looked from my snatch to my nipples which were pierced and connected by a silver chain. I liked that my nipples were pierced. He had done them himself one night, and shortly after he had bought me the chain as a gift. “Yes Sir, you know it is special to me.”

A slight smirk crossed his face as he came close and gave a quick tug on the chain, watching my nipples as they quickly became erect. “Your nipples are beautiful, reacting just as they should. Obedient just like you!” He said with a laugh, causing me to blush. “Now, I want you to roll them between your fingers, play with them. Squeeze and pull on your nipples until they hurt you Gina.”

I did as told and took my nipples between my forefinger and thumb, delighting in their hardness. As I pulled and twisted my nipples for him, feeling the chain extending to it’s limits at times, I watched as he sat in a nearby chair so that he could leisurely view my manipulation. I could feel my pussy getting wet from my own juices and not just from the pool water. I loved when he watched as I carried out his commands and I continued to play with my nipples getting rougher as I became more excited.

“Gina. Come sit here.” He directed as he used his foot to pull one of the other pool chairs in front of the one he was in. Sitting in the chair across from him he pulled me close so my chair was against his knees. He then took me by the ankles and placed my feet so that I was straddling him, giving him a perfect view of my cunt.

“Spread apart the lips of your pussy so that I can see how wet you are.”

I gently placed my fingers into my cunt and opened myself for him.

“You are very wet, aren’t you?”

I looked up at him almost guiltily. “Yes Sir.”

Again that devilish smirk turned the corner of his mouth and I knew he was pleased. “I want you to masturbate for me Gina. First using only a single finger, then working your way up to three. But, remember you may not cum.”

“Until you say so Sir.” I replied, sliding a finger into my tight slit. A small shower of fireworks went off immediately and I let out a moan. Our mid-day sessions always excited me this way because I knew it meant my Master had come home because he was horny and that the session would be extremely fulfilling. I fingered myself, feeling the warmth spread from my clit up to my nipples which were swollen and red, standing at attention. A second finger. Then a third. I now worked at my cunt with fervor, the juices flowing and covering my hand with a glistening sheen. “Master?”

“No, Gina. You may not cum yet.” He replied without hesitation. “Now play with that clit of yours which I can see begging for your attention.”

Sure, it was begging for my attention but would I be able to do as I was told and still maintain control? I placed my thumb against my engorged clit and stroked it in time with my fingers which were now easily finding their way in and out of my cunt. This time there was a racing of fire as my clit sent it’s message to the rest of my şişli travesti body. My moan was loud this time and I stifled it quickly not wanting the neighbors to start nosing around. I was close to orgasm and I used all my will to keep from cumming and disappointing my Master. My pelvis began to buck in rhythm with my fingers and I closed my eyes in effort to keep from going over the edge.

“You’re very close now, aren’t you Gina?”

“Yes Master.” I barely managed to get out.

“Would you like to cum now?”

Just his mentioning of my release brought me dangerously to the edge and I could not even speak my response, but nodded my head.

“Answer me, Gina! Now!”

“Yes Sir.” I finally squeaked out, my voice nothing more than a trembling sigh.

Still, he did not give me release but watched a few moments longer as I struggled with the orgasm which waited impatiently to tear me apart. “Master?”

“Yes Gina,” he voice said calmly, “you may cum now.”

I let down the gate that held back the wave of fury and immediately my orgasm ravaged me. My head pressed back against the chair as my body convulsed in intense pleasure. I was now slamming my fingers rapidly in and out of my contracting cunt and moaning without concern of who might hear. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over me and I came hard, spilling my creamy cum all over my hand and onto the chair. My pace finally slowed as my orgasm subsided, yet I continued to slide my fingers through the slickness of my cunt, my eyes now open and watching my Master.

My Master rose from his chair and positioned himself between my still shaky legs, pushing them farther apart and removing my hand. I felt his soft kisses on my inner thigh as he moved towards my sopping pussy. His tongue flicked at my clit and sent jolts of electricity through me, my body jerking involuntarily at his touch. He began to suck and nip at my clit, pulling me closer to him. His tongue found it’s way to my sweet valley and plunged deep. I squealed in enjoyment at his oral invasion, knowing he was relishing the taste of the honey I had made for him… breathing deep the scent of my musk.

He stood abruptly and I could see his cock was erect, pushing against the fabric of his trousers. Without words he led me into the house and immediately to the bedroom. There he turned me to him and placed his mouth full against mine. His tongue greeting mine with intimate knowledge. My cum tasting wonderful as I sucked his tongue into my mouth and played with it.

“Undress me now.” He instructed sternly.

I undid his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. His chest was broad and strong and I recalled many a time calling his name as I had pressed my face against it’s strength. I ran my hands down his abdomen to his belt, unbuckling it and anticipating the sight of his cock. As I unfastened the top button and lowered the zipper he removed his shoes and socks helping me in my task. Placing my hands at my Masters waist I took hold of his trousers and slowly took them down, allowing my fingernails to lightly scratch against his flesh, smiling inside at the sight of the goose-bumps which appeared.

Now he stood in just his underwear and I yearned to see his thick cock. I wanted to tear off his underwear and devour his sweet meat with my now salivating mouth, but as I reached for him he pulled away.

“You’ll have to wait for that.” He said, knowing how badly I wanted to see him. Feel him. Taste him. “Go to the dresser and get my paddle.” Mmm. The paddle. It was a favorite of his and consequently a favorite of mine. I walked to the dresser, making sure to shift my hips as I went so that my ass swung prettily for him. As I took the paddle out of his dresser drawer he told me to stop, put the paddle in my mouth, then get on all fours and crawl to him.

Placing the paddle in my mouth I lowered to my hands and knees, then began to crawl to him, head lowered in the most submissive way I knew to be. Again he told me to stop as this was not how he wanted me.

“Look at me slave. I want your eyes on mine as you crawl to me so you know you belong to me. I want you to see the control in my eyes as you bring me the instrument of your pain.”

My eyes looked deep into his bakırköy travesti and I could again feel my pussy beginning to tingle with excitement as I prowled towards him. He was such a good Master.

When I reached his feet and was looking directly up at him, I tilted my head back delivering his paddle to him. I could see he was pleased. He pulled me to my feet and urged me towards the edge of the bed. Knowing what he expected of me I placed my hands on the footboard and presented my beautiful ass to him, making sure to keep my legs spread wide so that he could see my puffy cunnie. His warm hands caressed the gentle curve of my bottom and he slipped a finger into the new wetness of my pleasure. “You are ready.” He said withdrawing his finger with a quiet sucking sound then placed the cold leather of the paddle against my ass.

I brace myself for the sting knowing it will be painful. *Slap* comes the first hit and I cry out too loudly not being totally prepared. *Slap* as again the cold paddle contacts my hot flesh. This time I control my cries, but I cry out none the less knowing he likes to hear my suffering. He paddles me at an even pace so that I know when to expect the sting, although he does occasionally drop the paddle lower slapping against the softness of my pussy so that I don’t forget what he is doing is for his pleasure and that mine is only secondary, and soon his pace begins to quicken. I can hear his breathing change and know that his arousal is becoming greater and this too makes me hot. Finally he stops and tosses the paddle to the floor, and although I love to be paddled I am grateful because I can feel the burning heat of my buttocks and pussy lips and know that they must be very red. He pushes me over the footboard so that my face is buried in the soft comforter and my pelvis is against the bed, my dripping cunt easily accessible for his hungry cock.

“I don’t want a sound from you.” He says with a gravelly voice. “Don’t make me have to shove a gag in that pretty little mouth of yours.” I know that this means I am not to even respond to him but to carry out his orders implicitly.

He binds my wrists together behind my back with a piece of leather then with one hand holds me still, I feel the wide head of his cock as he runs it up and down my slippery entrance. My legs quiver as I visualize his beautiful cock becoming coated with my lubrication, wanting to feel him fill me with his manhood. I want to push back onto his stiff prick but between the footboard and his pinning hand, I am immobile. His bulbous cockhead grazes across my clit and I push my face father into the comforter to keep from screaming and bringing punishment upon myself. “You want this cock, don’t you? You want me to ram it deep in your hole and fuck you. You’d love it if I shoved it up your tight little asshole right now, wouldn’t you?” He breaths, taunting me with the heaven of his cock as he uses it’s swollen head to stoke my clit. He is driving me crazy and just as I think he is going to push inside and split me with his thickness, he backs away leaving me feeling empty and vulnerable and wild with unfulfilled desire.

I know he is there but I do not dare turn to look. I don’t dare speak and question his actions.

There is only silence.

Finally his voice low with want breaks the silence. “Turn around and look at me.”

I do so on uneasy legs and see that he is totally naked, his cock flush against his belly, eyes glassy and filled with the same desire I have. I want to go to him and give myself to him, but I wait for my orders and they come without words. His hand extends to me and I move forward. He pulls me close, unties the leather restraint, and then pushes me to my knees. Sliding a finger into my mouth he says “Suck.” I can again taste the sweetness of my pussy on him as I twirl my tongue around his finger. He pulls his finger out and presses the head of his cock slick with my cunt nectar against my lips. “Suck.” I open my mouth and eagerly take him in. I could almost cum just from having him in my mouth and feel a trickle run down the inside of my thigh. I suck in earnest on his throbbing rod, feeling the piercing in my tongue rubbing along the underside and up to his sensitive frenum. Sometimes I bite the angry head and rake istanbul travestileri my teeth along his shaft, finding his textures delectable Sticking the tip of my tongue into his little pee hole I can taste his precome as it beads. Now he is the one groaning and I am happy to be pleasing him. Happy that he likes to use my mouth in this way. His hands bury into my hair and he begins to thrust into my mouth more aggressively. The head of his cock is at the back of my throat and I relax my muscles to allow him in. As I accommodate all of his manhood with my mouth and throat he continues to pump into me, fucking my mouth with more and more intensity. I want to taste his cum. I want him to explode in my mouth and shoot his salty present deep in my throat, saving only enough for my face and tits.

Unexpectedly he pulls out of me bringing me out of the sexual trance I was falling into. He picks me up and carries me onto the bed. Laying me on my back he places my legs over his shoulders and kisses the insoles of my feet. I look into his eyes to see that there is no turning back. I know that look. His cock is once again at my waiting entrance and this time he doesn’t play any games. With one brutal plunge he impales me. “AHHHH.” We both scream in unison. My back arches as he plunges his generous hardness into me, slamming into my cervix again and again. He is so deep that he reaches the most sensitive places and I can’t help but dig my nails into his forearms the sensation is so great. I am there already, my orgasm again waiting for his permission. His sweat is bathing me as our bodies move at an incredible pace, the room’s temperature having climbed a good twenty degrees or so.

He fucks me like only he can, says the things that only he knows. As he continues to bang inside me, abusing me in the most delicious way, I become desperate for release.

“Please Master.” I ask of him, needing to let go… “Please.”

He does not answer me but slows his thrusting just the slightest bit. Concentrating on grinding more so than just penetrating. I am writhing underneath him, biting my lip, begging, crying. It is a beautiful suffering and the tears mean he is doing the right thing.

I feel the walls of my cunt tighten around him and he too feels it. “Not yet.” He whispers in my ear.

“Oh please Master?”

Still he does not give in to my pleading. His grinding against my clit is unbearable and I find that all I can do is scream out his name. He changes his pace and now alternates between slow deliberate thrusts and rapid pounding. His hands knead my breasts roughly, pulling on the chain and twisting the nipples. I can hear the sound of his balls as they slap against my wet ass, the hungry sucking sound as his cock withdraws from my sweet pussy then drives deep again.

The force at which he is fucking me is causing the headboard to smash against the wall relentlessly and it is evident his orgasm is close. I need my release and he knows he cannot wait any longer.

“You may cum for your Master now, Gina.”

“Oh yessssss Massssteeer….”

I push my cunt to him and let myself go. I am cumming and screaming and crying. My body moves erratically and I have no control. My hot tunnel contracts, milking my Masters cock and requiring that he give his cum to me. His breathing becomes ragged and sharp… the sound feeds my desire I feel the gush as my orgasm peaks and my cum squirts out soaking my Master.

“My little cum bitch.” He growls savagely, “Fuck. Fuck! Oh, FUCK!”

Twitching and jerking his love serpent spits it’s venom inside. I can feel his thick, hot cum filling me, drenching my uterus with it’s creamy heat. His orgasm stirs my lust for him and I cum again knowing that I have pleased him.

He is still cumming as I peak the second time and I don’t want him to stop. “More Master… please give me all of your cum.” I beg of him.

His face is contorted in pleasure as he shoots the last of his seed inside me, then falls exhausted on top of me.

Feeling his cum trickling down the crack of my ass and onto the comforter I sigh deeply. I am satisfied that my body has allowed him such intense ecstasy.

I am surprised when he kisses down my abdomen to my puffy flower and worry that he will want more from me, I am spent and drained and don’t think I could service him further. But he merely laps his tongue into my pussy, then brings the combination of our mixed cum to my mouth, letting the fluids drip from his tongue onto mine. I bring my mouth to his and kiss him deeply. He is wonderful.

Needless to say, worn out and spent himself, he called in sick for the rest of the afternoon.

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