Gina Ch. 02

Gina 2: The Wedding Weekend, Friday

Gina was looking forward to the wedding. She had never attended a destination wedding. It was being held at a Caribbean resort over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. School was over and she’d begin her summer job when she returned. Gina planned to stay an extra few days to take advantage of the opportunity. The bridal party was paying the cost for transportation and the accommodations for Friday and Saturday nights. She would have to move out of the resort, though, for the last few of days. She couldn’t afford to stay on her budget.

She was travelling light. She had a new bikini and some gorgeous lingerie. Just thinking about them reminded her of Tammy. She smiled. [See Gina 1: The Awakening] The bridesmaid’s dresses where simple “little black” dresses but in sky blue. The bodice was cut in a square pattern that would display invitingly the top of her full breasts. The hem came to mid thigh. Gina had just the right bra for it. Again she thought of Tammy and smiled. She took along a pair of shorts, a light dress and an extra bikini. She intended to be spending time on the beach, on the water sailing or kayaking and getting to know the “natives”. The resort scene was not really her thing.

She left early Friday morning and arrived mid-afternoon at the resort, checking in immediately and finding twin beds in the room. She would be sharing it but with whom she didn’t know yet. She quickly changed into her bikini and went to the beach to check things out, namely the kayaking and small sailboat concessions. She reserved a kayak for the next morning. She then decided to sit poolside to do some “people watching”. She liked watching people. She liked people in general and they liked her. She was that kind of person.

As she was sitting there, a 30-ish woman on the recliner next to her struck up a conversation. They chatted, exchanging what brought them to the resort. Gina shared about the wedding and her intent to stay for a few days afterward. The women, Sue, shared that she and her husband, Rob, were sailing around the island and decided to stop a few days in the resort. She had pointed out their sailboat at anchor in the harbor. Gina was duly impressed. They got along quite well. It was readily apparent that they enjoyed one another. As the afternoon waned, Gina excused herself to get ready for the wedding rehearsal and the dinner bursa evi olan escort that followed.

When Gina went back to her room she found that her roommate had arrived. She was in the shower. Gina stripped, put on a robe and waited for her roommate to finish in the bathroom. When she came out she was nude! Gina immediately noticed that her pussy was cleaned shaven and that her nipples were pronounced, maybe a “small finger joint” long. Gina was awestruck. She stared. The woman cleared her throat, extended her right hand and said: “Hi, I’m Michelle.”

Gina blushed and extending her hand, responded: “My pleasure, I’m Gina.” as she thought to herself “yes, indeed, it WAS my pleasure.”

Michelle had picked up on Gina’s interests in her nipples. She smiled inwardly. “Just maybe”, she thought to herself.

During the rehearsal dinner, Gina and Michelle had the opportunity to get to know one another. Michelle had been the bride’s roommate at college. She was 23yo. She had had a long day of travelling to get there.

The dinner ended at 11 and Gina and Michelle decided to make it a day. Gina was planning to kayak in the morning. Gina was first to go into the bathroom to ready for bed. She came out in her boy shorts and no top. She was always comfortable in her dorm room with no top. When Michelle came out of the bathroom, Gina was sitting on the side of her bed reading her text messages on her phone. Michelle was again naked. When Gina looked up her eyes were drawn immediately to Michelle’s nipples like a moth to a light. Michelle noticed and walked to Gina standing directly in front of her. Without moving her head Gina looked up into Michelle’s eyes and smiled. Michelle brought one hand up to cup her breast and she placed her other hand behind Gina’s head and brought her face to her breast. Gina did not resist. When her lips touched Michelle’s nipple they opened to permit its entry. She mewed and began toying Michelle’s nipple with her tongue and sucking on it like it was a little cock. Michelle encouraged and directed her: “Good girl, suck Mommy’s nipples.”, “Scrape it gently with your teeth.”, “Capture it with your lips and bite on it.”, “Oh, you’re giving Mommy such pleasure. Good girl.”

Gina was lost in the sensations, the encouragement and the pleasure that she was giving Michelle. She was making love to Michelle’s nipples and breasts. altıparmak escort There was no other way to describe it.

Michelle gently pushed Gina back onto the bed never allowing her nipple to leave Gina lips. Once they were lying next to each other, Gina began to suckle the nipple as when she was a baby. She went from nipple to nipple her hands cradling the tit. Gina was lost in her ecstasy. Michelle was aroused. She had a need to return that pleasure. Slowly she moved her hand down Gina’s body, under her boy shorts until her fingers rested in wetness of Gina’s pussy. Gina was very wet, like a faucet was open a crack and continuously leaked. Gina seemed to take no notice of Michelle’s fingers until Michelle moved them to search out the depth of Gina’s pussy. Gina moaned and moved her legs apart to give Michelle easier and greater access to her pussy never stopping suckling Michelle’s nipples. Michelle continued to encourage Gina: “Oh, what a wet pussy. So nice.”, “Oh, you’re so hot inside. It feels so good.” They continued that way for several minutes before Gina orgasmed, her body tensing then twitching before relaxing. Gina’s orgasm triggered Michelle’s. After they both calmed dome they did not move, Gina still at Michelle’s breasts, gently teasing Michelle’s nipples, Michelle holding Gina tightly and warmly into her. Like that they drifted off to sleep.

A couple of hours later, Michelle awoke, disentangled herself from Gina and went into the bathroom. Upon coming out she saw Gina in the moonlight streaming through the patio doors. Gina was on her back, one leg straight, the other, bent at an angle. Gina’s pussy was on full display. Michelle moved closer. She eased herself onto the bed between Gina’s splayed legs and moved her face to inches from Gina’s pussy. The “perfume” of their earlier intimacies captured Michelle. It aroused her. She extended her tongue and slowly ran it along the valley of Gina’s pussy capturing whatever nectar she could. It was her aphrodisiac. She could not stop. She strove to capture it all in her mouth repeatedly dragging her tongue along the valley from the bottom to the clit as Gina’s nectar began to flow generously. Gina moaned and slowing awakened. By the time she was sufficiently awake to become fully aware of what was happening her body was fully aroused. It did not take her mind long to catch up with her body. She came gemlik escort hard, forcibly and wet, washing Michelle’s face. Gina pushed Michelle’s face away. Her clit was too sensitive. Michelle crawled up to lay beside Gina and pulling her into a hug, kissed her fully and passionately on her lips, their mouths both open, tongue roving, sharing the taste. Gina liked the taste. Still holding one another, face-to-face, their lips barely touching, they again drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Gina awoke first. She had reserved a kayak for the morning. She showered washing off the evidence of the evening’s activities. Upon exiting the bathroom, she looked upon Michelle sleeping, bathed in the sun coming through the patio doors. She was beautiful … her nipples, her bare pussy. The memory of last night flooded Gina’s mind especially when Michelle licked her pussy. Gina was curious. Her curiosity aroused her. She went to Michelle and began sucking on a nipple. Michelle stirred, “Oh, baby, that feels so good.”

Gently Gina moved her onto her back and spread her legs apart. She crawled up between them, lowered her mouth to Michelle’s pussy and started licking. Michelle raised her legs to give her easier access. Gina did to Michelle what she enjoyed Michelle doing to her. She would run the tip of her tongue along the valley bottom, first along one side then the other, up to Michelle’s clit to which she would make sensual love. As Michelle’s nectar began to flow Gina would use the flat of her tongue to collect as much nectar and she could as she dragged the flat of her tongue from the bottom to Michelle’s clit. She began sucking on Michelle’s clit in addition to teasing it with the tip of her tongue and stroking it with the flat of her tongue. Michelle would raise her pussy to increase the pressure. Michelle babbled: “lick my pussy”, “take my nectar”, “love my clit”, “love my pussy”. When Michelle came, she rolled onto her side in a fetal position, her body twitching. Gina moved behind her and spooned her, one hand on Michelle’s breast gently toying with the beautiful, long nipple. Michelle fell back to sleep. Gina got up, went in and washed her face, brushed her teeth, ran a wash cloth through her pussy and dried it, came out, put on her bikini and headed to the lobby for a quick breakfast and then off to kayaking. She felt good. Her body was alive. Her smile reached from ear to ear.

Michelle awoke later to an empty room. She reached down and ran a couple of fingers through her pussy to capture whatever remained of her nectar. She brought the fingers to her mouth and cleaned them well. She smiled. She was already looking forward to after the wedding. She wondered, had she packed her feeldoe?

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