Gift in the Mail Ch. 01


It came in a plain package with no markings and no return address. My address was typed, and the postmark was local.

“What could it be?” I thought to myself while I carefully opened it. I had not ordered anything and it was not my birthday.

With a few careful cuts along the edge, I opened the package and had a scrap of black material and an index card in my hands. The card read:

For your pleasure, should you dare to wear it.

Affectionately yours,

A secret admirer

Someone had aroused my curiosity. I set the card aside and looked at the material. After turning it over a few times, I realized it was a bra, but it was unlike any I had seen before. There were no seams, no pads, and no wires. The back fastened with Velcro, and there was no obvious way to adjust it.

This must be a prank. Halloween was only a few weeks away. Someone must have thought this would be a funny joke. My cup size was DD, so there was no way this was going to fit or support me. The Velcro would never hold. Still, the material felt like silk and I could tell it would feel nice against my skin. I decided it would not hurt to see if I could get it on.

I was home by myself, so it was easy just to take off my shirt and bra and rub the material around my nipples. It felt nice. I could get some pleasure from this even if it did not fit.

I positioned the cups over my melons and pulled them against me. The bra’s cups were bigger than I first thought, and the fit was much better than I expected. I wondered who knew my cup size while I pushed the straps around and behind me. The Velcro ends went together as if they had two magnets to draw them together. This was not so bad. It was hard for me to find bras that fit, but this felt perfect. I went to the bedroom where I could admire it in the mirror.

The front view was nice, and when I turned to each side, the back looked good too. What a nice gift. I had a black cocktail dress that would go well with this, and a black see-through blouse that would work well. Matching Başakşehir escort panties should not be hard to find. Yes, I was already thinking about where I could wear it. It looked so sexy. Maybe I could use it to seduce some unsuspecting potential lover. I got wet thinking about the possibility.

I was surprised about how well it supported me. With this flimsy material, I expected it to sag. My hands cupped my breasts so that I could lift them and feel how much support the bra provided. Somehow, my hands felt strange through the material. I could feel fingers curving around the cup, but they were not mine.

I pulled my hands away quickly, but still the fingers lifted and supported me. I looked down, but saw no hands. No lover had come up behind to surprise me. This was not supposed to be happening, and I felt frightened.

The fingers began to move, and I felt myself getting aroused. I decided to get the bra off until I could figure out what was going on.

For some reason, I could not reach the Velcro. I had been removing my own bra since I was thirteen, but this one just did not want to come off. I tried to twist it, but could not get my fingers under the edge. I twisted my torso in front of the mirror and reached for the Velcro from either side, but my attempts came up short by an inch or so.

I stopped to think of other options and realized invisible fingers were gently circling and twisting my nipples. I felt my nipples getting erect and could see them poking through the material. The material gave no clue about the fingers that I felt so clearly. Was this a ghost? I did not believe in them, but this might make me a believer.

I wondered again who have me this bra, and realized there had been a warning hidden in the dare. The person giving me this bra knew it was going to do something like this.

“Damn,” I thought to myself. What could I do?

I was chewing my lower lip in thought when I felt the tongue. There was the unmistakable wetness of a tongue circling Bayrampaşa escort bayan my left aureole. It felt great, but I wanted to see and know a person before I let them play with my honeydews. Maybe I could cut the bra in half. It seemed a shame, but I was running out of options.

I went to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors. As I slid one tip to the edge of the material, I felt a sharp pain. I dropped the scissors in surprise. It was as if someone had placed two pairs of scissors around my erect nipples and closed them, cutting flesh and drawing blood.

As soon as I dropped the scissors, the pain went away and I could feel a mouth and tongue around each of my nipples. I looked down expecting to see blood, or at least saliva. It was dry. This was crazy.

Maybe I could get some help. Maybe this was a side effect of some new medication. OK, I was grasping at straws. I had not started any new medications recently.

I reached for the phone to call 911, and again felt sharp pains. This time it was as if teeth were biting around each nipple, and the teeth were made of razor sharp steel.

I ran to the bedroom in frustration and threw myself on the bed. I could not see because of my tears, but at least the pain had stopped. The pleasure returned with a series of sensations; fingers kneading a breast, tongue licking and circling a nipple, mouth sucking with such a wonderful suction, and then alternating to the other side.

In the absence of any other option, I found myself surrendering to the pleasure. At first, I just relaxed and let it wash over me. Then I reached into my shorts and panties to play with myself. The two sensations went together well, and I imagined a lover lying next to me, petting me. After a few minutes, I took off all of my clothes, except for the bra of course. It was not coming off regardless what I tried to do to it.

The bra did not seem to mind that I was pleasuring myself. It was too busy playing with my upper deck.

I reached Escort Beşiktaş in a bedside drawer and got out Mr. Clear, my glass dildo. I wanted someone or something in me, and Mr. Clear had been a reliable lover when men were not available.

I was so wet from what the bra was doing to me that Mr. Clear went in with only my natural juices. He filled me and then started a rhythmic thrust that felt so good. The fingers of my other hand played with my clit. I was aware that my hand was moving Mr. Clear, but just barely. My arousal had gotten so high that I was not thinking clearly.

Between the various stimulations provided by the bra, my fingers on my pearl button, and Mr. Clear inside me, it did not take long for me to come. It was long and deep and I hope I did not disturb any of the neighbors.

Apparently, this satisfied the bra. The stimulation stopped, although I still felt a firm set of hands holding me. It was a post orgasm cuddle, and I fell asleep in the warm embrace of this gift.

When I awoke, the Velcro straps had come loose and the bra had fallen off. I put the bra back in the package and went to the bathroom to wash. Somehow, I was afraid that it might jump back on me. I know it was a silly thought, but I felt safer knowing the bra was back in its package.

I inspected myself in the mirror. Would there be bite marks? Would there be cuts? The bra did its job without leaving any marks. I did not feel safe at the time, but I was feeling better about it.

I thought about the pleasure the bra had given me, and the pain. It seemed nonconsensual, but maybe I just did not understand it. I was feeling a little horny just before the first time it provided pleasure and the pain only occurred when I tried to stop the pleasure. Maybe it was not such a bad thing, but just to be sure, I decided to keep the bra put away where I would not be tempted to try it on again.

As I picked it up to put it away, I felt the silky smoothness of the material, and remembered how nice it felt against my skin. This bra was dangerous. Despite my current intent, I knew it was just a matter of time before I tried to wear it again. As I carried it to my dresser, I caressed the material with my fingers and enjoyed the silky feel. With mixed feelings, I realized I would be wearing this bra again, and it would probably be sooner rather than later.

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