Ghost Hunk Ch. 05


Barry cups his thick bulge and pulls the underwear up his massive booty a bit before crack his back and shows off his enormous round gut, “Yeah, close enough.” He huffs as he makes his way through the den of a past orgy, his soft and meaty dong and fat kiwi-sac wobbling gently as he goes.

‘Urrmm, oof, aw yeah, this guy feels great,’ Polter grins inwardly inside those briefs as Barry goes, unknowingly carrying a weakened poltergeist in his underpants. Barry smiles as the mostly nude and beefy and chubby black bear makes his way down ‘Think I’ll just hang out inside a gay guy for a while. Better than slumming it in some briefs anyway…’

In all his time of entering inside of a body and possessing men of different sexualities, Polter finds that gay men are more… Accommodating than straight men. Polter’s energy is all about homosexual energy, so when he enters a gay man’s body for possession, he will most likely not meet with any resistance and very little awareness of him even being there. Straight men, however, make it a total challenge for Polter, and that’s what he usually likes to go for. But having a homo host the ghost for a while is usually just what Polter needs…

“Mm, hhmmhmmm, hm, hm,” Barry hums as he goes into his own room of this establishment. He just closes the door when suddenly every inch of his briefs puff in a glowing mist that fades almost immediately just as the seat of his underwear sinks right into his buttcrack like a sentient wedgie and his package bulges out until the underwear looks like it was painted on!

“OOH! Whoa! Ooh, whoa, ah… Ah hah…” Barry scoffs as he staggers. His entire body feels as if it just dipped into a cold river, and now asshole feels warm and his soft and flaccid cock feels twitchy and needy. His balls tingle while his member thickens with arousal. Barry feels along his mostly smooth and jello-like torso as his nipples perk erect as his back instinctively arches.

“Oooooh… Gooddaayyuuum…” Barry whines as he breaks into a light sweat. All of a sudden he just feels so randy. “Ohhhhhhhhh” He looks down and starts to rub and roll his bulge about. He puckers his lips as the ghost enters his hormones and safely retains inside of him. He can already feel his package start to thicken with lust as his thick hand grabs for it and gives it a gentle squeeze. Fuck he needs to get laid again…

‘Hey there, big guy…’

“What the… What?” Barry looks around. He could have sworn he just heard someone talking to him, but there’s no one else around.

As the dark-skinned man looks around, subtle mists loom and waft about in the neat and clean motel space. A pair of barely visible hands go down and start to roam and rub intanglibly onto Barry’s mega-sized rump.

‘You got a pretty fat ass there…’

“Unnhh” The bear looks down over his shoulder and arches his back. He wiggles his heathy booty a bit as his whole body tingles a bit. He moans as he reaches down with both hands and starts rubbing his bottom. A pair of glowing eye symbols and a cute mouth glow faintly across Barry’s thick rear, almost as if the ghost inside Barry is purring while Barry massages and fondles his own butt.

‘Love your gut too…’ The ghost whispers.

“What? Huh?” Barry definitely heard that, but he’s still seeing what must be someone else vaping from somewhere.

He feels light-headed too, maybe someone is smoking some shrooms? Because he’s almost certain he’s seeing some living vapor rub and massage his copious chocolate fat. ‘Got some nice tits…’

“Mmhhhyyyaaahh” Barry growls as he looks down and starts rubbing his round girth. His cock forms a tent in his underwear as the fat black beauty rolls his bowl of thickness around. “Oh, ohhh, ohhhbabyyy” He moans as his hips even hump the air as his hands cup his round pecs. God, why is he so horny all of a sudden? The more he fondles and rubs his thick round body, the hotter he gets.

‘You got a lot of room for me don’t ya? Heh heh…’

“Huh?” Barry looks down as he feels his hands and arms take on a cold chill. The beefy male starts to feel himself up. “What’s… Something’s off… What’s going on?” He sees his hands cupping his manboobs, or another one petting his massive and round belly, and then one hand starts to stroke a fat thigh while the other hand rubs at his waist. Barry SEES his own limbs groping himself, but it feels as if someone else is feeling him up.

He turns his head and Bahçelievler Escort sees… A subtle glow of a smile in the air, and what he could have sworn was… A penis?

As soon as he blinks though, there’s nothing there. “Okay, I gotta get my head clear.” He rubs his forehead and takes a deep puff of breath, “Something’s going awn-aaallnng?” His mouth opens up by himself as something oddly solid pushes his very thick lips. “Huuaah?”

Barry’s eyebrows raise as he goes cross-eyed as he stares at nothing — but he KNOWS a cock when he tastes on. “Haabuuwa-AALLG!” He gags as his jaws pries itself open as a thick, raunchy flavor forces down on his tongue. His cheeks widen as his head bobs itself up and down while his stubble-layered chin feels the gentle bat and bounce of familiar balls.

‘OOoooooh yeeeeaaaah. That’s right, fatty, that’s right.’ Mumbles the entity. Invisible and enchanting, Polter hovers his spectral hands and rubs onto Barry’s scalp and starts to hump his unseen member into the open mouth. ‘You… Fat slut…’

“Allmmm, mmuuaalllhh~!” Barry moans needingly as he finds himself staggering to the bed with his mouth full of invisible dick. “Ulgh, ulgh, ulgh!” Barry’s head jerks back and forth as he starts to slobber all over, feeling the back of his throat being punched again and again. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but all he knows that he needs sex. A lot of it. Right now.

“H-Huhh??” Suddenly the cock in his mouth pulls out of his succulent lips with a wet pop, and he finds his lower body flinging itself and doing a spontaneous backflip right on the bed! “WHOA! Ahhhh!” He flops down on the bed, his tubby build bouncing dramatically from the stunt.

“What the hell?? What’s going on?! Did I just…” He looks down and gaps as he sees the bulge of his tent. The waistband of his underwear pinches and pulls up before his cock floops itself right out and bobs in the open air “… The hell was I smoking last night?? Cause this ain’t…”

Then his eyes widen as something hot and wet presses down on the hooded head of his cock. “Hooohhh!” His mouth opens in an open-mouth squeal as he hears a squishing noise as an intense pressure descends on his thick manhood. He watches as his foreskin rolls itself down as the rigid flesh indents on itself all around, as if someone was sitting their asshole right on his meat!

“HOOOHHHH!” His legs crank and tense as he ‘penetrates’ a tight yet warm anus in invisible bliss! “HoooOOOooollyyy fuuuuck!” Then the skin of his cock is pulled up as the sentient tightness slides up, sealing the head of his dick up with its own hood before his standing penis feels the telekinetic squeeze push down on his lap again.

“UHH!” Barry flails and pants as his round gut starts to bounce and roll on its own while his pelvis is jerked back and forth on its own “Hoohhh! OooHHHhooohh!” His hands fumble at the area above his cock, trying to grab to who or whatever is fucking itself on him, but all he feels is the thin air.

Then the invisible anus starts to go up and down faster. Barry writhes and squirms as the foreskin of his meat racing up and popping the head up and down and driving the sensitive spots wild!

“Fuck! Hoh fuck! Shit, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna!” The tubbo shoves his head back as his round build arches and shoves his thick bloated pelvis up into the air just as his dong starts to unload! “AWWWwwwwww! Aaawwwwsshhhiiiit!”

His orb-like body jiggles and tenses as his member twitches and jumps all by itself. His cum channels into the air and wobbles gracefully into a spherical shape. Barry pants his large belly up and down as he watches his thick spunk levitate up from his penis and rise just a foot up.

Barry just stares dumbfounded as his sperm just floats and evaporates before he sees a transparent humanoid figure sitting on his lap and fondling his manboobs for just a split second. As soon as he tries to get up, his dick wiggles as schlorps as whatever was holding it disappears. “Okay, I gotta-“

And just like that, Barry’s huge fat body is flipped around onto his front, “OOF. Huh?” On its own, Barry’s ass raises itself up high, propped up and supported on his knees. His head whips around as he tries to grasp what’s going on. “Fuck, what’s gonna happen?? I…”

Then, a round invisible dome pushes inside the great divide of Barry’s clothed ass. “Haaawwwooo!” Barry lets out another high-pitched bitch Bahçelievler Escort Bayan moan as he feels something push into his anus, like someone is about to fuck him. “Aw fuck” His hands grab for a pillow just before his lower section feels a hard BOLT of force, and his anus is widened on impact! “OHH! Ahhhhhhh!” With his underwear still on, Barry’s crack shows a thick, round shape in between, along with a pair of tangerine-sized bulges on his rear as the invisible top goes in deep.

“AwwwwwwWWwww” Barrry hugs the pillow as he feels the ‘cock’ slide back and shove into his fat ass again. Having just came, Barry’s asshole is fairly loose as it gulps down the thick manhood starting to rail him. “Uuuwaa! Uaa! Uhhh! Ohhhh!”

He doesn’t even question it anymore; he’s just holding on and moaning like a fat slut as the bed bangs against the wall. “Fuck mah ass, fuck mah ass, fuck meeeee” He whines, loving how this invisible cock is somehow hitting all the right spots. His underwear ass bounces back and forth as the ghost dominates his afterglow state. Barry bites his pillow and moans loud and muffled as his limb member rubs into the mattress as he feels his round girth roll along the bed over and over.

Above the chubby bear, Polter growls and glows faintly as he resembles an average body figure as he humps Barry’s butt doggy style, sliding his ethereal member into Barry’s shielded rear again and again, snickering silently as the huge black beauty just submits to his member. Polter grins as he goes down and bites Barry on the ear before disappearing from sight again.

“A-AAhhh!” Barry moans out loud as his earlobe feels the pull of teeth as he arches his back and offers his twin globes behind him to the unseen stud making him shoot back and forth “Oh mah gahd! Ahhh~! Ohhhh! MMHHH!”

Polter shimmers again into view as he flexes his form and pushes balls-deep into Barry’s huge butt. “Ghhhhhh!” The phantom reaches an intangible orgasm and injects glowing energy inside of Barry’s rectum. ‘Awww yeah… What a hit~’

“Haahh… Hohhh… Aaahhaaa…” Barry pants and moans as his chub finally rests, sweating on the bed and squirming gently, just about ready to fall asleep again. The horny poltergeist grins with relish as his humanoid form dissipates into shapeless glowing mist, and then channeling the smoke swiftly down and right inside of Barry’s hidden pucker!

“OOH!” Barry jolts up and yelps as his hole feels an ice cold pop before a chill swims into his lower region and gives his genitals a keen tingle.

‘Okay, fatso…’ The voice tells him again, ‘Now…’ At this time, Polter starts to utilize Barry’s mentality as well as the chemicals in his brain, ‘You’re gonna need… A REAL hot piece of ass.’

“Whew, whoa.” Barry shakes his head and huffed, his penis jumping in its cotton prison and rolling over onto his back, biting his lip and grabbing his own moobs again, “Fuck… Still horny as hell…”

‘Yeah… You need a hot slab of man-meat to get ya goin…’ The ghost suggests more; as a poltergeist manifest of hot, wild, raunchy gay sex, the best way for Polter to get his strength back is to experience lots of arousal.

“Fuck… Gotta get me some booty.” Barry nods, totally dismissing the disembodied voice in his head, “There’s gotta be someone, I’m bustin at the seams…” He concludes to himself as he leaves his room and continues down the stairs.

Barry goes down the stairs and sees a casually dressed body builder with mild blonde hair. Even without asking for a name, both Barry AND Polter knows that ass anywhere in those shorts…

‘Jackpot.’ Polter whispers inside of Barry’s body.

“Jackpot.” Barry says as he approaches the nightclub bouncer.

Tony waits patiently at the front desk, waiting for the clerk to come back to have him check out. “Wonder what’s taking so long?” The buff guy leans forward and looks to the hall behind the desk “Already been 5 miiiNNN!”

“Arrrmmpphhh” On his knees, Barry is already face-deep into Tony’s butt. His thick lips push and brush on that backside while his teeth graze across the fabric.

“Ump, u-uhh,” Tony staggers as he holds on — a pair of very strong hands have him pinned and gripped as he feels a face really dig into his bottom — hence making his own crotch twitch and jump.

‘Yeah, like that butt, don’t ya?’ Polter taunts inside of Barry’s noggin, ‘This guy works out. He loves Escort Bahçelievler getting his ass eaten like a fat bear like you, don’t he? He’s a massive slut, and you know it.’

“ArrRRH!” Barry gives a hard horny lovebite across the left cheek

“EAAH! Ahem, rrhhm!” Tony yelped and jumped before coughing and clearing his throat. He was supposed to head out a few minutes ago, but damned if he can resist the way anybody grabs and manhandles him like this.

“Hello, sir!” The clerk says.

“Oh, hi, yes, hello!” Tony jumps a bit, breaking a hot sweat as the man behind him is still roughly gnashing on his bum.

“Very sorry for the wait, sir.” The cute clerk says with a nod, “You said you wanted to check out and pay for your night?”

“Yes, please, very much” Tony nods. His eyes widen while the clerk types at the computer, when the stranger behinds him pulls down his shorts to expose his muscular ass. “no no, please don’t…” He mutters to himself as he feels that hot breath in his crack “not the hole, not the hole, not…”

“Alright, that’ll be $67.89 for the-“

“HOHHH!” Tony squeals and irks as he leans forward a bit — that tongue just went right for his pucker for a firm lick.

“Aaarrre you alright, sir?”

“FINE! Yes, I-I-I’m fiiine!” Tony whines and nods. Not going to lie, he’s always wondered about doing something as public as this — hence why he hasn’t kicked the shit out of the man behind him by now. “I. Am. Great.” He attempts to pull himself together while his raging boner rubs the underside of the desk before him.

“O… Kay…” The clerk looks at the blonde stud up and down as he types away. This guy’s face is flustered and sweaty and he can’t seem to stand still. “May I have the the card-key back then, sir?”

“Y-Yep! Right here!” Tony says as he holds up the card. God, whoever is behind him is really polishing his entire divide. That tongue slides up his crack and sends a shiver up his spine, and that slab goes down to push down on his extremity. Not to mention each time a hot and wide lick goes against his butthole, Tony just about squirts a glob of precum under the counter top. God, this guy knows how to tease a pucker…

‘Ho-ot damn!’ Polter irks as his energy gets pulled towards Tony, ‘This scrub-fu-uck’s eveNNnn hornier than meee!’ He can barely keep a hold of himself.

The clerk processed the transaction and gave Tony is debit card back “Thank you for your business, sir. I hope you have a good day.”

“Yeeeaahh it is” Tony shakes and grunts as that hole gets tickled and slurped. The guy in front of him gives him another weird look before he gets called away. Now Tony whips around and sees the fat bear grinning at him from the floor and getting up. “Barryyy!” Tony hushed, “Are you crazy?? What are doing-“

Before Tony could talk too much, Barry shoved his thick lips right onto Tony’s. The bouncer inhales sharply through his nose and just moans as that tongue forces into Tony’s mouth. “Mmhhh, mmllhhmm, mmhh!” Tony moans more as his erection curls from the sheer hardness. His back arches as Barry reaches down and starts to harshly grab and dig his fingers into Tony’s asscheeks.

‘Fuck it, I can’t keep hold!’ Polter concludes as his consciousness swims inside of Barry’s mouth, ‘Looks like I’m being pulled in!’ With that, the ghost flows in a river of glowing mist from Barry’s lips and splashing his mist-like energy down into Tony’s mouth and nostrils. Tony’s chiseled features sniff and suck the phantom inside of him like opium smoke as he makes out with Barry. Tony gives him a firm hug and a roll of his hips as the now inhabits the horny entity.

The kiss parts with a very wet pop as that chubby stud grinds his round gut into those rippling abs, “Been a while there, ya fuckin piece of ass.”

“Christ, Barry, aahh” Tony groans and flinches as those strong hands knead and roll his bottom around. He can hardly say no with those hands manhandling those buttcheeks.

“Allmm” Tony goes in and starts to French Barry again. He’s so damn aroused that he almost wants to get his ass fucked right on the counter. H-Hrrmmm” He just moans as he almost humps Barry’s lap while the blonde bodybuilder just about hugs and licks him.

“Heh, then while you at it, how about you get in deep, yeah?” Barry smirks as he uses his bedroom voice while pushing Tony’s face into his chest.

“H-Haallmm” Tony starts licking and nuzzling firmly into Barry’s manboobs, licking his thick nipples hand wrapping his beefy arms around Barry’s thick build. “Fuuucckk… Gimme your fat caaaawwwwkk.” Tony moans as his butthole is practically twitching, almost starving to be stuffed.

“Mmm, yeah boy.” Barry growls as he takes Tony’s manly hand and leads him back upstairs.

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