Geocaching with Dave


i’m still working on the next chapter of The Brothel, but things are stalled at the moment. this one came to me quickly – so perhaps it will amuse you while you wait.

it is about a female sub! (i’m sure you are shocked!)


The moment of highest risk is exiting the car. From the car into the woods. Once I am in the woods it is relatively safe, but I leave the car on a major road. There is a curve above and below where I park so I have to rely on the sound of engines to know when the coast is temporarily clear, but the walk into the woods is a hundred yards or so, so there is always the possibility… That’s what turns me on.

I hike into the woods with my bamboo walking stick and my black bag of goodies. I am wearing my tennis shoes. My clothes and the keys to my car are locked safely away in the vehicle.

The trail is a public hiking trail, but few people use it on weekdays. There was no one parked at my end and people who park at the other end rarely come all the way through. There is a place where several trails intersect though. The place of most risk. That is where I will place myself in a position of great vulnerability.

As soon as I am out of sight of the road I stop and fish through the goody bag. Ben wa balls into the pussy and a vibrator for my butt that is shaped like a chrome tampon. I smear it with lube and it slides right in. Of course the ben wa balls need no lube. A one-quarter-inch length of rope is doubled around my waist with the ends going through the loop and then through my crotch. It wouldn’t do to have the ben wa balls fall out. Ankle restraints are secured with padlocks joined by an eighteen inch chain. I stop to listen as I hear the engines of several cars go by. Another longer length of three-eighths-inch rope is doubled. I nestle it up under my breasts and run the ends through the loop. Going in the opposite direction I make another pass below my breasts and then two above. I draw the upper and lower passes together between my breasts firmly, then run both ropes up around one side and down the other side of my neck and tie them off in the center again. Two short ropes draw the sides under my arms together with length left over to wrap my breasts several times.

I take out a small length of pre-tied rope, the remote for the vibrator, and my collar, then pull the drawstring closed. Other cars are driving by periodically and each time they do my heart races. The center of the pre-tied rope is tied to the rope through my crotch. It is quarter inch as well. It is tied so that the knot will sit at my ass hole. The pre-tied rope has barrel knots at each end. It is kermantle and the knots are as tight as possible so that the rope doesn’t slide on itself easily. The loops at each end are close together and only one at a time is large enough to get my hand barely through.

I fasten my collar – without the padlocks for now. I will have to take it off later. I tie the drawstring of the goody bag to the back loop and then wrap the other end around the center of the walking stick. Looping one hand over the walking stick behind my back, I run my wrist through the loop and draw it snug with the other hand and then loosen the other loop for the other wrist and place it in the bound hand. I turn on the vibrator – set on intermittent – and put the string around my neck so it hangs on my chest. Then, trapping the stick against a tree to move it into position, I loop my other elbow behind the walking stick and struggle to work the other rope loop over my wrist. It isn’t easy, but finally I manage and pull and twist firmly until it is snug on my wrist. I will have to struggle even more to get out when the time comes. If I meet someone on the trail, they will see me as I am. There wouldn’t be enough time to get out of my restraints before being overtaken. And going off the path or outrunning someone isn’t an option in the hobbles.

Now to hike. The trail is hilly and there are several streams. The chain that hobbles my ankles forces me to take shorter strides than normal. My elbows are drawn back and my swelling breasts lead the way. There is a pleasing tug on my neck caused by the weight of the goody bag stretched to the walking stick. I can feel my heartbeat in my throat. My wrists pull at the crotch string as I walk.

The scenery is beautiful, but I am forced for the most part to look at the uneven ground. I am surrounded by a mix of pine, oak, maple, dogwood, and sassafras trees. The understory is mountain laurel and rhododendrons. Pine needles and other forest debris carpet the path and occasional stones litter the way.

My foot gets wet as I cross the first stream. Other things are wet as well. I want to come and could, but that would shorten the anticipation. The vibrator kicked in several minutes after I began to walk and has been running off and on about a minute every five or so. I am getting to the point that I have to stop walking every time it kicks on to spread my legs and squat slightly so that I don’t accidentally set myself off. It doesn’t istanbul travesti help at all that it makes the ben wa balls vibrate as well.

The weather is beautiful as well and I try to enjoy the blooming of the rhododendrons to take my mind off the heartbeat that I am now feeling not only in my throat, but in my breasts and clit as well. I admire my breasts and my nipples that are standing proudly on the swollen and darkening orbs. I know my sex is swollen as well and I can feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs as I walk.

It takes me an hour to arrive at the ‘place of vulnerability’. By now I am feeling more confident that I won’t be seen unintentionally, but despite my best intentions – and squatting – I have come twice already and am on the verge again. I can’t help it when I am in bondage and there is a risk of being seen.

I grunt and struggle to release my wrists, pulling hard on one in the effort. There are indentations left in my skin, and my wrists feel bruised, when I finally succeed. I turn off the vibrator – that is definitely a must – and find a relatively flat spot between two trees. I brush my nipples and they are rock hard. I don’t dare brush them again. That was a mistake.

I dump the contents of the bag and spread the bag out. Carefully I line everything up in front of me. I turn on the handheld Global Positioning Device and write down the X and Y coordinates on a small pad of paper with a pencil stub held to it with a rubberband. Then I pick up the cell phone and call Dave.

“Hello!” His voice has more than a hint of suggestion in it.

My reply is shy. “Hi. I have the coordinates.” I read them to him.

“How far?”

“About forty-five minutes. I need another fifteen I think.”

“Fifteen it is. Gives me time to pick up Todd.”

I feel my stomach and sex lurch. I was hoping he would come alone. “Okay.”

“Are you wet?”


“You didn’t come, did you?”

“I tried not to, but I came twice.”

“You know what that means?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Mmmm.” I wasn’t going to like it. “Well, you get going and I’ll see you in a bit.”

But I won’t see you. “Okay.”

I set the phone and the GPS box at the base of one of the trees and began to remove my collar. My shoes and socks joined the collar at the base of the tree. The breast bondage and crotch rope would stay in place, as well as the ankle restraints, vibrator and balls.

The bamboo stick had holes drilled at both ends. I ran ropes through them and tied it off at shoulder height to the two trees. I looped other lengths of rope over it and then wrapped ropes around the base of the tree. Then I lined up all the other items in front of where I would be standing. One rope I threw over an overhanging limb and tied a taut line knot, leaving the end hanging and attached the collar and hood I would be wearing to it temporarily. The taut line would make it easy to shorten so there was no play in it once the other items were on.

I sat carefully on the flattened goody bag and removed the hobble chain from my ankles. I tied my ankles to the trees and spread them about three feet. Just to make sure there was no play, I also tied my restraints to each other and made sure that all the ropes were taut. I stood awkwardly and leaned over from the hips to grab the other items.

Foam earplugs and tape over my ears, nose plug and a large ball gag with surgical tubing to breathe through. I could hear my heart beating inside of my ears. I took the permanent marker and wrote on my chest, “Use me, please!”

I didn’t want to put the clamps on yet, but I wouldn’t be able to bend over soon and I needed my hands. I would have to work fast and I knew I would come again at least once before Dave and Todd got here. I grunted and squealed through the gag as I attached the first cloverleaf to my outer labia and hung the two pound weight. I held it in my hand as I nestled the crotch rope further into my inner folds. Then I attached the other clamp with its accompanying weight and lowered them carefully.

I forced myself to stand, holding the other items awkwardly. Two more squeals and a few tears later and the other two cloverleafs were on my sensitized nipples with their smaller cone-shaped weights dangling. Now I had to force myself to forget the searing pain and how it connected all the nerves between that sensual triangle. I knew I would come again, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Quickly I ran a rope around my neck, under each arm and over the bamboo. I pulled it tight and back around the front under my breasts and tied it off. Then I slid the small hole in my leather hood over the surgical tubing and worked it onto my head. I zipped it and tugged it smooth down my neck. Working blindly now, I took the second collar I had brought with me and tied the rope dangling from above to the front loop. This was a posture collar with a protective flap on the front of the throat. It would force my head back once I turned kadıköy travesti the screw that extended the front. I put it on, snapping the hasps in place, and fumbling with the padlock at the back and quickly turned the extender as far as I could.

Last, but not least was the small tweezer clamp at the end of elastic string that would stretch from the nipple chain to my clit. I attached it and turned on the vibrator, groaning with need before I pulled on the tautline bringing me fully straight. I slipped my wrists through the slipknots at the ends of the bamboo and pulled them tight and then I came long and hard.

I was helpless now until Dave came. The video camera lay at my feet along with the digital. I was in a public place where anyone could see me, with an invitation to use me written in broad black letters on my chest. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t see. I could barely breathe. My legs were immobilized. The only problem was that my wrists could still move slightly, but not enough to untie them – the knots were well out of reach. Dave would take care of that I had no doubt.


Todd was the one who got Dave into GeoCaching. It is a game where people put GPS coordinates on the internet and then hide a prize. Most of the time there is a log book and sometimes small prizes. There were clubs where people paid an entry fee for an event and then had elaborate treasure hunts, going from one site to another before the quickest won the pot of money at the end.

We had played the game a couple of times with the club and then Dave got the idea to do his own kinky version.

We had been dating for a year by that time and had gotten progressively more adventurous as time went on. I remembered the first time he left me in the middle of the road in the middle of the night with no clothes on. He told me I had to approach any car that came and offer to let them fondle my tits. It was a main road, but scenic and not used for general transportation, so it was usually deserted that late at night. Usually… but when he returned that night there was a couple in the pickup next to me. The guy was taking me up on Dave’s offer and the girl was leaning over his arm giggling and saying, “What a slut to stand out here naked and offer herself like that!” Dave just sat in the car behind the truck and snapped pictures.

Finally he let me back in the car after I gave him a blow job. I told him I needed some action too and he stopped the car again, right in the middle of the road, and ordered me to masturbate myself in front of the car with the headlights on. He told me to be noisy when I came and he videoed the whole thing.

At first we kept our games to ourselves, but then I got into trouble for masturbating without permission and he showed Todd the video of me in the headlights as punishment. The only problem was that the humiliation turned me on and so the next time we went on a deserted road at night Todd was with us and I had to give two blow jobs and masturbate until I came like a freight train again. Of course that episode was all videotaped as well.

Todd was the one who got us into bondage. He showed Dave where to find bondage pictures on the internet, and in his defense, he also showed him websites that taught about safety. I couldn’t believe what it did for my libido! I was begging Dave to tie me up all the time. He made me pay for a session by giving Todd a blow job to thank him for the information on bondage. Later on he made me promise to let him take my anal cherry in exchange. Of course Todd was there to document it for posterity.

We started off with rope, but as our budget allowed, every spare penny went toward the wish list.

************** Something hit my arm. A twig? My heart was racing again. I knew I would come the next time the vibrator kicked on. That would be four times without permission. Dave is going to kill me! Did the twig just fall from the tree or is Dave watching me now? Or is someone I don’t know watching me? My tits are killing me! Oh… but my clit feels SO good! I wonder for the thousandth time why pain is such a turn on… and humiliation! It would be so embarrassing if someone just came along and found me here… They could do what they wanted. I couldn’t stop them. I groaned as the vibrator kicked in again. I hold off as long as I can, but the orgasm rips through me and I am left gasping for air and moaning.


Todd introduced us to whipping too. Dave needed to punish me (masturbating again…dang). I was already strung up spread eagle in the woods when Dave produced the cat. At first he just brushed it along my skin and when he began striking me it was softly, just reddening the skin and heating it up.

Todd must have shown him a training video though, because he was definitely thorough. Breasts, tits, armpits, stomach, bum, knees, inner thighs. Is this supposed to be punishment? Then he told me it was time for punishment. That was just play. Ten strikes. Two anadolu yakası travesti on each tit, two on the inside of each thigh and the last two on my pussy. I passed out during that orgasm!

I was so sore the next few days. Was it worth it? ………….. DUH!!!

That was when I got my collar. Dave was worried about how badly he hurt me. I told him I was his and would do anything he asked. I told him I deserved the punishment and even though I enjoyed the whipping, I hated disappointing him. I told him I would try very hard not to disobey him again. We were both very overwhelmed with special feelings for each other. That collar almost set off an orgasm all by itself.


I remember the first time we played the Geocaching game with me as the bait.

That time the bondage was simple. My collar tied to an overhead limb, my ankle tied to a tree trunk and handcuffs. I texted the coordinates to Dave and then dropped the phone and waited.

Gradually it became more complex as my imagination took off on the potential for self-bondage. He always let me direct that part of the adventure.


Suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I panicked and thrashed, but still I couldn’t breathe. Then something thumped my clit and I came. I struggled, trying desperately to breathe for several seconds as I came and then there was glorious air!

My legs were limp and I felt arms around my waist to support me – a body pressed against my back as lightening raced through my clit and tits. Fingers tracing letters across my chest. ‘How many’. Confession time. I held out my fingers indicating five. I wished he would give me credit for not coming as many times as I could have…

I felt searing pain as the clover clamps were removed from my tits. Not unclamped and removed… just pulled off as I grunted and squealed. Then the screaming pain as blood flow returned. The weights on the clamps on my cunt lips were dropped several times before one clamp and then the other finally fell off. I screamed and writhed for all the good it did me…

I felt circles being drawn on me. One around each breast and each aureole, one on each armpit, one on each butt cheek, one on my stomach with a smaller one around my navel, one on the front of each thigh. While all of that was happening the vibrator had been turned on constantly and my arms were strapped firmly in several places to the bamboo, yay!

Something was brushing my skin softly… feathers? NO! It poked me! Probably pine needles. The brushing continued, alternating with poking in various, usually erotic places. I tried to writhe as well as I could, but my hips were really all I could move until the tautline was tightened and I was forced to my toes. The brushing continued on my stomach and down across my mons several times. I jutted it out as well as I could wanting the pleasure to continue and was startled when the pointed needles pressed into my clit.

Then everything stopped. Even the vibrator. Ten minutes or more went by.

I felt something strike my bottom hard! I couldn’t imagine what it was. It felt like a fist, but smaller. There was fluid leaking now and I knew I would be bruised. It hurt!

The blows continued over the course of time and finally I realized that I was the target for their paintball guns! They always complained about the bruises it left behind – and they were wearing clothes. That must have been the circles they drew. Targets. They stayed at my back for several minutes and I squealed in pain every time one of those things hit me. My whole back and legs were covered before they moved to the front.

I screamed and cried through it all as they struck ramdomly at my breasts and all of the front of my torso and legs. Even on my pubes, but I think they were very careful not to hit my sex. Being so helpless and going through that was such a turn on!

There was another pause and the next thing I felt was a tongue on my clit. Fingers were pulling on my tits and I screamed through another climax. The tongue stayed there until it was all over. Bless whoever it was!

The ben wa balls came out and the vibrator. Both were replaced by my favorite dildos and the guys must have hugged each other because suddenly I was squished between them as their hips worked in an out. That was completely amazing and I went limp enjoying the sensations and the slow ride back up to orgasm. Just before I came the air tube was blocked again and I had another monster of a climax. I guess my muscles clamped down pretty well, because they both pulsed into me one after the other as I continued to come.

There was another pause, probably for pictures, and then I was laid back on the ground. Someone was licking my clit again as I felt the collar removed and then the hood. The collar was replaced before the gag, noseplug and earplugs were removed. “What a slut you are!” I managed to grin and giggle for a moment before Todd stuck his dick in my mouth for cleaning. I was very thorough.

Dave was next while Todd took pictures.

Finally my feet were released and the hobble replaced. While Todd did that Dave wrote other things on me. ‘Slut for hire’, ‘Blow jobs – $10’, ‘Sex – $20’, ‘Back door Sex – $40’, ‘Kissing and fondling and pictures – free’. After more pictures they hooked my leash to my collar and led me back down the trail.

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