Gardener Wanted

Big Tits

The advert simply read, Garden Help wanted. I looked at the notice and wrote down the phone number. Seeing as I was between jobs it seemed like a good way to earn a few extra pennies. I rang the number and spoke to a softly spoken Scottish lady called Stella. She lived nearby in a bungalow and simply wanted her garden looking after as she didn’t have time. I said I would take the job and it was mine. It was just coming up to spring so I guessed that there would be a lot of work to do.

A few weeks later I met Stella, when I saw her I recognized her as she would walk past my house on her way to the local town. She was in her early 60’s, had short strawberry blonde hair and an infectious smile and laugh. She also had large boobs which she caught me looking at. She didn’t say anything though and I walked round her garden with her as she told me what she wanted doing. That was it, the start of my gardening career.

I would go round to Stellas most weeks, sometimes she would be in and others she would be out so I just got on and weeded, cut the grass, planted new plants, watered and generally made the jungle look like a garden.

Spring marched into summer and it became hotter. One afternoon I stripped off to just my shorts and trainers when I heard the side garden gate go. It was Stella, back from shopping dressed in a floaty summer dress. She sat down at her garden table and chairs and watched as I mowed the lawn. I finished what I was doing and walked over.

“It’s looking good Pete, now I will be able to sit out here and enjoy the view.”

“Well it’s no longer a jungle so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

I stood in front of her and noticed that she was looking at my crotch. I thought Ankara travesti nothing of it and carried on talking. Stella continued to look and I could feel my cock swell and start to bulge in my shorts. I couldn’t hide it as I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt. Stella finished what she was saying and went inside I busied myself emptying the lawn mower and hoping that my cock would behave itself.

As I worked away I heard Stella come back out, she had a bikini on and sunglasses with a drink in her hand she sat on her sun lounger and put a bag down that she was carrying ion her other hand. I thought nothing of it and carried on tidying up. I must admit that the sight of her boobs squashed inside her bikini top had my cock bulging again. In fact I could feel pre-cum on the tip as I walked round.

I could hear the ice clinking in her glass as she sipped her drink. When I turned round I was open mouthed as I saw that Stella had removed her bikini top. She had an ice cube in her hand and was circling it round her left nipple which was becoming stiff and erect. I stood watching in amazement feeling my cock twitch and bulge and my shorts straining to keep it all in.

What I hadn’t noticed was that Stella had also removed her bikini bottoms and having rubbed her nipples with the ice cube then proceeded to rub it up and down her pussy lips before circling it on her clit.

Walking over Stella could clearly see that I was erect and bulging.

“Come here Pete, I need to look at something.”

I walked over and stood in front of her. She pulled at the button on my shorts, then the zip and pulled them and my boxer shorts down in one swift movement. I stood there with my throbbing Konya travesti cock pointing at her face.

“What do we have here then?”

She smiled and ran her fingers up and down my shaft as I looked at her. Despite her age she was in good shape with pale, milky white skin. Her plump boobs had nice pale pink nipples which were a nice size with erect nipples. She wasn’t fully shaven but had a strip of strawberry blonde hair above her pussy.

She opened her mouth and started to lick the tip of my waiting cock. Flicking it round the tip and teasing the eye. She smiled at me as she then took its length in her mouth, moving her head backwards and forwards, licking and sucking on it. She moved a hand and gently squeezed my balls, rubbing them between her thumb and forefinger.

I watched amazed as the lady who employed me to look after her garden was taking care of my swollen cock. She stopped and I stepped out of my shorts and boxers that had been resting round my ankles.

Stella moved her position so that she dropped to a squat position in front of me. Taking my cock in her hand again she started to wank it, teasing its length with gentle strokes, each time gently pulling the foreskin back so that she could see my swollen tip. I murmured as she did this.

She stopped wanking my cock and then licked her left index finger, I thought nothing of it, how wrong could I have been.

“Open your legs.”

I opened them and in a deft almost well practiced move she slid her finger towards my puckerd arse hole. I felt her nail as she gently pushed her finger, pushing it into my arse. I breathed in and let her push it further. I could feel my cock twitch and stiffen even İzmir travesti more as she pushed it in. She started to rhythmically push it in and out as she started to suck on my throbbing cock again. I looked down at her as he mouth engulfed my cock – gardening – it couldn’t get any better, could it?

Stella continued to work on my cock, slurping and licking and pushing that finger in and out of my arse. In no time I could feel my cum start to rise and without a word of warning I was pumping hot spunk into her mouth. She gulped as she swallowed my load and wiped her lips.

“Mmmm, very sweet Pete, now its my turn.”

She pulled her finger out of my arse and wiped it clean with a tissue.

Standing up she then turned round and bent over the garden table. I took a couple of my fingers and pushed them gently into her waiting pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet it was. In and out I pushed using my thumb on occasions to rub round her clit. Kneeling down I started to lick and kiss her pussy, tasting her sweet juices as they dribbled onto my face. My finger fucking brought her to the boil and she squirted her juices all over my face. I wiped them into my skin.

Standing up I then slid my now erect cock into her gaping hole. Pushing it in and out as she moaned and I could hear her boobs slapping as they moved when I fucked her. I started to build up a nice rhythm pushing in and out, teasing her hole making her feel every inch of my throbbing cock. I pushed backwards and forwards slowing down every now and again to keep her waiting, waiting for my release. I could feel how wet she was round my cock as my pubic hair was damp with her moistness.

I gently pulled on the back on her head, raising it up as I pushed one last time and my cum shot deep into her waiting hole.

“Well, well, well Pete, now wasn’t that a nice surprise. I bet you didn’t think gardening could be this good did you?”

This was going to be one long and exciting summer.

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