Garden Club


December 2020

Revised August 2022


I rewrote this story. It was originally posted back in 2020 and received okay ratings, but the story moved far too fast and had little dialog. I hope my rewrite improved the story.

This is not a slow build like a lot of my recent work, but I hope that doesn’t distract from it too much.

Like always if you do not enjoy seniors, over 65, enjoying sexual activity together, this story is not for you.


Stepping though the back door of his home to get a cool drink, Jack heard a knock at the front door. He’d been in the back yard tending to his garden and had no idea how long the person had been attempting to get his attention. It could be the delivery from UPS he expected today and if so that should not be left out. There have been cases of packages being stolen from front porches over the last month or so.

Opening the door he checked the porch, but did not see the package he expected to find; instead he saw a pair of shoes. He quickly positioned his naked body behind the door, and then looking past the shoes he saw a pair of jean covered legs and a simple shirt tucked into those jeans, all belonging to the woman standing before him. She appeared to be in good shape and like him was well past her prime.

He recognized her as a neighbor. He’d seen her before on his walks, but had never talked with her and had no clue of a name to go with that face. He waved to her a couple times a week. She walked the same path as he did; it was mandatory to do some form of physical exercise every day once you’re past a certain age and that age was several years back for both of them.

‘Hello,” he said after he made sure that his body was completely hidden behind the door.

Shirley stared at the head and bare shoulder peeking out from behind the door. She was certain that she’d seen a long expanse of bare leg and hip when the door first opened. A sly smile formed on her lips as the realization that he was probably naked behind that door hit her.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Shirley and I’m starting an informal garden club here in the neighborhood. I’ve walked by your lovely garden for months now and would love it if you would be interested and getting together with a few of us every so often to discuss gardening techniques and maybe share some cuttings. I’ll bet your back yard is gorgeous.”

Jack was proud of his garden and would love to show it off, but was uncertain if the smiling woman just a few feet from him was aware that if he opened the door he would show off more than just a few plants. That thought excited him. One of the fantasies he used often involved exposing himself to attractive women. The woman standing on the other side of his door was one of those attractive women his mind brought up on occasion, normally after seeing her on his morning walk. He would imagine her rounding a corner on her walk around the lake to discover him naked. The rest of his fantasy varied but always included a multitude of sexual acts.

He tried to calm himself and focus on his answer, “I’m glad you like my garden. It does occupy a fair amount of my time, but it is very rewarding.” His words did little to abate the fantasy going though his mind right now of the woman in front of him and an open door. “I’m Jack, by the way.”

“I know what you mean. I lose myself in my garden and before I know it I’ve missed lunch.”

“I didn’t know there was a garden club in the neighborhood, but I notice a few yards around here that appear to be well tended.” He could distract himself from the story unfolding in his mind by talking about gardening, but not completely. He did agree that most things moved to the back burner when his hands were in the dirt.

Shirley noticed that he shifted behind that door, leaning forward as if he wanted to be on the other side then shifting back behind his shield. It was as if he was debating about exposing himself to her. Maybe she could find a way to encourage his decision.

“We are just trying to get it started now. There are three of us who get together every once in a while, and yesterday we started to talk about forming a gardening group and we all wanted to ask you if you would join us. We all love your garden.” She didn’t mention that all three of them considered him hot and each wanted an excuse to get close to him. They had spent the better part of an hour talking about what each of them wanted to do with this hot man and how to get him naked.

There were not many single men their age in the neighborhood. There actually weren’t many men of retirement age either single or married. The neighborhood consisted mostly of families in their thirties and forties, only a handful of seniors over 60.

“So you don’t have regular meetings?” Jack asked.

“We’ve only had one meeting so far and that was last night. We wanted to invite you and maybe get together later this afternoon, over a glass of wine.”

“Sounds like fun. Where do you meet?”

Shirley liked the Tüyap escort bayan way the conversation was going and thought she might push the issue just a bit. “Last night we got together at my house, but to tell you the truth I think we all would love to see your back yard. That is all we talked about last night. I mean seeing what you’ve done with your front yard, we all have different ideas about what fantastic things you must have in your back yard. I’ll bring the wine.”

“Well, I…”

Shirley noticed his hesitation and that just verified for her that he was naked. “Are you a nudist?”

Her blunt question shocked him and he took a moment to recover, “Not exactly.” What made her ask that? She must know that he’s not wearing anything. That insight made his already partial erection stand up proud and strong.

“Well, I’m almost certain that you are not wearing anything behind that door. Would it make you more comfortable if I told you I don’t mind if you are naked?” The smile on Shirley face should be enough to tell him she was anxious to see him nude. Her gaze dropped from his face to parts lower.

Jack’s mind no longer thought about gardening or the gardening group. His mind raced and his erection grew. He had a recurring fantasy about exposing himself to women, but had never done anything about it. Now his fantasy was presenting itself to him and if the smile he saw said anything, it was arousal. She had her mouth open and was biting her lower lip. His fantasy overrode his rational mind and he could not respond to whatever question she’d asked.

“I am not a nudist,” was all he could say.

“But you are naked behind that door aren’t you?” Shirley noticed Jack again shifting and his face flushed pink. Was he embarrassed or aroused? When he licked his lips she knew he was aroused. That knowledge aroused her. She felt the heat rising and her nipples tighten.

“I would love a tour of your back yard, and to see what you are hiding behind that door.”

Jack looked up at the woman in front of him. Her nipples were now poking against the material of her shirt. He hadn’t noticed before if she wore a bra or not, but now it was obvious that she wasn’t; the shirt was not thin– he thought it would look better if it were, but she was also definitely aroused.

He opened the door and stood in front of her with his cock pointing directly at her.

“Lovely,” she replied to the stiff member pointing at her. She then looked up at Jack, “you are definitely not a nudist. Are you an exhibitionist?”

“I don’t go out and expose myself to unsuspecting women, no, but I must admit that the more you talked about by being naked behind the door and hinting that you wanted to see me, the more aroused I became,” he answered

“Nudist don’t get erections, but I’m so glad you do,” she replied.

“It’s words like those that will keep me hard. Come on in,” Jack responded

Shirley followed him into the house. “I’m so glad you decided to open the door.”

“Me too,” he answered as she stepped inside. “Now that you’ve seen me nude, what else do you have planned, or are you just a voyeur?”

“I have plenty of fantasies now that I’m inside a house with an attractive, and very aroused, naked man. I’ve never moved this fast before, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’d love to explore that gorgeous cock of yours. What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“This is new to me too, and now that I’m nude in front of you, I’m not sure what to do now. You did mention a garden club; what do you do in this garden club?”

“I’m used to the man making the first move and I guess in this case you did open the door for me. So is it my turn now. We could hug and see what that leads to,” she suggested.

“Sounds good. I can tell that you are as excited as I am,” he answered holding out his arms.

They wrapped their arms around each other with Jack’s cock pressed up against her and her breasts pushing against his chest. They both started to pant with their excitement.

Shirley lowered one hand to grasp his cock and softly stroked him, and after judging his reaction rubbed her breasts against his chest.

It didn’t take Jack long to recognize the invitation and soon had both of his hands filled with her breasts.

The mutual panting increased and she looked into his eyes as if trying to read him.

“I promised the other ladies that I’d be right back and let them know if you wanted to join or not. They, well we, really want you in our club. You are the only one we considered,” she commented. “I think you would be pleased about all the dirty things we talked about doing with you last night, and the girls would hate me if I didn’t bring them over to see you naked,” she paused.

“I guess I should ask if you want to join and if you want to meet the others. I could just stay her and have fun with you, if you prefer,” She rambled on.

“I don’t think I could satisfy three women,” Jack admitted.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Escort Tüyap We can take of you. Should I get the girls?” She asked.

Jack’s cock surged to attention at the thought of being naked in front of Shirley and her friends. “It might be fun to be naked in front of three women. Sure, bring them over. You want to get together later on in the day?”

“We can be back in an hour, or less. Stay naked, and I’ll be right back,” she replied. “I’ll have Stacy and Judy with me plus some wine. Will you stay naked? I promise to make it worth your while.”

She smiled as she dropped to her knees and placed his cock into her mouth. She pushed it deep inside her mouth then back out several times before lifting the cock up so she could lick the underside then she took his balls into her mouth, before going back to suck on his cock slowly.

She pulled away from him and stood back up. “Consider that a sample of what’s to come.”

“I like the way you are defining this club,” Jack answered.

Shirley left to collect her friends after giving Jack one last lick on the underside of his stiff cock.

Jack had only his fantasies for company for so long, he had forgotten the pleasure of a woman’s mouth on his cock. He knew he had a little time before the woman came back with her friends and by the way he noticed Shirley rushing after she left, he didn’t think it would take an hour. He organized his back yard a bit, by cleaning off the table and chairs, removing the potted plants he had there and gathered some place mats and wine glasses from the kitchen. He found a box of crackers and some cheese to set out also. He coiled up the hose and put away his gardening tools. He was just washing up when he heard the doorbell.

Jack quickly dried his hands as his cock displayed his urgency to greet the women. He rushed to the door with his cock leading the way. A quick glance outside verified that Shirley and two other women stood on his porch. He opened the door allowing them to see the erection awaiting them.

He recognized the two new women. One lived a block over and he often saw her on his walk tending her garden. He rarely saw her from the front as she presented to him now, but rather turned around and bent over pulling weeds. He admired the view she presented to him while working on her garden. She also made an appearance in his fantasies on occasion. The other he saw every so often on his walk, but not as much as the other two.

Shirley entered first and gripped his cock, “I told you we’d be right back.” She gave Jacks cock a squeeze as she hugged him.

“You made it in record time. You indicated you would be back in an hour and it’s barely been half that. Are you that anxious to see me?”

“Definitely, and let me introduce Stacy and Judy.”

It turned out that Stacy was the woman he often admired from the rear during his neighborhood walks

She eyed his manhood with appreciation for a bit too long before she too stepped forward for a hug, “You seem like a hugger to me and I feel like I know you. I’ve seen you walking around the neighborhood a lot, but I’m normally turned away when you walk by,” Stacy commented with a shy grin.

“I’ve seen you too, but this is the first time from the front,” Jack acknowledged.

Stacy blushed, “Do you enjoy the view?” she asked.

“Very much,” he answered and lowered his hands to brush her butt.

She looked up and smiled feeling his hand stroking her ass.

Next was Judy’s turn to hug the naked man with the raging hard-on before Jack led them all out to his back yard.

“I’m so glad you decided to join our little group and I hope you’ll be naked at all of our meetings,” Judy commented.

“It might be fun if we were all naked,” Jack commented turning back towards Judy.

“I think that could be arraigned,” she responded, “but it might cost you another hug.”

She started to pull her Tee-shirt over her head proving that she wore no bra.

“No problem. I enjoyed the first hug and I know I’ll enjoy the next one even more,” he said stepping closer to Judy.

She stopped her strip and reached for his cock, “you’re so big,” she commented and pressed her now naked breasts into his chest.

Jack caressed her naked breasts for a minute before pulling back and leading the way into his back yard and the table he had set up for them.

“That is some hello.” Jack announced after the three ladies each took a seat at the table. “Would you like to get more comfortable?”

Shirley produced a bottle of wine and proceeded to fill the glasses as the other two women removed the remainder of their clothes.

“I’ve seen you walk by my house on your morning walks almost every morning and I’m sorry that I never said hello.” Stacy commented as she pulled off her pants exposing her yellow panties.

“I’ve seen you too, but you are normally busy with your garden, and I didn’t want to interrupt you. I have often admired what you have accomplished.” Jack responded.

Stacy Tüyap Escort turned around and bent over presenting her panty-covered butt to him, “I think this is the view you normally see. Is this what you’ve been admiring?” She asked as she slowly lowered her panties.

Jack smiled, “definitely lovely.”

“I wondered if you were checking out my butt since you did seem to slow down your walk as you passed my house. You always put me in a very good mood when I noticed you walking by.”

With everyone now naked, Shirley commented, “I did promise you I’d make it worth your while if you stayed naked.”

That you did and you have upheld that promise,” Jack responded.

“Actually, I gave you a small sample of what to expect, and I’m sure Stacy and Judy would enjoy giving you a kiss as well,” she announced positioning herself between his legs and tonguing his tip. She gave him a long slow lick up his shaft, then backed away.

“I know you are concerned about trying to please all three of us, but, if you will allow us, we’d just like to introduce ourselves to you and if you want more you can have it,” she said making room for Stacy.

Stacy took Shirley’s place and likewise explored Jack’s cock with her tongue. She took all of him into her mouth, but was careful not to over stimulate him. The three women wanted the afternoon to last.

“You taste divine,” she said stepping back to make room for Judy.

Judy took her spot, assuming that Jack could be close and not wanting the play time to end took her time and simply gave him two licks up his shaft before stepping back. “Next time, I get to go first,” she announced.

Jack needed a moment to recover but then he insisted he be allowed to return the intimate greeting they each gave him. The three women moved their chairs away from the table, sat down and spread their legs. Jack made sure he licked each woman, from as low as he could reach and slowly move upwards to her clit. He flicked the clit several times before moving back down to start over again. They each received several passes, before he stopped.

Jack sat back down and took a sip of his wine, noting the flushed look each woman now wore. “I believe you came over to see my garden.”

Jack stood and the ladies followed his lead around his back yard listening to his description of the various plants. The group paused every so often so that one of the three women could take Jack into her mouth again. This made for a very long and very enjoyable tour of his garden.

Stacy noticed an interesting plant and leaned over to get a better view. Jack immediately recognized her familiar pose and dropped to his knees behind her. He grabbed her fleshy cheeks and buried his face between her globes, licking her deeply between her legs. She leaned over more and pressed herself onto his probing tongue. She shuddered almost immediately and slumped down as if boneless. His grip on her was all that stopped her from hitting the ground.

Stacy regained her composure and they continued the tour ending back at the table.

“I just love your garden, Jack,” Judy commented, before dropping to her knees in front of him with her hands on his erection. She ran her thumb over the tip of his cock spreading the moisture around the head and then extended her tongue to flick the very tip, teasing him. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue several times before sucking the head into her mouth and again flicking the very tip with her tongue.

As Jack started to squirm, Judy wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly in place while she continued her teasing. Jack’s body started to tighten and she took all of him deeply in her mouth and just held him there until he calmed slightly and orgasm was no longer imminent. She released him and stepped back, allowing Shirley an opportunity to take her place.

Shirley gripping the hardened cock in her hand and lifted it giving her access to the sensitive underside and his balls. She licked from his balls up to the tip, then back down to his balls. She licked his balls and took one into her mouth to gently suck before tracking her tongue back up the underside of his cock up to the tip. Back down again to the underside of his balls and licking there for several seconds then up again to his tip but this time she took his cock into her mouth, but seeing that he wasn’t too close to cumming yet took her tongue back down to the underside of his balls and played with the sensitive area until she felt him tighten. She again took his cock into her mouth, holding it in case his release was unstoppable.

Again he calmed and Shirley backed away giving Stacy her turn.

Jack had come close to orgasm twice and wasn’t sure if he could last much longer. Stacy was also well aware of how close Jack was and engulfed as much of his cock as she could, she sucked and moved up and down his cock quickly, gripping his butt in the same way he had gripped hers. She held him deeply for a few seconds before pumping him with her mouth as fast as she could. She felt him start to tighten and redoubled her efforts until he start to spasm. She then took him deep and relished the feel of him squirting his cum down her throat. She held him firmly until she was certain he was finished, then licked his cock and kissed the tip.

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