Games Night Pt. 01


This is the 1st episode in a new story series and thanks to help from shygirlwhore with editing.


James and Ryan had been friends since school and both were attending Leeds University, they shared a room on campus, but that’s where the similarities ended.

James was into sports, played rugby and did track and was considered a bit of a jock, while Ryan did drama and preferred to work out at the gym, and as a consequence both were in good shape.

James always had a girl on the go and his latest one was a blonde called Holly.

Ryan had dated a few girls while at uni, but couldn’t seem to connect to anyone and at the moment was single.

What they did have in common was their mutual love of gaming, they had a play station 4 hooked up to a 50 inch flat screen.

Their game of choice was Call of Duty and Thursday night was the one night they set aside religiously.

This Thursday was no different and they were both lounging on their sofa engrossed in their characters.

“So how’s the new protein formula working out?” Ryan asked.

“Really well,” James replied. “my energy levels are really good and my recovery time seems to have improved as well.”

“But, there does seem to be one side affect I never expected.” James said.

“What’s that?” Ryan asked.

“Holly can’t get enough of my cum.” James said.

“What the fuck?” Ryan said pausing the game, “Did you just say Holly can’t get enough of your cum?”

“Yup that’s what I said, since I started with the new shake she says my cum is the best thing she’s ever tasted and she also thinks she has never felt better, and she also believes even her concentration has improved, she can’t get enough of it. ” James explained.

“Bloody hell!” Ryan said. “That explains why she’s always around.”

Ryan restarted the game and they both Etlik Escort got back to it.

James’ phoned suddenly bleeped, he glanced at it and carried on with the game, it bleeped again and Ryan said “Do you need to get that?”

“No its fine,” James said.

They continued for a few more minutes and James’ phone bleeped again.

“Bloody” Ryan said “Just get it already.” and paused the game.

James picked up his phone, typed a message and immediately received a message back, “Bloody hell,” he muttered.

“Problem?” Ryan asked.

“Its Holly, she says she can’t wait till tomorrow to see me.” James said.

“What the hell man? Its games night.” Ryan said.

“I know man, I’ve told her.” James replied, “Let’s get back to the game.”

They got back to the game and about an hour in there was a knock on the door, “What now? “Ryan said.

“I will get it.” James said, jumping up.

James went to the door and when he opened it there stood Holly with a big smile ” Hi there!” she said.

“What are you doing here?” James asked.

“I thought if I popped over we could have some quick alone time and then I will leave you to your game.” Holly said.

James was just about to tell Holly to leave when he had an idea, “You can come in but I’m not stopping my game.” James said.

Holly looked at James with a quizzical expression and said “You know why I’m here don’t you?”

“Yup I know exactly what you want and you can have it but I’m not stopping my game.” James replied.

Holly looked at James to see if he was serious and saw that he was and realised she didn’t care, she needed his cum and she wasn’t leaving without it, “Ok,” she said. “no problem.”

James let her in and moved back to the sofa and sat down, “Sorry Ryan, but Holly wants Keçiören Escort something before she goes, let’s just carry on with the game and leave her to it.”

James picked up his controller, un paused the game and started playing.

Ryan sat there not really knowing what was going on, but picked up his controller and carried on.

Holly looked at Ryan, looked back to James and moved over to sit next to him, she reached over slowly and started to unfasten his jeans, the sound of the zipper seemed really loud even over the noise from the game.

Ryan sat playing and could hardly believe what was happening, he kept sneaking a glance over towards James and watched just as Holly pulled out James’s cock, he had seen James nude before but never really looked at his cock and realised James had a nice cock, it looked to be about 7 inches long and not even hard.

Holly leaned over and took hold of James’s cock and slowly started to slide her hand up and down, glancing over at Ryan she slowly licked across the head of James’s cock bringing up a strand of precum on her tongue, still looking at Ryan she swallowed the precum and moved back to James’s cock and slid her mouth over his cock.

Ryan had now given up on the game and was watching entranced as Holly bobbed her head up and down on James’s cock.

James was still playing the game but his breathing was getting faster as Holly continued to suck his now aching cock.

Holly was now wanking James’s cock and sucking the head when James let out a moan and Holly’s mouth started to fill with James’s cum, Holly stared straight into Ryan’s wide eyes as her mouth filled with cum and she started to swallow, one of other side effects of James’s new protein shake was that he produced an enormous amount of cum, which Holly Kızılay Escort was having trouble swallowing as cum leaked back down James’s cock.

James’s cum eventually slowed and stopped and Holly continued to slowly suck James’s now softening cock, she slowly pulled her mouth of his cock and slid her tongue down to the base licking up all the cum that escaped her mouth.

Holly stood up, “Mmmm that’s delicious,” she said, she walked over to Ryan and said “Sorry to interrupt Ryan,” and leaned over and gave him a small kiss on the mouth.

Ryan sat there hardly believing what he had just witnessed when she kissed him and when she moved away he realised he had some of James’s cum on his lips, he couldn’t help himself and turned away from James and Holly and licked his lips, “My god” he thought to himself, “that is bloody delicious.”

Holly was now moving to the door “See you later James. See you Ryan,” she said giving him a cheeky wink.

After she had left and shut the door James was just refastening his Jeans and said “come on mate lets finish the game.”

“Sure thing,” Ryan replied, but as he sat down and restarted the game he couldn’t get the taste of James’s cum out of his mind.

James glanced over at Ryan and asked “Ok mate?”

Ryan didn’t look away from the TV when he replied “Yeah fine mate.”

After they finished the game Ryan laid on his bed and thought about what had happened and took out his aching cock and started to stroke it.

He played back in his head Holly bobbing her head up and down on James’s cock, and when he got to the part where Holly was licking cum of James’s cock he suddenly imagined it was him on his knees cleaning up the cum and with groan his cock erupted shooting cum up over his chest and some even managed to splash against his lips.

As he sagged back on his bed basking in the afterglow of one the best orgasms he had ever had he licked his lips and realised his cum was there and as he tasted it he wished it was James’s.

“What the fuck?” he thought, Ryan had never once imagined anything sexual with a guy, but he couldn’t get the image of James’s cock and taste of his cum out of his head.

To be continued

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