Fun with Master

Big Tits

Master sits in his armchair, watching in amusement as I struggle on the carpet before him. He’s tied my arms tightly behind my back and bound my breasts so they stand out deliciously. I can’t move between my waist and my neck. After he tied me up he put a remote-controlled vibe in my pussy and a plug in my ass, with my chastity belt over both to ensure they stayed put. Grabbing my ponytail with a strong fist, he kissed me passionately before slapping my face and throwing me to the floor. I land on my face with my ass in the air. Sitting back in his chair, master watches me struggle to sit up. This is not a punishment, just a night of play for master’s enjoyment.

“Slut. Kneel and spread your legs.” When I do so, he turns on the vibe in my pussy and it drives me wild. Because of the plug, I can feel the vibrations in my ass as well. I can’t stop myself from humping the air a little. Master chuckles. My breasts wiggle a little as I move, and he reaches forward to pinch my nipples. I moan softly.

“Does that feel good, slut?” he asks.

“Yes, sir,” I whisper. He sits back again and turns on the TV, motioning for me to come kneel right next to his chair. I wobble over on my knees. He watches the evening news, absently playing istanbul travesti with my right nipple. He turns the vibe in my pussy up a notch, and I have trouble not buckling. He pinches my nipple as a warning, still without looking at me. My mind begins to go fuzzy as the sensations in my pussy and ass spread outward across my body. I drift into my own head, concentrating on trying to force down the bud of an orgasm I can feel starting to grow.

Master grabs my ponytail and forces me to look at him. “Listen to me, slut. Did you not hear me?”

“I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t hear you.”

“I said, suck my cock. And don’t you dare drift off again, or this evening will become much less pleasant.”

I wobble over to master’s crotch, where his half-hard cock lays out of his boxers. With a little difficulty, I pull it into my mouth and begin sucking. Master likes watching me struggle to blow him without the use of my hands. He puts a hand on my head and guides me gently as he continues to watch TV. His member grows in my mouth until it’s rigid. He pulls my head down onto it, gagging me with his cock, pushing it into my throat. I relax and touch my nose to his belly. He groans out, “You’re an amazing istanbul travestileri slut, look at that. Look at my cock in your throat. You fucking slut. God.” He keeps my head there until my face turns red, and then he pulls my head up and off his cock with a wet sucking sound, and he grabs my face. I gasp and let the air rush back into my body.

“Do you think you deserve to be fucked, slut?” asks master. I desperately want him to fuck me, so I nod my head yes eagerly.

“I’m not sure you’ve earned it yet. Turn around and present your ass to me.” I turn around and lower my upper body to the floor clumsily, landing on my face. Master removes my chastity belt, vibe, and plug and examines the view before him. He blows on my exposed pussy and I twitch a little. He pushes two fingers deep into my snatch and begins pumping. Before he’s thrust ten times, I’m moaning and writhing. He slaps my ass.

“What do you want, slut?”

“I want your cock in my pussy, sir. Please, I need it.”

“You can beg better than that, slut.” He speeds up his fingers.

“Please, sir, please fuck your slut’s pussy. Please cum inside your slut. Please fuck your cum slut.”

With istanbul travesti no further hesitation, master rams his cock into my pussy as deep as it will go and stays there while I scream at the sudden invasion. Every nerve in my body is on fire as I try to will back an orgasm.

“You’re not cumming, are you slut?” asks master gruffly, pulling my hair.

“N-no sir,” I stammer.

“Good. Don’t you dare fucking cum without my permission.” He begins fucking me; I can tell his orgasm isn’t far away. It’s incredibly difficult for me to keep my body from betraying me to master. After maybe a minute of rough fucking, master delivers several long, hard strokes and releases his cum inside me. He has me clean his cock thoroughly before he releases me from my bonds. He allows me to lay my head in his lap as he pets me and speaks to me in a low voice.

“You were very good tonight, slut. I will let you choose where to sleep tonight, but there are conditions. You may sleep in my bed with me tonight, and DEFINITELY NOT be allowed to cum for another week. Or you may choose to be tied to the bondage stool for the night, and MAYBE be allowed to cum sometime in the next week. What do you choose?”

I weigh my options. Obviously the bed is more comfortable, and it will allow me to be close to master. However, he will likely respect me as a submissive if I pick the bondage stool.

“I would love for you to tie me to the bondage stool, sir. I believe it will allow me to prove my dedication by enduring a position overnight.”

“Good choice, slut.”

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