Fun Weekend At Adult Motel…


My wife, Lynn and I had gotten married when we were only eighteen years old. And it wasn’t long until we were taking nude photos and soon after that had gotten into MFM threesomes and wife swapping. Lynn had come up very conservative and had dressed that way. But once she saw how sexy she looked in the photos we’d taken, she had started to order sexy outfits like garter belts and stockings, sheer lingerie, and other sexy outfits. And she’d gotten to where she loved to be seen in outfits like this and totally nude, be it by one of my friends or total strangers.But there were only a few of my friends we trusted not to tell anyone about what we were doing. So we’d go out of town a couple of weekends a month because the small town we lived in was very conservative and everyone knew everyone else. Some of the weekend trips away were to meet up with couples we’d met through swinger magazines as this was the seventies and eighties and long before home computers.But we’d always take the opportunity to let Lynn expose herself while on the way there and back as well as while we were staying there. And though I was more of a voyeur, on occasion we’d work out plans where people could watch us having sex by doing things like leaving the curtain open just a bit as if it were hung on a chair in our motel room, allowing anyone walking by to easily see in.And we made a pretty attractive couple, Lynn being about five-foot-ten, 120 pounds, 34D-24-35 with long auburn red hair and green eyes. She was a real head turner. And I’m six-foot-five, two-forty with black hair and brown eyes and was fairly athletic back then and have a pretty thick eight-and-a-half-inch cock. So we could put on quite a show for anyone watching.That particular trip, however, was going to Escort esat prove to be perfect for us. As always, on the way there Lynn took on any opportunity to flash truckers and loved going into convenience stores and going down the candy aisle which was always in front of the register. She’d stoop down letting her dress open at the bottom showing off her long sexy legs and silk stockings. She’d fill both hands with penny candy and when she stood up her dress would open up all the way to her sides because of some elastic strips she’d sewn into it. With her hands full of candy, she couldn’t close it, so as she walked to the counter the guy or girl working the register got a nice long look at her nice big tits and hairy bush, as all she had on underneath was a garter belt, stockings, and spiked heels. It excited the hell out of Lynn having them see her up close, exposing everything to them. And she had lots of other ways to expose herself and make it seem accidental.It would sometimes take our time going to and coming from somewhere twice as long with all the stops for her to show off her hot body. But it was well worth it to both of us. And of course, we’d always take the opportunity once we got to our room for Lynn to expose herself to room service or other food delivery guys and girls. And she gave out several blowjobs and got fucked a couple of times in lieu of a tip to them, as well as eating one Asian girl who looked to be around seventeen, and having a really hot girl from room service come on to her; they sucked each other’s tits and felt each other up as I hid on the balcony watching. This is what I’d usually do so the delivery people would think she was alone.But on this trip, we had a lot more ways etimesgut escort to have fun just waiting for us. At first, it just looked like a kind of rundown motel in an out-of-the-way location. It looked like a place you’d take someone else’s wife to, or maybe bring your secretary to at lunchtime for a quickie. I knew there was something different when I went to check in and saw a case full of sex toys for sale. And a sign saying No One Under 21 Allowed. It happened I’d just turned twenty-one but Lynn had a few months to go. And he said she’d have to come in too so he could see her ID after I’d told him how close she was.His eyes lit up when she came in wearing a totally see-through top and no bra, her huge areolas in perfect view, nipples poking straight out and her skirt with only the top button buttoned so every time she took a step you saw her garter hooked to the top of her stockings. And with dark eye makeup, thick dark red lipstick with matching nail polish and spiked heels, she looked like she could fuck your brains out. He didn’t even check her ID; he just slid a card for me to fill out as his eyes roamed over my sexy wife’s body, which, before our stay was over, he would see lots more of.He put us in a room on the ground floor right in front of some metal steps that at first I didn’t like but that turned out great. We were not expecting our room to be anything like it was. There was a huge round bed with a furry bedspread on it. Two of the walls were mirrored and the head of the bed had a huge mural. And the rest was painted red. There was a TV but its three channels were porn and they were being played in the office and went out to the rooms. There was a red floodlight over the bed and a etlik escort bayan lamp with a 40-watt bulb and the only other light was in the bathroom. And instead of curtains, there were wooden louvers. And there was a door connecting our room to another room and it sounded like it had a hot tub from the splashing. Also, we saw flashes of light under the door from a camera flash.We started settling in and unpacking and with this background, we knew we had to take some pictures, so I set up my tripod and camera at the foot of the bed and Lynn laid out some of the outfits she’d brought knowing we always took pictures when in a motel or hotel. And for now, she had stripped down to just her garter and stockings waiting for the AC to cool the room a little. I was going to go upstairs to get ice and some sodas.On the way back down I got a big surprise when it looked like you could see right in our room if coming down the steps. So I adjusted the louvers a bit and went back up. This time I was able to see the bed perfectly. Yet on the ground level, you could only see in if you looked in the very bottom so it looked like we had no idea we were on display. And with the steps being metal you couldn’t help but hear someone on them and hear if they stopped on the way down.We started taking pictures first and during our sexy photo shoot heard several people stop on the stairs and watch as Lynn fondled her tits and played with her pussy, and at one point I heard the guy in the room next to us right at the adjoining door telling his wife they weren’t the only ones taking pictures. After a while, we stopped taking pictures and when someone was coming down the stairs I’d use a remote to the flash. This got their attention and they’d stop and watch Lynn suck my cock or me eat her pussy and fuck her in different positions. We had the volume all the way down on the TV and could occasionally hear people talking about what they had seen to each other as several of our voyeurs were couples. And it seemed to be evenly divided between black and white.

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