Fun in the Car with Sister-in-Law


Jinny is my sister-in-law. I’ve got the hots for her since I started dating my wife back in college. She was one of those girls whom you knew had the right genes to grow into a sexy vixen that will break men’s hearts. Oh how she’s grown over the years. There isn’t a family reunion that I did not mind attending. I never understood why I just did not break up with her sister and went for her instead. But with each passing birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas was was slowly morphing into the beautiful woman that I had fantasies of.

Now let me describe Jinny. She’s 21 years old. Five foot six inches. One hundred and twenty five pounds. Size 4 and 34B cups. Everything about her is just perfect. A well-toned body. Tight ass. And tits with inverted nipples tilt slightly upwards and have pinkish brown areolas that puff up when aroused. Oh how fun those are to suckle on…

Right after college Jinny got a job at the local motel in suburban Florida. She fared well considering the fact that she’s so beautiful and that she could literally flirt her way to whatever she wanted with her boss. But one day she phoned my wife and I got the news that she wanted to try it out in the big city and that she would be staying with us until she found her own place.


We got her settled in the spare bedroom upstairs whose bathroom was across the hall. It was intended so I can catch glimpses of her hopping across to her room with only a towel on. Several times she’s caught me in the hallways pretending that I dropped something on the floor whenever she came out of the shower. She’d just smile and wave then race to her room.

For several months after she’s moved in I had the best time of my life. Just so you know I have a panty fetish and I enjoy sniffing the gusset of women’s panties especially the soiled ones. Every morning after she left for work I would sneak into her hamper, take her panties up my nose, masturbate and then cum on her soiled panties.

It was so addicting, her panties were. I guess it had something to do with the fact that she was still a virgin. The freshness of her pussy. The untainted, uninterrupted and serene state of her vagina that allows it to secrete the purest of cum.

How did I know? Well, at nights when my wife was on the phone with her mom I set up a “listening system” in my office that could monitor the conversation in secrecy. I pretend to video porno not care but I often eavesdrop at my wife’s conversations with her mom. Her mom was always egging my wife to get Jinny hooked up with friends as she’s new to town and she did not want Jinny to get in with the wrong crowd as she didn’t know “her way around boys yet”.

That floored me. I’ve got my virgin sister-in-law under my roof! Whose panty gusset I sniff and savor every possible chance I got.

I remember one evening when I was doing my “hamper rounds”. I knew she was on the phone for hours with her long-distance boyfriend. With closed doors and the radio on I knew something interesting was happening. And I was right! That night I was rewarded. For what I found in the hamper are WET panties. Not soaking wet. But a mucusy and slimy wet panty gusset.

“Mmmmm” was all I murmured as I placed it on my tongue and licked all her essence off the panties.

Now while I was having the time of my life keeping my sex life interesting between having my wife to fuck whenever I wanted and fantasizing about my sister-in-law the sisters were not having as much fun together. They had arguments over the simplest things. I had carefully navigated the waters so I don’t end up in each others’ dog houses but end up inside both’s pants. That was my plan.

So one day when Jinny got sick of her sister always on her case borrowing the spare car she just ended up buying her own. A bright white Honda Civic. And because her job schedule had her working crazy shifts she never got to wash the car or clean the insides so it was filthy. Fortunately I like keeping things clean and so was my daughter. So one weekend when my wife was out shopping with her friends we decided to wash her car. It went on smoothly with my daughter enjoying playing with the water hose while washing down the tires and rims.

Then the unexpected happened. Jinny came out, wearing a matching short-shorts and t-shirt made of jersey knit fiber. Wow! My jaw just dropped. That tight body of her outlined clearly in the comfortably tight fitting outfit.

“Hey guys! That looks fun! Can I help you out?”

“Sure, you can wax my cock with that supple pussy of yours!” I said to myself.

With that she stepped inside the car and started to wipe down the dash and the consoles. Not long did I intentionally be on the driver-side sex izle door while she was in there. I could not resist as she bent down and strained her panties against her shorts. If it were not windy I’d bet I’d be able to smell her fragrant aroma in the air.

When I saw her sit down on the driver side I moved closer and pretended that I was cleaning the door console. So my back was towards her for some time while imagining what she could be doing but when I turned around her thighs were spread open as she was trying to step over my back to get out. I was looking directly at her crotch. It stayed there for a good five seconds before I looked up to her and she just smiled and winked at me.

My cock really sprang to life then!

“Oops! Could you excuse me brother dear? I need to get these washed.”

I’m guessing she referred to the rag because I’ll gladly lick her pussy clean if I may.

She then proceeded to cleaning the back side of the car. So she had to step in there in a doggy-style position and I just kept starring at her ass. It was a sight to see. I was wishing she wore a short skirt that revealed her white panties instead but that’s for another time. I think it was that time that my daughter got tired of cleaning that she went in to play video games. Nice! I’m now alone with my sister-in-law.

Again while I was pretending to be cleaning the back door console but actually kept stealing looks at her she looked back (oh man the sight of her in a doggy style position looking back was amazing) and again saw me starting, now at her tight ass. I think it was then that I noticed a wet spot on her crotch. My mind was racing.

“Did I really see that?”

With that she adjusted herself by sitting on the seat closest to me and spread her thighs again, wow, intentionally. I was looking. I was smiling. I was confirming that she indeed had a wet spot.

“Brother dear, do you not feel hot right now?”

With that I placed my hand on her inner thigh and began to rub.

“You’re just tired from all that cleaning and bending. This should help you relax.”

I kneaded her creamy thighs with one hand. Then with two hands. It was heaven! She just pulled back her head and lay it on the seat back, closed her eyes and moaned. I gradually moved my hands towards her pussy ever slightly brushing my thumbs along the sides of her panties bedava porno which started to show. She was in ecstasy as she took one hand and started caressing her right tit while placing her other hand behind my head as she tried to draw my face closer.

I could not resist anymore. I dove into her crotch. Yeah! I stuck my face and nose onto that glorious wet spot that seemed to grow bigger every knead I made on her thighs.

“Uh!’ was the high pitched toned that escaped her when it happened.

It went just crazy after that. I was rubbing my face all over her crotch while my hands continued to explore her pussy cheeks from the sides of her panties. Then I could not resist anymore as I used my thumb to hook her panty gusset to one side. Wow! Glistening glorious pussy! Wet and nearly dripping with cum.

I looked at her and she was alternating looks between my eyes and her crotch. She had a quizzical look of “This is wrong but this is so good!” But there was no hesitation on my part. The deed had been started and I stuck my tongue out, hardened it and touched her warm and moist clit.

She jerked a bit.

But I went at it. Slowly lapping up her essence I enjoyed every bit of her pussy that I could. I tried to pull of her panties and shorts but she refused. I’m guessing it left her with a quick recovery option should someone pop out unnecessarily. I was enjoying it and she just continued to moan. I teased her vagina with my finger. Slowly easing each knuckle in. I knew she was still a virgin as I can clearly see her hymen with her legs spread wide open. So I kept the fingering in a very gentle manner as to keep her enjoying this. And enjoy she did.

Lick. Slurp. Suck. I alternated until she had her tshirt up, her bra undone and her right hand squeezing her tits while her left hand literally kept my face buried in her cunt. I focused. Her clit was now on fire and super sensitive and I knew she was near the edge.

Lick. Slurp. Suck.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh. I’m coming!”

With that she unleashed a wave of cum that I’ve only imagined before. She squirted on my mouth, my nose and my cheeks. But I was loving it. I rubbed my face on her pussy as my mouth let go of her clit. And I continued my assault on her hole and pussy cheeks until she subsided.

By the time we were done the car was squeaky clean lest that wet spot in the back seat and my cock was rock hard. She excused herself, hastily reseting her crotch garments and lowering her bra and shirt. I stood in front of her to which her only gesture was to grab my rock hard cock.

“Make sure your daughter has something to do for the next hour and then come to my room!”

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