Fun , Games Ch. 1


She sat in the chair, arms resting on the arm rest, her body controlled and warm in the shadow of the room. The scene was set, it had taken a long time to prepare, to put all the pieces in place and bring them together at just the right time. Her long dark hair fell to her shoulders highlighting her bosom. She was not a young woman and had for so long never been allowed to follow her own path in life. But now it was different, now there was a new her, a new beginning and her journey had only just started. She was naked apart from the signet ring on her pinkie, given to her by her young lover. Her one true love who had supported her through the trauma of the marital disdain and verbal abuse. The only man who had loved her for herself. The room was candlelit, candles placed at strategic intervals around the room. It allowed a surreal atmosphere, shadows dancing in the corners and the light playing across her naked lover on the bed. She gazed at him remembering how they had first made love, she had taken his virginity and he had never looked back. He came back to her again and again making hard love in the afternoons when her husband was out working, or entertaining important clients.

Her husband would call her in the evening, “Darling its Richard, I am going to be late again tonight, sorry darling”

And she could here the clinking of glasses and crockery in the background. She recognised the noises of all his favourite restaurants, and the giggle of his latest conquest. She wondered who this one was and where he had found her. Probably his new secretary, he had fired the old one for incompetence. More like she refused his infantile advances, his slobbering drunkenness that he used as an excuse for making a pass at any woman. He would no doubt have been full of apologies the following day, “How can you forgive me? I am so terribly sorry, it’s the stress and as you know I have been working very hard recently” All the normal excuses from the arrogant bastard who thought he was God’s gift to women.

Her mind wandered as she sat in the candlelight, her beautiful Adonis had come to her when she least expected it. It was the night she finally had enough of Richard and his screwing around. She had not realised that such a handsome young man was so appealing to her. That very first time was so precious to her, the memory of Roger ascending from being a gangly lad to a full blown adult. He was only 18 at the time and he was home from college. She had forgotten what a handsome boy he was and he was staying for a few weeks. He helped out in the garden and did odd jobs around the house.

“That’s it boy” Richard would say, “earn your keep!” and Richard would chortle at his managerial wit.

Oh and how he did those odd jobs and gardening. She would lie out on the patio and watch his muscular body, stripped off top and shorts, as he mowed the lawn. His strong back muscles and taut stomach, lean and fit. She was embarrassed at her reaction to him, although she had known him for years, this was a new Roger that had entered her life. She felt an unfamiliar twinge in her stomach, almost as if she was nervous, butterflies it used to be called. She felt hot and her breath was short. She gave a start.

“Julia! I have finished the lawn, is there anything else you need attending to?”

Oh God yes! She thought, attend to me please my darling boy, attend to me! Make passionate love to me, this instant!

“Oh thank you Roger, no I don’t think there is actually. You must have lots to do yourself, some pretty girl waiting for you to take her to lunch, so off you go dear”

“No” said Roger, “I don’t have a girlfriend and I have nothing planned. I was thinking that perhaps I could take a shower and sunbathe if you don’t mind”

The thought of having him close made her tingle with excitement. “Of course, have a shower dear, then come put and lie next to me and tell me all about college”

She got up, her bikini was faded, stretched and the elastic was gone, but it was her favourite. She had thrown it on this morning not thinking about how she looked. The bikini bottoms let her ample buttocks stretch them and the top let her bosom hand down more than it used to.

“Come with me and I will get you some clean towels” she said hiding her thoughts but her mind racing. She padded through the house, the wooden floors cool after the heat of the sun. Roger followed her having taken off his boots at the patio doors. He looked at Julia’s bottom, watched as it swayed from side to side, he felt a jab in his groin as he followed her up the stairs to the first landing. He almost bumped into her as she stopped and opened the laundry cupboard. The guest bathroom was on the first landing and he had forgotten that fresh towels were kept next to the hot water tank that fed the power shower. Julia turned with two large towels and handed them to him. He looked into her eyes and held her gaze for a second longer than normal.

“Thank you” he croaked, his ödemiş escort throat was constricted and he felt he was losing the power of speech. Julia smiled as he took the towels lowering them to cover his embarrassment. She felt her nipples harden instantly and the butterflies in her stomach flew and battered her insides. Roger turned and strode into the bathroom and Julia heard the latch close on the door. She went to her room on the second floor and stripped her old bikini. She looked at herself in the mirror, not bad for an old bird of 40 she thought. Two kids and I am not in bad shape. OK I could lose a few pounds but I am still not that bad. She pulled her stomach in then let it out, it was a little loose as were her ample breasts, but with some effort she could still look good in an evening dress. She tossed her hair back as she studied herself in the full length mirror. Julia made a decision, she was going to wear that new bikini she had bought for the disastrous holiday in Cyprus last year.

She pulled it out of her bottom drawer, threw it on the bed and made another decision. She couldn’t wear it and have her pubic hair sprouting out in front of Roger, it wouldn’t be fair on him. She walked into the en-suite bathroom and filled the basin with hot water. Using Richard’s electric razor she trimmed her pubic mound. She hadn’t taken care of her bikini line for a while and she enjoyed the hum of the electric razor across her pudenda. Using the strimmer part she reduced her once abundant pubic mass to a well mown lawn of smooth hair. But still there was hair down her thighs and she just could not get the shaver to remove it. Taking the shaving cream and applying it liberally all over her legs and vagina she stroked the lady razor across her expanse. Rinsing the razor often she removed the last vestiges of her hair. Julia felt round her pussy for the odd hair that had escaped and smoothed it away. Inspecting her handiwork in the mirror she smiled. For some reason she felt sexy, flirtatious and excited. All these feelings brought on by Roger, that handsome young man in her house.

In the bedroom she pulled the bikini bottoms on, the triangle of material covered her now smooth pussy, the string creasing her buttocks and parting them. The top half was equally limited in its design, two triangles of cloth and a web of string holding it all together. Her breasts fitted in neatly and at least her nipples were covered. She surveyed herself once more pulling her hair into a ponytail and tying it with a ribbon. She took a deep breath, what if Roger thought that she was a slut and rejected her? After all that was her purpose, to seduce him, to make him aware that she wanted him. Her mind raced again was that what she intended? To try and seduce this young man?

She steeled herself and pulled on a towelling robe and went downstairs. She couldn’t hear the sound of the shower and she assumed that Roger had finished showering. As she walked out onto the patio she saw him reclining on a sun bed. His sun hat was resting over his eyes and his swimming trunks left nothing to the imagination. She could see the outline of his penis and testicles, perfectly shaped like a carved statue from Ancient Greece. His legs were muscular from playing sport and being an athlete.

“Feeling better?” she asked as she approached her sun bed.

Roger lifted his sun hat and rolled onto his stomach to see her better “Yes thanks”

He took her in, in one glance, her ripe full figure, the changed bikini and the faint scent of skin moisturiser.

“Good” said Julia as she sat on the sun bed next to Roger’s, “now tell me all about college”

Roger began talking about his first term at college, the lecturers, his fellow students and the social life. He related stories of high jinks and sport as well as studying. Julia listened intently, nodding at the right places and smiling at him. She so wanted to tell him that her husband was a liar and a cheat, and how miserable she was most of the time. The day drifted on, the sun getting hotter and lunch was a simple but delicious salad in the shade of the patio canopy.

“I am going to have a nap” said Julia, “the sun has got to me” she smiled as she made her excuses and wandered up to her room. She had no plans to sleep, she had been imagining Roger naked, standing in front of her, his erection close to her mouth so she could kiss it, lick it, love it. She was disappointed that he had rolled over when she first went out onto the patio, she was sure he had an erection. She wanted to stretch out and touch it. It had been so long since Richard had even tried to make love with her, let alone indulge in anything sexual. She removed her bikini and lay on her bed. Closing her eyes she summoned up the image of her beautiful young man, in her dream he had come into her room on some pretence or other, he was naked and erect.

Her hands cupped her breasts and massaged them in unison meeting seferihisar escort at her nipples which she pulled. The luxurious sensation of tenderness she yearned for and her right hand went straight to her shaven pussy. She felt the clean skin, devoid of hair and she peeled back the hood of her clitoris, Roger’s mouth at her breasts sucking them as a child his tongue licking her plentiful supply of cum. She moaned as she inserted a finger into her cunt, her favourite method of masturbation, fingers in her cunt and using the heel of her palm to stimulate her clitoris as if it was a man’s pubic bone rubbing into her as he fucked her. Her illusion was so real, so perfect, she saw Roger pounding into her, his face smiling at her, his eyes full of lust for her. She smiled up at him and her breathing became deeper “Fuck me baby, please I have wanted you for so long, come on fuck me, deeper, harder!”

As she commanded her lover fucked her, her eyes were tight closed and her orgasm slammed into her stomach like a train. She shuddered as the recoil of her cum smacked in to her again and again. She rolled onto her right side, legs gripping her hand, her lover as she came again and again. She left her hand on her pussy touching her favourite spots as she relaxed, she dozed and came to in the late afternoon. Her hair was a mess and she wondered if Roger had really been reality or had she just been dreaming. She showered and pulled her bikini on again. As she walked down stairs she heard a moaning from the first landing. “Oooh baby yes! Please let me cum” Julia tiptoed to Roger’s bedroom door and peeped through the crack. He was lying on his bed, stark naked and his erect cock in his had. He was using his right hand to masturbate, rubbing his cock up and down, his left hand was squeezing his balls, his middle finger stroking his scrotum.

“Fuck baby make me cum for you! Aaaah! Love it baby, suck it!” Julia was mesmerised by the sight of the display of masturbation. She could not take her eyes from him, praying that he didn’t hear her she stayed, fixated willing him to cum. “Fuck Julia suck it!!!” Oh God she thought, he knows I am here, but she noticed his eyes were tight shut, he was dreaming about her as she had been dreaming about him. And then she saw him ejaculate, his spunk shooting from the end of his cock, the end purple and full. The first load spread itself from his belly to his neck, the second spasm onto his belly and the rest onto his tight pubic hair. Roger lay there breathing hard and heavy, “Oh baby” he whispered, his balls aching. Julia so wanted to go to him and hold him, tell him that it would be alright, that she was attracted to him as well, that she had done the same thing earlier. But no, she would wait until the time was right.

She crept down the stairs and made some noise in the kitchen. Finally Roger came into the kitchen, “Hi, sorry I must have dozed off, I think I had a wonderful dream”

“Yes” said Julia, “I did too” and smiled.

For the rest of the afternoon they enjoyed the heat of the day, reading books and talking about nothing in particular.

As the sun started to lose its heat Roger rolled onto his side dropping his magazine on the floor. Julia looked across “Whats’ wrong?”

“I am sorry, I can’t hold back, I know its wrong, I know I shouldn’t…”

“Its ok Roger, you can tell me” said Julia, she reached out and stroked his leg, “come on”

“I think you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever met” he blubbered out. He sat on the edge of the sun bed and hung his head between his knees, “there I have said it, no going back now, I think of you all the time, I watch you and lust after you” Julia swung her legs and sat opposite Roger, she took his head and lifted it to face her. She saw the tears of embarrassment in his eyes, the fear of rejection written al over his face. She wiped his eyes and pulled his head towards hers. She kissed him full on the lips parting his lips with her tongue. His eyes opened wide as he felt her tongue enter his mouth and engulf him. She pulled away and looked deep into his eyes “I have always wanted you Roger, and now even more. I went upstairs this afternoon and dreamt of you, thought of you making love with me, do you understand?” He looked at her and nodded, “I did too!” his smile cracking his face into a broad grin. “Yes, I watched you masturbate, you were magnificent” she shook her head as she remembered him lying naked cock in hand.

The phone rang, Julia looked at her watch and stood up. Roger stood with her and attempted to kiss her, “Won’t be long darling, just let me get the phone” she pressed her finger on his lips and picked up the phone.

“Darling its Richard, not going to make dinner tonight, got some terribly important clients coming in and we have to stand them dinner. Don’t wait up for me darling”

“Alright dear, thanks for letting me know, have a wonderful time” Julia put the phone down, her selçuk escort rage boiling. This was the third time in a week that he had used the same excuse.

She turned round and Roger was in front of her. She was seething, a mixture of self hatred for putting up with the bastard for so long. Roger could see she was upset and put his arms round her, he held her as she sobbed silently into his shoulder. He felt her shoulders bobbing up and down and soothed her with his voice. He kissed her forehead and she looked up at him. She managed a smile and she felt his hands on her body, he stroked her back and shoulders and rubbed the small of her back just above the string to her bikini bottoms. She felt his erection swelling and pressed herself against it. Her hands went to the back of his neck and pulled his head to hers. They kissed. Long tender exchange of lips, tongues and mouths.

They tasted each other, she nibbling on his lower lip, he letting her take the lead. He fumbled with her bikini top, trying to unravel the strings that held it together. “Why don’t w do this properly?” asked Julia “Yes please” he replied and she took his hand and led him to her room. She laid him on the bed and removed his trunks and stared at his athlete’s body. “I em….I urm” stammered Roger “What is it”

“I haven’t been with a woman” Julia looked down at him, the pieces all fitting into place, his masturbation, the way he was shy around women, especially her. “Its alright darling, you will be fine” she said. Inside she wanted him more now, knowing that he was a virgin, never had a woman. Julia pulled the string on her bikini top and bottoms, they fell to the floor. Roger had his hand on his cock and was stroking it, pulling the foreskin all the way back.

She sat on the edge of the bed and took his hand away. She replaced it with her hand and mimicked his motion. His cock was hard and firm, the tip glowing from precum, it glistened and she lowered her head to his lap, tongue outstretched and flicked it into her mouth. Roger tried to push his hips up for her to take him all into her mouth, but Julia dodged his intention. “Now young man, there is a lot for you to learn. For starters I am in charge, and for seconds, you don’t rush in. Take your time, enjoy yourself, savour each second” But he still persisted, “God Julia please make me cum” She stood up, angry with him, but she didn’t know the reason for her anger. For once in her life she wanted some satisfaction, not just a quick fuck. She reached for her discarded robe, took the cord and on one deft movement straddled her new lover. She quickly grabbed his hands, tied them together and bound them to the head of the bed. He struggled but knew it was hopeless.

“Until you learn to control yourself, this is how you will be treated” she sounded stern but she was excited. She felt the warm sensation in her belly and the moisture in her cunt, for the first time in years she was enjoying herself. She took some of Richard’s ties from his cupboard and lashed Roger’s legs to the end of the bed. He was immobilised. She sat between his legs and stroked his cock, she calculated that it was about 7 inches in length, not as thick as Richard’s but longer. She pulled his length and noticed how his cock head smoothed the harder it became. She lowered her head and licked the entire length, her tongue rolling round his cock lapping it. She worked her way up and down his cock then took the tip into her mouth. She ran her tongue all over the head, then opened his eyelet and poked her tongue down it. Roger had never experienced a woman’s mouth round his cock let alone the intense sensations of having his hole licked. He tried to buck and push his cock into her mouth, but she pulled away again. He was trembling with lust and wanted to cum as young men do.

“If you continue to try and force your cock into me, I shall stop” Julia said in her best stern voice. She didn’t mean it, but the feeling of control was new to her. He lowered his hips back onto the bed and let Julia work her tongue over his throbbing member. She took as much as she could into her mouth without choking and held her hand at his base to take up the difference in length. She sucked his head, licked it, and bobbed up and down using her mouth as a surrogate cunt. She kept his cock wet and hard, squeezing on his root to calm him. Her cunt was dripping, and she wanted to be fucked.

She made the third major decision of the day, she was going to take this beautiful boy’s cherry. Without a second thought she straddled Roger’s hard cock, still holding the base of it she lowered herself on to him. The tip of his cock entered her wet cunt and she held her weight off him, and slowly lowered herself onto her lover. Letting him feel her cunt, how wet it was, how tight. Roger let out a low moan as he experienced the feeling of a woman, not a hand in the middle of the night in bed, but a beautiful woman who had been the object of his desires for years. Julia’s face grimaced as she felt Roger’s cock enter her. It took her a few moments to get used to the length. She then began to slide up and down and back and forth on it. Her tits swayed in time to her fuck motion, her hands went to them automatically and she pulled her nipples like she had that afternoon. “OH baby!” she cried “fill me”

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