Fulfilling a Need

3D Porn

It had been a VERY long time since I had the chance to satisfy my craving for cock. But now, my wife and family had gone away for the weekend, leaving me at home with my secret desires. I thought of my regular fuck buddies, but decided that I needed more this weekend. The local porn theatre was an option, but I needed more than a quick blow job from some stranger in the seat beside me. So I figured the bathhouse on the other side of town was the best plan.

I had been there a few times before, and liked the feel of the place. Never did much, except for a jerk off or quick blow job, but it was satisfying. No hustlers or pros. Just guys looking for some good fun. But this time, I hoped, would be different. I needed it bad!

So, on Saturday afternoon, off I went. I brought along my favourite pair of white lacy boy- shorts, and, just in case the opportunity arose, my black garter belt and hose.

I got there, paid my 20 bucks, and in I went. I noticed from the key rack at the front desk that there were about 15 to 20 guys there already. Perfect! Went to my locker, undressed slowly and deliberately, and wrapped the provided towel around my waist. I noticed a couple of guys wandering past, checking me out. Mmmm. Left the garter/hose in my locker, and carried the panties to the shower. Hung the panties on the hook, over my towel, so they were plainly visible.

I always like to take a slow, warm shower as soon as I get there. Lets me relax a bit, and check out some of the local talent. Lots of lather, with special attention to my cock/balls/ass. Several strokes of my cock had it draining a bit of my blood supply. Nice to have a little extra length when leaving the shower!

Slipped into my boy-shorts, and then the towel around me again. I noticed several guys had shown an interest in me already. One gave me a big wink and thumbs-up when he saw me in my now see-through panties.

Off to the hot tub. It’s big enough for 6 to 8 guys, round, with a wooden deck around it. There was already 1 other guy in it. Just what I needed. I climbed the 3 steps to the deck, walked to the opposite side of the tub from him, and dropped my towel. His eyes widened at the sight of my semi-stiff dick in white see-through panties. I pretended not to notice, and slid into the hot water, across from him. I slid down, up to my neck, and laid my head back, eyes closed and relaxed. It didn’t take long.

I felt his foot gently touch mine, seeking a reaction. I played innocent, pretending not to notice. Then he rubbed my foot a bit harder, and I figured it was time to start the fun. I lifted my head and smiled at him.

He slid around the tub, to be seated right beside me. His unseen hand was on my cock in no time at all. By now, I was getting rather stiff. As I reached for him, his cock was long and hard, just as I like it. He slid his hand into my panties, grabbing my cock, then reached through the leg opening to cup my balls with his other hand. Paradise! I was stroking his hard shaft with one hand, and playing with his nipples with the other. He seemed to enjoy that.

He whispered to me that he wanted to suck me right there, but I said no. This was my day, and I didn’t want to cum too soon. There was lots of time for that. I told him I wanted his cock in my mouth.

That was all it took. He jumped out of the water and sat on the side, legs spread. His cock was beautiful. Cut, clean, and stiff. I kneeled between his legs, my body still in the hot water, and took his magnificent cock in my mouth. I slid my mouth up and down that hard shaft, stroking it at the same time.

He moaned with pleasure.

I massaged his balls with my free hand, and stroked his shaft with the other, as I sucked his hot manhood. He pulled my head down further onto him, gently at Zeytinburnu Escort first, then with a bit more force. I was in heaven. My craving for cock was being satisfied.

As I continued to slowly suck his dick, I felt a hand slide down the back of my panties. Apparently someone else had joined us in the tub! That person was grabbing my ass and balls from behind, then reaching around to stroke my hard cock.

But I needed that cock fucking my mouth, and I quickened my pace of sucking it. I could feel his rod getting stiffer, knowing the climax was just seconds away.

So I had one in my mouth, and someone else stroking me from behind. I tried to concentrate on my sucking, knowing that’s what I really wanted.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The first guy stiffened up, leaned back, and groaned as he shot a big load of creamy goo into my willing mouth. Spurt after spurt. He pulled my head down hard onto him, fucking my face, as he drained into my mouth. I swallowed every drop! Then I licked his shaft clean, and he was gone, just like that.

As for the guy behind me, his stroking made my cock was as hard as it ever gets. But now was not the time to cum. I told him I might see him later, because I wanted this day to last a long time. He seemed to understand.

I climbed from the tub, my hard cock pressing out through the lacy panties, it’s big tip poking far above the waist band. On went the towel, and off I went to another adventure.

This bathhouse has 3 floors. On the middle floor, there are a few dozen private rooms, with a bed and not much more in each. Available, of course, at an additional cost to visitors who don’t just want a locker.

I cruised around the second floor for a while, peeking into any doors that were ajar, to see who might be inside. One got my attention.

A guy about my age was laying face down on the bed, naked. I could see on the small table beside him what appeared to be a bottle of liquid. Lube perhaps?

Being a curious, horny slut, I entered the room and closed the door behind me. He turned to look at me, nodded, and raised his ass slightly off the bed. I dropped my towel, and he waved me closer. I approached, with my cock straining against my panties, knowing what I wanted to do to him. He seemed to sense the same desire, and said:

“Pull down those panties, girly boy, and give me the fucking I deserve”.

That was it.

I dropped the panties, and climbed onto the bed, between his legs. He rose up onto his knees, ass in the air with his head on the bed. I reached between his legs and stroked his cock, then leaned my face down to his ass. I kissed his cheeks while massaging his cock and balls. Then I pulled my hands back to his butt, and spread his cheeks to reveal a cleanly-shaven crack. My tongue immediately went into action.

I licked up and down his butt crack, stopping momentarily at his hole. I tongued his rosebud opening, then continued to lick along the crack. Delicious!

He pressed back towards me, against my face.

“Fuck me, please. I need a cock inside me now”, he said.

I reached for the lube, and squirted a generous portion on his hole. Since he wanted it so badly, I wasn’t going to waste any time using my fingers to loosen him up.

I got up on my knees behind him and guided my hard cock to his waiting man-pussy. I was hot,hard, and ready for this.

I pushed gently against his hole, and the tip of my dick slid in with little resistance. This guy had done this before! He groaned, in a pleasured way, as I continued to push into him. I kept going until I was buried deep inside, my balls nudging against his crotch.

Then I started a slow easy fucking of my new-found friend. I pulled all the way back, so my tip Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan was just outside his hole, then gently thrust back in, all the way. In and out, just like I was fucking my vacationing wife. Only tighter. He was obviously enjoying it too. He was asking me to pick up the pace, and to drive as deep as I could into him. Not wanting to disappoint, I began fucking him harder and faster. I wrapped my hands around his waist and pulled him closer each time I pushed into him. I crept as close as I could, so I could get all of me inside him. I moved one hand down to stroke his hard cock in rhythm with my thrusts. He was tight and I was horny. In what seemed like no time at all, I could feel the pressure building inside me. I fucked faster, harder, and as deeply as I could. My cock stiffened, my body stiffened, and I blew my load of salty cum into his man-hole. I fucked and fucked until there was no juice left.

We collapsed into a sweaty pile, me on top of him. My cock was still in him, but it slowly started to retract and release from his hole. Then it just popped out, and my cum seeped from his pussy. Down his crack to his balls, then dripping on to the bed. I reached for his cock, and stroked him with the cum that had fallen there. It lubed my hand as I pumped his prick with my fist.

I knew he was close to exploding. I rolled him over, dove down to his hard meat, only to be greeted with spurts of jism as he blew his load onto my face. I managed to get his cock in my mouth for the last few spurts.

He said: “save that for me, I want to taste it”.

So I didn’t swallow the gift I’d been given.

When I felt him relax, with no more cum for me, I rose up and went to him. We locked lips and kissed deeply. My tongue pushed his seed into his mouth. We kissed long and hard, just as I’d fucked him. He tasted his cream. We held and kissed for several minutes. Then it was over.

Just like any other casual encounter, after the fun, we separate.

Then it was time for another shower. This time I didn’t bother to take off my panties.I was here for a good time, and the more guys that noticed, meant more potential fun.

One nice thing about this bathhouse was a small room beside the front desk with a TV. You could buy a bag of chips or a chocolate bar from the front desk attendant and sit to watch the tube. If you asked carefully, you could buy a beer or 2, with appropriate tip, of course.

So I got a couple of beers, and drank them to relax for my grand finale.

I knew there was a room on the 3rd floor, a room I had dubbed the ‘dark room’. It was off to the side of a main room that had a TV (showing porn) and a pool table. It was closed off by black curtains, to stop any light from entering, I assume. I had seen guys come and go through the curtains, and had heard what sounded like ‘good sex’ from within.

That was my final destination.

The beers gave me a bit of a buzz, and I knew I was ready. I went back to my locker, and pulled out my remaining lingerie. I didn’t care at this point who would see me. I removed my panties (I wanted them on top, for better access), then fastened the black garter belt around my waist. I carefully pulled the hose up my legs, and attached the garters, with some difficulty(the back ones are a bitch to fasten!). Then my white panties on top, all covered by the towel.

It was rather obvious. White towel around my waist, black garters and hose showing below. Walking up 2 flights of stairs. But I wasn’t concerned. The more guys that saw me, the more fun I would have in the ‘dark room’. I could feel the eyes follow me as climbed the stairs.

On the third floor, I wandered around, stopping to view the porn, and to watch the pool players. But my Escort Zeytinburnu gaze was set on the black curtains.

“This is it, I said to myself. Time to fulfill all my desires.”

So I strode over to the curtains, parted them, and walked inside.

It was total blackness. I could hear whispering, I thought, but I couldn’t see a thing. Even worse than walking into the darkness of a porno theatre from outside. I didn’t know if my eyes would ever adjust.

But I needn’t have worried. A hand grasped mine, and led me into the night.

Someone said: “We saw you walking around earlier. Now we see you’ve dressed for the occasion (I guess they saw my outfit as I opened the curtains). Are you here for a good time?”

I paused, then said: “I’m here to satisfy my needs and desires. I have this one chance to be here, away from my wife, and I want to enjoy it to the max. I need to get as much cock as possible today. I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to do this again”.

Someone else asked me to define my limits.

I just said: “None today. Treat me like a slutty whore.”

I guess that was the right thing to say.

Next thing I knew, I was led, in the darkness, to what seemed to be a low table in the room. I was guided to lay face down on the padded table. It was just long enough so my knees were on the floor, upper body on the table, my head over the other end. I was totally accessible and completely vulnerable.

Then it started. I now could clearly hear several voices in the room.

Someone lifted my chin, and I had a very large, very hard cock pressed to my lips. Of course, I opened my mouth willingly and accepted the stranger in. I felt a strong grip against the back of my head, and the stranger started to fuck my mouth as if he hadn’t been sucked off for a long time.

Meanwhile, someone else had literally ripped off my lacy boy-shorts. I felt the coolness of a liquid on my asshole. Lube, I hoped. Then the pressure of a hard cock head pressing against my pussy-hole. The anticipation was fabulous.

I hadn’t been fucked many times, so I was relieved that, when his cock entered me, It wasn’t so large as to be painful.

Someone else placed a huge hard cock in my hand, and I started to stroke that one.

So here I was, in a black room, 1 cock in my mouth, 1 in my ass, and another in my hand. All 3 of them fucking my sissy body at the same time. A hand then wrapped around my hot, hard cock and started to stroke it. It was soon replaced be a wet mouth. I was getting fucked to the max. And sucked. A fantasy come true.

The guy in my ass didn’t last long. He grabbed my ass as hard as he could, and jammed into me. He held his cock inside me as he shot spurts of cum deep into my bowels. He stayed there until completely used up, then pulled free. But that was not the end.

Another cock pressed into my backside, and he had his way with my pussy-hole.

The guy in my mouth shot a nice load into me, then he too was replaced by yet another hard dick.

I felt average cocks, smaller cocks,

and at least one monster cock. I don’t think that huge one ever fucked me, but I really can’t be sure.

I noticed the curtain opening and closing several times, when my eyes weren’t closed with the pressure of a cock in my ass or mouth.

I lost all track of time.

It was total bliss.

Constant cock in my mouth and in my dirty hole.

I think I must have been used by every guy in the place. And I loved it.

Eventually the pace slowed down, and someone then told me it was enough for one night. I was completely wasted.

I don’t know how many guys I had, but it was lots!

I staggered back downstairs, got dressed, and left. The attendant at the front desk just smiled as I left.

“See you next time”‘ he said.

When I got home, I had a huge wet spot of cum in my jeans.

I went to the bathroom, got one of my wife’s tampons, and inserted it in my butt.

I slept like a baby that night!

I only wish I had more time available to repeat the fun!

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