Frustrating Camping Ch. 01


The trip had been mum’s idea initially, but the rest of the family had jumped on it enthusiastically. One final camping holiday together before Sophie left home for university in the autumn. They’d camped lots together when they were growing up, Sophie, mum and dad and her brother Jack. But once the children had hit the teenage years the demands of summer camps and activities, and changes to dad’s working patterns had made it hard to find time they were all available. There had still been a camping holiday each summer but it was 4 years now since they had managed to all go together.

But here they were, checking into their favourite little campsite hidden in the mountains of Snowdonia. It was just as Sophie remembered it; the small field behind the farm house, just 12 pitches all neatly marked with a small white stake in the ground, the numbers painted in black. The stream down the side of the field, clear water from the source, a spring some half a mile up the mountain. The small brick building with the rickety roof down the bottom near the farmer yard, which housed the basic toilet and shower facilities and a small kitchenette.

The sun was shining, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky as they unpacked their tents. Mr and Mrs Jones hadn’t changed at all over the years either and had welcomed the family with warm recognition, writing their names into the ledger, all done the old fashioned way here, and scrawling next to it the number 12, the family’s favourite pitch. Yes, it was up the top of the field, the furthest from the facilities, but the distance and it’s position round a slight corner in towards the woods had made it the ideal site when Sophie and David had still been noisy youngsters, and still gave them a sense of valued privacy.

They only had 2 tents, they’d never needed more. Growing up that had been one for mum and dad and one for the children; when they were very young pitched right next to each other with the doors facing and a sheet rigged over the join to make almost one bigger tent, then as the children had grown they pitched theirs a little further away from their parents so they could swap ghost stories in their sleeping bags late into the night.

But now they were young adults and sharing a tent together wasn’t something either of them relished, so this time the tents would be divided differently; Dad and Jack in one and Sophie and Mum in the other.

Tents assembled, it was time for the traditional first night camping activities. Soup, cooked in the pot over an open fire, followed by toasted marshmallows. The permission to light fires was another thing that had kept them coming back to this site many times over the years. The crackling of the logs and the warmth of the flames, the singing and jokes as the darkness fell, Sophie felt like she was reliving all her family holidays in one.

Eventually the yawns started to cascade around the fire and thoughts turned to bedding down for the night. Mum stacked the dishes ready for washing the next day and Dad took care of the fire while Sophie and David walked down the hill together to the washrooms to use the toilet and brush their teeth. When they were younger Sophie would never have made the trip alone, the dark field and the dimly-lit, creaking bathrooms used to scare her shitless. “I’m growing up,” she giggled to herself as she realised that this time she was completely comfortable in the darkness. But for old times sake she still waited for Jack to emerge so they could walk back up the hill together. As they neared their tents they passed the dark figures of Mum and Dad on their way down to get themselves ready.

“Night Jack,” said Sophie as they reached the first of their tents and she reached down to unzip the opening.

“Night sis,” came the reply from her brother as he walked on a bit further into the darkness.

Inside the tent Sophie quickly got herself ready for bed. Off came the zipped hoody she had worn for warmth in the cooler evening, and the T- Shirt underneath. She reached round and unclasped her bra, adding it to the pile of clothes. Her hands cupped her breasts briefly; they were a nice size, she was by no means ashamed of them, but they weren’t large enough to need to support of her bra at night.

Sophie had thought a bit about what to wear while sharing with her Mum. She owned no pyjamas, having grown out of her last pair some years ago. At home she slept naked, or if it was cold in a long T-Shirt. It wouldn’t be too cold here in the summer in her warm sleeping bag, but she’d opted for the T-Shirt anyway for privacy reasons, and had found a pair of loose fitting shorts at the back of a drawer which would do for the bottom half. Once suitably attired she wriggled into her sleeping back and tugged up the zip.

She had not been lying there long when she heard the sound of approaching voices; her parents on their way back up the hill. The voices stopped a little way away, just too far for her to hear what they were saying, but it was only a minute or two before they went türkçe alt yazılı porno silent and then she heard the rustling of her mum moving outside the tent. The zip opened and her mum’s ahead appeared, followed by her arms, carrying a small torch.

“All in bed already,” she laughed, squeezing herself into the tent and turning to zip the door closed.

“Not much else to do,” replied Sophie.

“Fair point. And it’s been a long day, time to get some sleep.” As she spoke she was tugging her jumper over her head and pulling it off, followed quickly by the vest top underneath.

Sophie couldn’t help but stare. She knew her mum took good care of herself, but it had been a long time since she’d really seen her without clothes on, and she was unprepared for quite what was being revealed before her eyes. A beautifully tanned torso, skin smooth and unblemished, stomach toned, arms with just a hint of muscle showing on the biceps, breasts which though still encased in a bra were obviously free of sag and a nice comfortable size, a little larger than Sophie’s but would fit comfortably into an open palm. Sophie was gobsmacked, her mum didn’t look anything like her 40+ years age, she was beautiful.

She shook herself. What was she doing, imagining herself holding her mum’s breasts. She forced her eyes to look away from them, but only moved then downwards just in time to see two long, smooth, tanned legs come into view as her mum pulled down her jeans, tugging them free of her feet, then folding then neatly and placing them on top of her bag.

She turned and moved across the tent, kneeling next to Sophie as she bent to unzip her own sleeping bag. “Damn zip, it’s always jamming.” She tugged a little harder, and the zip suddenly gave way, causing her to suddenly fall across the sleeping bag. Sophie found her view filled with the peachy round globes of her mother’s arse, the white cotton fabric of her simple panties stretched tight across them before disappearing between the cheeks, where the shadows from the torchlight hid them from Sophie’s view.

Sophie inhaled sharply. “Sorry”, giggled her mum, “not trying to stick my butt in your face.”

Sophie laughed, she loved how direct her mum was at times.

“Not a problem,” she said. This was half true. Of course it wasn’t a problem that her Mum had accidentally fallen in front of her like that. But it had left her with a problem; watching her mum undress and particularly the close up of her arse had flooded Sophie’s knickers with her juices.

Confusion and disgust filled her mind. It was no surprise to Sophie to be attracted to a woman. Various female celebrities had fuelled her masturbatory fantasies for years and she had experienced more than a few orgasms to guilty thoughts about friends from school. But this was her own mother. How could she be responding on this way? She felt uncomfortably dirty.

She turned away as her mother climbed into her own sleeping bag and zipped it up, then extinguished the torch. She was thankful that in the darkness her mum could not see the flushed countenance she could feel on her face or the haunted look she felt sure must be in her eyes. Questions filled her mind, of what was happening, what it meant, how she should respond. But the physical tiredness of the day was even stronger than her mental confusion and sleep soon claimed her.

She awoke with a start some time later. She wasn’t sure what time it was, but the tent was no longer completely dark so she guessed it was just before dawn, so still very early at this summer time of year. Turning slightly to look over her shoulder she saw her mother over by the door of the tent, fiddling with the zip.

“Oh, sorry sweetie, did I wake you. I’m just needing the bathroom, I won’t be long.” With that her mother slipped out into the near darkness.

Sophie lay back down, allowing sleep to begin to reclaim her. She was just falling into a doze when the rustle of canvas alerted her to her mother’s return. She watched through half- opened eyes as Mum came into the tent, zipped the door shut, and crawled over to her sleeping bag.

She noticed the smell first, faint, but unmistakeable. A smell that had been present in her own bedroom on countless occasions, filling her nostrils, most strong of course when she lifted her still wet fingers from their daliance between her legs. The distinctive smell of female arousal. And then, as her mother crawled past to her sleeping bag, even in the half-light of the early morning she could make out the wetness of the fabric as it disappeared between her mother’s thighs. Her own knickers were very quickly matching that wetness, her pussy responding to these obvious signs of her mum’s arousal with equal arousal of her own. Her fingers ached to move down there, to do something to ease the fire beginning to burn between her legs, but she dared not. Feeling herself flushing with embarassment she turned onto her side, facing away from her mother, trying desparately doeda porno to push from her mind the memories of what she had just seen, and the fantasies that were fast following on from them.

She lay still, hardly daring to breath. Had mum realised she was awake? Did she know what Sophie had just seen? Sophie was thankful that her mother certainly couldn’t know the effect it had had on her young body, the way her nipples were standing proud, her pussy throbbing. She desperately wanted to touch herself, but knew that wasn’t an option. She would just have to lie there until morning, an agonising couple of hours, hoping her body would calm itself down.

The next thing she knew was bright light breaking through her eylids, dragging her from the sleep that had surprisingly taken her. She forced her blearly eyelids open a crack, to see the sunlight pouring in through the open flap of the tent, which framed the face of her mother peering in at her.

“Good morning sleepy head. Breakfast is ready.”

“OK, thanks mum, I’ll be there.”

Her mother’s head withdrew and Sophie lay there for a moment, her mind gradually recalling the events of the night. To her relief, the horniness had subsided somewhat, though as she moved her hand into her shorts and down over her knickers she could still feel sigificant wetness. She wriggled in her sleeping bag, dragging the wet damp cotton down her legs, over her knees, shaking it from her feet. Running her hand over her now bare pussy she could feel dampness there too, and as her finger caught against her clit a small spasm of pleasure ran through her body. For a moment she considered touching more, but breakfast was waiting and she knew her mother would return soon if she did not emerge. She fumbled round in the sleeping bag, finding her shorts, and pulled them back on, before staggering sleepily from the tent.

Pancakes for breakfast helped her to wake up, and it was a much more alive Sophie who walked down the field with her mum 20 minutes later towards the shower block. Stripping off her clothes she slipped greatfully under the water. They’d obviously done some work on these over the years – they had always been warm but her memory from childhood was of a slow trickle of water, whereas today there was a healthy spray which helped to wash away the cobwebs. As she soaped her body her fingers lingered again between her legs… but the family were waiting for her, and other people would be wanting the showers… her pleasure would have to wait a little longer.

Family tradition was that the first day of the holiday they climbed the mountain, and so once showered and dressed they packed their bags and set off. It was a beautiful day, bright shining sun and barely a cloud in the sky, but enough of a breeze to avoid the heat being totally oppressive. They made good progress, a walk which had in her childhood days often seemed long and difficult, and in her earlier teenage years something of a boring chore, was now no longer taxing and she was enjoying the fresh air and time with her family.

It was nearly midday when they sensed they were getting close to the edge of the trees, and started looking for the little trail off the main path to the right. They found it easily enough, and wound their way through the bushes, until turning the corner they emerged into the clearing. This part of the forest never seemed to change. It was just as Sophie remembered it from her earlier days; the small patch of grass leading down to the bubbling stream, twinkling in the sunlight. To her right the stream disappeared into the trees, running away down the mountain, gathering water as it went, until it emerged miles below as quite a substantial river. To her left, the water came through the rocks, fed by the waterfall at the edge of the clearing. The falling water had caused a little pool to form at its base, cool water in which a younger Sophie and her brother had spent many happy hours laughing and playing. She was too old for that now, but she still couldn’t resist pulling off her hiking boots and socks, wading into the water, enjoying its cool refreshing feeling against hot, tired feet.

It was a little early for lunch, but tradition said that was where they would eat, so they shared their picnic together in the clearing, reliving childhood memories. As they were packing the bags again after they had eaten Sophie’s mum said, “I’m just going to pop into those bushes for a minute.”

“I’ll come too,” said Sophie, knowing exactly what her mother was meaning.

She followed her mother into the trees, walking a little way until they were out of sight of the clearing. As her mother moved behind a tree Sophie walked just a little further, then turned round. She was greeted with the sight of her mother wriggling her shorts down, then reaching for the white cotton panties and tugging them down her thighs, before dropping into a half squat. Sophie gasped as she saw the two perfect globes of her mother’s ass thrust towards her, toned and tanned, perfection. How had she not realised until now how beautiful her mother was. She watched, enthralled, as the first spurts of pee cascaded from between mum’s thighs, splattering onto the forest floor below. Oh my God, this was so amazing.

So mesmerised was Sophie by the view, that she realised as her mother shook herself dry and bent down to pull up her underwear, that she had completely forgotten she too was meant to be peeing. She hurridly dropped her clothes and squatted, releasing her piss in a strong stream onto the ground. As her mother began to walk back towards the clearing, Sophie pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped between her legs; she knew that the wetness soaking into the tissue was far more than just the last drops of her pee, her pussy was once again dripping wet with excitement.

As they walked on up the path they emerged from the forest. Here, above the treeline, there was just rocks and scrubgrass, the occasional bush. The summit was now clearly visible, the path a narrow brown line through the grass, winding up to the top of the mountain. Turning the other way, the beautiful day allowed for clear views down the valley to the campsite below, and across to the peaks of the adjacent mountains. But Sophie hardly noticed, her thoughts were preoccupied with the events of the past few hours. As she walked along behind her mother she couldn’t help but notice the her muscular thighs, the smooth tanned skin, long legs leading up to her shorts which hugged her ass in a way which made it easy for Sophie to imagine those firm buttocks which she had viewed so clearly not minutes before.

Sophie was becoming increasinly uncomfortable. Her pussy was dripping, rivers of juices flowing into her knickers. The wet material bunched easily, causing it to ride up between her lips, pressing tight against her clit in a way which only served to increase her arousal. So the circle continued, the more turned on she got the more the wet material pressed against her, and all this with her mum’s ass in tantalising view before her, and the naked version of that ass playing over and over in her mind’s eye.

She was glad when dad suggested they stop for a breather at a pile of rocks about 15 minutes from the summit. As they sat and took long drinks from their water bottles, Sophie took herself a little way from the others and sat, looking down over the path they had climbed. She hoped they would think she was just taking the chance to enjoy the view. But really, partly hidden from them by a large rock, she took the opportunity to push her hand down into her trousers and pull her soaked underwear away from her clit. For a moment she toyed with the idea of whether she could remove them completely, but she decided that would be too risky, so contented herself with pulling them down as far as she could within her trousers. Having them bunched at the top of her thighs like that would be uncomfortable, but still infinitely preferable to where they had been before, where every step had reduced her to even more of a sopping mess.

The last few hundred metres was the hardest part of the climb, the path rising steeply, in a couple of places so much so that Sophie found herself reaching out to grab hold of rocks to steady herself, still just about walking rather than climbing but only just. But the views from the top were worth it; they could see for miles in every direction, mountains, rivers, fields. She was sorry when, after about 30 minutes up there, her dad said, “Ok, I guess it’s time to head down again.”

Sophie would have happily stayed much longer, but she knew her dad was right, they had a long walk back down ahead of them. As they scrambled back down the steep, rocky path, she could feel her knickers digging tightly into the curve of her ass just above her thighs. There was no way she could continue like this all the way down again, so as soon as they had descended back down into the trees she excused herself from the others. She was glad her mother didn’t come too. Much as she would have loved to have another opportunity to feast her eyes on that fabulous ass, it could have been difficult to explain why she was removing her underwear.

Once out of sight of the path, she found a handy tree stump and sat down. Unlacing her boots she tugged them from her feet, then standing she unclipped her trousers and removed them. Looking down she could see big red marks where her rolled up knickers had dug into the flesh at the top of her thighs. She pulled them down too, kicking them from her feet, then picked up her trousers ready to put them back on. As she held them in one hand, she couldn’t resist allowing the fingers of her other hand to trail between her legs. Her lips were still slick with her juices, and as she parted them and looked down she could see her clit poking out, red and throbbing. She ran one finger over it. God that felt good. She would have loved to stay and play more, but while Sophie had never found it difficult to orgasm, it didn’t happen quickly for her. Even as turned on as she was now she estimated she’d need a good five minutes to get there, by which point her family were bound to be asking where she was. Giving her clit one last frustrated rub, she pulled her trousers back on and rejoined the trail.

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